Targets are paramount when it comes to evaluating pass-catchers for fantasy football. There are no air yards, receiving yards, receptions, or touchdowns without first earning a target. And to earn a target, you need to be deemed “open” by the quarterback. It’s one big trickle-down effect. There’s a reason the biggest and most consistent target-earners are near the top of fantasy football ADP: They can be relied on by not just their team’s offense to earn targets and produce on those targets, but that also trickles down to the fantasy managers drafting those pass-catchers and starting them in their lineups each week.

In this season’s Fantasy Football Target Report, we’ll take a weekly team-by-team look into these target earners and separate the wheat from the chaff. To properly lead into what we’ll be looking at this season, we’ll have to establish a baseline of the most important things we’re looking at with targets and other receiving metrics that paint the full picture for who we should be rostering, who we should be adding, and who we can drop. Combing the box score stats doesn’t paint a clear picture of the players we should target, roster, and start. Fantasy football rankings can only paint so much of the picture as well.

Everything we’ll be talking about here and this season in this season’s Fantasy Football Target Report will be some of the best statistics and metrics that correlate with fantasy football production. Think of targets as a page in a coloring book, just the outline yet to be colored. Coloring on that page adds context and flavor to that page. That’s what we’ll be doing with targets — adding more context than just some target totals and saying, “go add this player,” which doesn’t help anybody.

This season, we're adding a video component, so if you want to get some of the juiciest nuggets of the target report in video form, check out the Target Report Bulletpoints for the upcoming Week 5!





Passes thrown in the direction of a receiver, whether intended or not


Passes caught by a pass-catcher

Rec. Yards

Yards gained from a completed pass by the pass-catcher.


Receiving touchdowns

Air Yards

 The distance between where the pass is thrown from a quarterback to where the intended receiver either catches or doesn’t catch the ball. Caught or not caught, the air yards are recorded regardless.

This statistic is significant for determining the quarterback and coaching staff's predictive value in an offense and their intent.

Air Yards Team Share %

A pass-catcher’s percentage share of a team's air yards in a given week.

Route %

Percentage of routes a pass-catcher runs on a pass play per dropback on their team.

Snap %

Percentage of snaps a pass-catcher plays on an offensive series on their team.

Target Share %

Percentage of targets a pass-catcher receives in a given week on their team.

Yards per Target

Receiving yards a player gets on average per target. YPT is another intent-based metric but more predictive with the more targets a player receives.


Targets per route run (TPRR) is a metric that measures how often a receiver is targeted vs. the amount of routes they run. A higher TPRR means that the player is better at earning targets when he's on the field. A low raw route number or low route % coupled with a high TPRR means that the pass-catcher is efficient at earning targets and could be in line for more routes depending on the team situation.


25%+ TPRRElite

17-18%Close to replacement level

Sub 17%Not fantasy relevant


aDOT is "average depth of target". It’s the average depth of all targets caught or incomplete by a targeted pass-catcher. Shows how a receiver is used in his team’s offense (vertical threat, short area target, etc.)


A metric that contextualizes the efficiency of a pass-catcher with how many receiving yards per route run. It's a much better metric than yards per reception.


WOPR is a weighted average incorporating a player's share of team targets and air yards.


RACR is a ratio dividing receiving yards by total air yards. It measures how many receiving yards a player creates for every air yard thrown at him. The percentage of a team's air yards that a player commands based on his average depth of target and volume of targets. Most RACR numbers for running backs skew wildly by the nature of the running back position, which rarely earns air yards.


Bye Weeks:

  • Week 5: CLE, LAC, SEA, TB
  • Week 6: GB, PIT
  • Week 7: CAR, CIN, DAL, HOU, NYJ, TEN
  • Week 9: DEN, DET, JAX, SF
  • Week 10: KC, LAR, MIA, PHI
  • Week 11: ATL, IND, NE, NO
  • Week 13: BAL, BUF, CHI, LV, MIN, NYG
  • Week 14: ARI, WAS


Always Start Your Studs: These are players you should be starting in all formats, regardless of matchup. Use your judgment in shallower leagues where startable players are plentiful.

Start ‘Em: Players that should be starting most weeks on your fantasy rosters.

Keep Them Rostered: Players that should be rostered in most formats but shouldn't be started unless you’re in a pinch or during bye weeks. Maybe they’re not startable due to various issues like a backup quarterback playing, a player coming back from injury, a contingent running back, or are just unproductive, consistent, or dependable at the moment. League size designations or other designations (bench stash, etc.) will be in parenthesis next to players for deeper leagues. Depending on your league, this is a general recommendation, so use your best judgment.

Example: Parris Campbell (deeper 12 & 14-team), Jerome Ford (bench stash).

Add ‘Em: Players that warrant an add due to circumstances, productivity, or metrics that show they’re being utilized heavily in their offenses. These will usually have a format that they should be added in. 

Listing a player as “12-team leagues” assumes that player also be an addition in deeper 12-team and 14-team formats as well. 

Dump ‘Em: Players that you should be dropping from your rosters. Use your judgment in deeper leagues where players with usefulness on waivers aren’t as plentiful.

Any player not listed in any of these categories for a particular team is assumed to not be rosterable in most fantasy formats.

All statistics below are listed in the following format:

  • WR/TE as:
    • (10-4-100-2) Targets - Receptions - Rec. Yds. - TD
  • RB as:
    • (18-75-1; 10-4-100-2) Rush Att. - Rush Yds. - TD; Targets - Receptions - Rec. Yds. - TD

NFL Target Report

Arizona Cardinals

NamePosTargetsRec.Rec. YardsTDAir YardsAir Yards %Route %Snap %Target Share %Yards per TargetTPRRaDOTYPRRWOPRRACRPlayer RoutesPlayer Snaps
Marquise BrownWR10796014442.1%97.9%94.4%24.4%9.621.7%
Rondale MooreWR200000.0%85.1%76.1%4.9%0.05.0%
Zach PascalWR43100257.3%19.1%29.6%9.8%2.544.4%
Michael WilsonWR777626117.8%74.5%70.4%17.1%10.920.0%
Greg DortchWR     0.0%2.1%1.4%0.0%0.00.0%
Zach ErtzTE10653010229.8%87.2%76.1%24.4%5.324.4%
Trey McBrideTE115041.2%19.1%26.8%2.4%5.011.1%4.00.560.0451.250919
Geoff SwaimTE1000-1-0.3%8.5%28.2%2.4%0.025.0%-
James ConnerRB214020.6%48.9%62.0%4.9%2.08.7%
Emari DemercadoRB4321051.5%40.4%35.2%9.8%5.321.1%

The Cardinals continue to surprise everybody with how competitive they are, and even in a game where they lost by multiple touchdowns, there are actual takeaways we can take from this team. Namely, Joshua Dobbs, who has been MUCH better than expected — the expectation being the 32nd-best starting quarterback in the NFL — and Michael Wilson (7-7-76-2), who has shown bouts of efficiency but now put some production behind it in Week 4. Wilson’s routes have been all over the place in the first four weeks, but hopefully, this game moving forward will get him 80% and higher on a weekly basis.

Marquise Brown (10-7-96) and Zach Ertz (10-6-53) both earned 10 targets, and who knows, this offense might be at least competent enough to support a rotating group of pass-catchers each week. Nobody thought that going into the season — myself included — but good for the Cardinals.

Emari Demercado (40% routes, 35% snaps) took a portion of James Conner’s snaps and routes, likely because of the blowout here.

Week 4 Arizona Cardinals Fantasy Takeaways:

Start Your Studs: N/A

Start ‘Em: Marquise Brown, James Conner

Keep Them Rostered: Zach Ertz, Joshua Dobbs (legitimate streaming QB with some rushing upside), Michael Wilson (deeper 12 & 14 team), Rondale Moore (deeper 12 & 14 team)

Add ‘Em: N/A

Dump ‘Em: N/A


Atlanta Falcons

NamePosTargetsRec.Rec. YardsTDAir YardsAir Yards %Route %Snap %Target Share %Yards per TargetTPRRaDOTYPRRWOPRRACRPlayer RoutesPlayer Snaps
Drake LondonWR732819136.0%88.9%86.2%23.3%4.021.9%13.00.880.6020.3083250
Mack HollinsWR30007228.5%77.8%79.3%10.0%0.010.7%
KhaDarel HodgeWR22190166.3%25.0%24.1%6.7%9.522.2%
Scott MillerWR     0.0%22.2%24.1%0.0%0.00.0%
Kyle PittsTE422104919.4%83.3%63.8%13.3%5.313.3%12.30.700.3360.4293037
Jonnu SmithTE669504919.4%63.9%55.2%20.0%15.826.1%
MyCole PruittTE1000-6-2.4%8.3%32.8%3.3%0.033.3%-
John FitzPatrickTE     0.0%0.0%1.7%0.0%0.00.0%
Bijan RobinsonRB55320-8-3.2%69.4%75.9%16.7%6.420.0%-
Tyler AllgeierRB21-40-10-4.0%19.4%25.9%6.7%-2.028.6%-5.0-0.570.0720.400715
Cordarrelle PattersonRB     0.0%2.8%1.7%0.0%0.00.0%
Keith SmithFB     0.0%5.6%29.3%0.0%0.00.0%

Desmond Ridder is a #bad quarterback and we don’t root for anybody to get benched, but imagine Kyle Pitts (4-2-21) and Drake London (7-3-28-1) with a moderately competent quarterback like Taylor Heinicke?

Instead, we get Jonnu Smith (6-6-95) line running 64% of routes. Nobody asked for this, but Arthur Smith has other ideas. At least Bijan Robinson (14-105; 5-5-32) is a locked-in stud each week. And he clearly separates more and more from Tyler Allgeier (7-16; 2-1-(-4)) each week.

Week 4 Atlanta Falcons Fantasy Takeaways:

Start Your Studs: Bijan Robinson

Start ‘Em: Drake London, Kyle Pitts (we’re going to be doing this all season, folks…)

Keep Them Rostered: Tyler Allgeier (deeper 12 & 14-team)

Add ‘Em: Jonnu Smith (::sigh:: if you need help at tight end…)

Dump ‘Em: N/A


Baltimore Ravens

NamePosTargetsRec.Rec. YardsTDAir YardsAir Yards %Route %Snap %Target Share %Yards per TargetTPRRaDOTYPRRWOPRRACRPlayer RoutesPlayer Snaps
Zay FlowersWR435605547.0%100.0%98.3%22.2%14.015.4%
Nelson AgholorWR2140108.5%80.8%74.1%11.1%2.09.5%
Devin DuvernayWR228043.4%73.1%60.3%11.1%4.010.5%2.00.420.1912.0001935
Laquon TreadwellWR     0.0%19.2%29.3%0.0%0.00.0%
Mark AndrewsTE558023933.3%88.5%69.0%27.8%16.021.7%7.83.480.6502.0512340
Isaiah LikelyTE     0.0%15.4%25.9%0.0%0.00.0%
Charlie KolarTE     0.0%0.0%3.4%0.0%0.00.0%
Gus EdwardsRB3210-6-5.1%65.4%69.0%16.7%0.317.6%-
Justice HillRB     0.0%7.7%12.1%0.0%0.00.0%
Melvin GordonRB112301311.1%15.4%19.0%5.6%23.025.0%13.05.750.1611.769411
Patrick RicardFB1114021.7%15.4%39.7%5.6%14.025.0%2.03.500.0957.000423

The Baltimore Ravens threw just 19 passes in Week 4, so the Todd Monken thesis of more passing volume has not happened in 2023. Still plenty of time, but even with J.K. Dobbins lost for the season and a group of castoffs at running back, the pendulum hasn’t shifted toward the pass as many had hoped.

