Targets are paramount when it comes to evaluating pass-catchers for fantasy football. There are no air yards, receiving yards, receptions, or touchdowns without first earning a target. And to earn a target, you need to be deemed “open” by the quarterback. It’s one big trickle-down effect. There’s a reason the biggest and most consistent target-earners are near the top of fantasy football ADP: They can be relied on by not just their team’s offense to earn targets and produce on those targets, but that also trickles down to the fantasy managers drafting those pass-catchers and starting them in their lineups each week.

In this season’s Fantasy Football Target Report, we’ll take a weekly team-by-team look into these target earners and separate the wheat from the chaff. To properly lead into what we’ll be looking at this season, we’ll have to establish a baseline of the most important things we’re looking at with targets and other receiving metrics that paint the full picture for who we should be rostering, who we should be adding, and who we can drop. Combing the box score stats doesn’t paint a clear picture of the players we should target, roster, and start. Fantasy football rankings can only paint so much of the picture as well.

Everything we’ll be talking about here and this season in this season’s Fantasy Football Target Report will be some of the best statistics and metrics that correlate with fantasy football production. Think of targets as a page in a coloring book, just the outline yet to be colored. Coloring on that page adds context and flavor to that page. That’s what we’ll be doing with targets — adding more context than just some target totals and saying, “go add this player,” which doesn’t help anybody.

This season, we're adding a video component, so if you want to get some of the juiciest nuggets of the target report in video form, check out the Target Report Bulletpoints for Week 2!





Passes thrown in the direction of a receiver, whether intended or not


Passes caught by a pass-catcher

Rec. Yards

Yards gained from a completed pass by the pass-catcher.


Receiving touchdowns

Air Yards

 The distance between where the pass is thrown from a quarterback to where the intended receiver either catches or doesn’t catch the ball. Caught or not caught, the air yards are recorded regardless.

This statistic is significant for determining the quarterback and coaching staff's predictive value in an offense and their intent.

Air Yards Team Share %

A pass-catcher’s percentage share of a team's air yards in a given week.

Route %

Percentage of routes a pass-catcher runs on a pass play per dropback on their team.

Snap %

Percentage of snaps a pass-catcher plays on an offensive series on their team.

Target Share %

Percentage of targets a pass-catcher receives in a given week on their team.

Yards per Target

Receiving yards a player gets on average per target. YPT is another intent-based metric but more predictive with the more targets a player receives.


Targets per route run (TPRR) is a metric that measures how often a receiver is targeted vs. the amount of routes they run. A higher TPRR means that the player is better at earning targets when he's on the field. A low raw route number or low route % coupled with a high TPRR means that the pass-catcher is efficient at earning targets and could be in line for more routes depending on the team situation.


25%+ TPRRElite

17-18%Close to replacement level

Sub 17%Not fantasy relevant


aDOT is "average depth of target". It’s the average depth of all targets caught or incomplete by a targeted pass-catcher. Shows how a receiver is used in his team’s offense (vertical threat, short area target, etc.)


A metric that contextualizes the efficiency of a pass-catcher with how many receiving yards per route run. It's a much better metric than yards per reception.


WOPR is a weighted average incorporating a player's share of team targets and air yards.


RACR is a ratio dividing receiving yards by total air yards. It measures how many receiving yards a player creates for every air yard thrown at him. The percentage of a team's air yards that a player commands based on his average depth of target and volume of targets. Most RACR numbers for running backs skew wildly by the nature of the running back position, which rarely earns air yards.


Bye Weeks:

  • Week 5: CLE, LAC, SEA, TB
  • Week 6: GB, PIT
  • Week 7: CAR, CIN, DAL, HOU, NYJ, TEN
  • Week 9: DEN, DET, JAX, SF
  • Week 10: KC, LAR, MIA, PHI
  • Week 11: ATL, IND, NE, NO
  • Week 13: BAL, BUF, CHI, LV, MIN, NYG
  • Week 14: ARI, WAS


Always Start Your Studs: These are players you should be starting in all formats, regardless of matchup. Use your judgment in shallower leagues where startable players are plentiful.

Start ‘Em: Players that should be starting most weeks on your fantasy rosters.

Keep Them Rostered: Players that should be rostered in most formats but shouldn't be started unless you’re in a pinch or during bye weeks. Maybe they’re not startable due to various issues like a backup quarterback playing, a player coming back from injury, a contingent running back, or are just unproductive, consistent, or dependable at the moment. League size designations or other designations (bench stash, etc.) will be in parenthesis next to players for deeper leagues. Depending on your league, this is a general recommendation, so use your best judgment.

Example: Parris Campbell (deeper 12 & 14-team), Jerome Ford (bench stash).

Add ‘Em: Players that warrant an add due to circumstances, productivity, or metrics that show they’re being utilized heavily in their offenses. These will usually have a format in which they should be added. 

Listing a player as “12-team leagues” assumes that player also be an addition in deeper 12-team and 14-team formats as well. 

Dump ‘Em: Players that you should be dropping from your rosters. Use your judgment in deeper leagues where players with usefulness on waivers aren’t as plentiful.

Any player not listed in any of these categories for a particular team is assumed to not be rosterable in most fantasy formats.

NFL Target Report

Arizona Cardinals

NamePosTargetsRec.Rec. YardsTDAir YardsAir Yards %Route %Snap %Target Share %Yards per TargetTPRRaDOTYPRRWOPRRACRPlayer RoutesPlayer Snaps
Marquise BrownWR10654110143.0%93.8%93.8%33.3%5.433.3%10.11.800.8010.5353060
Rondale MooreWR11140146.0%62.5%64.1%3.3%14.05.0%14.00.700.0921.0002041
Zach PascalWR1190-3-1.3%21.9%34.4%3.3%9.014.3%-
Michael WilsonWR435604318.3%56.3%43.8%13.3%14.022.2%
Zach ErtzTE865607431.5%78.1%68.8%26.7%7.032.0%
Trey McBrideTE32320166.8%40.6%50.0%10.0%10.723.1%5.32.460.1982.0001332
Geoff SwaimTE     0.0%28.1%43.8%0.0%0.00.0%
James ConnerRB1000-5-2.1%43.8%71.9%3.3%0.07.1%-
Keaontay IngramRB     0.0%12.5%15.6%0.0%0.00.0%
Emari DemercadoRB2270-5-2.1%9.4%12.5%6.7%3.566.7%-2.52.330.085-1.40038

With what may be the worst team and roster in the NFL, the Arizona Cardinals actually played pretty hard for three quarters until they delivered 24 unanswered points to the New York Giants on a silver platter.

Bad teams gonna bad.

The yards per target numbers for Marquise Brown (5.4) and Zach Ertz (7.0) are not great, but it’s kind of to be expected with Joshua Dobbs throwing the ball. Michael Wilson’s routes went from 91% to 56% this week to the benefit of Zach Pascal — seemingly now Arizona’s torch-bearer for the All-Exercise Team — so we can go ahead and drop him from all 12-team leagues.

James Conner still saw the vast majority of snaps (72%) and routes (44%) compared to the other running backs and actually put up a 106-yard effort plus a touchdown. Savor that because up next are Dallas and San Francisco, where Conner may not put up 106 yards and a touchdown total in two games against the NFC’s best.

Week 2 Arizona Cardinals Fantasy Takeaways:

Start Your Studs: N/A

Start ‘Em: Marquise Brown, James Conner

Keep Them Rostered: Rondale Moore, Zach Ertz (deeper 12 & 14-team), Michael Wilson (deeper 14-team)

Add ‘Em: N/A

Dump ‘Em: Michael Wilson (12-team)


Atlanta Falcons

NamePosTargetsRec.Rec. YardsTDAir YardsAir Yards %Route %Snap %Target Share %Yards per TargetTPRRaDOTYPRRWOPRRACRPlayer RoutesPlayer Snaps
Drake LondonWR766715324.5%85.0%81.7%24.1%9.620.6%7.61.970.5341.2643467
Mack HollinsWR636007836.1%57.5%70.7%20.7%10.026.1%13.02.610.5630.7692358
KhaDarel HodgeWR     0.0%15.0%13.4%0.0%0.00.0%
Scott MillerWR     0.0%15.0%12.2%0.0%0.00.0%
Kyle PittsTE521504219.4%87.5%69.5%17.2%3.014.3%8.40.430.3950.3573557
Jonnu SmithTE644703918.1%67.5%67.1%20.7%7.822.2%6.51.740.4371.2052755
MyCole PruittTE     0.0%17.5%46.3%0.0%0.00.0%
John FitzPatrickTE     0.0%0.0%1.2%0.0%0.00.0%
Bijan RobinsonRB5448041.9%77.5%72.0%17.2%9.616.1%0.81.550.27212.0003159
Tyler AllgeierRB     0.0%32.5%43.9%0.0%0.00.0%
Godwin IgwebuikeRB     0.0%0.0%1.2%0.0%0.00.0%
Keith SmithFB     0.0%2.5%20.7%0.0%0.00.0%

First, a fun exercise: an Atlanta Falcons mad lib for any time we all get mad at the Falcons for misusing the players they drafted eighth overall or higher in the last few seasons:

I cannot believe that Arthur Smith would be so [adjective] in Week [number] with how he used [good Falcons player]. It boggles the mind that he would only have [Falcons QB] pass the ball [low number] times but targeted [bad Falcons player] so many times. Arthur Smith deserves to be sent to [proper noun; preferably a famous jail] for everything he's done to this Falcons passing game over the last [number] years. Once Smith gets fired and they hire [literally any other head coach walking], then the Falcons will be relevant in fantasy football. Until then? I will be [adverb] stewing and hoping that Arthur Smith finds his way and cares about using [good Falcons player]. Also, why is Smith giving so many carries to [backup Falcons running back] when Bijan Robinson exists? Get this [pejorative] out of here!

