The 2024 MLB season is rolling along and here in June is a great time to update the Top-400 fantasy baseball dynasty rankings here on Fantasy Alarm. These player rankings have been update as of June 10, 2024.

With all of the MLB injuries so far, the top prospects being promoted, and some trades, we’ve got to take those into account. Dynasty rankings try to give us a peek into the future and which players will be the most valuable for years to come. With that, how were these dynasty rankings compiled that led to Bobby Witt being the new number one dynasty player?



Dynasty Rankings vs. Rest of Season Rankings

The simplest explanation is: rest of season rankings only take into account what a player is projected, or expected, to do the rest of the 2024 season. Dynasty rankings try and account for the next several years of expected performance. So if a player is having a breakout 2024 season, they may rank highly in ROS fantasy baseball rankings, but their spot in dynasty rankings may not move all that substantially. If the breakout is the start of expected performance, we’ll see a bigger jump in dynasty ranks.



How Fantasy Baseball Dynasty Rankings Are Made

There’s a few things to keep in mind with these rankings:

  1. There’s a fantasy baseball bias
  2. They favor younger players
  3. Injuries don’t necessarily have a huge impact
  4. Performances of young players aren’t as concerning


Firstly, these are fantasy baseball rankings after all. That means that we’re giving the edge to players that help you more in fantasy baseball than not. So multi-category producers are higher in the rankings than non-multi-category players. If those players are at shallower positions, they are also higher in the rankings. These aren’t meant to say that your favorite player in real life isn’t great, it’s just we’re looking for fantasy stats. Take CJ Abrams and Dansby Swanson. Swanson is arguably the better real life shortstop but the offensive numbers are so-so for fantasy. The opposite is true for Abrams giving him the edge in the rankings.

Secondly, and this should be simple to explain, youth wins out in dynasty. If you have a younger player, you have more years of potential value from them. They also have more of a chance to hit their top end stats. Going back to Abrams and Swanson, they’re 23 and 30 respectively. Those are a prime seven years for Abrams over Swanson both in fantasy production and real life health and baseball availability.

The third factor is the main differentiator between redraft/rest of season and dynasty rankings. Clear examples are Ronald Acuna and Spencer Strider who are giving you nothing the rest of 2024 but are still 6th and 50th in the dynasty rankings respectively. We’re looking at the long arc here so missing a year of players in their age-25 and 26 seasons isn’t a huge deal when we likely have 10 more years of value from them. The one caveat to this is injuries to older players will knock them down as the missed time is a bigger percentage of their remaining value.

Lastly, we’re not majorly docking young players who are struggling in 2024, but conversely we’re rewarding young players who are striving. We all saw Jackson Holliday come up for the Orioles and struggle amidst tremendous fanfare. The 20-year-old middle infielder is still ranked in basically the same spot as preseason. That being said, Gunnar Henderson, Elly De La Cruz, and Paul Skenes all jumped significantly in the rankings for backing up the hype and surpassing it. Young players have more time to adjust to MLB or Triple-A in some cases and still be highly valuable fantasy baseball players without being concerned about one year in their early-20s.



Top-400 Dynasty Baseball Rankings Update

Below is the updated Top-400 Dynasty Rankings. You can search by player or filter by team or sort by position. If you have a question as to why someone is ranked where they are or aren’t on the rankings, you can ask in the MLB Discord channels.