Even without pure volume, guys like Mark Andrews (5-5-80-2) are definitely getting there, and in a down week, Zay Flowers (4-3-56; rush attempt) was the next-best pass-catcher on 100% route participation. They were dominant against the Cleveland Browns, who trotted out a backup quarterback and only scored a field goal.

Gus Edwards (3-2-1) saw just 71% of the running back carries and dominated routes (65%) and snaps (69%) for Baltimore. Yes, you read that right; Edwards earned three targets and caught two of them. He’s the clear start here but this is still a volatile backfield that could shift weekly.

Week 4 Baltimore Ravens Fantasy Takeaways:

Start Your Studs: Lamar Jackson, Mark Andrews

Start ‘Em: Zay Flowers

Keep Them Rostered: Odell Beckham (missed Week 4 - ankle), Gus Edwards, Justice Hill (deeper 12 & 14-team), Rashod Bateman (missed Week 4 - hamstring; deeper 12 & 14-team), Melvin Gordon (14-team)

Add ‘Em: N/A

Dump ‘Em: N/A


Buffalo Bills

NamePosTargetsRec.Rec. YardsTDAir YardsAir Yards %Route %Snap %Target Share %Yards per TargetTPRRaDOTYPRRWOPRRACRPlayer RoutesPlayer Snaps
Stefon DiggsWR7612038039.0%89.7%75.9%28.0%17.126.9%11.44.620.6931.5002644
Gabe DavisWR336115225.4%75.9%72.4%12.0%20.313.6%17.32.770.3581.1732242
Trent SherfieldWR32180199.3%41.4%46.6%12.0%6.025.0%6.31.500.2450.9471227
Deonte HartyWR2210000.0%34.5%25.9%8.0%5.020.0%
Khalil ShakirWR10002813.7%6.9%27.6%4.0%0.050.0%
Dawson KnoxTE1112042.0%48.3%50.0%4.0%12.07.1%4.00.860.0743.0001429
Dalton KincaidTE54270104.9%79.3%51.7%20.0%5.421.7%
Quintin MorrisTE     0.0%3.4%25.9%0.0%0.00.0%
James CookRB11480115.4%31.0%39.7%4.0%48.011.1%11.05.330.0984.364923
Damien HarrisRB     0.0%10.3%27.6%0.0%0.00.0%
Latavius MurrayRB2224010.5%44.8%32.8%8.0%12.015.4%0.51.850.12324.0001319
Reggie GilliamFB     0.0%6.9%17.2%0.0%0.00.0%

James Cook (31% routes, 40% snaps) has been solid enough for the Bills as fantasy football’s RB12 in PPR. He has double-digit fantasy points in each game and has seen no worse than 50% of all running back routes and snaps for Buffalo in the first three weeks, until Week 4. Cook saw a dramatic downturn in routes, with 31% routes per dropback and 40% of snaps - both season lows.

Annoyingly, both Latavius Murray (45% routes, 33% snaps) and Damien Harris (10% routes, 28% snaps) have mixed in to see increases in routes and snaps to Cook’s detriment. Cook DID see all three green-zone touches inside the 10-yard line and converted one for a rushing touchdown, which helped bolster his RB13 day last Sunday, but the reduced overall receiving workload is concerning for the upside of Cook. Still, his one long gain in Week 4 was a 48-yard reception on an off-script sort of wheel route when everything was covered downfield.

Cook feels like such a smash to put into fantasy lineups, but ultimately, he’s a puzzle with just a couple of pieces missing. If we can get both the goal-line work AND the receiving work on Cook’s side, he’ll fully take off in this elite Buffalo Bills offense. Until then, we’re looking at a mid-level RB2 until all the pieces can come together.

Dalton Kincaid (5-4-127-0) has fallen through the cracks here in terms of fantasy football production so far in 2023, but there are some signs here that we have to like and be bullish on. Sure, Kincaid hasn’t had more than six targets, five catches, or 43 receiving yards, but we know the Bills offense is incredibly potent and Kincaid figures to be a big part of it moving forward.

Kincaid’s routes have increased to a season-long high of 79% in Week 4, with Dawson Knox’s hitting a season-low of 48%. Week 4 was also the first time this season that Kincaid out-snapped Knox. Kincaid’s 15 receptions so far are the third-most by a rookie tight end in the first four weeks of the season in the last decade. If it weren’t for Sam LaPorta’s blistering start to the season, we’d be talking about Kincaid more. Kincaid may be a borderline start right now in fantasy, but the puzzle pieces are coming together: 

  • Elite Bills offense
  • Routes are climbing
  • Still some passing game ambiguity in their target tree after Stefon Diggs (7-6-120-3; is awesome). 

We’ll need to exercise patience with Kincaid, but that Kincaid tree is going to bear more fruit very soon.

Don’t look now; Gabe Davis (3-3-61-1) has a touchdown in his last three games and is running 84% of routes in his last three games. Solid WR3/flex utilization right now in a great offense; even the targets aren’t quite there. He’s never been a target earner anyway. Bye weeks are tough to find quality starters, though, so he fits the bill.

Week 4 Buffalo Bills Fantasy Takeaways:

Start Your Studs: Josh Allen, Stefon Diggs

Start ‘Em: James Cook

Keep Them Rostered: Gabe Davis, Dalton Kincaid (borderline 12-team starter)

Add ‘Em: Latavius Murray (seems to be the preferred contingent play; may grab some standalone value here on an offense that’s going to be scoring)

Dump ‘Em: Dawson Knox (tight end is tough, but the pendulum is swinging Kincaid’s way)


Carolina Panthers

NamePosTargetsRec.Rec. YardsTDAir YardsAir Yards %Route %Snap %Target Share %Yards per TargetTPRRaDOTYPRRWOPRRACRPlayer RoutesPlayer Snaps
Adam ThielenWR877604949.0%90.0%90.3%25.8%9.522.2%
DJ CharkWR322804848.0%92.5%91.7%9.7%9.38.1%16.00.760.4810.5833766
Terrace MarshallWR1095601919.0%65.0%62.5%32.3%5.638.5%
Laviska ShenaultWR11120-5-5.0%17.5%18.1%3.2%12.014.3%-5.01.710.013-2.400713
Ihmir Smith-MarsetteWR     0.0%10.0%6.9%0.0%0.00.0%
Hayden HurstTE317077.0%65.0%51.4%9.7%2.311.5%
Ian ThomasTE100066.0%32.5%34.7%3.2%0.07.7%
Tommy TrembleTE     0.0%27.5%43.1%0.0%0.00.0%
Giovanni RicciTE     0.0%0.0%4.2%0.0%0.00.0%
Miles SandersRB33130-15-15.0%32.5%44.4%9.7%4.323.1%-
Chuba HubbardRB22120-9-9.0%42.5%52.8%6.5%6.011.8%-4.50.710.034-1.3331738

There’s a pretty clear difference here between Andy Dalton last week (467 air yards) and Bryce Young this week (100 air yards). Young may not be ready for prime time, and that’s okay. Anthony Richardson and C.J. Stroud have spoiled us with their quick ascent so far. It’s going to take some time, but the Panthers need some pass-catching weapons that aren’t raw (Jonathan Mingo), retreads (Terrace MarshallHayden HurstLaviska Shenault), or senior citizens (Adam Thielen).

Thielen (8-7-76) and Marshall (10-9-56) combined for 58% of the team’s targets, but Young had a Week 4 low 3.7-yard-aDOT. Marshall got his run thanks to the concussion that sidelined Mingo.

Miles Sanders (13-19; 3-3-13) was hampered by a groin injury throughout the week leading up to Week 4, so Chuba Hubbard (14-41; 2-2-12) ended up besting him in snaps and routes. Sanders should be back to his 57-62% snap share as long as he’s healthy in this Panthers offense.

Week 4 Carolina Panthers Fantasy Takeaways:

Start Your Studs: N/A

Start ‘Em: N/A

Keep Them Rostered: Miles Sanders, Adam ThielenJonathan Mingo (deeper 12 & 14-team; missed Week 4 - concussion), Chuba Hubbard (deeper 12 & 14-team), D.J. Chark (deeper 12 & 14-team), Bryce Young (deeper 12 & 14-team)

Add ‘Em: N/A

Dump ‘Em: N/A


Chicago Bears

NamePosTargetsRec.Rec. YardsTDAir YardsAir Yards %Route %Snap %Target Share %Yards per TargetTPRRaDOTYPRRWOPRRACRPlayer RoutesPlayer Snaps
DJ MooreWR98131112150.0%95.0%93.1%28.1%14.623.7%13.43.450.7721.0833867
Darnell MooneyWR445103213.2%90.0%75.0%12.5%12.811.1%8.01.420.2801.5943654
Equanimeous St. BrownWR11210197.9%52.5%58.3%3.1%21.04.8%
Tyler ScottWR     0.0%17.5%19.4%0.0%0.00.0%
Velus JonesWR     0.0%5.0%4.2%0.0%0.00.0%
Cole KmetTE978527731.8%65.0%73.6%28.1%9.434.6%
Robert TonyanTE2218020.8%27.5%26.4%6.3%9.018.2%1.01.640.1009.0001119
Marcedes LewisTE1180-3-1.2%10.0%29.2%3.1%8.025.0%-
Khalil HerbertRB54191-1-0.4%65.0%77.8%15.6%3.819.2%-0.20.730.231-19.0002656
Roschon JohnsonRB1120-5-2.1%22.5%22.2%3.1%2.011.1%-
Khari BlasingameFB     0.0%15.0%20.8%0.0%0.00.0%

Bears are going to Bears; they get their best game of the season and then blow a 21-point lead to the Denver Broncos. Like, what?

It definitely helped the Bears’ cause in Week 4 that the Broncos may literally be the worst NFL defense in recorded history.

Justin Fields would have been perfect in the first half if it weren’t for a Hail Mary to end the first half, as he was 16-of-17 for 231 and three touchdowns. Two to Cole Kmet (9-7-85-2) and a 29-yard strike to DJ Moore (9-8-131-1). Moore and Kmet both accounted for almost 60% of the team’s total targets. Fields’ second-half mistakes did him in as he threw a late interception and then was strip-sacked, and the Broncos ran the fumble back for a touchdown to tie the game.

