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Tommy Pham (R/R)
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Tommy Pham
San Diego Padres
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San Diego Padres

Tommy Pham has sued San Diego area strip club Pacers Showgirls International after suffering "catastrophic injuries" as a result of being stabbed in the club's parking lot during an incident last month.

According to the lawsuit filed Tuesday, Pham said he was "trapped" inside the club as a result of a fight outside. Among other things, the suit alleges that the club's private security “escalated the risk” to Pham “by participating in the fight and antagonizing” the fight participants. Pham eventually left the club and was walking toward the valet stand when he was stabbed in the lower back “without any provocation,” according to the complaint. The injuries Pham suffered were non-life threatening, but the suit alleges he sustained “catastrophic injuries, which have and will continue to cause him significant economic damage." No arrests have been announced in connection with the stabbing. We don't have any other details on Pham's injuries or how they might affect his preparation for next season, but more information is sure to come out. Nov 27 3:54 pm (EST)



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