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MLB Hitting Coach DFS - Aug 16th Close

Top Tier

Shohei Ohtani vs. Ariel Jurado - The last time we saw Jurado take the mound he was ROCKED allowing six earned runs over five innings. The worst part is he gave up four homers. But that isn’t the worst for us because we’re going to be able to target some bats here, specifically Ohtani. Jurado has allowed a .427 wOBA to left-handed pitching while Ohtani has put in all of his work against right-handers himself, hitting 12 homers and posting a .433 wOBA. We also get the added bonus of this game being played in Texas, which is always a DFS goldmine.

David Peralta vs. Jacob Nix - I understand a lot of people may actually gravitate towards Nix, but it feels like a trap. Arizona’s offense is way more potent than Philadelphia’s is currently, so Nix will get his first real test. Peralta has been great really all year, but especially of late. Since the All-Star break, Peralta has slashed .368/.409/.642...all robust. He’s destroyed right-handed pitching all year long and the Padres rookie could be in some real trouble here. I know we’re not used to seeing Peralta at this sort of price tag but with the way he has played recently it’s warranted.

Middle Tier

Aledmys Diaz vs. Glenn Sparkman - What is a Glenn Sparkman ? He hasn’t been good at all this year, at any level he’s pitched at. Not only does he have a 5.06 ERA in the Major Leagues, but he has a 4.58 mark at Triple-A. Diaz has been very good against right-handed pitchers throughout his career and that hasn’t changed this season posting a .334 wOBA. He’s been really good lately hitting .314 with an OPS over 1.000 over his last 10 games. The Jays and Diaz are in a good spot to do some damage.

Daniel Murphy vs. Luke Weaver - Murphy went deep on Wednesday which also helped extend his hitting streak to eight games. Just over his last 10, Murphy has hit .368 with an OPS close to 1.000. Weaver has consistently struggled against left-handed hitters this year allowing them to hit close to .300. With that said, Murphy himself has tormented right-handed hurlers to the tune of .320 with a .367 wOBA. He’s an excellent play in all formats, especially when you look at his price on DK.

Value Tier

Adam Frazier vs. Jon Lester - So we have a ton of things going for us in this matchup. Nobody will be playing him in this lefty-lefty matchup first and foremost. Secondly, Frazier has been good against left-handed pitching and Lester has been bad against left-handed hitters. Frazier is hitting .300 with a .345 wOBA while Lester’s allowed his opponents to hit .271 with a .375 wOBA. Let’s also make sure we factor in that Frazier is hitting .389 with an OPS over 1.000 over his last 10 games. This is going to be unowned and that’s a mistake seeing how he’s just 2.5K on FD.

Logan Forsythe vs. Francisco Liriano - We are going to continue to see Forsythe hit near the top of the order against southpaws as the Twins have done since he’s arrived. He has had some success against Liriano in the past going 5-for-10 off of him. Just last season we saw him hit .290 with an .870 OPS and .381 wOBA vs. LHP with consistent playing time, so we could begin to see the numbers creep up now that he’s once again playing every day.

NamePosTeamOppStartWeatherRain%Opp. SPPAABHHRRBIBBKAVGOBPSLGOPSwOBAOwn %Proj.$Value
Mike Trout (R)OFLAA@ TEX08:05 EDT-0%Ariel Jurado (R)-000000.000.000--.000-0.0$50000.00
Rafael Bautista (R)OFWSH@ STL07:15 EDT-1%Luke Weaver (R)-000000.000.000--.000-0.0$20000.00