Just when we thought that Khalil Herbert would be ceding work to Roschon Johnson (23% routes, 22% snaps), Herbert took 78% of the snaps in Week 4 in a positive game script, or at least the closest thing to one for most of the game.

Week 4 Chicago Bears Fantasy Takeaways:

Start Your Studs: N/A

Start ‘Em: Justin Fields, DJ Moore

Keep Them Rostered: Khalil Herbert, Roschon Johnson (developing standalone role), Cole KmetDarnell Mooney (14-team)

Add ‘Em: N/A

Dump ‘Em: N/A


Cincinnati Bengals

NamePosTargetsRec.Rec. YardsTDAir YardsAir Yards %Route %Snap %Target Share %Yards per TargetTPRRaDOTYPRRWOPRRACRPlayer RoutesPlayer Snaps
Ja'Marr ChaseWR977303124.6%100.0%94.3%33.3%8.125.7%
Tee HigginsWR421902519.8%51.4%50.9%14.8%4.822.2%
Tyler BoydWR742607156.3%94.3%90.6%25.9%3.721.2%10.10.790.7830.3663348
Trenton IrwinWR1117075.6%42.9%41.5%3.7%17.06.7%
Andrei IosivasWR     0.0%17.1%18.9%0.0%0.00.0%
Drew SampleTE11-10-7-5.6%17.1%32.1%3.7%-1.016.7%-7.0-0.170.0170.143617
Mitchell WilcoxTE1170-2-1.6%22.9%35.8%3.7%7.012.5%-2.00.880.044-3.500819
Tanner HudsonTE2218097.1%54.3%43.4%7.4%9.010.5%4.50.950.1612.0001923
Joe MixonRB1190-5-4.0%62.9%79.2%3.7%9.04.5%-5.00.410.028-1.8002242
Trayveon WilliamsRB     0.0%11.4%11.3%0.0%0.00.0%
Chase BrownRB11-30-3-2.4%2.9%1.9%3.7%-3.0100.0%-3.0-3.000.0391.00011

How the mighty have fallen. I was expecting to write that the Patriots or Titans would be the worst offense in Week 4, but it’s the Bengals!?

Joe Burrow’s second-worst aDOT of 4.6 yards is incredibly worrisome. This has to turn around, right? This “bizarro world” Bengals offense has to get going; they have too much talent not to.

Ja’Marr Chase (9-7-73) was fine, Tyler Boyd (7-4-26) hung around and saw a little more run with Tee Higgins (4-2-19; left Week 4 - ribs) leaving the game. Joe Mixon was solid and took 80% of snaps. The Bengals put up three points. In 2023. In THIS economy.

Week 4 Cincinnati Bengals Fantasy Takeaways:

Start Your Studs: Ja’Marr Chase, Tee Higgins (left Week 4 - ribs), Joe Mixon

Start ‘Em: Joe Burrow (if you have a better option, start somebody else)

Keep Them Rostered: Tyler BoydTrayveon Williams (14-team leagues; contingent back)

Add ‘Em: N/A

Dump ‘Em: Irv Smith


Cleveland Browns

NamePosTargetsRec.Rec. YardsTDAir YardsAir Yards %Route %Snap %Target Share %Yards per TargetTPRRaDOTYPRRWOPRRACRPlayer RoutesPlayer Snaps
Amari CooperWR6116012742.3%86.4%81.2%17.6%2.715.8%21.20.420.5610.1263856
Elijah MooreWR42200299.7%84.1%82.6%11.8%5.010.8%7.30.540.2440.6903757
Donovan Peoples-JonesWR41704916.3%86.4%89.9%11.8%1.810.5%
Cedric TillmanWR31504013.3%18.2%20.3%8.8%1.737.5%13.30.630.2260.125814
David BellWR     0.0%9.1%11.6%0.0%0.00.0%
Marquise GoodwinWR1100-2-0.7%9.1%5.8%2.9%0.025.0%-
David NjokuTE764604214.0%75.0%69.6%20.6%6.621.2%6.01.390.4071.0953348
Jordan AkinsTE2160-1-0.3%15.9%21.7%5.9%3.028.6%-0.50.860.086-6.000715
Harrison BryantTE112000.0%11.4%17.4%2.9%2.020.0%0.00.400.0440.000512
Jerome FordRB65190165.3%61.4%62.3%17.6%3.222.2%2.70.700.3021.1882743
Pierre StrongRB     0.0%6.8%13.0%0.0%0.00.0%
Kareem HuntRB     0.0%18.2%21.7%0.0%0.00.0%

With a backup quarterback in Dorian Thompson-Robinson, it’s hard to gauge any of these performances in a one-week sample size that isn’t indicative of their typical utilization. No Deshaun Watson in Week 4 means DTR puts up 121 passing yards and throws three interceptions. Seems bad.

David Njoku (7-6-46) and Jerome Ford (9-26; 6-5-19) led the way as easy completions for the young quarterback, and only Elijah Moore (4-2-20) caught more than two balls. They put up three points. The Browns head into their Week 5 bye.

Week 4 Cleveland Browns Fantasy Takeaways:

Start Your Studs: N/A

Start ‘Em: Deshaun Watson, Amari Cooper, Elijah Moore, Jerome Ford

Keep Them Rostered: David NjokuKareem Hunt (deep 12 & 14-team)

Add ‘Em: N/A

Dump ‘Em: N/A


Dallas Cowboys

NamePosTargetsRec.Rec. YardsTDAir YardsAir Yards %Route %Snap %Target Share %Yards per TargetTPRRaDOTYPRRWOPRRACRPlayer RoutesPlayer Snaps
CeeDee LambWR643615423.8%76.9%62.9%16.7%6.020.0%
Brandin CooksWR44270198.4%76.9%70.0%11.1%6.813.3%4.80.900.2251.4213049
Michael GallupWR656002711.9%64.1%52.9%16.7%10.024.0%4.52.400.3332.2222537
Jalen TolbertWR445304118.1%23.1%34.3%11.1%13.344.4%10.35.890.2931.293924
KaVontae TurpinWR115031.3%23.1%30.0%2.8%5.011.1%3.00.560.0511.667921
Jake FergusonTE777705222.9%69.2%55.7%19.4%11.025.9%7.42.850.4521.4812739
Luke SchoonmakerTE3000219.3%38.5%55.7%8.3%0.020.0%
Sean McKeonTE     0.0%10.3%25.7%0.0%0.00.0%
Tony PollardRB3313052.2%43.6%52.9%8.3%4.317.6%1.70.760.1402.6001737
Rico DowdleRB118041.8%7.7%8.6%2.8%8.033.3%4.02.670.0542.00036
Deuce VaughnRB112010.4%15.4%31.4%2.8%2.016.7%1.00.330.0452.000622
Hunter LuepkeRB     0.0%10.3%20.0%0.0%0.00.0%

Only Brandin Cooks (4-4-27) ran more than 69% of snaps in this one as the Cowboys’ defense got their licks in on Mac Jones, and the Cowboys got their starters out in a hurry in the third quarter. Jake Ferguson (7-7-77) and CeeDee Lamb (6-4-36-1) had a strong Week 4. Ferguson, in particular, only ran routes on 69% of dropbacks, showing the needed efficiency on a somewhat-limited routes percentage to earn more, but Dallas has always mixed in a bunch of other bodies at tight end, so that may be slow going for Ferguson.

Tony Pollard only saw 53% of snaps and less than half of the running back carries as players like Rico DowdleDeuce Vaughn and Hunter Luepke came in to salt away the rest of the game. It’s hard to take anything away here in such a positive game script slash blowout.

Week 4 Dallas Cowboys Fantasy Takeaways:

Start Your Studs: CeeDee Lamb, Tony Pollard

Start ‘Em: Dak Prescott (borderline 12-team starter)

Keep Them Rostered: Brandin CooksMichael Gallup (deeper 12 & 14-team), Jake Ferguson (deeper 12 & 14-team)

Add ‘Em: N/A

Dump ‘Em: N/A


Denver Broncos

NamePosTargetsRec.Rec. YardsTDAir YardsAir Yards %Route %Snap %Target Share %Yards per TargetTPRRaDOTYPRRWOPRRACRPlayer RoutesPlayer Snaps
Jerry JeudyWR535208853.3%77.4%62.5%19.2%10.420.8%
Courtland SuttonWR532714426.7%93.5%83.3%19.2%5.417.2%8.80.930.4750.6142940
Marvin MimsWR224702917.6%38.7%35.4%7.7%23.516.7%14.53.920.2381.6211217
Brandon JohnsonWR114142.4%38.7%35.4%3.8%4.08.3%4.00.330.0751.0001217
Lil'Jordan HumphreyWR1111053.0%22.6%20.8%3.8%11.014.3%5.01.570.0792.200710
Adam TrautmanTE100074.2%77.4%87.5%3.8%0.04.2%
Chris ManhertzTE1110031.8%19.4%43.8%3.8%10.016.7%3.01.670.0703.333621
Nate AdkinsTE228000.0%9.7%12.5%7.7%4.066.7%0.02.670.1150.00036
Javonte WilliamsRB3390-5-3.0%16.1%16.7%11.5%3.060.0%-1.71.800.152-1.80058
Samaje PerineRB2223021.2%35.5%45.8%7.7%11.518.2%
Jaleel McLaughlinRB33321-12-7.3%25.8%33.3%11.5%10.737.5%-
Michael BurtonFB     0.0%6.5%22.9%0.0%0.00.0%

What if I told you the most productive receiver by far on a per-route basis for the Denver Broncos has run routes on 26% of total dropbacks this season? Almost everybody on Planet Earth and in distant galaxies are in full agreement that Marvin Mims (2-2-47-0) should be playing more offensive snaps and running more routes for the Broncos. Mims even got some steam this week as a player who could earn an expanded role in Week 4, and Sean Payton said the Broncos would have some changes in receiving personnel, but Mims ran the same amount of snaps and routes as Brandon Johnson. Sadly, it is still a season-high for Mims at 39% route participation.

Courtland Sutton (5-3-27-1) has run 137 routes this season. Jerry Jeudy (5-3-52-0) has run 93 routes in three games. Mims has a total of 39 routes in four games. And Mims leads the team in receiving yards. Not only that, he had an otherworldly 6.21 yards per route run and an awesome 28.2% targets per route to lead the Broncos in both categories. A high YPRR is a great indicator of a player that’s hugely efficient and correlates to future fantasy production.

Mims might be a guy you can acquire for next to nothing now that the bye weeks are starting up in Week 5, as he’s undeniably been THE most efficient and arguably the most explosive player in fantasy football so far.

Javonte Williams left Week 4 with a hip flexor injury, so Samaje Perine (36% routes, 46% snaps) and Jaleel McLaughlin (3-3-32-1) saw more time and basically split with a slight edge to Perine. Reports have varied that the Williams injury isn’t serious, but I wouldn’t be surprised if he misses only Week 5. In that case, McLaughlin is a solid upside flex play with four teams on bye.

