Welcome To 2024's Ultimate Fantasy Baseball Cheat Sheet!

One of the most important components to winning a fantasy baseball championship is your level of preparation. But no matter how much you research and prep, you still want to have fun while you dominate your fantasy baseball draft, right?

This is where our 2024 Fantasy Baseball Cheat Sheet becomes so powerful.

  • As comprehensive as it is easy-to-use.
  • Available in a printable PDF format.
  • Can be used in all draft types and league formats. This includes 10- and 12-man Dynasty, Rotisserie, Points and Head-To-Head Leagues, as well as both Auction and Snake drafts.
  • Updated as news develops throughout Spring Training.
    • Last updated: March 20, 2024

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Have Fun AND An Advantage With The Fantasy Baseball Cheat Sheet

At this point, many of you have read through most, if not all, of the content here in Fantasy Alarm’s 2024 Fantasy Baseball Draft Guide. Not only do we give you player rankings to reference, an injury report to act off, mock drafts to study, and a variety of fantasy baseball draft strategy articles for every league type, but we also give you all the information you need regarding sleepers, rookies and Dynasty stashes. We even have breakdowns of every single position, and fantasy profiles for every player! 

It's everything you need to dominate your draft.

But do you really want to bring all of this info to your draft?

Of course not! So simplify things on draft day with the Ultimate Fantasy Baseball Draft Cheat Sheet




This fantasy cheat sheet answers the one thing on everyone’s mind during your draft – who do I draft, and when do I take them? If you’re in an auction league, it also answers the question of how much to bid on a particular player.

If you’re an All-Pro subscriber or have purchased the 2024 Draft Guide, you already have access to the Fantasy Baseball Cheat Sheet and can access it here. (NOTE: Your cheat sheet is a printable PDF. When you access it, it will download to your computer. Check your Downloads folder!)

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What Makes This Fantasy Baseball Cheat Sheet The Ultimate Tool On Draft Day? 

The 2024 Fantasy Baseball Cheat Sheet is designed to be the only thing you’ll need in front of you for your draft.

The Cheat Sheet works for virtually all league types and draft format - including 10-man, 12-man and 15-man leagues, auction drafts and snake drafts, and Dynasty, H2H, Points and Rotisserie leagues. (Best Ball players will be happy to see we have a separate, dedicated Best Ball Fantasy Cheat Sheet.)

Best of all, this is a LIVING cheat sheet that will be continuously updated throughout Spring Training. This way, you'll know that your draft guide always reflects the latest depth charts, injury news, and emerging rookies and sleepers that we believe to have upside that exceeds their current values and ADPs.

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What's In The Fantasy Baseball Cheat Sheet?

The 2024 Fantasy Baseball Cheat Sheet has 29 complete rounds in Draft Grid form. In other words, it will tell you who to draft, and when, from a pool of 372 players. 

In addition to the Draft Grid, the fantasy baseball cheat sheet also includes Howard Bender's Fantasy Baseball Positional Player Rankings (mixed, AL-only, NL-only, & Top 350), a Dynasty Top-350, Top-400 Prospects, as well as his favorites rookies, sleepers and busts from the Draft Guide itself.

Like we said, it’s the Ultimate Fantasy Baseball Cheat Sheet. And it's all you need to dominate your draft. Get it now.

How Is The Cheat Sheet Laid Out?

The ordering of the Cheat Sheet's Draft Grid is based on a combination of Howard Bender’s rankings, the latest Top-350, and each player's current ADP. This combination of ADP numbers and rankings creates a round-by-round breakdown of where players should actually be taken.

So if you see someone listed ahead of a player in the cheat sheet, but that player is listed lower in the rankings, then that means their current ADP tells us that if you want that particular player, you may have to reach a round or two to get him. (Dollar values are included as well, so those of you in Auction Drafts will get a solid range of how much you should be spending on a particular player.)



For example, Matt Olson might be ranked as a Top-3 first baseman. But if recent ADP trends say that you do not need to take him in the first round, then the Cheat Sheet's Draft Grid will tell you that you should be able to wait until the late second or, in shallower leagues, the early-to-mid third round.

In other words, this is much, much more than just a set of player rankings.

It's an invaluable tool that will ensure you get the best value at each position throughout your fantasy baseball draft.

So in essence, top targets, sleepers and value plays are already mapped out for you. You can consider this a literal blueprint for your fantasy baseball drafts.

And best of all, the Ultimate Fantasy Baseball Cheat Sheet comes to you for FREE if you already have Fantasy Alarm’s 2024 Fantasy Baseball Draft Guide or an All-Pro subscription.

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Additional Fantasy Baseball Draft Cheat Sheet Details

If you’re still not convinced that this is the ultimate draft-day weapon - or if you simply have questions about what’s inside - here are some additional facts about the Fantasy Alarm Fantasy Baseball Draft Cheat Sheet:

  • League Sizes: 10-team, 12-team and 14-team leagues
  • League Scoring Formats: Our Player Rankings and Draft Grid are based on standard 5x5 rotisserie categories
    • Hitters: AVG, HR, RBI, runs scored, SB
    • Pitchers: W, K, WHIP, ERA, Saves 
  • Layout: Our Fantasy Baseball Cheat Sheet is organized in an easy-to-use “Draft Grid” format. It will take you round-by-round and divide each round into upper and lower tiers. This keeps you organized and lets you see sleepers and value picks at-a-glance. 
  • Format: This is a printable fantasy baseball cheat sheet. You'll download the cheat sheet in PDF format. You’ll want to download a new PDF each time the cheat sheet is updated to see the latest versions and gain the sharpest edge.
  • Player Rankings: The Fantasy Baseball Draft Cheat Sheet has more than 350 Player Rankings. 

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