Troy Tulowitzki (R)SSTOR@ KC08:15 EDT-14%Glenn Sparkman (R)-000000.000.000--.000-0.0$20000.00
Pedro Severino (R)CWSH@ STL07:15 EDT-1%Luke Weaver (R)-000000.000.000--.000-0.0$20000.00
Raffy Lopez (L)CSDvs ARI10:10 EDT-0%Clay Buchholz (R)-000000.000.000--.000-0.0$20000.00
Moises Sierra (R)OFWSH@ STL07:15 EDT-1%Luke Weaver (R)-000000.000.000--.000-0.0$20000.00
Darnell Sweeney (B)2BTOR@ KC08:15 EDT-14%Glenn Sparkman (R)-000000.000.000--.000-0.0$20000.00
Jhonatan Solano (R)CWSH@ STL07:15 EDT-1%Luke Weaver (R)-000000.000.000--.000-0.0$20000.00
Andrew Stevenson (L)OFWSH@ STL07:15 EDT-1%Luke Weaver (R)-000000.000.000--.000-0.0$20000.00
Dwight Smith Jr. (L)OFTOR@ KC08:15 EDT-14%Glenn Sparkman (R)-000000.000.000--.000-0.0$20000.00
Dalton Pompey (B)OFTOR@ KC08:15 EDT-14%Glenn Sparkman (R)-000000.000.000--.000-0.0$20000.00
Lane Adams (R)OFATLvs COL07:35 EDT-2%Jon Gray (R)1100001.$20000.00
Gift Ngoepe (R)SSTOR@ KC08:15 EDT-14%Glenn Sparkman (R)-000000.000.000--.000-0.0$20000.00
Ryan Flaherty (L)3BATLvs COL07:35 EDT-2%Jon Gray (R)-000000.000.000--.000-0.0$20000.00
Billy McKinney (L)OFTOR@ KC08:15 EDT-14%Glenn Sparkman (R)-000000.000.000--.000-0.0$20000.00
Howie Kendrick (R)2BWSH@ STL07:15 EDT-1%Luke Weaver (R)-000000.000.000--.000-0.0$20000.00
Wilmer Difo (B)2BWSH@ STL07:15 EDT-1%Luke Weaver (R)-000000.000.000--.000-0.0$20000.00
Allen Cordoba (R)SSSDvs ARI10:10 EDT-0%Clay Buchholz (R)-000000.000.000--.000-0.0$20000.00
Victor Caratini (B)CCHI@ PIT07:05 EDT-0%Iván Nova (R)-000000.000.000--.000-0.0$20000.00
Ildemaro Vargas (B)2BARI@ SD10:10 EDT-0%Jacob Nix (R)-000000.000.000--.000-0.0$20000.00
Max Moroff (B)2BPITvs CHI07:05 EDT-0%Jon Lester (L)1000010.0001.$20000.00
Jose Osuna (R)OFPITvs CHI07:05 EDT-0%Jon Lester (L)4410200.250.250.500.750.250-0.0$20000.00
Chris Owings (R)OFARI@ SD10:10 EDT-0%Jacob Nix (R)-000000.000.000--.000-0.0$20000.00
Kristopher Negrón (R)OFARI@ SD10:10 EDT-0%Jacob Nix (R)-000000.000.000--.000-0.0$20000.00
J.R. Murphy (R)CARI@ SD10:10 EDT-0%Jacob Nix (R)-000000.000.000--.000-0.0$20000.00
Jeff Mathis (R)CARI@ SD10:10 EDT-0%Jacob Nix (R)-000000.000.000--.000-0.0$20000.00
Sean Rodríguez (R)2BPITvs CHI07:05 EDT-0%Jon Lester (L)685813410621.224.324.480.810.338-0.0$20000.00
Deven Marrero (R)3BARI@ SD10:10 EDT-0%Jacob Nix (R)-000000.000.000--.000-0.0$20000.00
Jake Lamb (L)3BARI@ SD10:10 EDT-0%Jacob Nix (R)-000000.000.000--.000-0.0$20000.00
Jacob Stallings (R)CPITvs CHI07:05 EDT-0%Jon Lester (L)-000000.000.000--.000-0.0$20000.00
Chris Gimenez (R)CCHI@ PIT07:05 EDT-0%Iván Nova (R)2200002.$20000.00
Dustin Peterson (R)OFATLvs COL07:35 EDT-2%Jon Gray (R)-000000.000.000--.000-0.0$20000.00
Franchy Cordero (L)OFSDvs ARI10:10 EDT-0%Clay Buchholz (R)-000000.000.000--.000-0.0$20000.00
Alex Dickerson (L)OFSDvs ARI10:10 EDT-0%Clay Buchholz (R)-000000.000.000--.000-0.0$20000.00
Tommy La Stella (L)3BCHI@ PIT07:05 EDT-0%Iván Nova (R)5500000.$20000.00
Mike Gerber (L)OFDET@ MIN08:10 EDT-0%Ervin Santana (R)3100111.000.333.000.330.0000.80.0$21000.00
Patrick Wisdom (R)1BSTLvs WSH07:15 EDT-1%Tanner Roark (R)-000000.000.000--.000-0.0$22000.00
Logan Morrison (L)1BMINvs DET08:10 EDT-0%Francisco Liriano (L)3300002.$22000.00
Francisco Mejia (B)CSDvs ARI10:10 EDT-0%Clay Buchholz (R)-000000.000.000--.000-0.0$22000.00
Alcides Escobar (R)SSKCvs TOR08:15 EDT-14%Sam Gaviglio (R)-000000.000.000--.000-0.0$22000.00
Adeiny Hechavarria (R) SSPITvs CHI07:05 EDT-0%Jon Lester (L)141231323.250.357.500.860.3571.56.8$22003.09
Willie Calhoun (L)OFTEXvs LAA08:05 EDT-0%Taylor Cole (R)-000000.000.000--.000-0.0$22000.00
Colin Moran (L)3BPITvs CHI07:05 EDT-0%Jon Lester (L)1100001.$22000.00
