It's time to see how the staff at Fantasy Alarm fared as they got together for the 2019 Draft Guide Mock Draft. There were a lot of familiar faces in this draft as well as some of the #FAmily’s newest members. Each put their own spin on the draft and provided their analysis for their picks below. Hopefully you can use this draft to help guide you during the fantasy football draft preparation. So without further ado please see the final draft board below!


Pick 1 - Andy Spiteri - @gasdoc_spit

Andy’s Take - With first pick in PPR it was Saquon Barkley or Christian McCaffrey .  Being at the wheel I had to be concerned about missing out if a run started just after I picked. Thought about two WRs at first turn, but had to take a RB and was happy to see Nick Chubb still there. Quarterbacks went late and I couldn't pass on Brees sitting there to take as my second one.  Depth at WR makes up for lack of superstar.

My Take - Overall I have no problem with this team. If I...