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MLB Hitting Coach DFS - Jun 23rd Close

Top Tier

Eddie Rosario vs. Yovani Gallardo - Gallardo has just lost everything he once had and this is going to be an ugly one. Rosario continues to be one of the best hitters in the league quite frankly posting a .949 OPS over his last 10 days, which seems pretty low considering it’s 1.126 for the entire month. He’s hitting .326 with 13 of his 16 home runs against right-handed pitching on the year. This entire Twins lineup is going to tee off.

Shin-Soo Choo vs. Jake Odorizzi - There should be a ton of offense in this game supplied by both teams, but the Ranger s best weapon this year has been Choo. He has a fantastic matchup against Odorizzi who has allowed a .368 wOBA to LHH on the year and Choo happens to have a .409 wOBA vs. RHP, so the correlation is perfect. Choo is riding a six-game hitting streak and has at least one hit in nine of his last 10. He’s hitting .343 so far in June with an 1.100 OPS. He’s clicking on all cylinders right about now.


Middle Tier

Carlos González vs. Trevor Richards - Richards got blown up his last time on the mound allowing nine hits and six earned runs over 3.1 innings. Richards numbers versus left-handed hitters actually look decent, but it’s a front as his xFIP against them sits at 4.48. Gonzalez is having a really strong month of June slashing .317/.394/.524. He’s been fantastic at Coors field against right-handed pitching especially this season posting a 1.176 OPS, .375 ISO and a .485 wOBA.The Rockies are in an elite spot and Gonzalez’s price tag is probably a little too low knowing we’re getting him at home.

Andrew McCutchen vs. Jordan Lyles - BvP isn’t something I always look at, but when something pops like this, it’s hard to ignore. Against Lyles, McCutchen is 12-for-21 (.571 AVG) with three doubles, two homers and a 1.609 OPS. Those aren’t numbers that you just ignore. Lyles has actually been dreadful against right-handed bats this year if you don’t believe the BvP. Righties are slashing .315/.353/.543 and have hit eight home runs in just 33.2 innings.


Value Tier

Brian Dozier vs. Yovani Gallardo - It goes without saying that this is not the same Dozier that we’ve seen over the past couple of years, but maybe he’s snapping out it. He has a hit in three straight including three doubles and even took Corey Kluber deep last week as well. Dozier has a pretty extensive history against Gallardo and has done great against him going 9-for-18 (.500 AVG) with two doubles and a homer. He’s only 3.5K on DraftKings and that’s a steal if he continues to own Gallardo like he has in the past.