Week 4 Denver Broncos Fantasy Takeaways:

Start Your Studs: Javonte Williams (left Week 4 - hip flexor)

Start ‘Em: Courtland Sutton, Jerry Jeudy

Keep Them Rostered: Samaje Perine (contingent play with a little standalone value), Russell Wilson, Marvin Mims

Add ‘Em: Jaleel McLaughlin 

Dump ‘Em: N/A


Detroit Lions

NamePosTargetsRec.Rec. YardsTDAir YardsAir Yards %Route %Snap %Target Share %Yards per TargetTPRRaDOTYPRRWOPRRACRPlayer RoutesPlayer Snaps
Amon-Ra St. BrownWR755616235.0%100.0%88.0%25.9%8.022.6%8.91.810.6340.9033166
Kalif RaymondWR11-20-4-2.3%35.5%22.7%3.7%-2.09.1%-4.0-0.180.0400.5001117
Josh ReynoldsWR636908246.3%77.4%73.3%22.2%11.525.0%13.72.880.6580.8412455
Marvin JonesWR100084.5%29.0%28.0%3.7%0.011.1%
Antoine GreenWR     0.0%12.9%20.0%0.0%0.00.0%
Sam LaPortaTE545603519.8%71.0%80.0%18.5%11.222.7%7.02.550.4161.6002260
Brock WrightTE     0.0%38.7%58.7%0.0%0.00.0%
James MitchellTE     0.0%6.5%13.3%0.0%0.00.0%
Darrell DanielsTE     0.0%0.0%6.7%0.0%0.00.0%
Jahmyr GibbsRB5411010.6%45.2%37.3%18.5%2.235.7%0.20.790.28211.0001428
David MontgomeryRB22200-7-4.0%51.6%70.7%7.4%10.012.5%-
Craig ReynoldsRB     0.0%0.0%1.3%0.0%0.00.0%

I have capitulated on David Montgomery (32-121-3; 2-2-20). He’s been pretty good, but the broad thesis that “Montgomery good early, Jahmyr Gibbs (8-40; 5-4-11) takes workload and is great late” might just be out the window. The Lions are potent enough on offense — ESPECIALLY on the ground — that both can coexist together and produce for fantasy. Obviously, that’s what we’re seeing here. 

Sam LaPorta (5-4-56) is a megastar. He’s already a locked-in top-five tight end, and even on what is on the surface a moderately pedestrian stat line, the Lions took the air out of the ball in the second half against the Packers. The pass volume wasn’t going to be there in a positive game script where the Lions were up 27-3 at halftime.

Even in a game where much of the passing took place in the first half, Amon-Ra St. Brown (7-5-56-1) still caught a touchdown, so you love to see that.

Jameson Williams was unsuspended at the end of last week and is now available to play in Detroit’s games. That said, he’s likely going to take some time to ramp up to a usable workload, so keep him on your benches for now.

Week 4 Detroit Lions Fantasy Takeaways:

Start Your Studs: Amon-Ra St. Brown

Start ‘Em: Jahmyr GibbsJared Goff, Sam LaPorta, David Montgomery

Keep Them Rostered: Josh Reynolds (deeper 12-team leagues), Jameson Williams 

Add ‘Em: N/A

Dump ‘Em: N/A


Green Bay Packers

NamePosTargetsRec.Rec. YardsTDAir YardsAir Yards %Route %Snap %Target Share %Yards per TargetTPRRaDOTYPRRWOPRRACRPlayer RoutesPlayer Snaps
Christian WatsonWR422514112.3%47.6%45.6%11.8%6.320.0%
Romeo DoubsWR13995013640.8%88.1%87.7%38.2%7.335.1%10.52.570.8590.6993750
Jayden ReedWR535509027.0%69.0%66.7%14.7%11.017.2%18.01.900.4100.6112938
Samori ToureWR113503510.5%21.4%19.3%2.9%35.011.1%35.03.890.1181.000911
Dontayvion WicksWR1000133.9%57.1%57.9%2.9%0.04.2%
Luke MusgraveTE1000-4-1.2%21.4%24.6%2.9%0.011.1%-
Tucker KraftTE2250-1-0.3%16.7%22.8%5.9%2.528.6%-0.50.710.086-5.000713
Josiah DeguaraTE44340195.7%61.9%63.2%11.8%8.515.4%4.81.310.2161.7892636
Ben SimsTE     0.0%4.8%10.5%0.0%0.00.0%
Aaron JonesRB21-40-2-0.6%28.6%35.1%5.9%-2.016.7%-1.0-0.330.0842.0001220
AJ DillonRB100061.8%66.7%66.7%2.9%0.03.6%

The Packers looked absolutely dreadful in the first half, but Christian Watson’s return (4-2-25-1; 48% routes) led him into the end zone. Watson wasn’t expected to play a full game, and the first-half blowout led the Packers to limit him further in the second half. Romeo Doubs (13-9-95) paced the Packers with heavy second-half volume as they didn’t exactly roll over, but they still lost by two touchdowns. It could have been much, much worse. Luke Musgrave (1-1-1; 21% routes) left the game early in the second quarter with a concussion and didn’t return.

Aaron Jones also returned but didn’t play anywhere near a full game (29% routes, 35% snaps). AJ Dillon is still kind of bad, and there’s a reason why the Packers are still in the Jonathan Taylor sweepstakes for a possible trade and why they’re bringing in running backs like the twice-released James Robinson.

Week 4 Green Bay Packers Fantasy Takeaways:

Start Your Studs: N/A

Start ‘Em: Aaron Jones (limited snaps in Week 4), Christian Watson (on snap count)

Keep Them Rostered: Romeo DoubsJordan LoveLuke Musgrave (left Week 4 - concussion), Jayden ReedAJ Dillon

Add ‘Em: N/A

Dump ‘Em: N/A


Houston Texans

NamePosTargetsRec.Rec. YardsTDAir YardsAir Yards %Route %Snap %Target Share %Yards per TargetTPRRaDOTYPRRWOPRRACRPlayer RoutesPlayer Snaps
Robert WoodsWR632605122.7%81.8%71.8%22.2%4.322.2%8.50.960.4920.5102751
Nico CollinsWR9716829441.8%72.7%76.1%33.3%18.737.5%
John MetchieWR212203013.3%18.2%22.5%7.4%11.033.3%15.03.670.2040.733616
Tank DellWR311603113.8%81.8%70.4%11.1%5.311.1%10.30.590.2630.5162750
Dalton SchultzTE334212611.6%39.4%49.3%11.1%14.023.1%
Teagan QuitorianoTE     0.0%15.2%42.3%0.0%0.00.0%
Brevin JordanTE     0.0%21.2%19.7%0.0%0.00.0%
Dameon PierceRB21270-5-2.2%36.4%59.2%7.4%13.516.7%-
Devin SingletaryRB11110-3-1.3%39.4%35.2%3.7%11.07.7%-3.00.850.046-3.6671325
Mike BooneRB     0.0%6.1%5.6%0.0%0.00.0%
Andrew BeckFB100010.4%21.2%47.9%3.7%0.014.3%

The Houston Texans. THE TEXANS!

It’s nice to see a competent offense again in Houston. C.J. Stroud has to be the frontrunner for Offensive Rookie of the Year after four games. Stroud hasn’t taken a sack since Week 2 and threw three touchdown passes in this rout of the Steelers. Even in a week where Robert Woods (6-3-26) and Tank Dell (3-1-16) didn’t bring the production but both ran routes on 82% of dropbacks, Nico Collins (9-7-168-2) did almost all of the heavy lifting on 73% of routes.

Dalton Schultz (3-3-42-1) picked up the other touchdown, but his routes are dropped like a rock in the ocean at a season-low 39% from last week’s 74%. Not sure if it was injury-related as I didn’t see anything, but it’s concerning for sure if not.

Seeing a season-high in carries (24) and snaps (59%), Dameon Pierce is still pretty inefficient, but this offense is buoyed by the passing game now, so Pierce isn’t relied on like he was last season, where he was almost the only game in town. That could help the touchdown upside, but with the team still wanting to get Devin Singletary (passing touchdown in Week 4) on the field, Pierce is going to be a bottom-rung RB2 for fantasy purposes. 


Week 4 Houston Texans Fantasy Takeaways:

Start Your Studs: N/A

Start ‘Em: Tank Dell, C.J. Stroud (it’s hard to find many quarterbacks outside the truly elite that I’d want to start right now)

Keep Them Rostered: Dameon Pierce, Robert Woods, Dalton Schultz (14-team)

Add ‘Em: N/A

Dump ‘Em: N/A

Indianapolis Colts

NamePosTargetsRec.Rec. YardsTDAir YardsAir Yards %Route %Snap %Target Share %Yards per TargetTPRRaDOTYPRRWOPRRACRPlayer RoutesPlayer Snaps
Michael PittmanWR511508126.6%93.3%95.3%20.8%3.017.9%16.20.540.4990.1852861
Alec PierceWR213804213.8%90.0%90.6%8.3%19.07.4%21.01.410.2220.9052758
Josh DownsWR323405317.4%86.7%73.4%12.5%11.311.5%17.71.310.3100.6422647
Isaiah McKenzieWR3160134.3%10.0%10.9%12.5%2.0100.0%
Amari RodgersWR     0.0%6.7%6.3%0.0%0.00.0%
Mo Alie-CoxTE11351185.9%10.0%26.6%4.2%35.033.3%18.011.670.1041.944317
Kylen GransonTE522406120.1%56.7%53.1%20.8%4.829.4%12.21.410.4530.3931734
Andrew OgletreeTE434813712.2%26.7%43.8%16.7%12.050.0%
Zack MossRB1000-1-0.3%53.3%82.8%4.2%0.06.3%-
Trey SermonRB     0.0%16.7%15.6%0.0%0.00.0%

The Colts scored 23 points, and Anthony Richardson completed just 11-of-25 passes and lost a fumble, yet finished as QB2 with almost 30 fantasy points. THAT is why it literally doesn’t matter how bad a quarterback is with his arm if he has rushing upside. Richardson ran for 56 yards and ran in a second touchdown to shake off a bad first half and keep the Colts in the game before eventually succumbing in overtime. 

The wide receivers combined for four receptions for 87 yards, so that means Michael Pittman (5-1-15) and Josh Downs (3-2-34) didn’t get there.

The big question this week is: what happens to Jonathan Taylor going forward? Reports are that Taylor’s relationship has vastly improved with the team and fully practiced yesterday. Taylor being inserted back into this offense over Zack Moss (18-70; one target) would be huge for Richardson and the Colts. Moss hasn’t been bad at all, but he’s no Taylor when healthy and fully acclimated. 

