As we near the All-Star break it’s a great time of the season to examine some hitters quality of contact. We can do that through Statcast’s Expected Slugging Percentage (xSLG), which uses a formulation of exit velocity, launch angle, and occasionally sprint speed. Looking at the expected outcome of balls in play we’re valuing the quality of contact and not solely the outcomes. Any defensive shortcomings are also removed by xSLG. That makes sense, since hitters don’t get to choose the outfield they play that day.


Here are the top 15 batters in SLG-xSLG with a minimum 250 pitches faced. These players have the best contact and poorest luck.


  • Our old friend Kendrys Morales has crept his way to the top of this leaderboard. His approach will have him here forever. 

  • Justin Smoak has been a buy low target of mine for a few weeks so it was great to see him hit two home runs in one of his first games back. Similar to Kendrys, his approach drives much of...