Cameron Maybin vs. Tyler Anderson - We get a game at Coors field here with easiest the highest total on the board. Maybin has really only gotten the nod against left-handed pitching this year but for good reason. He’s hitting just .179 vs righties but a robust .310 against southpaws on the year. He has a .330 wOBA and a 33.9-percent hard-hit rate against LHP as well, so the numbers support him as a really nice value play today and another way to get exposure to Coors field.


NamePosTeamOppStartWeatherRain%Opp. SPPAABHHRRBIBBKAVGOBPSLGOPSwOBAOwn %Proj.$Value
Mike Trout (R) OFLAAvs TOR09:07 EDT-0%Marcus Stroman (R)4420101.500.500.7501.250.538-14.3$53002.70
Drew Butera (R)CKC@ HOU07:15 EDT-0%Lance McCullers (R)2200001.$20000.00
Bubba Starling (R)OFKC@ HOU07:15 EDT-0%Lance McCullers (R)-000000.000.000--.000-0.0$20000.00
Paulo Orlando (R)OFKC@ HOU07:15 EDT-0%Lance McCullers (R)5410002.250.400.500.900.200-0.0$20000.00
Corey Seager (L)SSLA@ NYM07:15 EDT-4%Jacob deGrom (R)121240105.333.333.500.830.359-0.0$20000.00
Jorge Bonifacio (R)OFKC@ HOU07:15 EDT-0%Lance McCullers (R)-000000.000.000--.000-0.0$20000.00
Abraham Almonte (B)OFKC@ HOU07:15 EDT-0%Lance McCullers (R)5400013.$20000.00
Jake Marisnick (R)OFHOUvs KC07:15 EDT-0%Ian Kennedy (R)-000000.000.000--.000-0.0$20000.00
Derek Fisher (L)OFHOUvs KC07:15 EDT-0%Ian Kennedy (R)-000000.000.000--.000-0.0$20000.00
Cam Gallagher (R)CKC@ HOU07:15 EDT-0%Lance McCullers (R)-000000.000.000--.000-0.0$20000.00
Chase Utley (L) 2BLA@ NYM07:15 EDT-4%Jacob deGrom (R)221740144.235.364.290.660.273-5.3$20002.65
Tim Federowicz (R)CHOUvs KC07:15 EDT-0%Ian Kennedy (R)-000000.000.000--.000-0.0$20000.00
Cheslor Cuthbert (R)3BKC@ HOU07:15 EDT-0%Lance McCullers (R)-000000.000.000--.000-0.0$20000.00
Breyvic Valera (B)2BLA@ NYM07:15 EDT-4%Jacob deGrom (R)-000000.000.000--.000-0.0$20000.00
Jabari Blash (R)OFLAAvs TOR09:07 EDT-0%Marcus Stroman (R)-000000.000.000--.000-0.0$20000.00
Dan Vogelbach (L)1BSEA@ BOS07:15 EDT-8%Eduardo Rodríguez (L)-000000.000.000--.000-0.0$20000.00
Kyle Farmer (R)3BLA@ NYM07:15 EDT-4%Jacob deGrom (R)-000000.000.000--.000-0.0$20000.00
Tyler White (R)1BHOUvs KC07:15 EDT-0%Ian Kennedy (R)3300002.$20000.00
John Andreoli (R)OFSEA@ BOS07:15 EDT-8%Eduardo Rodríguez (L)-000000.000.000--.000-0.0$21000.00
Blake Swihart (B)C/OFBOSvs SEA07:15 EDT-8%Mike Leake (R)-000000.000.000--.000-0.0$20000.00
Sandy León (B)CBOSvs SEA07:15 EDT-8%Mike Leake (R)5510000.$23000.00
Ben Gamel (L) OFSEA@ BOS07:15 EDT-8%Eduardo Rodríguez (L)7730004.429.429.8601.290.429-10.9$23004.74
Devon Travis (R) 2BTOR@ LAA09:07 EDT-0%Andrew Heaney (L)-000000.000.000--.000-8.3$23003.61
Lourdes Gurriel Jr. (R)2BTOR@ LAA09:07 EDT-0%Andrew Heaney (L)-000000.000.000--.000-0.0$23000.00
Luke Maile (R)CTOR@ LAA09:07 EDT-0%Andrew Heaney (L)-000000.000.000--.000-0.0$23000.00
Steve Pearce (R)OFTOR@ LAA09:07 EDT-0%Andrew Heaney (L)-000000.000.000--.000-0.0$23000.00
José Reyes (B)3B/SSNYMvs LA07:15 EDT-4%Clayton Kershaw (L)201952412.263.300.580.880.350-0.0$23000.00
Dwight Smith Jr. (L)OFTOR@ LAA09:07 EDT-0%Andrew Heaney (L)-000000.000.000--.000-0.0$23000.00
