While I was walking my dog Wednesday evening I heard Colby Conway and Greg Jewett say on the FantasyAlarm MLB Podcast that there wasn’t a whole lot of closer news to discuss, and I became pretty concerned there wouldn’t be a whole lot to write about for today’s Bullpen Report. Fortunately for me, Wednesday night turned out to be pretty eventful, so we have some things to discuss.

Don’t look now, but the last Dodger to pick up a save was Julio Urías . It came after Kenley Jansen had thrown three straight days, but also after Jansen allowed his fourth home run of the season. Jansen allowed 13 home runs in 2018 (and two more in the World Series), and his 6.00 K/BB, while very good, is still a far cry from his 2015-2017, when he had K/BB rates of 10.00, 9.45 and 15.57, respectively. Jansen has been a flyball pitcher for five straight years, so it’s not as if his game has fundamentally changed. He is a long, long way from being in danger of losing the closing job. That being said,