We won’t need this for Drake London this week, who came out of his catchless cave in Week 1 to get involved with a 6-67-1 line on seven targets. That was good! Kyle Pitts (five targets, 2-15) was out-targeted by Jonnu Smith (six targets, 4-47). That was bad.

The worst part about all of this is that they’re 2-0 and unlikely to change a thing. London remains a spotty WR3. Pitts is almost unstartable, even at tight end.

At least Robinson is awesome, as he ran 78% of routes and 72% of snaps on 172 total yards, five receptions, and four receptions. Lock him into your lineups every week. Tyler Allgeier is at least passable as a low-end flex, but this backfield is trending towards Allgeier getting the low-value touches with a sprinkle of touchdown equity based on the pure volume afforded in this offense.

Week 2 Atlanta Falcons Fantasy Takeaways:

Start Your Studs: Bijan Robinson

Start ‘Em: Drake London

Keep Them Rostered: Kyle Pitts, Tyler Allgeier (deeper 12 & 14-team)

Add ‘Em: N/A

Dump ‘Em: N/A


Baltimore Ravens

NamePosTargetsRec.Rec. YardsTDAir YardsAir Yards %Route %Snap %Target Share %Yards per TargetTPRRaDOTYPRRWOPRRACRPlayer RoutesPlayer Snaps
Rashod BatemanWR33180186.0%59.0%58.7%9.1%6.013.0%6.00.780.1781.0002344
Odell BeckhamWR432903913.0%61.5%52.0%12.1%7.316.7%
Zay FlowersWR546206521.7%87.2%77.3%15.2%12.414.7%13.01.820.3790.9543458
Nelson AgholorWR6563110234.0%33.3%32.0%18.2%10.546.2%17.04.850.5110.6181324
Devin DuvernayWR30003612.0%30.8%30.7%9.1%0.025.0%
Tylan WallaceWR     0.0%0.0%1.3%0.0%0.00.0%
Mark AndrewsTE854514214.0%84.6%78.7%24.2%5.624.2%5.31.360.4621.0713359
Isaiah LikelyTE118041.3%23.1%33.3%3.0%8.011.1%4.00.890.0552.000925
Gus EdwardsRB     0.0%28.2%42.7%0.0%0.00.0%
Justice HillRB33120-6-2.0%59.0%57.3%9.1%4.013.0%-2.00.520.122-2.0002343
Patrick RicardFB     0.0%10.3%33.3%0.0%0.00.0%

The Rashod Bateman (three targets, 3-18, 59% routes) usage is pretty scary or comical. Maybe both? In a game where Odell Beckham left and only ran 62% of routes, only then could Bateman earn 90% of routes once he left the game. Nelson Agholor only ran 33% of routes but earned a whopping (and wide receiver-leading) six targets, three rushing attempts and a touchdown on those limited routes. At least Zay Flowers was plenty involved (five targets, 4-62, 87% routes) in Week 2. We have to figure some of the Agholor utilization has to bleed over to Flowers, right?

Mark Andrews made his 2023 debut with 85% routes, a team-leading eight targets, and a 5-45 line with a touchdown. All is well.

It was an even split with the Ravens’ running backs with Gus Edwards (10 carries) and Justice Hill (11, three targets), with Hill carrying more weight in the receiving game. Hill may miss Week 3 with a toe injury, which would lock Edwards into a much bigger role. The team signed Kenyan Drake on Wednesday and may activate him for this coming week because this team hates us all.

Week 2 Baltimore Ravens Fantasy Takeaways:

Start Your Studs: Lamar Jackson, Mark Andrews

Start ‘Em: Zay Flowers, Gus Edwards (startable if Hill misses Week 3, otherwise play in deeper 12 & 14-team)

Keep Them Rostered: Odell Beckham (left Week 2 - ankle), Justice Hill (could miss Week 3 - toe; deeper 12 & 14-team), Gus Edwards (deeper 12 & 14-team), Rashod Bateman (deeper 12-team leagues)

Add ‘Em: N/A

Dump ‘Em: N/A


Buffalo Bills

NamePosTargetsRec.Rec. YardsTDAir YardsAir Yards %Route %Snap %Target Share %Yards per TargetTPRRaDOTYPRRWOPRRACRPlayer RoutesPlayer Snaps
Stefon DiggsWR776603420.9%94.9%87.2%19.4%9.418.9%4.91.780.4381.9413768
Gabe DavisWR769217646.6%84.6%74.4%19.4%13.121.2%10.92.790.6181.2113358
Trent SherfieldWR     0.0%33.3%42.3%0.0%0.00.0%
Deonte HartyWR324095.5%23.1%19.2%8.3%1.333.3%3.00.440.1640.444915
Khalil ShakirWR1111184.9%17.9%15.4%2.8%11.014.3%8.01.570.0761.375712
Dawson KnoxTE5310142.5%64.1%70.5%13.9%2.020.0%0.80.400.2262.5002555
Dalton KincaidTE654303722.7%56.4%59.0%16.7%7.227.3%6.21.950.4091.1622246
Quintin MorrisTE     0.0%10.3%19.2%0.0%0.00.0%
James CookRB44360-4-2.5%53.8%59.0%11.1%9.019.0%-1.01.710.149-9.0002146
Damien HarrisRB     0.0%2.6%17.9%0.0%0.00.0%
Latavius MurrayRB2290-2-1.2%23.1%23.1%5.6%4.522.2%-
Reggie GilliamFB113010.6%5.1%11.5%2.8%3.050.0%1.01.500.0460.00029

Not much to take away here in the passing game where the Bills trounced a less-competitive Raiders team by four touchdowns. 

Stefon Diggs (seven targets, 7-66) is good, Gabe Davis (seven targets, 6-92-1, 47% air yards) earned volume plus led the team in air yards, and Dawson Knox (five targets, 3-10-1, 64% routes) got there with a touchdown. Dalton Kincaid saw a downshift in routes from 76% in Week 1 to 56% in Week 2, but he earned more targets on fewer routes (27% TPRR), so he’s being targeted and prioritized when getting on the field.

James Cook has been what we want as a mid-round upside stab at running back, but in Week 2, while having a 17-123 line while catching all four targets for 36 yards, offensive coordinator Ken Dorsey got cute and gave a bunch of touches to Latavius Murray and Damien Harris inside the 10-yard line. Both Harris and Murray scored touchdowns, which shows that Cook may not have the touchdown equity we thought he’d have after Week 1.

Cook is still an awesome RB2 for fantasy, but we’ll be some mad fantasy managers when Cook rips off huge runs, and we have Murray scoring two touchdowns on the day and Josh Allen running one in himself. Allen was bad enough as a touchdown vulture for the running backs, but adding two more backs to the equation? A bit scary.

Week 2 Buffalo Bills Fantasy Takeaways:

Start Your Studs: Josh Allen, Stefon Diggs

Start ‘Em: James Cook

Keep Them Rostered: Gabe Davis, Dalton Kincaid (borderline 12-team starter), Dawson Knox (deeper 12 & 14-team)

Add ‘Em: N/A

Dump ‘Em: N/A


Carolina Panthers

NamePosTargetsRec.Rec. YardsTDAir YardsAir Yards %Route %Snap %Target Share %Yards per TargetTPRRaDOTYPRRWOPRRACRPlayer RoutesPlayer Snaps
Adam ThielenWR975415928.0%92.3%86.7%29.0%6.025.0%6.61.500.6310.9153652
DJ CharkWR11150104.7%61.5%61.7%3.2%15.04.2%10.00.630.0821.5002437
Jonathan MingoWR9326010549.8%97.4%98.3%29.0%2.923.7%11.70.680.7840.2483859
Terrace MarshallWR     0.0%35.9%36.7%0.0%0.00.0%
Laviska ShenaultWR     0.0%12.8%16.7%0.0%0.00.0%
Hayden HurstTE33200136.2%61.5%55.0%9.7%6.712.5%4.30.830.1881.5382433
Ian ThomasTE     0.0%20.5%31.7%0.0%0.00.0%
Tommy TrembleTE     0.0%12.8%13.3%0.0%0.00.0%
Giovanni RicciTE     0.0%0.0%1.7%0.0%0.00.0%
Miles SandersRB4340199.0%46.2%61.7%12.9%1.022.2%
Chuba HubbardRB5534052.4%48.7%36.7%16.1%6.826.3%1.01.790.2596.8001922

This receiving corps is the stone WORST in the NFL. Jonathan Mingo (nine targets, 3-26, 97% routes) has been pretty bad in his first two games. Adam Thielen (nine targets, 7-54-1, 92% routes) is essentially a tight end running safety valve routes at this stage of his career.