David Freitas (R)CSEA@ BOS07:15 EDT-8%Eduardo Rodríguez (L)2210001.500.500.5001.000.000-0.0$21000.00
Kevin Plawecki (R)CNYMvs LA07:15 EDT-4%Clayton Kershaw (L)9910004.$22000.00
Jose Fernandez (L) 1B/2BLAAvs TOR09:07 EDT-0%Marcus Stroman (R)-000000.000.000--.000-6.5$22002.95
Alex Verdugo (L)OFLA@ NYM07:15 EDT-4%Jacob deGrom (R)-000000.000.000--.000-0.0$22000.00
Brian McCann (L) CHOUvs KC07:15 EDT-0%Ian Kennedy (R)262483523.333.385.7901.180.462-9.0$22004.09
Alcides Escobar (R) SSKC@ HOU07:15 EDT-0%Lance McCullers (R)11910114.$21002.67
Ryan Goins (L) 2BKC@ HOU07:15 EDT-0%Lance McCullers (R)5510000.200.200.400.600.200-5.9$21002.81
Tim Locastro (R)2BLA@ NYM07:15 EDT-4%Jacob deGrom (R)-000000.000.000--.000-0.0$21000.00
Dalton Pompey (B)OFTOR@ LAA09:07 EDT-0%Andrew Heaney (L)-000000.000.000--.000-0.0$20000.00
Dustin Pedroia (R)2BBOSvs SEA07:15 EDT-8%Mike Leake (R)7710003.$20000.00
Max Stassi (R)CHOUvs KC07:15 EDT-0%Ian Kennedy (R)-000000.000.000--.000-0.0$23000.00
Robinson Canó (L)2BSEA@ BOS07:15 EDT-8%Eduardo Rodríguez (L)6620000.333.333.500.830.359-0.0$20000.00
Tomas Nido (R)CNYMvs LA07:15 EDT-4%Clayton Kershaw (L)-000000.000.000--.000-0.0$20000.00
José Lobatón (B)CNYMvs LA07:15 EDT-4%Clayton Kershaw (L)9800011.$20000.00
Juan Lagares (R)OFNYMvs LA07:15 EDT-4%Clayton Kershaw (L)151510004.$20000.00
Ty Kelly (B)2BNYMvs LA07:15 EDT-4%Clayton Kershaw (L)1100000.$20000.00
Luis Guillorme (L)3BNYMvs LA07:15 EDT-4%Clayton Kershaw (L)-000000.000.000--.000-0.0$20000.00
Phillip Evans (R)3BNYMvs LA07:15 EDT-4%Clayton Kershaw (L)-000000.000.000--.000-0.0$20000.00
Travis d'Arnaud (R)CNYMvs LA07:15 EDT-4%Clayton Kershaw (L)9810013.$20000.00
David Wright (R)3BNYMvs LA07:15 EDT-4%Clayton Kershaw (L)282130177.143.357.190.550.279-0.0$20000.00
Yoenis Céspedes (R)OFNYMvs LA07:15 EDT-4%Clayton Kershaw (L)181810006.$20000.00
Jay Bruce (L)OFNYMvs LA07:15 EDT-4%Clayton Kershaw (L)242363418.261.292.650.940.375-0.0$20000.00
Ichiro Suzuki (L)OFSEA@ BOS07:15 EDT-8%Eduardo Rodríguez (L)3320300.667.6671.3302.000.667-0.0$20000.00
Andrew Romine (B) SSSEA@ BOS07:15 EDT-8%Eduardo Rodríguez (L)-000000.000.000--.000-8.1$20004.05
Mike Marjama (R)CSEA@ BOS07:15 EDT-8%Eduardo Rodríguez (L)-000000.000.000--.000-0.0$20000.00
Chris Herrmann (L) CSEA@ BOS07:15 EDT-8%Eduardo Rodríguez (L)-000000.000.000--.000-8.1$20004.05
Guillermo Heredia (R) OFSEA@ BOS07:15 EDT-8%Eduardo Rodríguez (L)121220103.$20003.45
T.J. Rivera (R)2BNYMvs LA07:15 EDT-4%Clayton Kershaw (L)3300003.$20000.00
Adrián González (L)1BNYMvs LA07:15 EDT-4%Clayton Kershaw (L)2925501410.200.310.280.590.241-0.0$20000.00
Tzu-Wei Lin (L) SSBOSvs SEA07:15 EDT-8%Mike Leake (R)-000000.000.000--.000-10.0$20005.00
Ryan Schimpf (L)3BLAAvs TOR09:07 EDT-0%Marcus Stroman (R)-000000.000.000--.000-0.0$20000.00
Marco Hernández (L)SSBOSvs SEA07:15 EDT-8%Mike Leake (R)-000000.000.000--.000-0.0$20000.00
