When making trades, trade from a position of strength. It’s been tougher finding wing players that can produce in multiple categories. If you have enough rebounding strength, trade one of your Center’s. Remember, this is a big time for trading in the NBA and once a trade is made, it will open up multiple rotation’s and guys that we would consider short-term solution’s become more impactful.

Reggie Jackson G DET-35% Ownership: Jackson just returned to action from a major injury and the timing of his return couldn’t be better because Blake Griffin is out for the season and Derrick Rose is on the trading block and if he’s dealt, Jackson’s role will grow. The Pistons will look to still be conservative with Jackson as he gets back into his groove. He’s played in two games since returning from injury and he scored 14-plus points in both games and also grabbed multiple steals. It’s good seeing Jackson move with quickness on both sides of the ball and with Andre Drummond being a permanent post player with no outside shooting ability, having Rose and Jackson on the court together will benefit both from a production and a health standpoint. One will get to spend some time off the ball waiting at the arc while the other attacks the rim. Jackson should be able to start seeing consecutive 20-minute games very soon, but don’t be shocked if for the short-term he gets a rest game every few games.

Christian Wood PF, C DET-35% Ownership: Let’s stick with Detroit because they need outside shooting help from big men that can help stretch the floor. Markieff Morris is an option, but they need him playing the post a bit more because they don’t have a lot of players that will help them pull down boards on both sides of the ball. Wood has hit double figures in scoring and the 20-minute mark in his last three games. He’s grabbed over five boards per game this season and his spot in the rotation is solidified and Thon Maker can’t help as much with scoring or stretching the floor. Wood and Morris will battle for minutes, but the Pistons could be looking to make a trade in the next few weeks and if Wood sticks with them, he’ll likely be in line for more minutes as they are looking to rebuild. Wood has also blocked shots in four of his last five games. Expect him to stick at the arc for most of the possession on offense, but if Drummond is doubled, he’ll cut to the basket. He doesn’t camp out at the arc and that will benefit him because Drummond is very limited offensively.

Marquese Chriss PF, C GSW-2% Ownership: It was shocking when Chriss originally got cut by the Warriors because he was doing an excellent job backing up Willie Cauley-Stein and Kevon Looney has been injured. Chriss now has one less big man to worry about because Cauley-Stein has been traded to Dallas. Chriss should be able to grab at least 20 minutes per game moving forward. He has decent shooting range, but he’ll be tasked to bang for boards and his 5.4 boards per game should rise a bit. He’s actually eclipsed his average in three of his last four games. Chriss has blocked shots and grabbed steals in three of his last five games. He’s even scored in double figures in his last three games. At this point, the Warriors are going big or going home when it comes to the trade market (literally) because they have been linked to Karl-Anthony Towns . If Towns or another big named big man gets dealt to Golden State, Chriss’ role will be reduced heavily, but for now, he’s more than a safe add and his production will improve because of the Cauley-Stein trade.

Willie Cauley-Stein PF, C DAL-40% Ownership: There’s a reason that Dallas traded for him and that reason wasn’t to just let him ride the bench. Maxi Kleber will do a great job stretching the floor, but with no Dwight Powell for the rest of the season, Dallas needs players that will bang the boards and give them second chance scoring opportunities. Kristaps Porzingis plays a lot at the arc and from how deep he shoots from sometimes, there’s no way he can make it to the low-block to crash the boards in time and that is where Cauley-Stein will come in. They clearly aren’t that impressed with Boban Marjanovic and Cauley-Stein should be able to see a true rotation commitment. He’s grabbed over a steal and block per game this season and has grabbed 6.2 rebounds per game. His role will be very similar to the one he had in Golden State (with the same amount of depth competing for minutes). He needs to learn to go up stronger with the ball. Every possession is a post move for him and he needs to just go up with the ball and not be afraid to draw contact and that will result in more points. He helps out enough in other categories and the transition shouldn’t be that difficult for him.