I will need some capitulation on the part of Andrew Cooper for the Miles Sanders takes, as Sanders has been every single part of the dead zone running back profile drafters expected when he settled into the fifth round of most fantasy drafts. We need to adjust our priors here in this bad offense with bad skill position players with a good offensive line that’s underperforming.

(h/t Judah Fortgang)

The offense has to be perfect for Bryce Young to succeed; he’s incredibly accurate when he has an open window, but he’s never getting the open windows. Per Greg Auman, Young is averaging just 4.2 yards per pass attempt -- third-lowest ever for a QB after two games and 50+ passes, behind Billy Joe Tolliver (4.0) and Kyle Boller (3.8). When the offense is condensed and packed in, it is easier for a defense to key in. So Thielen (6.6-yard aDOT) and Hayden Hurst (4.3-yard aDOT) are running very shallow routes and Young is taking them.

I’m staying away from this offense until we see some big-time strides here.

Week 2 Carolina Panthers Fantasy Takeaways:

Start Your Studs: N/A

Start ‘Em: N/A

Keep Them Rostered: Miles Sanders, Adam Thielen, Jonathan Mingo (deeper 12 & 14-team), Hayden Hurst (deeper 12 & 14-team), Chuba Hubbard (deeper 12 & 14-team), D.J. Chark (deeper 12 & 14-team), Bryce Young (deeper 12 & 14-team)

Add ‘Em: N/A

Dump ‘Em: N/A


Chicago Bears

NamePosTargetsRec.Rec. YardsTDAir YardsAir Yards %Route %Snap %Target Share %Yards per TargetTPRRaDOTYPRRWOPRRACRPlayer RoutesPlayer Snaps
DJ MooreWR7610406133.5%94.4%90.4%25.0%14.920.6%
Darnell MooneyWR     0.0%30.6%28.8%0.0%0.00.0%
Chase ClaypoolWR833616334.6%77.8%78.8%28.6%4.528.6%
Tyler ScottWR     0.0%27.8%23.1%0.0%0.00.0%
Velus JonesWR     0.0%5.6%7.7%0.0%0.00.0%
Trent TaylorWR     0.0%47.2%42.3%0.0%0.00.0%
Cole KmetTE643805128.0%61.1%67.3%21.4%6.327.3%8.51.730.5180.7452235
Robert TonyanTE20002212.1%30.6%34.6%7.1%0.018.2%
Marcedes LewisTE     0.0%5.6%15.4%0.0%0.00.0%
Khalil HerbertRB31230-10-5.5%47.2%59.6%10.7%7.717.6%-3.31.350.122-2.3001731
Roschon JohnsonRB22100-5-2.7%38.9%42.3%7.1%5.014.3%-2.50.710.088-2.0001422
Khari BlasingameFB     0.0%5.6%9.6%0.0%0.00.0%

Justin Fields has only FIVE designed runs in two games. He’s also been sacked at the highest rate in the NFL (11.7%). That seems bad. It’s on Fields, it’s on offensive coordinator Luke Getsy, it’s on everybody. You can be as athletic as you want but if you can’t process getting out of Dodge when pressure gets to you, then what are we even doing?

That lack of processing by Fields trickles down to the bottom line of his receivers. DJ Moore (seven targets, 6-104, 94% routes) had a solid day, Darnell Mooney (untargeted) only ran 31% of routes before leaving with a knee bruise, and Chase Claypool led the team in targets (8), but was inefficiency despite salvaging his day with a touchdown on three receptions for 36 yards that nobody benefitted from in fantasy.

With D’Onta Foreman a healthy scratch in Week 2, we thought this would open the door for more Roschon Johnson work and to a degree, that was true. Johnson was close with routes (39%) to Khalil Herbert (47%) and carries (Johnson 4, Herbert 7). Herbert had the clear snap percentage advantage, but it’s clear Chicago wants to prioritize Johnson getting a chunk of the game-planning going forward. 

Week 2 Chicago Bears Fantasy Takeaways:

Start Your Studs: N/A

Start ‘Em: Justin Fields, DJ Moore

Keep Them Rostered: Khalil Herbert, Darnell Mooney (left Week 2 - knee), Roschon Johnson (priority contingent back), Cole Kmet (deeper 12 & 14-team), 

Add ‘Em: N/A

Dump ‘Em: D’Onta Foreman (healthy scratch in Week 2)


Cincinnati Bengals

NamePosTargetsRec.Rec. YardsTDAir YardsAir Yards %Route %Snap %Target Share %Yards per TargetTPRRaDOTYPRRWOPRRACRPlayer RoutesPlayer Snaps
Ja'Marr ChaseWR853103617.1%97.7%98.3%20.5%3.919.0%4.50.740.4280.8614259
Tee HigginsWR12889212559.5%83.7%88.3%30.8%7.433.3%10.42.470.8780.7123653
Tyler BoydWR865202712.9%93.0%91.7%20.5%6.520.0%3.41.300.3981.9264055
Trenton IrwinWR     0.0%20.9%18.3%0.0%0.00.0%
Andrei IosivasWR     0.0%4.7%3.3%0.0%0.00.0%
Irv SmithTE421004019.0%79.1%76.7%10.3%2.511.8%
Drew SampleTE     0.0%20.9%23.3%0.0%0.00.0%
Mitchell WilcoxTE     0.0%4.7%3.3%0.0%0.00.0%
Joe MixonRB54360-7-3.3%65.1%78.3%12.8%7.217.9%-
Trayveon WilliamsRB2240-11-5.2%11.6%16.7%5.1%2.040.0%-5.50.800.040-0.364510
Chase BrownRB     0.0%0.0%1.7%0.0%0.00.0%

While there’s a ton of worry in Cincinnati with Joe Burrow’s calf, Tee Higgins isn’t a worry. Higgins — the same Higgins with eight catchless targets in Week 1 —  blew up for 12 targets and 8-89 with two touchdowns. As the kids say: we’re back.

It’s still the same concentrated passing attack with Ja’Marr Chase (eight targets, 5-31) and Tyler Boyd (eight targets, 6-52) running the majority of routes. But the concern here is Burrow because if he misses a week or two and it’s Jake Browning tossing passes to these guys? It’s a clear downgrade to the entire cohort.

Joe Mixon gets a bunch of work with 86% of all running back opportunities for the Bengals, as usual. He didn’t convert either of his two green-zone touches into touchdowns, as usual.

Week 2 Cincinnati Bengals Fantasy Takeaways:

Start Your Studs: Ja’Marr Chase, Joe Burrow (aggravated calf injury in Week 2), Tee Higgins, Joe Mixon

Start ‘Em: N/A

Keep Them Rostered: Tyler BoydIrv Smith (deeper 12 & 14-team), Trayveon Williams (14-team leagues; contingent back)

Add ‘Em: N/A

Dump ‘Em: N/A


Cleveland Browns

NamePosTargetsRec.Rec. YardsTDAir YardsAir Yards %Route %Snap %Target Share %Yards per TargetTPRRaDOTYPRRWOPRRACRPlayer RoutesPlayer Snaps
Amari CooperWR10790013634.4%84.0%72.4%25.0%9.023.8%
Elijah MooreWR9336012030.4%84.0%77.0%22.5%4.021.4%13.30.860.5500.3004267
Donovan Peoples-JonesWR4170174.3%86.0%87.4%10.0%1.89.3%
Cedric TillmanWR     0.0%10.0%10.3%0.0%0.00.0%
David BellWR3327092.3%20.0%12.6%7.5%9.030.0%3.02.700.1283.0001011
Marquise GoodwinWR20008321.0%16.0%17.2%5.0%0.025.0%
David NjokuTE4448092.3%88.0%85.1%10.0%12.09.1%
Jordan AkinsTE112000.0%8.0%10.3%2.5%2.025.0%0.00.500.0380.00049
Harrison BryantTE200092.3%20.0%29.9%5.0%0.020.0%
Nick ChubbRB     0.0%8.0%20.7%0.0%0.00.0%
Jerome FordRB4325171.8%36.0%49.4%10.0%6.322.2%1.81.390.1623.5711843
Pierre StrongRB100051.3%18.0%14.9%2.5%0.011.1%

Let’s pour one out here for Nick Chubb, who was lost for the rest of 2023 with a multiple ligament tears. Heartbreaking.