Gio Urshela (R)SSTOR@ LAA09:07 EDT-0%Andrew Heaney (L)2210000.500.500.5001.000.000-0.0$20000.00
Richard Urena (B)SSTOR@ LAA09:07 EDT-0%Andrew Heaney (L)-000000.000.000--.000-0.0$20000.00
Troy Tulowitzki (R)SSTOR@ LAA09:07 EDT-0%Andrew Heaney (L)-000000.000.000--.000-0.0$20000.00
Gift Ngoepe (R)SSTOR@ LAA09:07 EDT-0%Andrew Heaney (L)-000000.000.000--.000-0.0$20000.00
Christian Vázquez (R) CBOSvs SEA07:15 EDT-8%Mike Leake (R)3300000.$20003.90
Anthony Alford (R)OFTOR@ LAA09:07 EDT-0%Andrew Heaney (L)-000000.000.000--.000-0.0$20000.00
René Rivera (R)CLAAvs TOR09:07 EDT-0%Marcus Stroman (R)-000000.000.000--.000-0.0$20000.00
Austin Barnes (R)CLA@ NYM07:15 EDT-4%Jacob deGrom (R)-000000.000.000--.000-0.0$20000.00
Jefry Marte (R)1BLAAvs TOR09:07 EDT-0%Marcus Stroman (R)-000000.000.000--.000-0.0$20000.00
Michael Hermosillo (R) OFLAAvs TOR09:07 EDT-0%Marcus Stroman (R)-000000.000.000--.000-6.6$20003.30
Nolan Fontana (L)2B/SSLAAvs TOR09:07 EDT-0%Marcus Stroman (R)-000000.000.000--.000-0.0$20000.00
Zack Cozart (R)3B/SSLAAvs TOR09:07 EDT-0%Marcus Stroman (R)-000000.000.000--.000-0.0$20000.00
Kaleb Cowart (B)2B/3BLAAvs TOR09:07 EDT-0%Marcus Stroman (R)-000000.000.000--.000-0.0$20000.00
Sam Travis (R)1B/OFBOSvs SEA07:15 EDT-8%Mike Leake (R)-000000.000.000--.000-0.0$20000.00
Gordon Beckham (R)2BSEA@ BOS07:15 EDT-8%Eduardo Rodríguez (L)-000000.000.000--.000-0.0$20000.00
Mike Zunino (R)CSEA@ BOS07:15 EDT-8%Eduardo Rodríguez (L)4300012.$23000.00
David Fletcher (R) SSLAAvs TOR09:07 EDT-0%Marcus Stroman (R)-000000.000.000--.000-9.3$24003.88
Mookie Betts (R)OFBOSvs SEA07:15 EDT-8%Mike Leake (R)9930001.333.333.330.670.222-0.0$49000.00
Mitch Haniger (R) OFSEA@ BOS07:15 EDT-8%Eduardo Rodríguez (L)6600001.$32003.41
Michael Conforto (L) OFNYMvs LA07:15 EDT-4%Clayton Kershaw (L)4400001.$33002.33
Teoscar Hernandez (R) OFTOR@ LAA09:07 EDT-0%Andrew Heaney (L)-000000.000.000--.000-9.9$33003.00
Todd Frazier (R) 3BNYMvs LA07:15 EDT-4%Clayton Kershaw (L)131330104.231.231.390.620.231-8.3$33002.52
Whit Merrifield (R) 2BKC@ HOU07:15 EDT-0%Lance McCullers (R)4400001.$33003.85
Evan Gattis (R) CHOUvs KC07:15 EDT-0%Ian Kennedy (R)7721102.286.286.7101.000.286-13.7$33004.15
Josh Donaldson (R)3BTOR@ LAA09:07 EDT-0%Andrew Heaney (L)5521402.400.4001.0001.400.400-0.0$32000.00
Chris Taylor (R)SSLA@ NYM07:15 EDT-4%Jacob deGrom (R)3321101.667.6671.6702.330.667-0.0$32000.00
Mitch Moreland (L) 1BBOSvs SEA07:15 EDT-8%Mike Leake (R)181751414.294.333.470.800.333-11.0$34003.24
Kendrys Morales (B) 1BTOR@ LAA09:07 EDT-0%Andrew Heaney (L)-000000.000.000--.000-10.3$32003.22
Albert Pujols (R)1BLAAvs TOR09:07 EDT-0%Marcus Stroman (R)4410000.$31000.00
Ian Kinsler (R)2BLAAvs TOR09:07 EDT-0%Marcus Stroman (R)4410000.$31000.00
Randal Grichuk (R) OFTOR@ LAA09:07 EDT-0%Andrew Heaney (L)-000000.000.000--.000-12.2$31003.94