De’Andre Hunter SF ATL-17% Ownership: We’ve seen Hunter slowly improve throughout the season and as much as everyone has appreciated the Vince Carter retirement tour, it’s time to look to the future and give their younger guys more minutes and reps so they can be ready for bigger roles next season. Hunter has scored in double figures in four of his last six games. He’s also hit the 30-minute mark in three of his last four contests. Hunter has been very helpful lately grabbing steals in the lane and has compiled swipes in his last five games. He’s even blocked shots in three of his last four games. His role will certainly grow and by the end of the season he should take over as the third scoring option behind Trae Young and John Collins . Hunter has even grabbed four or more boards in four of his last five games. He’s a safe add at this point and even when Jabari Parker returns to action, he’ll still keep his minutes.

Daniel Theis PF, C BOS-31% Ownership: It’s no secret that the Celtics have a limited amount of big men. Robert Williams and Enes Kanter are both suffering from injuries and it’s down to Theis to be the big man in the middle. He should be seeing minutes in the late 20’s-early 30’s for the next couple of games until Kanter is ready to return. Theis has scored 12 or more points in four of his last five games. He’s blocked shots in his last six games with three of those games being multi-block games. Theis will sacrifice his body in the paint on both sides of the ball. He’s scrappy and he’ll help grab steals. He’s stolen the ball in five of his last six games. Jayson Tatum has also been banged up and even when he’s at full strength, he can’t match up against opposing Center’s and Theis will be called upon to play extended minutes. He can even hit long-range jumpers, but, because of the lack of depth, he’ll need to play more on the low block.

Trevor Ariza SG, SF POR-36% Ownership: Ariza was mentioned as a good pick up a couple of weeks ago and now that he’s in Portland, the situation gets even better. Portland’s perimeter defense has been very weak and Carmelo Anthony won’t provide much relief on that side of the ball from the elbow. The Blazers were smart to bring in one of the best perimeter defenders of the last decade-plus. Ariza scored 21 points and grabbed seven boards and two steals in 36 minutes in his debut with the Blazers. This stat line is very telling that Ariza will be a serious part of the rotation and he’s a must-add at this point. He’ll hit three’s, grab steals and won’t have competition for minutes. He will take care of the Small Forward spot by himself essentially until Zach Collins comes back. His stock will only go up now that he doesn’t have to deal with a lot of wing players like he did in Sacramento. He’s a three-category producer and will help with scoring, steals and even rebounding.

Ian Mahinmi C WSH-11% Ownership: Mahinmi isn’t an exciting player to add but the Wizards still need frontcourt health and until Mo Wagner is ready to return to action, Mahinmi’s minutes are safe and he’ll help with defensive stats. He’s grabbed seven or more boards in his last five games. He’s also blocked multiple shots in two of his last three games. It’s hard boxing him out of the lane because of his big frame and he’s not the quickest player, but with Davis Bertans ability to stretch the floor because of his long range game, Mahinmi will hang in the post. As a last resort, Mahinmi can always pop out to the arc and he’ll hit a three-pointer once in a while. He has also grabbed steals in six of his last seven games. He’s safe for now but when the Wizards are at full strength, look for another option.

Duncan Robinson SG, F MIA-37% Ownership: Robinson has been on a scoring rampage lately as he’s lifted his average to 11.9 point per game. He’s seen a lot of games in which he’s played over 30 minutes per game. He’s scored in double figures in his last seven games and he’s been helpful grabbing long boards. He grabs over three boards per game and because he can fill in at multiple positions, he’s been able to see more minutes in the Heat’s rotation. The Heat’s mid-court has been a bit banged up and Robinson has been the ultimate utility player and bailout shooter for them. He’s hit at least four three-pointers in his last five games. He’s also grabbed steals in two of his last four games. He gets a good amount of shots and until Justise Winslow is ready to return, his minutes are safe.

WILD CARD PICK UP: Malik Monk G CHA-4% Ownership: Devonte’ Graham and Terry Rozier have been handling a lot of the offense because the Hornets haven’t been able to rely on anyone else to give them consistent scoring. Monk’s role has been limited because of how reliant they’ve been on their starters, but he has been brought up in trade rumors and the Hornets can look to showcase him a bit more as we get closer to the NBA trade deadline. Monk has played at least 22 minutes in him last two games and he scored 20 or more points in both of those games. He even blocked shots in both of those games. Does he produce more in garbage time? Yes! His role should grow though over the next few weeks as the Hornets look to unload to rebuild. View Monk as a short-term solution for now and a change of scenery would be beneficial for him.