The 2024 Fantasy Baseball season is fast approaching. There’s been of ton of moves this offseason so far from Juan Soto heading to New York, Shohei Ohtani switching jerseys in L.A., and a new influx of Japanese talent. The latest top 400 dynasty fantasy baseball rankings below has taken all of these into account for the 2024 Fantasy Baseball season, and beyond. How do these dynasty rankings differ from redraft rankings and can you interchange the two? We’ll answer that and the process questions below.

This grouping of the top 400 dynasty players was created using a combination of metrics. As is important for all rankings, seeing the whole picture with players is paramount for dynasty rankings. Even more so than early 2024 redraft rankings. Taking into account not only recent performances in the 2023 MLB season but also what their pedigree is as a player, especially for the prospects on the list, came in to play as well. These rankings take into account the next four years of projected value from a player and thus, player age was the definitive tie breaker between players.

As is the case in dynasty fantasy baseball leagues, optimizing players prime’s on your roster is very important to winning your league. Not just for one year but for multiple years, just like GMs are trying to do in MLB to keep their teams strong competitors. With that being the case, players who are not only stars but also young are the ones you’ll find at the top or near the top of the rankings. Along those lines, injuries and suspensions don’t weigh as much in these rankings the younger the player is, as missing a year or part of a year over a multi-year period is smaller in the grand scheme of things. On the flip side of that, older players dealing with serious injuries will be docked more in these rankings since not only do they miss the time with the injury but also lose time to the undefeated enemy that is nature and time.

Another thing to keep in mind with these dynasty rankings is that they’re based on fantasy baseball values. It’s not necessarily based on pure baseball statistics. Certainly putting up stud level stats will get a player higher in the rankings. However, position scarcity is also a factor in the rankings. What does that mean? Let’s say two players have the skills and ability to put up similar stat lines but one is at a far more scarce position, in terms of quality fantasy players, like say catcher, the player in the scarcer position will be higher in the rankings. So while some players might not be the sexiest players in real-life, they still have value in fantasy baseball to be considered for dynasty leagues.

Ranking Note: These rankings will be updated throughout the offseason based on free agent signings, injuries, trades, and projected MLB lineups and MLB pitching rotations.