Jerome Ford ripped off a 69-yard run as the Chubb replacement, and then Pierre Strong came in with two goal-line carries and got the eventual touchdown. The Browns did sign Kareem Hunt on Wednesday, so we’ll see how this backfield shakes out for the rest of the season, but the team has already said Ford is the lead back for now. I’m inclined to agree and would highly prioritize Ford going forward.

All 32 NFL teams (including Cleveland when Ford went down in training camp with his hamstring injury) had the chance to sign Hunt (money demands notwithstanding) since free agency, and two teams (Minnesota and Indianapolis) have had him in for visits that didn’t go anywhere. The Browns also traded FOR Strong, showing that the team valued something in his skill set vs. just adding a body for depth. I can see this backfield post-Chubb being a 50/30/20 split to some degree, with Ford being the lead dog once Hunt is reacclimated

Amari Cooper (10 targets, 7-90) and Elijah Moore (nine targets, 3-36) ran routes at 84% of dropbacks, with Cooper notably gutting out his performance with a groin injury he almost missed Week 2 with. The bigger issue here is Deshaun Watson, who has been better than his stretch to end 2022 but still not great or anything close to the bill of goods Cleveland thought they were getting when they signed Watson to a $250 million guaranteed contract. He’s been taking a ton of sacks (six in Week 2), threw an interception and lost two fumbles. It’s concerning but hopefully the Raiders and Texans games in the next two weeks can get Watson and the Browns right.

Week 2 Cleveland Browns Fantasy Takeaways:

Start Your Studs: N/A

Start ‘Em: Deshaun Watson, Amari Cooper, David Njoku, Elijah Moore, Jerome Ford (first crack at back) 

Keep Them Rostered: N/A

Add ‘Em: Kareem Hunt (speculative add), Pierre Strong (speculative add)

Dump ‘Em: Nick Chubb (will miss remainder of 2023 - knee)


Dallas Cowboys

NamePosTargetsRec.Rec. YardsTDAir YardsAir Yards %Route %Snap %Target Share %Yards per TargetTPRRaDOTYPRRWOPRRACRPlayer RoutesPlayer Snaps
CeeDee LambWR131114309455.0%92.7%72.4%35.1%11.034.2%7.23.760.9121.5213863
Michael GallupWR21301810.5%82.9%72.4%5.4%1.55.9%
Jalen TolbertWR431805230.4%85.4%67.8%10.8%4.511.4%13.00.510.3750.3463559
KaVontae TurpinWR119031.8%24.4%18.4%2.7%9.010.0%3.00.900.0533.0001016
Jalen BrooksWR     0.0%12.2%17.2%0.0%0.00.0%
Jake FergusonTE4311110.6%48.8%59.8%10.8%2.820.0%0.30.550.16611.0002052
Luke SchoonmakerTE111110.6%9.8%35.6%2.7%1.025.0%
Peyton HendershotTE     0.0%24.4%35.6%0.0%0.00.0%
Tony PollardRB8737074.1%53.7%64.4%21.6%4.636.4%0.91.680.3535.2862256
Rico DowdleRB11170-5-2.9%9.8%20.7%2.7%17.025.0%-
Deuce VaughnRB3316000.0%24.4%14.9%8.1%5.330.0%0.01.600.1220.0001013
Hunter LuepkeRB     0.0%7.3%20.7%0.0%0.00.0%

The Cowboys were a two-man show in the passing game as they sacrificed Michael Gallup (two targets, 1-2) to Sauce Gardner so CeeDee Lamb (13 targets, 11-143, 93% routes) could eat and eat well. Outside of Tony Pollard’s eight targets, nobody else earned more than four targets. Both Luke Schoonmaker and Jake Ferguson caught short touchdowns, but neither particularly matters in fantasy.

Pollard saw a whopping 25 carries and a gargantuan 14 high-value touches (seven receptions, seven green-zone carries) in this one, albeit with an inefficient 2.9 yards per carry, but it was to be expected when the Cowboys carried a big lead and then got Rico Dowdle and Deuce Vaughn involved to shorten up the game.

Week 2 Dallas Cowboys Fantasy Takeaways:

Start Your Studs: CeeDee Lamb, Tony Pollard

Start ‘Em: Brandin Cooks (missed Week 2 - knee), Dak Prescott (borderline 12-team starter)

Keep Them Rostered: Michael Gallup (deeper 12 & 14-team when he’s not locked up by Sauce Gardner), Jake Ferguson (deeper 12 & 14-team)

Add ‘Em: N/A

Dump ‘Em: N/A


Denver Broncos

NamePosTargetsRec.Rec. YardsTDAir YardsAir Yards %Route %Snap %Target Share %Yards per TargetTPRRaDOTYPRRWOPRRACRPlayer RoutesPlayer Snaps
Jerry JeudyWR532504114.4%85.7%68.2%18.5%5.013.9%8.20.690.3790.6103645
Courtland SuttonWR756707225.4%90.5%89.4%25.9%9.618.4%10.31.760.5660.9313859
Marvin MimsWR2211319132.0%14.3%24.2%7.4%56.533.3%45.518.830.3351.242616
Brandon JohnsonWR326625519.4%59.5%45.5%11.1%22.012.0%18.32.640.3021.2002530
Lil'Jordan HumphreyWR2140269.2%23.8%31.8%7.4%2.020.0%13.00.400.1750.1541021
Adam TrautmanTE100041.4%69.0%81.8%3.7%0.03.4%
Chris ManhertzTE     0.0%4.8%31.8%0.0%0.00.0%
Nate AdkinsTE     0.0%2.4%7.6%0.0%0.00.0%
Javonte WilliamsRB3214031.1%26.2%45.5%11.1%4.727.3%
Samaje PerineRB43200-8-2.8%59.5%50.0%14.8%5.016.0%-2.00.800.203-2.5002533
Jaleel McLaughlinRB     0.0%4.8%4.5%0.0%0.00.0%

I do know that when I trade up several spots in the second round of the NFL Draft to select a wide receiver, and he shows flashes of game-breaking ability like, for instance, catching a 60-yard pass in the first quarter. That’s pretty neat! 

A normal head coach would say, “hey, maybe we want to get him on the field more. We traded up for the guy; let’s get more return on this investment.

An abnormal head coach would just play Brandon Johnson (2-66-2) for 60% of routes and have him score two touchdowns on two receptions instead.

If you’re acutely tuned into all things Broncos, we’re, of course, talking about Marvin Mims, the electric rookie who ran a whopping SIX pass routes in Week 2 yet still put up a 2-113-1 line. Nothing against Johnson, but Mims needs to be playing more.

Jerry Jeudy made his 2023 season debut and ran 86% of routes without incident so we can slot him safely into lineups here. The 3-25 line on five targets is not the best, but baby steps. Jeudy will get there.

Javonte Williams (26% routes, 46% snaps) got the Antonio Gibson-adjacent split of routes and snaps with Samaje Perine (60% routes, 50% snaps), but Williams got the bulk of the running back touches, notching 73% of all running back touches on the afternoon. Jaleel McLaughlin sniped the touchdown on his lone rushing attempt, which is bad luck. Still, Williams is the one we want and we should see some ramp-up here with his workload in the coming weeks.

Week 2 Denver Broncos Fantasy Takeaways:

Start Your Studs: Javonte Williams

Start ‘Em: Courtland Sutton, Jerry Jeudy

Keep Them Rostered: Samaje Perine, Russell Wilson, Marvin Mims

Add ‘Em: N/A

Dump ‘Em: Greg Dulcich (placed on short-term IR - hamstring)


Detroit Lions

NamePosTargetsRec.Rec. YardsTDAir YardsAir Yards %Route %Snap %Target Share %Yards per TargetTPRRaDOTYPRRWOPRRACRPlayer RoutesPlayer Snaps
Amon-Ra St. BrownWR7610208429.8%73.0%74.2%20.6%14.625.9%12.03.780.5171.2142749
Kalif RaymondWR324615318.8%40.5%42.4%8.8%15.320.0%
Josh ReynoldsWR656628229.1%81.1%80.3%17.6%11.020.0%
Marvin JonesWR     0.0%59.5%51.5%0.0%0.00.0%
Antoine GreenWR112010.4%10.8%10.6%2.9%2.025.0%1.00.500.0472.00047
Sam LaPortaTE656303211.3%83.8%81.8%17.6%10.519.4%
Brock WrightTE     0.0%18.9%39.4%0.0%0.00.0%
James MitchellTE     0.0%2.7%3.0%0.0%0.00.0%
Jahmyr GibbsRB97390279.6%59.5%48.5%26.5%4.340.9%3.01.770.4641.4442232
David MontgomeryRB117051.8%29.7%45.5%2.9%7.09.1%5.00.640.0571.4001130
Craig ReynoldsRB11-20-2-0.7%13.5%15.2%2.9%-2.020.0%-2.0-0.400.0391.000510
Jason CabindaFB     0.0%5.4%7.6%0.0%0.00.0%

68 points, 800+ total yards in this one by the Lions and Seattle Seahawks as a nice encore to their Week 4 showdown last season that ended 48-45 in favor of the Seahawks. Plenty of fantasy goodness and we love to see it.