Week 4 Indianapolis Colts Fantasy Takeaways:

Start Your Studs: Michael Pittman

Start ‘Em: Anthony Richardson, Zack Moss (up in the air with Jonathan Taylor’s possible return)

Keep Them Rostered: Jonathan Taylor (PUP until Week 5), Josh Downs

Add ‘Em: N/A

Dump ‘Em: N/A


Jacksonville Jaguars

NamePosTargetsRec.Rec. YardsTDAir YardsAir Yards %Route %Snap %Target Share %Yards per TargetTPRRaDOTYPRRWOPRRACRPlayer RoutesPlayer Snaps
Calvin RidleyWR223813720.7%97.2%80.3%6.7%19.05.7%
Christian KirkWR1288408346.4%97.2%78.8%40.0%7.034.3%6.92.400.9251.0123552
Tim JonesWR11-10-2-1.1%63.9%57.6%3.3%-1.04.3%-2.0-0.040.0420.5002338
Parker WashingtonWR     0.0%0.0%1.5%0.0%0.00.0%
Jacob HarrisWR     0.0%8.3%10.6%0.0%0.00.0%
Evan EngramTE875903419.0%86.1%72.7%26.7%7.425.8%4.31.900.5331.7353148
Luke FarrellTE2210063.4%11.1%39.4%6.7%5.050.0%3.02.500.1231.667426
Brenton StrangeTE     0.0%13.9%36.4%0.0%0.00.0%
Travis EtienneRB33170-3-1.7%66.7%84.8%10.0%5.712.5%-1.00.710.138-5.6672456
Tank BigsbyRB     0.0%2.8%12.1%0.0%0.00.0%
JaMycal HastyRB20002413.4%5.6%7.6%6.7%0.0100.0%
D'Ernest JohnsonRB     0.0%0.0%3.0%0.0%0.00.0%

Both Christian Kirk (12-8-84) and Evan Engram (8-7-59) combined for 20 targets and 67% of the team’s total targets in London, but Calvin Ridley (2-2-38-1) got the lone receiving touchdown on just two targets. After Ridley’s blowup (11-8-101-1) in Week 1, it looked like Ridley and the rest would be fighting for scraps from Trevor Lawrence, but that’s not the case. Ridley has just a 17-7-110-1 combined line in the last three games. No doubt it’s left fantasy managers wanting much more, but those days will come.

Travis Etienne (83% of running back carries; 85% snaps) has a definite stranglehold on this running game so far for the Jaguars, and the Tank Bigsby thesis besides a random touchdown snipe, hasn’t come to fruition. Despite a relatively inefficient day from Etienne, where he averaged 2.8 yards per carry, he’s got this backfield locked up.

Week 4 Jacksonville Jaguars Fantasy Takeaways:

Start Your Studs: Travis EtienneTrevor LawrenceCalvin Ridley

Start ‘Em: Christian Kirk, Evan EngramZay Jones (missed Week 4 - knee)

Keep Them Rostered: Tank Bigsby (weaker contingent play; deeper 12 & 14-team)

Add ‘Em: N/A

Dump ‘Em: N/A


Kansas City Chiefs

NamePosTargetsRec.Rec. YardsTDAir YardsAir Yards %Route %Snap %Target Share %Yards per TargetTPRRaDOTYPRRWOPRRACRPlayer RoutesPlayer Snaps
Kadarius ToneyWR22220105.1%33.3%24.3%6.9%11.016.7%5.01.830.1392.2001217
Skyy MooreWR200042.0%50.0%58.6%6.9%0.011.1%
Marquez Valdes-ScantlingWR21605025.3%61.1%57.1%6.9%3.09.1%
Rashee RiceWR53320178.6%47.2%45.7%17.2%6.429.4%3.41.880.3191.8821732
Justin WatsonWR115031.5%61.1%58.6%3.4%5.04.5%
Travis KelceTE966005427.3%83.3%78.6%31.0%6.730.0%
Noah GrayTE313415427.3%33.3%48.6%10.3%11.325.0%18.02.830.3460.6301234
Blake BellTE     0.0%2.8%22.9%0.0%0.00.0%
Isiah PachecoRB3343042.0%44.4%60.0%10.3%14.318.8%1.32.690.16910.7501642
Jerick McKinnonRB1000105.1%30.6%31.4%3.4%0.09.1%
Clyde Edwards-HelaireRB1110-8-4.0%8.3%8.6%3.4%1.033.3%-8.00.330.023-0.12536

This was probably my favorite tweet of the week and it was about Isiah Pacheco:

Pacheco (20-115-1; 3-3-43) saw 60% of snaps to keep the distance between him and the other backs in the offense.

Let’s just condense this paragraph about the passing-game options for Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs: Travis Kelce (9-6-60). A dash of Rashee Rice (5-3-32). That’s all we can stomach. It’s time to trim the fat. I’m dropping Skyy Moore and Kadarius Toney if I have them and need the bench space. For me, I can’t afford to hold them. Your leagues may be different, but there have been no routes or production spikes from either.

Week 4 Kansas City Chiefs Fantasy Takeaways:

Start Your Studs: Travis Kelce, Patrick Mahomes

Start ‘Em: Isiah Pacheco

Keep Them Rostered: Jerick McKinnon (deeper 12 & 14-team leagues), Rashee Rice (deeper 12 & 14-team)

Add ‘Em: N/A

Dump ‘Em: Kadarius Toney and Skyy Moore (we are never, ever ever, getting back together)


Las Vegas Raiders

NamePosTargetsRec.Rec. YardsTDAir YardsAir Yards %Route %Snap %Target Share %Yards per TargetTPRRaDOTYPRRWOPRRACRPlayer RoutesPlayer Snaps
Davante AdamsWR13875014858.7%87.0%86.3%34.2%5.832.5%11.41.880.9240.5074063
Jakobi MeyersWR423304015.9%95.7%95.9%10.5%8.39.1%10.00.750.2690.8254470
Hunter RenfrowWR421203513.9%58.7%45.2%10.5%3.014.8%8.80.440.2550.3432733
Tre TuckerWR     0.0%28.3%24.7%0.0%0.00.0%
DeAndre CarterWR     0.0%6.5%11.0%0.0%0.00.0%
Austin HooperTE2111062.4%56.5%50.7%5.3%5.57.7%3.00.420.0961.8332637
Michael MayerTE     0.0%32.6%50.7%0.0%0.00.0%
Josh JacobsRB118810104.0%47.8%71.2%28.9%7.450.0%0.93.680.4628.1002252
Zamir WhiteRB     0.0%6.5%8.2%0.0%0.00.0%
Ameer AbdullahRB2214072.8%30.4%20.5%5.3%7.014.3%
Jakob JohnsonFB2112062.4%21.7%34.2%5.3%6.020.0%

At least Aidan O’Connell knew who to target when he wasn’t being sacked a bajillion times by the Chargers (okay, seven). The condensed Raiders passing-game tree continues here as Davante Adams (13-8-75; should have had a late TD) and Josh Jacobs (17-58-1; 11-8-81) reeled in 63% of Vegas’ targets against the Chargers. Adams left but came back after a shoulder injury and Jacobs had his best game of the season by far in this one.

Jakobi Meyers (4-2-33) saw 96% of routes but didn’t do much here with everything funneled to Adams and Jacobs.

Week 4 Las Vegas Raiders Fantasy Takeaways:

Start Your Studs: Davante Adams, Josh Jacobs

Start ‘Em: Jakobi Meyers

Keep Them Rostered: N/A

Add ‘Em: N/A

Dump ‘Em: N/A


Los Angeles Chargers

NamePosTargetsRec.Rec. YardsTDAir YardsAir Yards %Route %Snap %Target Share %Yards per TargetTPRRaDOTYPRRWOPRRACRPlayer RoutesPlayer Snaps
Keenan AllenWR533216522.5%96.8%75.4%20.8%6.416.7%
Quentin JohnstonWR311805318.3%71.0%50.8%12.5%6.013.6%17.70.820.3160.3402233
Joshua PalmerWR8377014951.6%96.8%86.2%33.3%9.626.7%18.62.570.8610.5173056
Derius DavisWR22160-12-4.2%16.1%18.5%8.3%8.040.0%-
Keelan DossWR     0.0%3.2%7.7%0.0%0.00.0%
Gerald EverettTE229041.4%58.1%69.2%8.3%4.511.1%2.00.500.1352.2501845
Donald ParhamTE1000155.2%22.6%23.1%4.2%0.014.3%
Tre' McKittyTE     0.0%9.7%35.4%0.0%0.00.0%
Stone SmarttTE1000165.5%19.4%40.0%4.2%0.016.7%
Joshua KelleyRB     0.0%41.9%60.0%0.0%0.00.0%
Isaiah SpillerRB22150-1-0.3%25.8%23.1%8.3%7.525.0%-0.51.880.123-15.000815
Elijah DotsonRB     0.0%0.0%7.7%0.0%0.00.0%

In the first Chargers game post-Mike WilliamsQuentin Johnson (3-1-18) ran routes on 71% of Justin Herbert’s dropbacks — easily a season-high. He’s trending upwards and still feels very good as the mid-to-late season play over Joshua Palmer (8-3-77), who was pretty inefficient despite running 97% of routes. Keenan Allen (5-3-32-1) is a stud but lurked in the shadows most of the day outside of a second-quarter touchdown.

We miss you Austin Ekeler. It’s just not the same with Joshua Kelley (17-65; 60% snaps) in tow. The Chargers go on their Week 5 bye and hopefully, Ekeler is back in the lineup.

Week 4 Los Angeles Chargers Fantasy Takeaways:

Start Your Studs: Keenan Allen, Justin Herbert, Austin Ekeler (missed Week 2-4 - ankle)

Start ‘Em: N/A

Keep Them Rostered: Joshua Kelley, Joshua Palmer, Quentin Johnson

Add ‘Em: N/A

Dump ‘Em: N/A


Los Angeles Rams

NamePosTargetsRec.Rec. YardsTDAir YardsAir Yards %Route %Snap %Target Share %Yards per TargetTPRRaDOTYPRRWOPRRACRPlayer RoutesPlayer Snaps
Van JeffersonWR322904414.3%90.9%86.6%7.7%9.77.5%14.70.730.2160.6594071
Tutu AtwellWR952405016.3%88.6%78.0%23.1%2.723.1%5.60.620.4600.4803964
Puka NacuaWR109163112841.7%97.7%95.1%25.6%16.323.3%12.83.790.6761.2734378
Ben SkowronekWR     0.0%15.9%28.0%0.0%0.00.0%
Demarcus RobinsonWR     0.0%4.5%8.5%0.0%0.00.0%
Tyler HigbeeTE1156408527.7%88.6%93.9%28.2%5.828.2%7.71.640.6170.7533977
Brycen HopkinsTE115010.3%9.1%8.5%2.6%5.025.0%
Davis AllenTE     0.0%0.0%1.2%0.0%0.00.0%
Kyren WilliamsRB3324041.3%63.6%72.0%7.7%8.010.7%1.30.860.1256.0002859
Ronnie RiversRB22100-5-1.6%20.5%28.0%5.1%5.022.2%-

Puka Nacua (10-9-163-1) became the first wide receiver with 100 receiving yards in three of his first four games since 1954. He also has the most receptions in a player’s first four games.

Pretty, pretty good. Even with a Cooper Kupp return, you can’t put the genie back in the bottle with Nacua. 