Ryan McMahon (L)3BCOL@ ATL07:35 EDT-2%Julio Teherán (R)-000000.000.000--.000-0.0$22000.00
Kaleb Cowart (B)3BLAA@ TEX08:05 EDT-0%Ariel Jurado (R)-000000.000.000--.0004.50.0$22000.00
Michael Taylor (R)OFWSH@ STL07:15 EDT-1%Luke Weaver (R)-000000.000.000--.000-0.0$22000.00
Danny Jansen (R) CTOR@ KC08:15 EDT-14%Glenn Sparkman (R)-000000.000.000--.0005.06.0$22002.73
A.J. Ellis (R)CSDvs ARI10:10 EDT-0%Clay Buchholz (R)4320110.667.7501.0001.750.500-0.0$21000.00
Brian Goodwin (L)OFKCvs TOR08:15 EDT-14%Sam Gaviglio (R)2200000.$21000.00
JaCoby Jones (R)OFDET@ MIN08:10 EDT-0%Ervin Santana (R)5510002.200.200.600.800.200-0.0$21000.00
Richard Urena (B) 3BTOR@ KC08:15 EDT-14%Glenn Sparkman (R)-000000.000.000--.000-7.5$21003.57
Adrian Sanchez (R)SSWSH@ STL07:15 EDT-1%Luke Weaver (R)-000000.000.000--.000-0.0$20000.00
Johnny Field (R) OFMINvs DET08:10 EDT-0%Francisco Liriano (L)3300001.$20004.70
Matt Reynolds (R)3BWSH@ STL07:15 EDT-1%Luke Weaver (R)-000000.000.000--.000-0.0$20000.00
Javy Guerra (L)SSSDvs ARI10:10 EDT-0%Clay Buchholz (R)-000000.000.000--.000-0.0$20000.00
Chase Headley (B)3BSDvs ARI10:10 EDT-0%Clay Buchholz (R)111041302.400.455.9001.360.568-0.0$20000.00
Raudy Read (R)CWSH@ STL07:15 EDT-1%Luke Weaver (R)-000000.000.000--.000-0.0$20000.00
Miguel Montero (L)CWSH@ STL07:15 EDT-1%Luke Weaver (R)-000000.000.000--.000-0.0$20000.00
Carlos Asuaje (L)2BSDvs ARI10:10 EDT-0%Clay Buchholz (R)3200010.000.333.000.330.000-0.0$20000.00
Tony Wolters (L) CCOL@ ATL07:35 EDT-2%Julio Teherán (R)2210000.500.500.5001.000.000-7.5$21003.57
Grayson Greiner (R)CDET@ MIN08:10 EDT-0%Ervin Santana (R)-000000.000.000--.000-0.0$21000.00
Garrett Hampson (R)2BCOL@ ATL07:35 EDT-2%Julio Teherán (R)-000000.000.000--.000-0.0$21000.00
Jordan Luplow (R)OFPITvs CHI07:05 EDT-0%Jon Lester (L)6500013.$21000.00
Jose Fernandez (L)1BLAA@ TEX08:05 EDT-0%Ariel Jurado (R)-000000.000.000--.000-0.0$21000.00
José Pirela (R)2BSDvs ARI10:10 EDT-0%Clay Buchholz (R)2210000.500.500.5001.000.000-0.0$21000.00
Mitch Garver (R) CMINvs DET08:10 EDT-0%Francisco Liriano (L)-000000.000.000--.00012.68.1$21003.86
Ronny Rodriguez (R) 2BDET@ MIN08:10 EDT-0%Ervin Santana (R)-000000.000.000--.000-5.7$21002.71
Jarrod Dyson (L)OFARI@ SD10:10 EDT-0%Jacob Nix (R)-000000.000.000--.000-0.0$20000.00
Sócrates Brito (L)OFARI@ SD10:10 EDT-0%Jacob Nix (R)-000000.000.000--.000-0.0$20000.00
Spencer Kieboom (R)CWSH@ STL07:15 EDT-1%Luke Weaver (R)-000000.000.000--.000-0.0$23000.00
Tom Murphy (R)CCOL@ ATL07:35 EDT-2%Julio Teherán (R)-000000.000.000--.000-0.0$20000.00
Robbie Grossman (B)OFMINvs DET08:10 EDT-0%Francisco Liriano (L)3200011.000.333.000.330.000-0.0$20000.00
Jose Trevino (R)CTEXvs LAA08:05 EDT-0%Taylor Cole (R)-000000.000.000--.000-0.0$20000.00
Ryan Rua (R)OFTEXvs LAA08:05 EDT-0%Taylor Cole (R)-000000.000.000--.000-0.0$20000.00
Jason Castro (L)CMINvs DET08:10 EDT-0%Francisco Liriano (L)-000000.000.000--.000-0.0$20000.00
Paulo Orlando (R)OFKCvs TOR08:15 EDT-14%Sam Gaviglio (R)-000000.000.000--.000-0.0$20000.00
Lourdes Gurriel Jr. (R)2BTOR@ KC08:15 EDT-14%Glenn Sparkman (R)-000000.000.000--.000-0.0$20000.00
Chris Stewart (R)CATLvs COL07:35 EDT-2%Jon Gray (R)-000000.000.000--.000-0.0$20000.00
Daniel Castro (R)2BCOL@ ATL07:35 EDT-2%Julio Teherán (R)-000000.000.000--.000-0.0$20000.00
Brandon Drury (R)2BTOR@ KC08:15 EDT-14%Glenn Sparkman (R)-000000.000.000--.000-0.0$20000.00
Noel Cuevas (R)OFCOL@ ATL07:35 EDT-2%Julio Teherán (R)-000000.000.000--.000-0.0$20000.00
Anthony Alford (R)OFTOR@ KC08:15 EDT-14%Glenn Sparkman (R)-000000.000.000--.000-0.0$20000.00
