If you previously read my Draft Guide article on Fantasy Baseball Points Leagues you’ll know that I value walk and strikeout percentages when evaluating players. In a points league, these metrics play a pretty big role in determining a player’s value, but these numbers do have their uses in rotisserie and head-to-head category leagues as well.

Walk Rates

To the surprise of absolutely nobody, higher walk rates for hitter’s are good, but bad for pitchers. Starting with the offensive side, a high walk rate for a hitter normally translates to great plate discipline. And it’s no surprise that you’ll find some of the best hitters in baseball at the top of the list for walk rates:

That’s the importance of walk rate in fantasy baseball. You channel you inner Brad Pitt/Billy Beane to find guys who can get on base. Walks can lead to runs and potentially steals. However, it is worth noting that out of the list above only seven players (Trout, Soto, Harper, Bellinger, Yelich,...