Amon-Ra St. Brown (seven targets, 6-102, 73% routes) had the quietest 102-yard outing I can remember, but hey, we’ll take it. Josh Reynolds (six targets, 5-66-2, 81% routes) is plenty viable in fantasy for now before Jameson Williams returns after his suspension.

Sam LaPorta bumped his routes up from 72% in Week 1 to 84% in Week 2, and we love to see him getting more involved. He’s an easy top-12 play going forward.

Jahmyr Gibbs (nine targets, 7-39; seven carries, 17 yards) also bumped his routes up from 25% to a whopping 60% in Week 2 while leading the team in targets in Week 2. That also was helped by David Montgomery leaving the game in the third quarter with a thigh injury, but look. If we can get Gibbs into the 6-to-8 target range and 10+ carries, we’ll be looking at Alvin Kamara-level stuff here going forward. Craig Reynolds did come in and get four touches after Montgomery left and the worry is that Reynolds may get TOO involved, but I cannot see him carrying the full Montgomery role if he remains out. Though it IS Dan Campbell and it wouldn’t fully surprise me if he did.

Week 2 Detroit Lions Fantasy Takeaways:

Start Your Studs: Amon-Ra St. Brown

Start ‘Em: Jahmyr Gibbs, Jared Goff, David Montgomery (left Week 2 - thigh)

Keep Them Rostered: Sam LaPorta, Josh Reynolds (deeper 12-team leagues), Jameson Williams (suspended for 6 games; stash in deeper 12-team leagues)

Add ‘Em: Craig Reynolds (deeper 12 & 14-team)

Dump ‘Em: N/A


Green Bay Packers

NamePosTargetsRec.Rec. YardsTDAir YardsAir Yards %Route %Snap %Target Share %Yards per TargetTPRRaDOTYPRRWOPRRACRPlayer RoutesPlayer Snaps
Romeo DoubsWR323005424.4%78.6%76.0%12.0%10.013.6%18.01.360.3510.5562238
Jayden ReedWR843726127.6%64.3%54.0%32.0%4.644.4%
Samori ToureWR2160198.6%35.7%46.0%8.0%3.020.0%9.50.600.1800.3161023
Dontayvion WicksWR424015926.7%57.1%52.0%16.0%10.025.0%14.82.500.4270.6781626
Malik HeathWR100041.8%17.9%20.0%4.0%0.020.0%
Luke MusgraveTE322502410.9%85.7%88.0%12.0%8.312.5%
Tucker KraftTE     0.0%3.6%4.0%0.0%0.00.0%
Josiah DeguaraTE2250-2-0.9%21.4%38.0%8.0%2.533.3%-1.00.830.114-2.500619
Ben SimsTE     0.0%7.1%10.0%0.0%0.00.0%
AJ DillonRB118041.8%53.6%68.0%4.0%8.06.7%4.00.530.0732.0001534
Emanuel WilsonRB1000-2-0.9%28.6%22.0%4.0%0.012.5%-
Patrick TaylorRB     0.0%3.6%10.0%0.0%0.00.0%

The Packers’ wide receiver group has been a bit hit or miss with Christian Watson out, so Jayden Reed (eight targets, 3-47-2, 64% routes) has rotated in and out with a bunch of players, but when Reed has run his 66% routes on the young season, they’ve been primarily in the slot at a 2 to 1 ratio of slot to outside. Reed leads the team in targets and receiving yards and is tied for the lead in receptions and touchdowns. Reed has been by far the most efficient wide receiver, with 34% targets per route run and 2.24 yards per route run.

In Week 2, he put up a massive 44% targets per route run, so even on a lesser route share than we hoped, the intent of Jordan Love and head coach and play-caller Matt LaFleur is to target him whenever he’s on the field. That 44% essentially boils down to being targeted on almost every other route he runs.

Reed is a receiver to stash away if we can because Reed has plenty of room to grow with his routes and is scheme versatile, a trait LaFleur prioritizes from his receivers. Watson will be back, and Romeo Doubs (three targets, 2-30, 79% routes - led WR in Week 2) will stay involved, but the Packers did use second-round draft capital on Reed, so he’s going to get every chance to grow with Love, who has been pretty good so far with three touchdown passes in each game as fantasy’s QB2.

AJ Dillon might not be that good, folks. He’s essentially a glacier that’s hard to bring down but has the acceleration of Bowser in Mario Kart without the top-end speed. He couldn’t take advantage of his 68% snap share without Aaron Jones and averaged just 3.7 yards per carry in Week 2. If Aaron Jones is out again in Week 3 against a tougher Saints defense, Dillon is really just a touchdown-dependent flex and an anchor on your fantasy lineups if he doesn’t score.

Luke Musgrave (three targets, 2-25) ran 86% of routes but didn’t really do anything, so there’s that.

Week 2 Green Bay Packers Fantasy Takeaways:

Start Your Studs: Aaron Jones (missed Week 2 - hamstring)

Start ‘Em: Christian Watson (missed Week 1 & 2 - hamstring)

Keep Them Rostered: Romeo Doubs, Luke Musgrave, Jayden Reed, AJ Dillon

Add ‘Em: N/A

Dump ‘Em: N/A


Houston Texans

NamePosTargetsRec.Rec. YardsTDAir YardsAir Yards %Route %Snap %Target Share %Yards per TargetTPRRaDOTYPRRWOPRRACRPlayer RoutesPlayer Snaps
Robert WoodsWR967409823.7%87.3%84.5%20.9%8.218.8%10.91.540.4800.7554871
Nico CollinsWR97146111227.1%72.7%63.1%20.9%16.222.5%12.43.650.5031.3044053
John MetchieWR11170153.6%16.4%16.7%2.3%17.011.1%15.01.890.0601.133914
Xavier HutchinsonWR1000133.1%27.3%21.4%2.3%0.06.7%
Tank DellWR1077219522.9%81.8%78.6%23.3%7.222.2%9.51.600.5090.7584566
Dalton SchultzTE743405212.6%70.9%71.4%16.3%4.917.9%7.40.870.3320.6543960
Teagan QuitorianoTE     0.0%5.5%26.2%0.0%0.00.0%
Brevin JordanTE22270235.6%16.4%17.9%4.7%13.522.2%
Dameon PierceRB324010.2%30.9%45.2%7.0%1.317.6%
Devin SingletaryRB1110051.2%36.4%35.7%2.3%10.05.0%5.00.500.0432.0002030
Dare OgunbowaleRB     0.0%21.8%19.0%0.0%0.00.0%
Andrew BeckFB     0.0%5.5%20.2%0.0%0.00.0%

The beneficiary of a relative innocuous injury to Noah Brown, short king summer continues on with Tank Dell as he saw a noticeable routes bump from 46% in Week 1 to 82% in Week 2. Dell put up seven catches, 72 yards, and a touchdown on 10 targets. The one thing that’s in his favor going forward is the fact that Houston and offensive coordinator Bobby Slowik are not afraid to let rookie QB C.J. Stroud air it out, as the Texans have had 50 dropbacks in both games so far. Helping to foster that passing game growth is the Texans playing the third-most plays per game (75) and the third-highest concentration of total targets to the wide receiver position at 70%.

Dell should be running a large route as a primary outside player, where he played 70% of his snaps in Week 2. A big knock on Dell is his size: he’s 5’8, 165 pounds, but he was dominant in college at Houston with 36% and 38% dominator ratings in his sophomore and junior seasons before declaring for the NFL.

With Nico Collins (7-146-1, 73% routes - a tad low) balling out as the current WR6 in fantasy points per game and Robert Woods (6-74, nine targets, 87% routes) as the WR32, the Houston Texans are in some uncharted territory with having multiple wide receivers being viable in fantasy, but if the Texans are going to pass so heavily this season, it’s going to be fruitful for multiple pieces in this offense per week.

Dameon Pierce (45% snaps, 31% routes) is sharing a ton of his workload with elite pass-blocker Devin Singletary (35% snaps, 36% routes) and garbage time janitor Dare Ogunbowale (19% snaps, 21% routes) and that’s not good at all for Pierce’s bottom line in fantasy. Add in offensive line woes (missed four starters in Week 2), and you’ve got a running back sliding downhill fast and unable to pull himself back up.