Ramon Torres (B)3BKCvs TOR08:15 EDT-14%Sam Gaviglio (R)-000000.000.000--.000-0.0$20000.00
Bubba Starling (R)OFKCvs TOR08:15 EDT-14%Sam Gaviglio (R)-000000.000.000--.000-0.0$20000.00
Jorge Soler (R)OFKCvs TOR08:15 EDT-14%Sam Gaviglio (R)-000000.000.000--.000-0.0$20000.00
Jordan Patterson (L)OFCOL@ ATL07:35 EDT-2%Julio Teherán (R)-000000.000.000--.000-0.0$20000.00
Willians Astudillo (R)3BMINvs DET08:10 EDT-0%Francisco Liriano (L)-000000.000.000--.000-0.0$20000.00
Raimel Tapia (L)OFCOL@ ATL07:35 EDT-2%Julio Teherán (R)-000000.000.000--.000-0.0$20000.00
Drew Robinson (L)2BTEXvs LAA08:05 EDT-0%Taylor Cole (R)-000000.000.000--.000-0.0$20000.00
Mike Tauchman (L)OFCOL@ ATL07:35 EDT-2%Julio Teherán (R)-000000.000.000--.000-0.0$20000.00
Pat Valaika (R)2BCOL@ ATL07:35 EDT-2%Julio Teherán (R)3300001.$20000.00
Hanser Alberto (R)3BTEXvs LAA08:05 EDT-0%Taylor Cole (R)-000000.000.000--.000-0.0$20000.00
Eliezer Alvarez (L)SSTEXvs LAA08:05 EDT-0%Taylor Cole (R)-000000.000.000--.000-0.0$20000.00
Cam Gallagher (R)CKCvs TOR08:15 EDT-14%Sam Gaviglio (R)-000000.000.000--.000-0.0$20000.00
Juan Centeno (L)CTEXvs LAA08:05 EDT-0%Taylor Cole (R)-000000.000.000--.000-0.0$20000.00
Delino DeShields (R) OFTEXvs LAA08:05 EDT-0%Taylor Cole (R)-000000.000.000--.0001.17.1$20003.55
Cliff Pennington (B)SSTEXvs LAA08:05 EDT-0%Taylor Cole (R)-000000.000.000--.000-0.0$20000.00
Cheslor Cuthbert (R)3BKCvs TOR08:15 EDT-14%Sam Gaviglio (R)-000000.000.000--.000-0.0$20000.00
Drew Butera (R)CKCvs TOR08:15 EDT-14%Sam Gaviglio (R)-000000.000.000--.000-0.0$20000.00
Carlos Pérez (R)CTEXvs LAA08:05 EDT-0%Taylor Cole (R)-000000.000.000--.000-0.0$20000.00
Abraham Almonte (B)OFKCvs TOR08:15 EDT-14%Sam Gaviglio (R)-000000.000.000--.000-0.0$20000.00
Byron Buxton (R)OFMINvs DET08:10 EDT-0%Francisco Liriano (L)-000000.000.000--.000-0.0$20000.00
Ehire Adrianza (B) SSMINvs DET08:10 EDT-0%Francisco Liriano (L)2210001.500.500.5001.000.0002.79.0$20004.50
Efren Navarro (L)1BCHI@ PIT07:05 EDT-0%Iván Nova (R)-000000.000.000--.000-0.0$20000.00
Dawel Lugo (R)3BDET@ MIN08:10 EDT-0%Ervin Santana (R)-000000.000.000--.000-0.0$20000.00
Mark Zagunis (R)OFCHI@ PIT07:05 EDT-0%Iván Nova (R)-000000.000.000--.000-0.0$20000.00
Steve Baron (R)CSTLvs WSH07:15 EDT-1%Tanner Roark (R)-000000.000.000--.000-0.0$20000.00
Matt Szczur (R)OFSDvs ARI10:10 EDT-0%Clay Buchholz (R)-000000.000.000--.000-0.0$20000.00
Adolis Garcia (R)OFSTLvs WSH07:15 EDT-1%Tanner Roark (R)-000000.000.000--.000-0.0$20000.00
Greg García (L) 2BSTLvs WSH07:15 EDT-1%Tanner Roark (R)21101101.0001.0001.0002.000.5001.65.6$20002.80
Carson Kelly (R)CSTLvs WSH07:15 EDT-1%Tanner Roark (R)-000000.000.000--.000-0.0$20000.00
Francisco Peña (R)CSTLvs WSH07:15 EDT-1%Tanner Roark (R)-000000.000.000--.000-0.0$20000.00
Justin Williams (L)OFSTLvs WSH07:15 EDT-1%Tanner Roark (R)-000000.000.000--.000-0.0$20000.00
Phil Gosselin (R)3BATLvs COL07:35 EDT-2%Jon Gray (R)3310000.333.333.330.670.294-0.0$20000.00
Danny Santana (B)OFATLvs COL07:35 EDT-2%Jon Gray (R)3310000.333.333.330.670.294-0.0$20000.00
Michael Reed (R)OFATLvs COL07:35 EDT-2%Jon Gray (R)-000000.000.000--.000-0.0$20000.00
René Rivera (R)CLAA@ TEX08:05 EDT-0%Ariel Jurado (R)-000000.000.000--.000-0.0$20000.00
Mikie Mahtook (R) OFDET@ MIN08:10 EDT-0%Ervin Santana (R)8620021.333.500.6701.170.375-8.7$20004.35
Dixon Machado (R)2BDET@ MIN08:10 EDT-0%Ervin Santana (R)-000000.000.000--.000-0.0$20000.00
Pete Kozma (R)3BDET@ MIN08:10 EDT-0%Ervin Santana (R)-000000.000.000--.000-0.0$20000.00
Taylor Motter (R)OFMINvs DET08:10 EDT-0%Francisco Liriano (L)-000000.000.000--.000-0.0$20000.00