Kyle Seager (L) 3BSEA@ BOS07:15 EDT-8%Eduardo Rodríguez (L)11921124.222.364.560.920.364-11.3$31003.65
Justin Turner (R) 3BLA@ NYM07:15 EDT-4%Jacob deGrom (R)201950102.263.300.420.720.300-9.6$31003.10
Andrelton Simmons (R) SSLAAvs TOR09:07 EDT-0%Marcus Stroman (R)3310000.333.333.330.670.294-11.5$31003.71
Justin Smoak (B)1BTOR@ LAA09:07 EDT-0%Andrew Heaney (L)-000000.000.000--.000-0.0$34000.00
Rafael Devers (L) 3BBOSvs SEA07:15 EDT-8%Mike Leake (R)6531410.600.6671.2001.870.800-10.5$34003.09
Yuli Gurriel (R) 1BHOUvs KC07:15 EDT-0%Ian Kennedy (R)2100010.000.500.000.500.000-10.2$30003.40
Carlos Correa (R) SSHOUvs KC07:15 EDT-0%Ian Kennedy (R)9800012.$40002.58
J.D. Martínez (R) OFBOSvs SEA07:15 EDT-8%Mike Leake (R)131141222.364.462.6401.100.462-16.8$45003.73
Andrew Benintendi (L) OFBOSvs SEA07:15 EDT-8%Mike Leake (R)9830001.375.444.380.820.333-13.0$44002.95
José Altuve (R) 2BHOUvs KC07:15 EDT-0%Ian Kennedy (R)121141113.364.417.7301.140.417-13.7$43003.19
Alex Bregman (R) 3BHOUvs KC07:15 EDT-0%Ian Kennedy (R)-000000.000.000--.000-15.6$42003.71
George Springer (R) OFHOUvs KC07:15 EDT-0%Ian Kennedy (R)9710121.143.333.140.480.222-13.1$41003.20
Nelson Cruz (R) OFSEA@ BOS07:15 EDT-8%Eduardo Rodríguez (L)121011121.100.250.400.650.250-11.6$40002.90
Xander Bogaerts (R)SSBOSvs SEA07:15 EDT-8%Mike Leake (R)121250101.417.417.5801.000.417-0.0$39000.00
Asdrubal Cabrera (B) 2BNYMvs LA07:15 EDT-4%Clayton Kershaw (L)111031111.300.364.600.960.364-10.0$35002.86
Justin Upton (R) OFLAAvs TOR09:07 EDT-0%Marcus Stroman (R)-000000.000.000--.000-13.7$39003.51
Jean Segura (R)SSSEA@ BOS07:15 EDT-8%Eduardo Rodríguez (L)9630220.500.667.8301.500.556-0.0$38000.00
Mike Moustakas (L) 3BKC@ HOU07:15 EDT-0%Lance McCullers (R)141251223.417.500.6701.170.500-9.3$38002.45
Max Muncy (L) 1B/3BLA@ NYM07:15 EDT-4%Jacob deGrom (R)-000000.000.000--.000-9.9$37002.68
Brandon Nimmo (L) OFNYMvs LA07:15 EDT-4%Clayton Kershaw (L)-000000.000.000--.000-11.2$36003.11
Cody Bellinger (L) 1BLA@ NYM07:15 EDT-4%Jacob deGrom (R)3300002.$35002.74
Yangervis Solarte (B) 3B/SSTOR@ LAA09:07 EDT-0%Andrew Heaney (L)-000000.000.000--.000-13.9$35003.97
Wilmer Flores (R) 1BNYMvs LA07:15 EDT-4%Clayton Kershaw (L)151530104.$30003.83
Dee Gordon (L) 2BSEA@ BOS07:15 EDT-8%Eduardo Rodríguez (L)6541200.800.8001.4002.200.800-11.5$30003.83
Rosell Herrera (B) 2B/OFKC@ HOU07:15 EDT-0%Lance McCullers (R)1100001.$24003.58
Russell Martin (R) CTOR@ LAA09:07 EDT-0%Andrew Heaney (L)-000000.000.000--.000-7.8$25003.12
Marwin González (B) 1B/SS/OFHOUvs KC07:15 EDT-0%Ian Kennedy (R)7600011.$25004.32
Jose Briceno (R) CLAAvs TOR09:07 EDT-0%Marcus Stroman (R)-000000.000.000--.000-7.7$25003.08
José Bautista (R) OFNYMvs LA07:15 EDT-4%Clayton Kershaw (L)3310000.333.333.6701.000.333-9.6$25003.84
Brock Holt (L) 2B/SSBOSvs SEA07:15 EDT-8%Mike Leake (R)10940011.444.500.5601.060.400-10.9$25004.36
Chris Young (R)OFLAAvs TOR09:07 EDT-0%Marcus Stroman (R)9900002.$25000.00
