MLB is coming up on the trade deadline for this unique season, so keep an eye on what pitchers are shifting from one team to another, as that could affect the two-start options discussed below. That on top of weather and other events that operate to change the scheduled rotations which exist as of the writing of this article. In other words: adapt, improvise and overcome in your fantasy efforts, as you have always done.

Please realize that these articles feature most recent rotation information available when the article is written, but that circumstances do change due to weather conditions, injuries and general craziness with managers. If a pitcher listed here as having two starts ends up with one (or perhaps none) in the upcoming week, apologies but this article is meant to provide analysis, it is up to the manager to set the lineups or rotations.

Without further ado, here are this week’s two start pitchers:


As is stated nearly every week, these SPs in the top...