Carlos Tocci (R)OFTEXvs LAA08:05 EDT-0%Taylor Cole (R)-000000.000.000--.000-0.0$20000.00
Gregorio Petit (R)SSMINvs DET08:10 EDT-0%Francisco Liriano (L)21101101.0001.0002.0003.0001.952-0.0$20000.00
Chris Young (R)OFLAA@ TEX08:05 EDT-0%Ariel Jurado (R)-000000.000.000--.000-0.0$20000.00
Taylor Ward (R) CLAA@ TEX08:05 EDT-0%Ariel Jurado (R)-000000.000.000--.000-7.5$20003.75
Luis Valbuena (L)3BLAA@ TEX08:05 EDT-0%Ariel Jurado (R)-000000.000.000--.000-0.0$20000.00
Bobby Wilson (R)CMINvs DET08:10 EDT-0%Francisco Liriano (L)6310020.333.600.330.930.400-0.0$20000.00
Ryan Schimpf (L)3BLAA@ TEX08:05 EDT-0%Ariel Jurado (R)-000000.000.000--.000-0.0$20000.00
Miguel Cabrera (R)1BDET@ MIN08:10 EDT-0%Ervin Santana (R)373181167.258.378.390.770.324-0.0$20000.00
Jabari Blash (R)OFLAA@ TEX08:05 EDT-0%Ariel Jurado (R)-000000.000.000--.000-0.0$20000.00
Jefry Marte (R)1BLAA@ TEX08:05 EDT-0%Ariel Jurado (R)-000000.000.000--.000-0.0$20000.00
Michael Hermosillo (R)OFLAA@ TEX08:05 EDT-0%Ariel Jurado (R)-000000.000.000--.000-0.0$20000.00
Juan Graterol (R)CLAA@ TEX08:05 EDT-0%Ariel Jurado (R)-000000.000.000--.000-0.0$20000.00
Nolan Fontana (L)SSLAA@ TEX08:05 EDT-0%Ariel Jurado (R)-000000.000.000--.000-0.0$20000.00
John Hicks (R)1BDET@ MIN08:10 EDT-0%Ervin Santana (R)3100110.000.333.000.330.000-0.0$20000.00
Zack Cozart (R)SSLAA@ TEX08:05 EDT-0%Ariel Jurado (R)-000000.000.000--.000-0.0$20000.00
James McCann (R) CDET@ MIN08:10 EDT-0%Ervin Santana (R)131320005.$23003.00
Rosell Herrera (B) OFKCvs TOR08:15 EDT-14%Sam Gaviglio (R)-000000.000.000--.0004.59.3$23004.04
Ronald Acuna (R) OFATLvs COL07:35 EDT-2%Jon Gray (R)-000000.000.000--.0009.813.7$48002.85
Josh Donaldson (R)3BTOR@ KC08:15 EDT-14%Glenn Sparkman (R)-000000.000.000--.000-0.0$30000.00
Eddie Rosario (L)OFMINvs DET08:10 EDT-0%Francisco Liriano (L)8710011.143.250.430.680.2501.60.0$32000.00
Elvis Andrus (R) SSTEXvs LAA08:05 EDT-0%Taylor Cole (R)-000000.000.000--.00017.011.2$32003.50
Grégory Polanco (L) OFPITvs CHI07:05 EDT-0%Jon Lester (L)161320036.154.313.150.470.1881.613.3$32004.16
Jeimer Candelario (B) 3BDET@ MIN08:10 EDT-0%Ervin Santana (R)6500013.$32003.22
Hunter Renfroe (R)OFSDvs ARI10:10 EDT-0%Clay Buchholz (R)-000000.000.000--.0001.60.0$32000.00
Jose Martinez (R)OFSTLvs WSH07:15 EDT-1%Tanner Roark (R)-000000.000.000--.000-0.0$31000.00
Eric Hosmer (L) 1BSDvs ARI10:10 EDT-0%Clay Buchholz (R)141240223.333.429.420.850.3570.67.5$31002.42
Steven Souza Jr. (R)OFARI@ SD10:10 EDT-0%Jacob Nix (R)-000000.000.000--.0001.30.0$31000.00
Nicholas Castellanos (R) OFDET@ MIN08:10 EDT-0%Ervin Santana (R)191970202.368.368.470.840.3163.414.3$31004.61
Ben Zobrist (B)2BCHI@ PIT07:05 EDT-0%Iván Nova (R)443860157.$31000.00
Jedd Gyorko (R)3BSTLvs WSH07:15 EDT-1%Tanner Roark (R)7720001.$31000.00
Jorge Polanco (B) SSMINvs DET08:10 EDT-0%Francisco Liriano (L)5500002.$30003.70
Charlie Culberson (R)2BATLvs COL07:35 EDT-2%Jon Gray (R)-000000.000.000--.000-0.0$30000.00
Yangervis Solarte (B)3BTOR@ KC08:15 EDT-14%Glenn Sparkman (R)-000000.000.000--.000-0.0$30000.00
Curtis Granderson (L)OFTOR@ KC08:15 EDT-14%Glenn Sparkman (R)-000000.000.000--.00016.10.0$30000.00
Charlie Blackmon (L)OFCOL@ ATL07:35 EDT-2%Julio Teherán (R)232361207.261.261.440.700.2618.20.0$33000.00
Josh Bell (B) 1BPITvs CHI07:05 EDT-0%Jon Lester (L)161451423.357.438.5701.010.4380.610.0$30003.33
Joey Gallo (L) OFTEXvs LAA08:05 EDT-0%Taylor Cole (R)-000000.000.000--.0003.79.1$30003.03
Wil Myers (R)OFSDvs ARI10:10 EDT-0%Clay Buchholz (R)121130213.273.333.360.700.2503.70.0$30000.00
Salvador Pérez (R) CKCvs TOR08:15 EDT-14%Sam Gaviglio (R)-000000.000.000--.0005.211.9$29004.10
