PGA Value Finder - 2024

Welcome to the new PGA DFS Value Finder. The key to winning each week in PGA DFS is finding the best way to spend your salary cap on either DraftKings or FanDuel. The Value Finder is here to help with that each week. In one tool you'll see the DraftKings and FanDuel pricing for each golfer in the field as well as the DFS Projections for each golfer on each site. Where the value finder part comes in are the DK % and FD % columns which show the percentage of the salary cap for each site that each golfer costs you. On top of that are the DK Pts. % and FD Pts. % columns which are designed to help you find the golfers that give the biggest bang for your buck. Each site has their own typical cash line for an average tournament and these columns show what percent of that typical cash line a golfer is projected to account for.