Week 2 Houston Texans Fantasy Takeaways:

Start Your Studs: N/A

Start ‘Em: Nico Collins

Keep Them Rostered: Dameon Pierce, Robert Woods, Tank Dell, C.J. Stroud (bonafide streamer)

Add ‘Em: Tank Dell (all leagues)

Dump ‘Em: N/A


Indianapolis Colts

NamePosTargetsRec.Rec. YardsTDAir YardsAir Yards %Route %Snap %Target Share %Yards per TargetTPRRaDOTYPRRWOPRRACRPlayer RoutesPlayer Snaps
Michael PittmanWR1285606746.2%97.1%98.2%38.7%4.735.3%5.61.650.9040.8363456
Alec PierceWR222802315.9%100.0%100.0%6.5%14.05.7%11.50.800.2081.2173557
Josh DownsWR543702617.9%77.1%75.4%16.1%7.418.5%5.21.370.3671.4232743
Isaiah McKenzieWR1170-6-4.1%2.9%3.5%3.2%7.0100.0%-
Mo Alie-CoxTE11150-2-1.4%28.6%40.4%3.2%15.010.0%-2.01.500.039-7.5001023
Kylen GransonTE43161106.9%71.4%64.9%12.9%4.016.0%2.50.640.2421.6002537
Will MalloryTE224902718.6%20.0%19.3%6.5%24.528.6%
Zack MossRB4419000.0%94.3%98.2%12.9%4.812.1%0.00.580.1940.0003356

Anthony Richardson ran two touchdowns in early in Week 2 and we thought he was going to burn DFS and fantasy football to the ground as the clear “guy you needed to have”. Unfortunately, he had to leave the game due to the hit he took on his second touchdown.

Gardner Minshew came in and played game manager the rest of the way. Minshew is a much better passer than Richardson so it was a net positive for the passing game and namely Michael Pittman (team-leading 12 targets, 8-56, 97% routes) who has turned into a big-time target-earner with 23 targets in two weeks. Obviously, he’s a must-start moving forward.

Zack Moss took all but ONE snap and every rush attempt, minus the ones Richardson had earlier before he left. Moss showed some surprising efficiency with an 18-rush, 88-yard line plus a touchdown while chipping in the passing game by catching all four of his targets. Clearly, Moss is a must-start option in some capacity and it shows how much Deon Jackson is in the doghouse after two fumbles in Week 1, as he only earned one snap — on special teams.

Week 2 Indianapolis Colts Fantasy Takeaways:

Start Your Studs: Michael Pittman

Start ‘Em: Anthony Richardson (left Week 2 - concussion), Zack Moss

Keep Them Rostered: Jonathan Taylor (PUP until Week 5)

Add ‘Em: Zack Moss (all leagues)

Dump ‘Em: Deon Jackson (played only one snap on special teams in Week 2)


Jacksonville Jaguars

NamePosTargetsRec.Rec. YardsTDAir YardsAir Yards %Route %Snap %Target Share %Yards per TargetTPRRaDOTYPRRWOPRRACRPlayer RoutesPlayer Snaps
Calvin RidleyWR823207327.2%76.0%78.8%19.5%4.021.1%9.10.840.4830.4383852
Christian KirkWR141111007728.7%86.0%81.8%34.1%7.932.6%5.52.560.7131.4294354
Zay JonesWR60008431.3%64.0%65.2%14.6%0.018.8%
Jamal AgnewWR115051.9%42.0%36.4%2.4%5.04.8%
Tim JonesWR     0.0%8.0%9.1%0.0%0.00.0%
Evan EngramTE855702810.4%78.0%74.2%19.5%7.120.5%3.51.460.3662.0363949
Luke FarrellTE     0.0%22.0%28.8%0.0%0.00.0%
Brenton StrangeTE     0.0%16.0%25.8%0.0%0.00.0%
Travis EtienneRB3220-4-1.5%62.0%72.7%7.3%0.79.7%-
Tank BigsbyRB     0.0%20.0%18.2%0.0%0.00.0%
D'Ernest JohnsonRB119051.9%10.0%9.1%2.4%9.020.0%5.01.800.0501.80056

Zay Jones (six catchless targets, 64% routes) left this game early, so Christian Kirk (team-leading 14 targets, 11-110, 86% routes), who we touted as a declining workload player last week, saw his routes bump up and he paced the Jaguars in every receiving column. 

Perhaps I jumped the gun here with Kirk’s utilization, but it’s looking like in games where the Jaguars are in more 11-personnel (trailing and neutral scripts vs. leading scripts when it’s heavier personnel), Kirk should be on the field much more. 

Calvin Ridley (eight targets, 2-32, 76% routes) had a tough day but the Chiefs’ defense is pretty damn good apparently. Evan Engram (eight targets, 5-57, 78% routes) had a solid day, but in a game where Jacksonville scored just nine total points, better days are ahead for the entire cohort.

Travis Etienne saw 15-of-17 running back touches in Week 2 and Tank Bigsby didn’t log an offensive touch with D’Ernest Johnson factoring in for the other two running back touches. Etienne is head and shoulders above the pack here in this running game and despite a quiet game (42 total yards), is dominating this Jaguars backfield.

Week 2 Jacksonville Jaguars Fantasy Takeaways:

Start Your Studs: Calvin Ridley, Travis EtienneTrevor Lawrence

Start ‘Em: Christian Kirk, Evan Engram, Zay Jones (deeper 12 and 14-team leagues)

Keep Them Rostered: Tank Bigsby (contingent play)

Add ‘Em: N/A

Dump ‘Em: N/A


Kansas City Chiefs

NamePosTargetsRec.Rec. YardsTDAir YardsAir Yards %Route %Snap %Target Share %Yards per TargetTPRRaDOTYPRRWOPRRACRPlayer RoutesPlayer Snaps
Kadarius ToneyWR55350-2-0.7%33.3%28.4%12.8%7.033.3%-0.42.330.187-17.5001519
Skyy MooreWR437015720.6%73.3%58.2%10.3%17.512.1%
Marquez Valdes-ScantlingWR32130279.7%86.7%82.1%7.7%4.37.7%9.00.330.1840.4813955
Rashee RiceWR22200114.0%13.3%14.9%5.1%10.033.3%5.53.330.1051.818610
Richie JamesWR100062.2%6.7%7.5%2.6%0.033.3%
Justyn RossWR     0.0%11.1%13.4%0.0%0.00.0%
Justin WatsonWR5362011943.0%60.0%49.3%12.8%12.418.5%23.82.300.4930.5212733
Travis KelceTE942615319.1%57.8%64.2%23.1%2.934.6%
Noah GrayTE33380114.0%42.2%58.2%7.7%12.715.8%
Blake BellTE     0.0%6.7%22.4%0.0%0.00.0%
Isiah PachecoRB2100-3-1.1%46.7%52.2%5.1%0.09.5%-
Jerick McKinnonRB3324000.0%28.9%31.3%7.7%8.023.1%0.01.850.1150.0001321
Clyde Edwards-HelaireRB22170-2-0.7%20.0%16.4%5.1%8.522.2%-1.01.890.072-8.500911

Thank the lord for Travis Kelce (nine targets, 4-26-1, 58% routes) being back because this Chiefs’ wide receiver room is getting pretty irritating to parse. Kelce’s 58% routes should ramp up as he gets healthier, but at least there’s one set-and-forget option here. Let’s sort through these receivers:

  • Marquez Valdes-Scantling (2-13, 87% routes) is bad and runs cardio.
  • Skyy Moore (four targets, 3-70-1) caught a touchdown and caught a long gain, but only had a 12% TPRR on the day.
  • Rashee Rice (two targets, 2-20) only ran 13% of routes somehow after being maybe the best receiver in Week 1.
  • Justin Watson led the team in air yards (119) and earned five targets on 60% of routes.
  • Kadarius Toney earned five targets on just 33% of routes (33.3% TPRR), so there’s efficiency lurking.

It’s one big rotation of receivers and if I was going to pin my hopes and dreams on one, it’s… Toney? Maybe? It sucks.

As for the running backs, Isiah Pacheco saw 66% of running back opportunities thanks to his 12 carries, but Jerick McKinnon and Clyde Edwards-Helaire both siphoned off 29% and 20% of routes to what ended up being little production. It’s very hard to start the latter two, but Pacheco has the most touchdown equity here, so we’ll clearly be starting him here unless we see the carries trickle over.

Week 2 Kansas City Chiefs Fantasy Takeaways:

Always Play Your Studs: Travis Kelce, Patrick Mahomes

Start ‘Em: Isiah Pacheco

Keep Them Rostered: Kadarius Toney, Skyy Moore, Jerick McKinnon (deeper 12 & 14-team leagues), Rashee Rice (deeper 12 & 14-team)

Add ‘Em: N/A

Dump ‘Em: N/A


Las Vegas Raiders

NamePosTargetsRec.Rec. YardsTDAir YardsAir Yards %Route %Snap %Target Share %Yards per TargetTPRRaDOTYPRRWOPRRACRPlayer RoutesPlayer Snaps
Davante AdamsWR868418943.6%100.0%92.5%34.8%10.532.0%11.13.360.8270.9442537
Hunter RenfrowWR112302311.3%76.0%65.0%4.3%23.05.3%
Tre TuckerWR10004220.6%20.0%22.5%4.3%0.020.0%
DeAndre CarterWR1000146.9%20.0%22.5%4.3%0.020.0%
Kristian WilkersonWR     0.0%72.0%72.5%0.0%0.00.0%
Austin HooperTE22200157.4%56.0%42.5%8.7%10.014.3%7.51.430.1821.3331417
Michael MayerTE112021.0%36.0%40.0%4.3%2.011.1%
Josh JacobsRB65510178.3%60.0%72.5%26.1%8.540.0%2.83.400.4503.0001529
Zamir WhiteRB     0.0%4.0%15.0%0.0%0.00.0%
Ameer AbdullahRB315021.0%20.0%15.0%13.0%1.760.0%
Jakob JohnsonFB     0.0%4.0%20.0%0.0%0.00.0%

This Raiders offense is centered around two players for Week 2 and only two players: Davante Adams and Josh Jacobs.