Jason Heyward (L) OFCHI@ PIT07:05 EDT-0%Iván Nova (R)161640003.250.250.310.560.1886.111.2$29003.86
Aledmys Diaz (R) SSTOR@ KC08:15 EDT-14%Glenn Sparkman (R)-000000.000.000--.0002.612.9$29004.45
Ketel Marte (B) 2BARI@ SD10:10 EDT-0%Jacob Nix (R)-000000.000.000--.0000.610.3$29003.55
Devon Travis (R) 2BTOR@ KC08:15 EDT-14%Glenn Sparkman (R)-000000.000.000--.0008.212.4$29004.28
Yadier Molina (R) CSTLvs WSH07:15 EDT-1%Tanner Roark (R)8840402.500.500.5001.000.3753.510.0$29003.45
David Bote (R) 3BCHI@ PIT07:05 EDT-0%Iván Nova (R)-000000.000.000--.0003.413.6$29004.69
Albert Pujols (R) 1BLAA@ TEX08:05 EDT-0%Ariel Jurado (R)-000000.000.000--.0003.39.1$29003.14
Harrison Bader (R) OFSTLvs WSH07:15 EDT-1%Tanner Roark (R)-000000.000.000--.0000.39.4$29003.24
Randal Grichuk (R) OFTOR@ KC08:15 EDT-14%Glenn Sparkman (R)-000000.000.000--.00011.413.4$29004.62
Ian Desmond (R) 1BCOL@ ATL07:35 EDT-2%Julio Teherán (R)3332801111.$28003.64
Johan Camargo (B) 3BATLvs COL07:35 EDT-2%Jon Gray (R)-000000.000.000--.0001.48.3$33002.52
Teoscar Hernandez (R) OFTOR@ KC08:15 EDT-14%Glenn Sparkman (R)-000000.000.000--.000-11.9$33003.61
Corey Dickerson (L) OFPITvs CHI07:05 EDT-0%Jon Lester (L)3300002.$28004.54
Trea Turner (R) SSWSH@ STL07:15 EDT-1%Luke Weaver (R)-000000.000.000--.00019.210.8$37002.92
Bryce Harper (L) OFWSH@ STL07:15 EDT-1%Luke Weaver (R)-000000.000.000--.00017.913.7$45003.04
Paul Goldschmidt (R) 1BARI@ SD10:10 EDT-0%Jacob Nix (R)-000000.000.000--.0005.614.6$45003.24
Matt Carpenter (L) 1BSTLvs WSH07:15 EDT-1%Tanner Roark (R)8610021.167.375.170.540.25022.611.6$44002.64
Justin Upton (R) OFLAA@ TEX08:05 EDT-0%Ariel Jurado (R)-000000.000.000--.00019.817.5$44003.98
Freddie Freeman (L) 1BATLvs COL07:35 EDT-2%Jon Gray (R)12920036.222.417.440.860.3334.613.9$42003.31
Nolan Arenado (R) 3BCOL@ ATL07:35 EDT-2%Julio Teherán (R)141410003.$41003.12
Anthony Rizzo (L) 1BCHI@ PIT07:05 EDT-0%Iván Nova (R)111040210.400.455.500.960.3646.414.6$40003.65
Juan Soto (L) OFWSH@ STL07:15 EDT-1%Luke Weaver (R)-000000.000.000--.00011.611.2$40002.80
Ozzie Albies (B) 2BATLvs COL07:35 EDT-2%Jon Gray (R)4400000.$40003.33
David Peralta (L) OFARI@ SD10:10 EDT-0%Jacob Nix (R)-000000.000.000--.00018.111.5$39002.95
Kris Bryant (R)3BCHI@ PIT07:05 EDT-0%Iván Nova (R)141220015.$39000.00
Paul DeJong (R) SSSTLvs WSH07:15 EDT-1%Tanner Roark (R)2200001.$39002.87
Javier Báez (R) 2BCHI@ PIT07:05 EDT-0%Iván Nova (R)151322205.154.154.620.770.30812.416.6$39004.26
Anthony Rendón (R) 3BWSH@ STL07:15 EDT-1%Luke Weaver (R)-000000.000.000--.00021.313.7$38003.61
Kole Calhoun (L) OFLAA@ TEX08:05 EDT-0%Ariel Jurado (R)-000000.000.000--.00043.614.6$37003.95
Daniel Murphy (L) 2BWSH@ STL07:15 EDT-1%Luke Weaver (R)-000000.000.000--.0000.99.0$33002.73
Freddy Galvis (B) SSSDvs ARI10:10 EDT-0%Clay Buchholz (R)6600004.$35001.86
Kyle Schwarber (L)OFCHI@ PIT07:05 EDT-0%Iván Nova (R)131131225.273.385.550.930.385-0.0$33000.00
Shin-Soo Choo (L) OFTEXvs LAA08:05 EDT-0%Taylor Cole (R)-000000.000.000--.0008.314.0$33004.24
Jurickson Profar (B) 1BTEXvs LAA08:05 EDT-0%Taylor Cole (R)-000000.000.000--.0002.713.6$34004.00
Shohei Ohtani (L) OFLAA@ TEX08:05 EDT-0%Ariel Jurado (R)-000000.000.000--.00021.611.9$34003.50
Eduardo Escobar (B) 3BARI@ SD10:10 EDT-0%Jacob Nix (R)-000000.000.000--.00022.812.2$35003.49
Marcell Ozuna (R) OFSTLvs WSH07:15 EDT-1%Tanner Roark (R)3735101729.286.324.490.810.3247.19.0$35002.57
Ryan Zimmerman (R) 1BWSH@ STL07:15 EDT-1%Luke Weaver (R)-000000.000.000--.0000.99.6$35002.74
Nick Markakis (L) OFATLvs COL07:35 EDT-2%Jon Gray (R)121130312.273.333.270.610.2509.310.9$37002.95