Van Jefferson (3-2-29) probably loses a ton of routes, but that’s negligible. Kupp and Nacua would be deadly for opposing defenses to stop. Add in Tutu Atwell (9-5-24), Tyler Higbee (11-5-64), and Kyren Williams (25-103-2; 3-3-24) on the ground, and that’s an offensive core. Keep Matthew Stafford healthy at all costs.

For Week 4, the Rams were, by and large, pretty inefficient, besides the main pieces of Nacua and Williams. Williams did lose a little bit of work to Ronnie Rivers (20% routes, 28% snaps), but Williams’ role in this offense is as safe as it gets.

Week 4 Los Angeles Rams Fantasy Takeaways:

Start Your Studs: Cooper Kupp (IR - hamstring; eligible to return in Week 5), Puca Nacua, Kyren Williams

Start ‘Em: N/A

Keep Them Rostered: Tutu Atwell, Matthew StaffordTyler Higbee

Add ‘Em: N/A

Dump ‘Em: N/A


Miami Dolphins

NamePosTargetsRec.Rec. YardsTDAir YardsAir Yards %Route %Snap %Target Share %Yards per TargetTPRRaDOTYPRRWOPRRACRPlayer RoutesPlayer Snaps
Tyreek HillWR535805532.0%80.5%72.3%15.6%11.615.2%11.01.760.4581.0553347
Jaylen WaddleWR544603017.4%75.6%75.4%15.6%9.216.1%6.01.480.3561.5333149
Braxton BerriosWR664313118.0%48.8%49.2%18.8%7.230.0%
Robbie ChosenWR10002313.4%26.8%27.7%3.1%0.09.1%
Durham SmytheTE44410169.3%70.7%83.1%12.5%10.313.8%4.01.410.2532.5632954
Julian HillTE     0.0%7.3%16.9%0.0%0.00.0%
Raheem MostertRB53360127.0%39.0%43.1%15.6%7.231.3%
De'Von AchaneRB53190-13-7.6%68.3%60.0%15.6%3.817.9%-2.60.680.181-1.4622839
Salvon AhmedRB     0.0%2.4%6.2%0.0%0.00.0%
Alec IngoldFB112301810.5%24.4%30.8%3.1%23.010.0%18.02.300.1201.2781020

This was a weird game for Miami, as targets are usually heavily concentrated on Tyreek Hill (5-3-58) and Jaylen Waddle (5-4-46) in the passing game for about ~60% of the team’s targets, but five players had five or more targets. Of all people, Braxton Berrios (6-5-43-1) led the Dolphins in targets, which doesn’t seem like the most fruitful recipe for success against the Buffalo Bills.

As a team, if you’re going to concentrate on anybody, concentrate on De’Von Achane (8-101-2; 5-3-19), who feels more and more like 2017 Alvin Kamara by the week.  Achane led the Dolphins running backs in routes (68%) and snaps (60%) over Raheem Mostert (7-9; 5-3-36). Mostert feels like the defacto “starter” but should continue ceding about 60/40 work to Achane most weeks if it’s just the two of them. When Jeff Wilson comes back to take a role, it’s likely to be to the detriment of Mostert, not Achane. You can’t put the genie back in the bottle here, folks. Achane is a must-start option moving forward.

Week 4 Miami Dolphins Fantasy Takeaways:

Start Your Studs: Tyreek Hill, Jaylen WaddleTua TagovailoaDeVon Achane

Start ‘Em: Raheem Mostert

Keep Them Rostered: Jeff Wilson (IR - rib/finger)

Add ‘Em: N/A

Dump ‘Em: N/A


Minnesota Vikings

NamePosTargetsRec.Rec. YardsTDAir YardsAir Yards %Route %Snap %Target Share %Yards per TargetTPRRaDOTYPRRWOPRRACRPlayer RoutesPlayer Snaps
Justin JeffersonWR9685210974.1%100.0%97.9%50.0%9.440.9%12.13.861.2690.7802247
Jordan AddisonWR100085.4%72.7%58.3%5.6%0.06.3%
K.J. OsbornWR211602013.6%90.9%83.3%11.1%8.010.0%10.00.800.2620.8002040
Brandon PowellWR     0.0%0.0%2.1%0.0%0.00.0%
T.J. HockensonTE3224085.4%77.3%87.5%16.7%8.017.6%2.71.410.2883.0001742
Josh OliverTE     0.0%18.2%45.8%0.0%0.00.0%
Johnny MundtTE     0.0%4.5%16.7%0.0%0.00.0%
Alexander MattisonRB113021.4%45.5%68.8%5.6%3.010.0%2.00.300.0931.5001033
Cam AkersRB2211000.0%31.8%29.2%11.1%5.528.6%0.01.570.1670.000714
C.J. HamFB     0.0%4.5%10.4%0.0%0.00.0%

What a weird game for the Vikings and definitely an outlier game for how we know them to operate. The Vikings only ran 44 plays and had 19 pass attempts, so of course, Justin Jefferson (9-6-85-2) is going to get there because he’s Planet Earth’s alpha wide receiver. Only T.J. Hockenson (3-2-24) had more than two targets across the entire group of pass-catchers. Jordan Addison saw his worst game as a professional with just one target. Again, outlier game.

Alexander Mattison (17-95; 1-1-3) was very efficient now that he has to hold off Cam Akers, who played roughly 30% of the snaps here in Week 4. His role may develop a little more, but Mattison’s admittedly solid performance may have bought him some time here.

Week 4 Minnesota Vikings Fantasy Takeaways:

Start Your Studs: Justin Jefferson, T.J. Hockenson

Start ‘Em: Kirk Cousins, Jordan Addison, Alexander Mattison 

Keep Them Rostered: K.J. Osborn (deeper 12 and 14-team), Cam Akers 

Add ‘Em: N/A

Dump ‘Em: N/A


New England Patriots

NamePosTargetsRec.Rec. YardsTDAir YardsAir Yards %Route %Snap %Target Share %Yards per TargetTPRRaDOTYPRRWOPRRACRPlayer RoutesPlayer Snaps
JuJu Smith-SchusterWR511404720.9%38.2%47.3%17.2%2.838.5%
DeVante ParkerWR423304218.7%88.2%81.8%13.8%8.313.3%
Kendrick BourneWR323602511.1%58.8%52.7%10.3%12.015.0%8.31.800.2331.4402029
Demario DouglasWR324502511.1%41.2%32.7%10.3%15.021.4%
Hunter HenryTE545104118.2%79.4%80.0%17.2%10.218.5%8.21.890.3861.2442744
Mike GesickiTE311204218.7%61.8%60.0%10.3%4.014.3%14.00.570.2860.2862133
Pharaoh BrownTE     0.0%23.5%40.0%0.0%0.00.0%
Rhamondre StevensonRB3210062.7%52.9%63.6%10.3%3.316.7%2.00.560.1741.6671835
Ezekiel ElliottRB3260-3-1.3%44.1%40.0%10.3%2.020.0%-1.00.400.146-2.0001522
Ty MontgomeryRB     0.0%2.9%1.8%0.0%0.00.0%

Only Hunter Henry (5-4-41) caught more than two receptions in a game where the Patriots put up three points against the Cowboys and Mac Jones was benched late in the third quarter for Bailey Zappe. There really isn’t anything to write about as it’s just gross all around.

Rhamondre Stevenson (14-30; 3-2-10) is in a 60/40 split with Ezekiel Elliott, who could only muster 22 total yards. We've got to downgrade Stevenson to a low-end RB2 with multiple duds in a row here to start 2023.

Week 4 New England Patriots Fantasy Takeaways:

Start Your Studs: N/A

Start ‘Em: Rhamondre Stevenson

Keep Them Rostered: Hunter HenryKendrick Bourne (deeper 12-team), Ezekiel Elliott (deeper 12 & 14-team), JuJu Smith-Schuster (deeper 12 & 14-team), Mike Gesicki (deeper 12 & 14-team)

Add ‘Em: N/A

Dump ‘Em: Mac Jones


New Orleans Saints

NamePosTargetsRec.Rec. YardsTDAir YardsAir Yards %Route %Snap %Target Share %Yards per TargetTPRRaDOTYPRRWOPRRACRPlayer RoutesPlayer Snaps
Chris OlaveWR614014646.2%81.4%81.5%15.8%0.717.1%
Michael ThomasWR645308025.3%88.4%80.0%15.8%8.815.8%13.31.390.4140.6633852
Rashid ShaheedWR733308827.8%74.4%58.5%18.4%4.721.9%
Keith KirkwoodWR     0.0%14.0%29.2%0.0%0.00.0%
Lynn BowdenWR100092.8%20.9%16.9%2.6%0.011.1%
Taysom HillTE117041.3%39.5%50.8%2.6%7.05.9%4.00.410.0481.7501733
Jimmy GrahamTE     0.0%58.1%64.6%0.0%0.00.0%
Alvin KamaraRB1413330-20-6.3%69.8%75.4%36.8%2.446.7%-
Kendre MillerRB115030.9%7.0%7.7%2.6%5.033.3%3.01.670.0461.66735
Tony JonesRB     0.0%20.9%16.9%0.0%0.00.0%
Adam PrenticeFB215061.9%9.3%13.8%5.3%2.550.0%

The Saints kicked three field goals for their total scoring output in Week 4, Chris Olave (6-1-4) totaled four receiving yards and 146 air yards, and Alvin Kamara (11-51; 14-13-33) had 14 targets and 13 receptions. Yeah, a lot to unpack. Not concerned with Olave at all; it’s a blip on the radar and nothing more.

Kamara’s 13 receptions are crazy, and that’s likely to do with Derek Carr’s shoulder healthy. Still, Kamara immediately ran routes on 70% of dropbacks and had 75% of snaps in his return from suspension, so we’ve got a little bit of normalcy in this backfield for now. Fire up Kamara in all of your lineups moving forward.

Juwan Johnson was not on the Week 4 injury report but reportedly hurt his calf warming up after the inactives came out, so he didn’t log an offensive snap. 

Week 4 New Orleans Saints Fantasy Takeaways:

Start Your Studs: Chris Olave

Start ‘Em: Michael Thomas, Alvin Kamara

Keep Them Rostered: Derek CarrJamaal Williams (on IR - hamstring), Rashid Shaheed (14-team), Juwan Johnson (14-team)

Add ‘Em: N/A

Dump ‘Em: N/A


New York Giants

NamePosTargetsRec.Rec. YardsTDAir YardsAir Yards %Route %Snap %Target Share %Yards per TargetTPRRaDOTYPRRWOPRRACRPlayer RoutesPlayer Snaps
Darius SlaytonWR322301816.7%86.3%88.0%9.7%7.76.8%6.00.520.2621.2784466
Isaiah HodginsWR332401816.7%41.2%37.3%9.7%8.014.3%
Parris CampbellWR531502523.1%35.3%30.7%16.1%3.027.8%5.00.830.4040.6001823
Jalin HyattWR2210098.3%58.8%60.0%6.5%5.06.7%4.50.330.1551.1113045
Wan'Dale RobinsonWR654001614.8%62.7%64.0%19.4%6.718.8%
Sterling ShepardWR116054.6%9.8%6.7%3.2%6.020.0%
Darren WallerTE332101211.1%86.3%92.0%9.7%7.06.8%4.00.480.2231.7504469
Daniel BellingerTE116010.9%2.0%8.0%3.2%6.0100.0%
Lawrence CagerTE     0.0%3.9%6.7%0.0%0.00.0%
Matt BreidaRB55480109.3%60.8%73.3%16.1%9.616.1%2.01.550.3074.8003155
Gary BrightwellRB21100-6-5.6%29.4%25.3%6.5%5.013.3%-3.00.670.058-1.6671519

The post-game fallout from Giants fans and Twitter/X was the mistake to sign Daniel Jones to a long-term contract. One of the worst spots a team can be in is not having a quarterback. What might be WORSE is putting a heavy financial investment into a player that you still have doubts about. This contract looks worse and worse with each passing game. It doesn’t help that their entire receiving corps is a bunch of bandages on an open wound.