Those are the best players, and when Jakobi Meyers returns, he’ll be a locked-in third option, but the Raiders are so poorly constructed, and their depth is beyond terrible. Also, the on-purpose decision to trot Austin Hooper (two targets, 2-20) out there on 51%+ routes over the last two weeks encapsulates just how unserious the Raiders are this season when Michael Mayer — and his one target through two weeks — exists.

Adams (eight targets, 6-84-1, 100% routes) is good, as usual. Jacobs was outright horrible, with -2 rushing yards on nine carries. The workload is there for Jacobs, but 2022 looks like a clear outlier after just two games. Lots of time to right the ship, but I’m pretty concerned overall.

Week 2 Las Vegas Raiders Fantasy Takeaways:

Start Your Studs: Davante Adams (left Week 2 - concussion), Josh Jacobs

Start ‘Em: Jakobi Meyers (missed Week 2 - concussion)

Keep Them Rostered: N/A

Add ‘Em: N/A

Dump ‘Em: Michael Mayer (may earn more of a role over Austin Hooper, but routes only bumped up marginally from Week 1 (31%) to Week 2 (36%), so unless you have deep benches, I wouldn’t be holding a TE stash in most formats)


Los Angeles Chargers

NamePosTargetsRec.Rec. YardsTDAir YardsAir Yards %Route %Snap %Target Share %Yards per TargetTPRRaDOTYPRRWOPRRACRPlayer RoutesPlayer Snaps
Keenan AllenWR108111210726.4%97.7%94.1%25.6%11.123.3%10.72.580.5691.0374364
Mike WilliamsWR13883016039.4%88.6%89.7%33.3%6.433.3%
Quentin JohnstonWR53130194.7%20.5%14.7%12.8%2.655.6%3.81.440.2250.684910
Joshua PalmerWR21704511.1%63.6%54.4%5.1%3.57.1%
Derius DavisWR     0.0%11.4%16.2%0.0%0.00.0%
Gerald EverettTE33470204.9%34.1%41.2%7.7%15.720.0%
Donald ParhamTE2170317.6%43.2%50.0%5.1%3.510.5%15.50.370.1300.2261934
Tre' McKittyTE     0.0%2.3%7.4%0.0%0.00.0%
Stone SmarttTE11240215.2%25.0%32.4%2.6%24.09.1%
Joshua KelleyRB100041.0%65.9%79.4%2.6%0.03.4%
Isaiah SpillerRB     0.0%6.8%5.9%0.0%0.00.0%
Elijah DotsonRB22130-1-0.2%9.1%13.2%5.1%6.550.0%-

The Chargers were highly condensed with their passing game in Week 2, as Keenan Allen (10 targets, 8-111-2, 98% routes) and Mike Williams (team-leading 13 targets, 8-83, 89% of routes) combined for a whopping 59% of the team’s targets. For some reason, Joshua Palmer (two targets, 1-7, 64% routes) is running cardio routes at the expense of first-round pick Quentin Johnston, who could only get on the field for 21% of routes despite earning five targets (3-13). The target earning (56% TPRR) is encouraging, but we need the routes to bump up for it to be anything we can use in fantasy.

Go ahead and drop Gerald Everetthis 34% routes were eclipsed by Donald Parham’s 43%. The dream is dead.

With Austin Ekeler out, Joshua Kelley stumbled his way into 66% of all running back opportunities on the afternoon, and that was only good for 39 total yards. It was a tough matchup, but I’d make that bet again, considering the Titans’ pass funnel and the amount of high-value touches afforded to the Chargers backfield in most weeks besides Ekeler’s allotment.

Week 2 Los Angeles Chargers Fantasy Takeaways:

Start Your Studs: Justin Herbert, Austin Ekeler (missed Week 2 - ankle), Keenan Allen

Start ‘Em: Mike Williams

Keep Them Rostered: Joshua Kelley, Joshua Palmer (deeper 12 & 14-team leagues), Quentin Johnson (deeper 12 & 14-team leagues)

Add ‘Em: N/A

Dump ‘Em: Gerald Everett (we’re not doing this again)


Los Angeles Rams

NamePosTargetsRec.Rec. YardsTDAir YardsAir Yards %Route %Snap %Target Share %Yards per TargetTPRRaDOTYPRRWOPRRACRPlayer RoutesPlayer Snaps
Van JeffersonWR41907622.8%81.7%82.5%7.7%2.38.2%
Tutu AtwellWR9777010230.6%98.3%93.8%17.3%8.615.3%11.31.310.4740.7555975
Puka NacuaWR2015147012838.4%86.7%86.3%38.5%7.438.5%6.42.830.8461.1485269
Ben SkowronekWR1110020.6%18.3%25.0%1.9%10.09.1%2.00.910.0335.0001120
Demarcus RobinsonWR     0.0%10.0%7.5%0.0%0.00.0%
Austin TrammellWR     0.0%1.7%1.3%0.0%0.00.0%
Tyler HigbeeTE73120257.5%86.7%92.5%13.5%1.713.5%
Brycen HopkinsTE     0.0%8.3%11.3%0.0%0.00.0%
Kyren WilliamsRB10648110.3%86.7%95.0%19.2%4.819.2%0.10.920.29148.0005276
Ronnie RiversRB1140-1-0.3%3.3%5.0%1.9%4.050.0%-

The NFL scriptwriters have been on one in two games. I mean, Puka Nacua with 20 targets after 15 last week? He’s a must-start in any fantasy football league on the planet.

As we all expected, the RB2 in fantasy football behind Christian McCaffrey is… Kyren Williams? Williams has four touchdowns on the season after two games, but following a Jay Glazer report 10 minutes before kickoff, Cam Akers was a healthy scratch, leaving the backfield to Williams against the 49ers. Williams ran every snap but four in Week 2 — 95% snaps — while averaging 22.7 fantasy points in two games. He also ran a massive 87% of routes and earned 10 targets, which would look a tad better if it weren’t for Nacua earning 20 by himself. This is McCaffrey-level usage out of Williams, and with Akers likely out of the picture and nobody else behind him, we have to be bullish here.

Williams is a must-start top-12 running back going forward in all formats, even if the rushing side of the equation doesn’t come along for the ride; it doesn’t even have to. Williams has target-earning upside every single week. Consider him as CMC-lite in terms of how he’s being used in this ascending and interesting offense with a healthy Matthew Stafford, Nacua, Tutu Atwell (nine targets, 7-77, 98% routes) and a potential Cooper Kupp return. The Rams can move the ball, and Williams will be one of the main cogs.

Week 2 Los Angeles Rams Fantasy Takeaways:

Start Your Studs: Cooper Kupp (IR - hamstring; eligible to return in Week 5), Puca Nacua

Start ‘Em: Kyren Williams

Keep Them Rostered: Tutu Atwell, Matthew StaffordTyler HigbeeVan Jefferson (deeper 12 and 14-team), Cam Akers (roster hold - healthy scratch in Week 2; trade rumors swirling and likely played his last snap for Rams)

Add ‘Em: N/A

Dump ‘Em: N/A


Miami Dolphins

NamePosTargetsRec.Rec. YardsTDAir YardsAir Yards %Route %Snap %Target Share %Yards per TargetTPRRaDOTYPRRWOPRRACRPlayer RoutesPlayer Snaps
Tyreek HillWR9540112747.0%93.9%85.7%31.0%4.429.0%
Jaylen WaddleWR648607226.7%78.8%73.0%20.7%14.323.1%12.03.310.4971.1942646
Braxton BerriosWR322803111.5%51.5%33.3%10.3%9.317.6%10.31.650.2360.9031721
Erik EzukanmaWR100083.0%12.1%15.9%3.4%0.025.0%
River CracraftWR22340207.4%24.2%28.6%6.9%17.025.0%
Durham SmytheTE33230197.0%97.0%96.8%10.3%7.79.4%6.30.720.2041.2113261
Tyler KroftTE     0.0%0.0%4.8%0.0%0.00.0%
Raheem MostertRB1160-4-1.5%60.6%73.0%3.4%6.05.0%-4.00.300.041-1.5002046
De'Von AchaneRB114031.1%9.1%9.5%3.4%4.033.3%3.01.330.0601.33336
Salvon AhmedRB33280-6-2.2%21.2%19.0%10.3%9.342.9%-
Alec IngoldFB     0.0%36.4%60.3%0.0%0.00.0%

Even in quieter games from arguably the most dynamic wide receiver duo in the NFL, Tyreek Hill (nine targets, 5-40-1) and Jaylen Waddle (six targets, 4-86) still dominate with a combined 52% target share on the Dolphins. No other Dolphin notched more than 34 yards or three targets here against the Patriots. 