Rougned Odor (L) 2BTEXvs LAA08:05 EDT-0%Taylor Cole (R)-000000.000.000--.00027.19.3$35002.66
A.J. Pollock (R) OFARI@ SD10:10 EDT-0%Jacob Nix (R)-000000.000.000--.00013.812.4$36003.44
Justin Smoak (B) 1BTOR@ KC08:15 EDT-14%Glenn Sparkman (R)-000000.000.000--.00013.715.9$36004.42
Whit Merrifield (R) 2BKCvs TOR08:15 EDT-14%Sam Gaviglio (R)-000000.000.000--.00014.011.5$36003.19
Trevor Story (R) SSCOL@ ATL07:35 EDT-2%Julio Teherán (R)7620013.333.429.500.930.28612.113.9$36003.86
Starling Marte (R) OFPITvs CHI07:05 EDT-0%Jon Lester (L)363370135.212.278.300.580.25016.311.5$37003.11
Ender Inciarte (L) OFATLvs COL07:35 EDT-2%Jon Gray (R)151320013.$28002.54
Daniel Descalso (L)2BARI@ SD10:10 EDT-0%Jacob Nix (R)-000000.000.000--.000-0.0$28000.00
Hunter Dozier (R) 3BKCvs TOR08:15 EDT-14%Sam Gaviglio (R)-000000.000.000--.0000.410.0$23004.35
Francisco Arcia (L) CLAA@ TEX08:05 EDT-0%Ariel Jurado (R)-000000.000.000--.00014.411.0$24004.58
Ronald Guzman (L) 1BTEXvs LAA08:05 EDT-0%Taylor Cole (R)-000000.000.000--.0000.77.8$25003.12
Matt Adams (L)1BWSH@ STL07:15 EDT-1%Luke Weaver (R)-000000.000.000--.000-0.0$25000.00
Jose Briceno (R)CLAA@ TEX08:05 EDT-0%Ariel Jurado (R)-000000.000.000--.000-0.0$25000.00
Alex Gordon (L) OFKCvs TOR08:15 EDT-14%Sam Gaviglio (R)-000000.000.000--.0006.810.6$25004.24
David Fletcher (R) 2BLAA@ TEX08:05 EDT-0%Ariel Jurado (R)-000000.000.000--.0002.010.9$25004.36
Niko Goodrum (B) 2BDET@ MIN08:10 EDT-0%Ervin Santana (R)3311200.333.3331.3301.670.6679.311.8$25004.72
Dexter Fowler (B)OFSTLvs WSH07:15 EDT-1%Tanner Roark (R)141330001.231.286.310.590.214-0.0$25000.00
Christian Villanueva (R) 3BSDvs ARI10:10 EDT-0%Clay Buchholz (R)3300001.$25003.72
Matt Wieters (B) CWSH@ STL07:15 EDT-1%Luke Weaver (R)-000000.000.000--.0003.08.1$25003.24
Albert Almora (R) OFCHI@ PIT07:05 EDT-0%Iván Nova (R)3300000.$25003.88
David Freese (R) 3BPITvs CHI07:05 EDT-0%Jon Lester (L)39341102510.324.410.410.820.3598.811.3$25004.52
Adam Frazier (L)OFPITvs CHI07:05 EDT-0%Jon Lester (L)2210000.500.500.5001.000.000-0.0$25000.00
Jorge Bonifacio (R) OFKCvs TOR08:15 EDT-14%Sam Gaviglio (R)-000000.000.000--.0000.37.5$24003.12
Yairo Munoz (R)2BSTLvs WSH07:15 EDT-1%Tanner Roark (R)-000000.000.000--.000-0.0$24000.00
Victor Martínez (B) CDET@ MIN08:10 EDT-0%Ervin Santana (R)4943154644.349.429.6301.060.4585.89.1$24003.79
Nomar Mazara (L) OFTEXvs LAA08:05 EDT-0%Taylor Cole (R)-000000.000.000--.0006.711.2$25004.48
Gerardo Parra (L) OFCOL@ ATL07:35 EDT-2%Julio Teherán (R)232330009.$23004.74
Brett Phillips (L)OFKCvs TOR08:15 EDT-14%Sam Gaviglio (R)-000000.000.000--.000-0.0$23000.00
Jim Adduci (L) OFDET@ MIN08:10 EDT-0%Ervin Santana (R)2200001.$23005.00
Jordy Mercer (R)SSPITvs CHI07:05 EDT-0%Jon Lester (L)343291414.281.324.500.820.353-0.0$23000.00
Logan Forsythe (R) 2BMINvs DET08:10 EDT-0%Francisco Liriano (L)101050000.500.500.6001.100.40016.47.8$23003.39
Tyler Austin (R) 1BMINvs DET08:10 EDT-0%Francisco Liriano (L)3211211.500.6672.0002.670.6677.69.4$23004.09
David Dahl (L) OFCOL@ ATL07:35 EDT-2%Julio Teherán (R)-000000.000.000--.0003.110.9$23004.74
Chris Iannetta (R)CCOL@ ATL07:35 EDT-2%Julio Teherán (R)-000000.000.000--.0004.10.0$24000.00
Álex Ávila (L) CARI@ SD10:10 EDT-0%Jacob Nix (R)-000000.000.000--.0005.97.7$24003.21
Russell Martin (R)3BTOR@ KC08:15 EDT-14%Glenn Sparkman (R)-000000.000.000--.0005.60.0$24000.00
Luke Maile (R)CTOR@ KC08:15 EDT-14%Glenn Sparkman (R)-000000.000.000--.000-0.0$24000.00
Ryan O'Hearn (L) 1BKCvs TOR08:15 EDT-14%Sam Gaviglio (R)-000000.000.000--.0000.98.4$24003.50
Jake Cave (L)OFMINvs DET08:10 EDT-0%Francisco Liriano (L)-000000.000.000--.000-0.0$24000.00