Wan’Dale Robinson (6-5-40; 63% of routes) looked the best out of any of these receivers, but that’s definitely not enough. Darius Slayton (3-2-23) continues to play a bunch of empty routes (86%) and these are routes that should be headed to Jalin Hyatt (2-2-10, 59% routes) to see if he can be an actual difference-maker or if he is just a cheaper, younger version of Slayton.

It doesn’t help to not have Saquon Barkley, sure, but the offensive line is bad too. There’s a lot wrong here with the Giants through four games.

Week 4 New York Giants Fantasy Takeaways:

Start Your Studs: Saquon Barkley (missed Week 3/4 - ankle), Darren Waller

Start ‘Em: Daniel Jones (borderline 12-team starter)

Keep Them Rostered: Jalin Hyatt (deeper 12 & 14-team), Wan’Dale Robinson (deeper 12 & 14-team)

Add ‘Em: N/A

Dump ‘Em: N/A


New York Jets

NamePosTargetsRec.Rec. YardsTDAir YardsAir Yards %Route %Snap %Target Share %Yards per TargetTPRRaDOTYPRRWOPRRACRPlayer RoutesPlayer Snaps
Garrett WilsonWR14960012342.3%95.2%93.2%35.9%4.335.0%8.81.500.8340.4884055
Allen LazardWR336115920.3%85.7%86.4%7.7%20.38.3%19.71.690.2571.0343651
Mecole HardmanWR     0.0%9.5%10.2%0.0%0.00.0%
Randall CobbWR4280248.2%45.2%39.0%10.3%2.021.1%6.00.420.2120.3331923
Xavier GipsonWR114000.0%14.3%18.6%2.6%4.016.7%0.00.670.0380.000611
Tyler ConklinTE645805719.6%54.8%67.8%15.4%9.726.1%9.52.520.3681.0182340
C.J. UzomahTE111110.3%28.6%37.3%2.6%1.08.3%
Jeremy RuckertTE22260206.9%35.7%44.1%5.1%13.013.3%10.01.730.1251.3001526
Breece HallRB43130-1-0.3%40.5%44.1%10.3%3.323.5%-0.30.760.151-13.0001726
Dalvin CookRB1120-3-1.0%14.3%25.4%2.6%2.016.7%-3.00.330.031-0.667615
Michael CarterRB32120113.8%19.0%30.5%7.7%4.037.5%3.71.500.1421.091818
Nick BawdenFB     0.0%4.8%6.8%0.0%0.00.0%

Zach Wilson had what could be considered his best game as a pro and as we all predicted, it was against the Chiefs on Sunday Night Football with all eyes trained on the press box at MetLife Stadium for Taylor Swift and her cavalcade of celebrity friends.

Who knew targeting Garrett Wilson (14-9-60) a whole bunch would work out pretty well? Sure, Wilson missed on some opportunities, but he gave his best player a shot to make plays and that’s really all we can ask for out of the quarterback Wilson.

We’ll see how this manifests against the worst defense in recorded history, the Denver Broncos in Week 5, but this is obviously bullish for Breece Hall. Hall (6-56; 4-3-13) already had a solid lead on routes (41%) and snaps (44%) over Dalvin Cook and Michael Carter in Week 4, but they still continue to remain involved to lop off some of Hall’s upside case. Does Hall spike up here? Is it a gradual climb? Likely the latter. 

Week 4 New York Jets Fantasy Takeaways:

Start Your Studs: N/A

Start ‘Em: Garrett Wilson, Breece Hall

Keep Them Rostered: Dalvin Cook (deeper 12 & 14-team)

Add ‘Em: N/A

Dump ‘Em: N/A


Philadelphia Eagles

NamePosTargetsRec.Rec. YardsTDAir YardsAir Yards %Route %Snap %Target Share %Yards per TargetTPRRaDOTYPRRWOPRRACRPlayer RoutesPlayer Snaps
A.J. BrownWR139175221258.2%93.0%95.8%38.2%13.532.5%16.34.380.9810.8254068
DeVonta SmithWR9778010528.8%97.7%98.6%26.5%8.721.4%11.71.860.5990.7434270
Olamide ZaccheausWR21110215.8%88.4%85.9%5.9%5.55.3%
Britain CoveyWR     0.0%9.3%8.5%0.0%0.00.0%
Dallas GoedertTE422504111.3%95.3%100.0%11.8%6.39.8%10.30.610.2550.6104171
Jack StollTE     0.0%4.7%8.5%0.0%0.00.0%
Grant CalcaterraTE     0.0%0.0%1.4%0.0%0.00.0%
D'Andre SwiftRB44230-11-3.0%46.5%63.4%11.8%5.820.0%-
Kenneth GainwellRB2270-4-1.1%44.2%38.0%5.9%3.510.5%-2.00.370.081-1.7501927

Back to some good old-fashioned target consolidation from our two favorite wide receivers A.J. Brown and DeVonta Smith. Both Brown (13-9-175-2) and Smith (9-7-78) combined for 65% of targets in this game, where the Eagles had to play catchup with the Washington Commanders

At the very least, we’re getting some snap percentage separation from D’Andre Swift (14-56-1; 4-4-23; 63% snaps) and Kenneth Gainwell (4-14; 2-2-7; 38% snaps), to the clear benefit of Swift. It’s nice to see consolidated teams like the Eagles get tested and into neutral scripts where they have all options open instead of getting out to leads and salting away the entire game with the run. That happened a LOT last season, even as the Eagles offense was hyper-efficient. They just weren’t tested a lot in 2022. Hopefully, we’ll see more of this going forward.

Week 4 Philadelphia Eagles Fantasy Takeaways:

Start Your Studs: Jalen Hurts, A.J. Brown, DeVonta Smith

Start ‘Em: D’Andre Swift

Keep Them Rostered: Kenneth GainwellDallas Goedert 

Add ‘Em: N/A

Dump ‘Em: N/A


Pittsburgh Steelers

NamePosTargetsRec.Rec. YardsTDAir YardsAir Yards %Route %Snap %Target Share %Yards per TargetTPRRaDOTYPRRWOPRRACRPlayer RoutesPlayer Snaps
George PickensWR732506236.5%96.9%98.3%25.9%3.622.6%8.90.810.6440.4033158
Allen RobinsonWR2180116.5%90.6%84.7%7.4%4.06.9%
Calvin AustinWR532407745.3%87.5%89.8%18.5%4.817.9%15.40.860.5950.3122853
Miles BoykinWR     0.0%3.1%10.2%0.0%0.00.0%
Pat FreiermuthTE437063.5%62.5%50.8%14.8%1.820.0%1.50.350.2471.1672030
Darnell WashingtonTE1110010.6%28.1%42.4%3.7%10.011.1%
Najee HarrisRB213202816.5%43.8%49.2%7.4%16.014.3%
Jaylen WarrenRB66260-15-8.8%43.8%49.2%22.2%4.342.9%-2.51.860.272-1.7331429
Connor HeywardFB     0.0%25.0%25.4%0.0%0.00.0%

Name a worse half than the Steelers had against the Houston Texans in Week 4. I bet you can’t. The offense STINKS, they also lost Kenny Pickett for the remainder of the game with an MCL sprain, lost Pat Freiermuth (4-3-7) to a hamstring injury, and were shut out on the road by the Texans. Big yikes. We saw confirmation that Mitch Trubisky is still alive, but the Steelers had 28 pass attempts in this one, and no player had more receiving yards than Najee Harris (2-1-32), which was totally on everybody’s bingo cards.

Jaylen Warren (6-6-26; 8-29) saw equal routes and snaps (44% and 49%) to Harris, but 7-of-14 touches came in the game's last drive. It’s skewed a bit, but it was just very ugly for the Steelers all around.

Week 4 Pittsburgh Steelers Fantasy Takeaways:

Start Your Studs: Diontae Johnson (placed on IR - hamstring; eligible to return in Week 6)

Start ‘Em: Najee HarrisGeorge Pickens, Pat Freiermuth

Keep Them Rostered: Kenny Pickett (left Week 4 - knee), Jaylen Warren (standalone play as well as a priority contingent play), Calvin Austin (deeper 12 & 14-team)

Add ‘Em: N/A

Dump ‘Em: N/A


San Francisco 49ers

NamePosTargetsRec.Rec. YardsTDAir YardsAir Yards %Route %Snap %Target Share %Yards per TargetTPRRaDOTYPRRWOPRRACRPlayer RoutesPlayer Snaps
Brandon AiyukWR66148012971.3%82.6%76.4%28.6%24.731.6%21.57.790.9271.1471942
Deebo SamuelWR     0.0%87.0%87.3%0.0%0.00.0%
Ronnie BellWR1170-2-1.1%13.0%16.4%4.8%7.033.3%-2.02.330.064-3.50039
Ray-Ray McCloudWR22220179.4%34.8%23.6%9.5%11.025.0%8.52.750.2091.294813
Willie SneadWR119063.3%8.7%12.7%4.8%9.050.0%6.04.500.0951.50027
George KittleTE119042.2%95.7%96.4%4.8%9.04.5%4.00.410.0872.2502253
Charlie WoernerTE     0.0%0.0%12.7%0.0%0.00.0%
Ross DwelleyTE     0.0%4.3%7.3%0.0%0.00.0%
Brayden WillisTE     0.0%0.0%1.8%0.0%0.00.0%
Christian McCaffreyRB87711179.4%82.6%85.5%38.1%8.942.1%2.13.740.6374.1761947
Jordan MasonRB1113063.3%13.0%14.5%4.8%13.033.3%6.04.330.0952.16738
Kyle JuszczykFB114042.2%69.6%65.5%4.8%4.06.3%

Christian McCaffrey (20-106-3; 8-7-71-1) is pretty good. Wanted to make that even more abundantly clear.

It’s pretty clear that the 49ers game plan in Week 4 worked through McCaffrey and Brandon Aiyuk (6-6-148), as Deebo Samuel (3-6 rushing; untargeted) ran 87% of Brock Purdy’s dropbacks as a sort of decoy.