Dominic Smith (L)1BNYMvs LA07:15 EDT-4%Clayton Kershaw (L)-000000.000.000--.000-0.0$25000.00
Eduardo Núñez (R) 2BBOSvs SEA07:15 EDT-8%Mike Leake (R)9920000.$25003.60
Juan Graterol (R)CLAAvs TOR09:07 EDT-0%Marcus Stroman (R)3300101.$25000.00
J.D. Davis (R)1BHOUvs KC07:15 EDT-0%Ian Kennedy (R)-000000.000.000--.000-0.0$25000.00
Devin Mesoraco (R) CNYMvs LA07:15 EDT-4%Clayton Kershaw (L)4310011.333.500.330.830.250-8.1$24003.38
Joc Pederson (L) OFLA@ NYM07:15 EDT-4%Jacob deGrom (R)171210054.083.353.170.520.250-11.2$24004.67
Tony Kemp (L)OFHOUvs KC07:15 EDT-0%Ian Kennedy (R)-000000.000.000--.000-0.0$24000.00
Martin Maldonado (R)CLAAvs TOR09:07 EDT-0%Marcus Stroman (R)-000000.000.000--.000-0.0$24000.00
Jackie Bradley Jr. (L) OFBOSvs SEA07:15 EDT-8%Mike Leake (R)121131200.273.333.550.880.333-8.5$24003.54
Adalberto Mondesí (B)2B/SSKC@ HOU07:15 EDT-0%Lance McCullers (R)5400103.$24000.00
Logan Forsythe (R)2BLA@ NYM07:15 EDT-4%Jacob deGrom (R)3300002.$25000.00
Josh Reddick (L) OFHOUvs KC07:15 EDT-0%Ian Kennedy (R)6600001.$25004.12
Lucas Duda (L) 1BKC@ HOU07:15 EDT-0%Lance McCullers (R)-000000.000.000--.000-9.3$30003.10
Kevin Pillar (R) OFTOR@ LAA09:07 EDT-0%Andrew Heaney (L)22200001.0001.0001.0002.000.500-10.6$27003.93
Matt Kemp (R)OFLA@ NYM07:15 EDT-4%Jacob deGrom (R)161640003.250.250.380.630.250-0.0$30000.00
Jorge Soler (R)OFKC@ HOU07:15 EDT-0%Lance McCullers (R)-000000.000.000--.000-0.0$30000.00
Ryon Healy (R) 1BSEA@ BOS07:15 EDT-8%Eduardo Rodríguez (L)121210003.$30004.07
Yasiel Puig (R) OFLA@ NYM07:15 EDT-4%Jacob deGrom (R)141332214.231.286.690.980.357-11.1$29003.83
Salvador Pérez (R) CKC@ HOU07:15 EDT-0%Lance McCullers (R)121153402.455.5001.2701.770.667-9.4$29003.24
Curtis Granderson (L) OFTOR@ LAA09:07 EDT-0%Andrew Heaney (L)3210010.500.667.5001.170.333-12.1$29004.17
Hanley Ramírez (R)1BBOSvs SEA07:15 EDT-8%Mike Leake (R)101041401.400.400.7001.100.476-0.0$28000.00
Amed Rosario (R) SSNYMvs LA07:15 EDT-4%Clayton Kershaw (L)-000000.000.000--.000-8.7$27003.22
Hunter Dozier (R) 1B/3BKC@ HOU07:15 EDT-0%Lance McCullers (R)3311200.333.3331.3301.670.667-4.7$25001.88
Alex Gordon (L) OFKC@ HOU07:15 EDT-0%Lance McCullers (R)131120022.182.308.180.490.231-8.1$27003.00
Kole Calhoun (L) OFLAAvs TOR09:07 EDT-0%Marcus Stroman (R)3311202.333.3331.3301.670.704-8.7$27003.22
Aledmys Diaz (R) SSTOR@ LAA09:07 EDT-0%Andrew Heaney (L)-000000.000.000--.000-8.1$27003.00
Luis Valbuena (L) 3BLAAvs TOR09:07 EDT-0%Marcus Stroman (R)3300000.$26004.42
Kiké Hernández (R) OFLA@ NYM07:15 EDT-4%Jacob deGrom (R)4400001.$26003.46
Denard Span (L)OFSEA@ BOS07:15 EDT-8%Eduardo Rodríguez (L)-000000.000.000--.000-0.0$26000.00
Yasmani Grandal (B) CLA@ NYM07:15 EDT-4%Jacob deGrom (R)141320014.$26003.96
Ramon Torres (B)3B/SSKC@ HOU07:15 EDT-0%Lance McCullers (R)-000000.000.000--.000-0.0$20000.00
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