Victor Reyes (B) OFDET@ MIN08:10 EDT-0%Ervin Santana (R)-000000.000.000--.0000.17.4$24003.08
Joe Mauer (L) 1BMINvs DET08:10 EDT-0%Francisco Liriano (L)111020313.$24004.00
Isiah Kiner-Falefa (R)CTEXvs LAA08:05 EDT-0%Taylor Cole (R)-000000.000.000--.000-0.0$25000.00
Mark Reynolds (R)1BWSH@ STL07:15 EDT-1%Luke Weaver (R)-000000.000.000--.000-0.0$26000.00
Dansby Swanson (R) SSATLvs COL07:35 EDT-2%Jon Gray (R)4410002.$28003.46
Tyler Flowers (R)CATLvs COL07:35 EDT-2%Jon Gray (R)-000000.000.000--.000-0.0$27000.00
Kevin Pillar (R) OFTOR@ KC08:15 EDT-14%Glenn Sparkman (R)-000000.000.000--.0000.613.6$28004.86
Adam Eaton (L) OFWSH@ STL07:15 EDT-1%Luke Weaver (R)-000000.000.000--.0005.310.0$28003.57
Willson Contreras (R) CCHI@ PIT07:05 EDT-0%Iván Nova (R)8840000.500.500.6301.130.3752.111.8$28004.21
Miguel Sano (R) 3BMINvs DET08:10 EDT-0%Francisco Liriano (L)9820113.250.333.250.580.22223.711.0$28003.93
Robinson Chirinos (R) CTEXvs LAA08:05 EDT-0%Taylor Cole (R)-000000.000.000--.0006.99.0$28003.21
Ian Happ (B) OFCHI@ PIT07:05 EDT-0%Iván Nova (R)151432413.214.267.640.910.3331.411.8$28004.21
Lucas Duda (L) 1BKCvs TOR08:15 EDT-14%Sam Gaviglio (R)-000000.000.000--.0004.09.3$28003.32
Jon Jay (L) OFARI@ SD10:10 EDT-0%Jacob Nix (R)-000000.000.000--.000-8.1$27003.00
Nick Ahmed (R) SSARI@ SD10:10 EDT-0%Jacob Nix (R)-000000.000.000--.0001.312.4$27004.59
Adrián Béltre (R)3BTEXvs LAA08:05 EDT-0%Taylor Cole (R)-000000.000.000--.000-0.0$27000.00
Manuel Margot (R) OFSDvs ARI10:10 EDT-0%Clay Buchholz (R)3310000.333.333.330.670.000-9.0$27003.33
Andrelton Simmons (R) SSLAA@ TEX08:05 EDT-0%Ariel Jurado (R)-000000.000.000--.00012.710.9$27004.04
Carlos González (L) OFCOL@ ATL07:35 EDT-2%Julio Teherán (R)161410022.$27004.63
Franmil Reyes (R) OFSDvs ARI10:10 EDT-0%Clay Buchholz (R)-000000.000.000--.0000.49.3$27003.44
DJ LeMahieu (R) 2BCOL@ ATL07:35 EDT-2%Julio Teherán (R)212130003.$27003.93
Tyler O'Neill (R) OFSTLvs WSH07:15 EDT-1%Tanner Roark (R)-000000.000.000--.0003.59.0$26003.46
Cory Spangenberg (L) 2BSDvs ARI10:10 EDT-0%Clay Buchholz (R)-000000.000.000--.0000.18.1$26003.12
Travis Jankowski (L) OFSDvs ARI10:10 EDT-0%Clay Buchholz (R)7700002.$26002.96
Addison Russell (R) SSCHI@ PIT07:05 EDT-0%Iván Nova (R)101031104.300.300.600.900.3000.28.4$26003.23
Kolten Wong (L) 2BSTLvs WSH07:15 EDT-1%Tanner Roark (R)2210200.500.5001.0001.500.5001.08.5$26003.27
Adam Duvall (R)OFATLvs COL07:35 EDT-2%Jon Gray (R)3300001.$26000.00
Josh Harrison (R) 2BPITvs CHI07:05 EDT-0%Jon Lester (L)373281236.250.351.340.700.2972.17.8$26003.00
Elias Diaz (R) CPITvs CHI07:05 EDT-0%Jon Lester (L)7721101.286.286.8601.140.4294.89.1$26003.50
Kurt Suzuki (R) CATLvs COL07:35 EDT-2%Jon Gray (R)6510002.200.333.200.530.1671.810.0$26003.85
Francisco Cervelli (R)CPITvs CHI07:05 EDT-0%Jon Lester (L)39361021026.278.316.470.790.342-0.0$27000.00
Kendrys Morales (B) 1BTOR@ KC08:15 EDT-14%Glenn Sparkman (R)-000000.000.000--.0003.312.9$26004.96
José Iglesias (R)SSDET@ MIN08:10 EDT-0%Ervin Santana (R)181751216.294.333.470.800.3336.90.0$26000.00
Adalberto Mondesí (B) SSKCvs TOR08:15 EDT-14%Sam Gaviglio (R)-000000.000.000--.0001.26.5$26002.50
Max Kepler (L) OFMINvs DET08:10 EDT-0%Francisco Liriano (L)2100010.000.500.000.500.000-10.6$26004.08
Austin Hedges (R) CSDvs ARI10:10 EDT-0%Clay Buchholz (R)-000000.000.000--.0002.28.7$27003.22
Eric Young Jr. (B) OFLAA@ TEX08:05 EDT-0%Ariel Jurado (R)-000000.000.000--.0001.07.4$27002.74
Christian Walker (R)1BARI@ SD10:10 EDT-0%Jacob Nix (R)-000000.000.000--.000-0.0$20000.00
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