George Kittle (1-1-9; 96% routes) as a football player is awesome. As a fantasy football player? Not as much lately, as it took an Aiyuk injury in Week 3 to post a usable stat line (9-7-90). Combined in the other three weeks? 10 total targets, seven receptions and 58 yards. He’s a tough start even in 10 or 12-team leagues at this point but because of the state of the position, we trudge forward and start Kittle. 

Week 4 San Francisco 49ers Fantasy Takeaways:

Start Your Studs: Christian McCaffrey, Brandon Aiyuk

Start ‘Em: Deebo Samuel

Keep Them Rostered: George Kittle (honestly, a tough start most weeks), Elijah Mitchell (missed Week 4 - knee), Brock Purdy

Add ‘Em: N/A

Dump ‘Em: N/A


Seattle Seahawks

NamePosTargetsRec.Rec. YardsTDAir YardsAir Yards %Route %Snap %Target Share %Yards per TargetTPRRaDOTYPRRWOPRRACRPlayer RoutesPlayer Snaps
DK MetcalfWR433413930.5%89.3%70.9%15.4%8.516.0%9.81.360.4440.8722539
Tyler LockettWR645404938.3%85.7%69.1%23.1%9.025.0%
Jaxon Smith-NjigbaWR63502620.3%75.0%52.7%23.1%0.828.6%
Jake BoboWR1000-7-5.5%21.4%38.2%3.8%0.016.7%-
Cody ThompsonWR1110064.7%7.1%10.9%3.8%10.050.0%
Noah FantTE2263086.3%28.6%45.5%7.7%31.525.0%4.07.880.1597.875825
Will DisslyTE     0.0%32.1%52.7%0.0%0.00.0%
Colby ParkinsonTE10002217.2%32.1%58.2%3.8%0.011.1%
Kenneth WalkerRB     0.0%50.0%70.9%0.0%0.00.0%
Zach CharbonnetRB3190-14-10.9%17.9%23.6%11.5%3.060.0%-4.71.800.097-0.643513
DeeJay DallasRB100075.5%10.7%7.3%3.8%0.033.3%
Geno SmithQB11-20-8-6.3%0.0%0.0%3.8%-2.00.0%-

Despite my calls for Zach Charbonnet (5-31; 3-1-9) to get more involved in the Seattle offense for my own personal gain and confirmation biasKenneth Walker (17-91-1) looks excellent so far and shows no signs of losing any sort of work to Charbonnet that would downgrade Walker in fantasy circles. 

The passing wasn’t as fruitful for fantasy managers, but at least DK Metcalf (4-3-34-1) got there with a touchdown. Tyler Lockett had a quiet day (6-4-54), but Jaxon Smith-Njigba (6-3-5)? He tied for the team’s lead in targets in Week 4 with six. JSN had more targets than receiving yards and had just a 4.3 aDOT. What are we even doing here with this? Let's hope the Seahawks can realize the error of their ways after their Week 5 bye and utilize JSN not just more, but in better, more fantasy-friendly (and actual NFL) ways. 

Week 4 Seattle Seahawks Fantasy Takeaways:

Start Your Studs: DK Metcalf, Tyler Lockett, Kenneth Walker

Start ‘Em: N/A

Keep Them Rostered: Zach Charbonnet (contingent play), Geno Smith, Jaxon Smith-Njigba

Add ‘Em: N/A

Dump ‘Em: N/A


Tampa Bay Buccaneers

NamePosTargetsRec.Rec. YardsTDAir YardsAir Yards %Route %Snap %Target Share %Yards per TargetTPRRaDOTYPRRWOPRRACRPlayer RoutesPlayer Snaps
Mike EvansWR334004022.9%43.6%36.6%10.0%13.317.6%13.32.350.3101.0001726
Chris GodwinWR11811409252.6%89.7%74.6%36.7%10.431.4%
Trey PalmerWR32612413.7%79.5%74.6%10.0%2.09.7%
Deven ThompkinsWR44451126.9%61.5%63.4%13.3%11.316.7%3.01.880.2483.7502445
Rakim JarrettWR1130-4-2.3%5.1%18.3%3.3%3.050.0%-4.01.500.034-0.750213
Cade OttonTE43131148.0%89.7%100.0%13.3%3.311.4%3.50.370.2560.9293571
Ko KieftTE     0.0%7.7%21.1%0.0%0.00.0%
David WellsTE     0.0%2.6%11.3%0.0%0.00.0%
Rachaad WhiteRB33220-5-2.9%79.5%70.4%10.0%7.39.7%-1.70.710.130-4.4003150
Ke'Shawn VaughnRB113021.1%17.9%29.6%3.3%3.014.3%2.00.430.0581.500721

The Buccaneers still look much better on offense than anybody will willing to give them credit, but losing Mike Evans (3-3-40) in the second half to a hamstring injury will be tough to overcome. Chris Godwin (11-8-114) certainly did his best to try and make up for it, as did three touchdown passes from Baker Mayfield to guys like Trey Palmer (3-2-6-1), Cade Otton (4-3-13-1), and Deven Thompkins (4-4-45-1), which sounds a LOT like… never mind.

Rachaad White (15-56; 3-3-22) continues to keep his role with virtually no challengers, as Sean Tucker didn’t play one offensive snap. I guess this is what we’re doing here, so fire up White as a volume-dependent guy for the foreseeable future.

Week 4 Tampa Bay Buccaneers Fantasy Takeaways:

Start Your Studs: Mike Evans (left Week 4 - hamstring), Chris Godwin

Start ‘Em: N/A

Keep Them Rostered: Rachaad White, Cade Otton (14-team), Baker Mayfield (14-team)

Add ‘Em: Trey Palmer (short-term play with Mike Evans likely out at least a week or two)

Dump ‘Em: Sean Tucker (clearly has fallen out of favor in Tampa; zero offensive snaps in Week 4)


Tennessee Titans

NamePosTargetsRec.Rec. YardsTDAir YardsAir Yards %Route %Snap %Target Share %Yards per TargetTPRRaDOTYPRRWOPRRACRPlayer RoutesPlayer Snaps
DeAndre HopkinsWR6463010835.0%68.8%53.0%23.1%10.527.3%18.02.860.5910.5832235
Nick Westbrook-IkhineWR655116119.7%93.8%86.4%23.1%8.520.0%10.21.700.4840.8363057
Chris MooreWR314407825.2%75.0%78.8%11.5%14.712.5%26.01.830.3500.5642452
Colton DowellWR10003712.0%18.8%19.7%3.8%0.016.7%
Mason KinseyWR     0.0%0.0%1.5%0.0%0.00.0%
Chigoziem OkonkwoTE33290237.4%75.0%65.2%11.5%9.712.5%
Trevon WescoTE     0.0%12.5%40.9%0.0%0.00.0%
Josh WhyleTE22261165.2%21.9%30.3%7.7%13.028.6%8.03.710.1521.625720
Kevin RaderTE     0.0%0.0%10.6%0.0%0.00.0%
Derrick HenryRB11110-5-1.6%40.6%59.1%3.8%11.07.7%-5.00.850.046-2.2001339
Tyjae SpearsRB43180-9-2.9%53.1%53.0%15.4%4.523.5%-

The only realistic option in this passing game is DeAndre Hopkins (6-4-63), and while he’s still putting up season-long metrics showing he’s still really, really good (30% targets per route run, 2.08 yards per route run), the production hasn’t come along for the ride, and Ryan Tannehill isn’t that great anymore.

Luckily, they stumbled upon the Bengals, who are in a worse state right now, so they were able to run Derrick Henry (22-122-1; 1-1-11; threw a TD pass) on them (and then PASS later on!) and get a nice 24-point win. Tyjae Spears (5-40; 4-3-18) remains heavily involved (41% routes, 59% snaps) in this offense with some solid efficiency, so as bye weeks are here, he could be a solid flex even in this somewhat shaky offense where you know he’ll continue to be involved.

Week 4 Tennessee Titans Fantasy Takeaways:

Start Your Studs: Derrick Henry

Start ‘Em: DeAndre Hopkins

Keep Them Rostered: Treylon Burks (missed Week 4 - knee), Chigoziem Okonkwo (deeper 12 & 14-team), Tyjae Spears (elite contingent play, good enough standalone value for bye weeks)

Add ‘Em: N/A

Dump ‘Em: N/A


Washington Commanders

NamePosTargetsRec.Rec. YardsTDAir YardsAir Yards %Route %Snap %Target Share %Yards per TargetTPRRaDOTYPRRWOPRRACRPlayer RoutesPlayer Snaps
Terry McLaurinWR10886012133.2%84.6%80.8%25.6%8.622.7%12.11.950.6170.7114463
Jahan DotsonWR942717119.5%73.1%71.8%23.1%3.023.7%7.90.710.4830.3803856
Curtis SamuelWR87510226.0%71.2%69.2%20.5%6.421.6%2.81.380.3502.3183754
Dyami BrownWR325106517.9%34.6%32.1%7.7%17.016.7%21.72.830.2400.7851825
Byron PringleWR211505314.6%19.2%23.1%5.1%7.520.0%26.51.500.1790.2831018
Logan ThomasTE33410287.7%76.9%79.5%7.7%13.77.5%
John BatesTE116030.8%15.4%34.6%2.6%6.012.5%3.00.750.0442.000827
Cole TurnerTE     0.0%9.6%7.7%0.0%0.00.0%
Brian RobinsonRB2260-5-1.4%32.7%55.1%5.1%3.011.8%-2.50.350.067-1.2001743
Antonio GibsonRB117061.6%34.6%38.5%2.6%7.05.6%6.00.390.0501.1671830
Derrick GoreRB     0.0%7.7%7.7%0.0%0.00.0%

The plucky Commanders hung with the Eagles up until overtime, but honestly, Riverboat Ron must have left the Riverboat in the shop in Week 4 as he elected to go for the extra point after Jahan Dotson’s touchdown to tie the game and force overtime instead of going for two to decide the game. There’s nothing to lose on the road; pick up the stones and get two yards.

The trio of Dotson (9-4-27-1), Terry McLaurin (10-8-86), and Curtis Samuel (8-7-51) saw over 70% of targets here, and the lack of connection (minus the touchdown) with Dotson is still mystifying compared to the other targets. Perhaps the connection still has to develop with Sam Howell in game speed, but Dotson has been disappointing and inefficient so far this season.

This workload split between Brian Robinson (14-45-1; 2-2-6) and Antonio Gibson (6-19; 1-1-7) remains the same, with both getting about the same 30-35% routes, Robinson out-snapping Gibson, and getting the priority on high-value touches in the green zone. Robinson remains the back to start for the Commanders.

Week 4 Washington Commanders Fantasy Takeaways:

Start Your Studs: N/A

Start ‘Em: Terry McLaurin, Brian Robinson

Keep Them Rostered: Antonio Gibson, Jahan DotsonLogan Thomas, Sam Howell (deeper 12 & 14-team leagues)

Add ‘Em: N/A

Dump ‘Em: N/A

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