Fantasy Football Trade Analyzer

Fantasy Football Trade Analyzer FAQ

Before you make a fantasy football trade, you should make sure you’re getting the best value possible. 

In a perfect world, you “buy low and sell high” in your fantasy trades. The world’s not perfect, though. In any given week in the NFL, players get injured, players get benched, and other players break out as fantasy studs.

Our trade analyzer can’t tell you WHY you should make a trade, but it can show you whether or not you SHOULD make a trade. You can hop right into the tool above and see for yourself, or read on for additional info on how our fantasy football trade analyzer works.

What Is A Fantasy Football Trade Analyzer?

Our fantasy football trade analyzer allows you to see whether a potential fantasy trade will help or hurt your team.

The trade analyzer will put two or more players side-by-side so you can see their performance to date, as well as projections for their future stats. Are you giving up players who are projected to score more points than the players you’re receiving? Does it look like your trade targets will fill your fantasy team’s needs? These are the types of questions a fantasy trade analyzer can help you answer.

How Do I Use The Fantasy Trade Analyzer?

Click “Player Name” and enter the athletes you are trading and/or acquiring. Once you have selected the players involved on both sides of the trade you’re analyzing, click “Evaluate Trade.” The fantasy football trade analyzer will instantly display stats and projections side-by-side. You can see how the outgoing and inbound players stack up against each other and make the best decision possible for your fantasy football team.

Is A Fantasy Football Trade Analyzer The Same As A Trade Calculator? 

For all intents and purposes, yes. Fantasy football trade analyzers and trade calculators serve the same basic function of helping you evaluate trades and improve your teams. The “calculations” being performed involve the stats and projections running behind the scenes each time you analyze a trade.

Does The Fantasy Trade Analyzer Work For Dynasty? What About PPR?

The fantasy football trade analyzer will calculate the merits of a deal and compare players no matter what type of league you’re in. The fundamental evaluation of whether or not you should make a deal applies to all fantasy football league formats.

Can I Use My League’s Scoring?

YES! You can create any number of scoring systems here on Fantasy Alarm and use them across all of our tools, including Trade Analyzer. So whether you’re in a PPR, half-PPR, IDP or custom league, you can use YOUR scoring systems for YOUR teams in YOUR leagues across Fantasy Alarm.

Visit your Custom Scoring page to get started. NOTE: You will need to create a free Fantasy Alarm account to set up Custom Scoring. It is a free tool, but membership is required so we have a place to save your custom scoring settings.

I Just Want To Ask An Expert For Advice. Where Can I Find A Pro To Tell Me What To Do?

Fantasy Alarm’s All-Pro premium subscriptions include 1-on-1 access to our expert analysts in Discord. This means that when you go All-Pro, you’ll be able to chat with a team of proven industry winners whenever you have questions or need fantasy football lineup help.

Start your free 7-day trial of All-Pro and get 1-on-1 expert access now.

Have additional questions about our fantasy football trade analyzer? Give us a shout on Twitter (X) and we'll be happy to help.