The rookie class of 2017 was a hard one to top when factoring in the performances of Aaron Judge and Cody Bellinger alone, but the 2018 rookie crop was remarkably impressive in all facets. The problem is what happens when the flash in the pan success of the rookie campaign has to turn into something more sustainable for the long-term.

Pitchers and hitters alike will have to make adjustments for their second full season in the majors as the tape and tendencies have made their way around the league. Those who make the adjustments the best are the ones we are hoping to find in our drafts or keep in our keeper and dynasty leagues. This piece will highlight some of those guys, who are primed for either duplicate seasons, or improved campaigns for 2019 of the 69 hitters (not including the three other hitters who fell within three at-bats shy) and 77 pitchers who cracked the rookie status barriers in 2018.


The catcher position is barren with a ‘B’ across both leagues...