It's very important to note that Waddle did enter concussion protocol, so there’s a chance he could miss Week 3’s home opener vs. Denver. If Waddle does miss time, that could mean a whole lot of targets for Hill, but I’d take a one-week stab on River Cracraft in deeper formats or DFS and not Braxton Berrios, as Cracraft would be more of the direct replacement for Waddle on the outside while Berrios would stay in the slot where he’s been.

Raheem Mostert was awesome with two touchdowns and 121 yards on the ground. Keep him fired up, even with reports of De’Von Achane getting more involved with the offense if Salvon Ahmed (groin) can’t go in Week 4.

Week 2 Miami Dolphins Fantasy Takeaways:

Start Your Studs: Tyreek Hill, Jaylen Waddle (left Week 2 - concussion), Tua Tagovailoa

Start ‘Em: Raheem Mostert 

Keep Them Rostered: Durham Smythe (deeper 12 and 14-team leagues), Jeff Wilson (IR - rib/finger), DeVon Achane

Add ‘Em: N/A

Dump ‘Em: N/A


Minnesota Vikings

NamePosTargetsRec.Rec. YardsTDAir YardsAir Yards %Route %Snap %Target Share %Yards per TargetTPRRaDOTYPRRWOPRRACRPlayer RoutesPlayer Snaps
Justin JeffersonWR1311159013539.2%100.0%100.0%30.2%12.228.3%10.43.460.7281.1784658
Jordan AddisonWR537219828.5%78.3%69.0%11.6%14.413.9%
K.J. OsbornWR633415816.9%95.7%96.6%14.0%5.713.6%9.70.770.3270.5864456
Jalen NailorWR     0.0%0.0%1.7%0.0%0.00.0%
T.J. HockensonTE876625516.0%80.4%86.2%18.6%8.321.6%6.91.780.3911.2003750
Josh OliverTE3213000.0%15.2%34.5%7.0%4.342.9%0.01.860.1050.000720
Johnny MundtTE     0.0%2.2%1.7%0.0%0.00.0%
Alexander MattisonRB6311030.9%65.2%75.9%14.0%1.820.0%0.50.370.2153.6673044
Ty ChandlerRB2290-5-1.5%8.7%12.1%4.7%4.550.0%-
C.J. HamFB     0.0%23.9%22.4%0.0%0.00.0%

Justin Jefferson (13 targets, 11-159) is a stud and is averaging 25.5 fantasy points per game WITHOUT a touchdown.

Jordan Addison (five targets, 3-72-1) is also really freaking food and his routes shot up from 66% in Week 1 to 78% in Week 2. A “flippening” with K.J. Osborn (six targets, 3-34-1, 96% routes) is totally happening very soon.

On the receiving end of two touchdowns was T.J. Hockenson (eight targets, 7-66-2, 80% routes), so he is also, in fact, really good.

Alexander Mattison (eight carries, 28 yards, 3.5 YPC) is a false prophet for the running dead zone contingent that also drafted Miles Sanders and James Conner, but salvation is on the way in the form of former Kevin O’Connell disciple Cam Akers, who was acquired in a 2026 pick swap.

Akers has not been great himself, as he was skipped over any meaningful role with the Rams in favor of Kyren Williams, so Akers looks to make a fresh start in Minnesota to pal around with Mattison in an old-fashioned mid-off.

I don’t know who will win here or if anybody truly wins here in the Minnesota backfield, but the memes will be cooking, that’s for sure. Pour one out for my guy Ty Chandler, as he looks to be cooked with the Akers acquisition.

Week 2 Minnesota Vikings Fantasy Takeaways:

Start Your Studs: Justin Jefferson, T.J. Hockenson

Start ‘Em: Kirk Cousins, Jordan Addison, Alexander Mattison (deeper 12-team)

Keep Them Rostered: K.J. Osborn (deeper 12 and 14-team), Cam Akers (newly acquired by Vikings)

Add ‘Em: N/A

Dump ‘Em: Ty Chandler (the unfortunate loser of the Cam Akers addition)


New England Patriots

NamePosTargetsRec.Rec. YardsTDAir YardsAir Yards %Route %Snap %Target Share %Yards per TargetTPRRaDOTYPRRWOPRRACRPlayer RoutesPlayer Snaps
JuJu Smith-SchusterWR65280174.5%57.4%62.2%14.3%4.722.2%
DeVante ParkerWR865705213.8%95.7%97.3%19.0%7.117.8%
Kendrick BourneWR9429018448.7%55.3%51.4%21.4%3.234.6%
Demario DouglasWR2219010.3%10.6%9.5%4.8%9.540.0%0.53.800.07319.00057
Hunter HenryTE765215915.6%91.5%91.9%16.7%7.416.3%
Mike GesickiTE653307419.6%78.7%71.6%14.3%5.516.2%12.30.890.3510.4463753
Pharaoh BrownTE     0.0%4.3%10.8%0.0%0.00.0%
Rhamondre StevensonRB33100-3-0.8%57.4%73.0%7.1%3.311.1%-1.00.370.102-3.3332754
Ezekiel ElliottRB     0.0%23.4%29.7%0.0%0.00.0%
Ty MontgomeryRB1000-6-1.6%4.3%4.1%2.4%0.050.0%-

The Patriots have been… something so far this season. They’re passing at a 71% clip — fourth-highest in the NFL so far — which is way more pass-heavy than they’ve been in some time. 105 dropbacks in two games is a LOT. And yet, there’s not much to show for it with the pass-catchers outside of Hunter Henry (seven targets, 6-52-1, 92% routes), who runs a ton of routes. Only Henry and DeVante Parker (eight targets, 6-57, 96% routes) ran over 90% of routes in Week 2.

Both JuJu Smith-Schuster (six targets, 5-28) and Kendrick Bourne (nine targets, 4-29, 184 air yards) were heavily targeted but on about 56% of routes apiece, which makes it harder to lock into the heavy passing volume for New England. Mike Gesicki played 79% of routes, too. He was targeted six times, so Henry and Gesicki are seeing a lot of time on the field together, with Gesicki essentially playing wide receiver. Henry is certainly startable, but Gesicki could be a dart throw even in 12-team leagues if tight end is a wasteland on your roster.

Rhamondre Stevenson is still a stud, earning targets, getting 78% of the running back touches and scoring a touchdown. All is well despite some inefficiency (3.3 yards per carry) in Week 2.

Week 2 New England Patriots Fantasy Takeaways:

Start Your Studs: Rhamondre Stevenson

Start ‘Em: N/A

Keep Them Rostered: Hunter Henry, Kendrick Bourne (deeper 12-team), Ezekiel Elliott (deeper 12 & 14-team), JuJu Smith-Schuster (deeper 12 & 14-team), Mike Gesicki (deeper 12 & 14-team)

Add ‘Em: N/A

Dump ‘Em: N/A


New Orleans Saints

NamePosTargetsRec.Rec. YardsTDAir YardsAir Yards %Route %Snap %Target Share %Yards per TargetTPRRaDOTYPRRWOPRRACRPlayer RoutesPlayer Snaps
Chris OlaveWR11686013549.5%95.1%79.2%32.4%7.828.2%
Michael ThomasWR975508029.3%90.2%77.9%26.5%6.124.3%8.91.490.6020.6883760
Rashid ShaheedWR446304516.5%65.9%49.4%11.8%15.814.8%11.32.330.2921.4002738
Keith KirkwoodWR1000103.7%12.2%22.1%2.9%0.020.0%
Juwan JohnsonTE32130124.4%75.6%80.5%8.8%4.39.7%4.00.420.1631.0833162
Foster MoreauTE2220031.1%19.5%46.8%5.9%10.025.0%1.52.500.0966.667836
Taysom HillTE21-10-8-2.9%29.3%40.3%5.9%-0.516.7%-4.0-0.080.0680.1251231
Jimmy GrahamTE     0.0%9.8%13.0%0.0%0.00.0%
Jamaal WilliamsRB     0.0%12.2%23.4%0.0%0.00.0%
Tony JonesRB2000-4-1.5%34.1%51.9%5.9%0.014.3%-
Adam PrenticeFB     0.0%22.0%23.4%0.0%0.00.0%

This game was easily the worst island game of the year so far against the Panthers, but there were a couple things we can take away here.

Jamaal Williams left early on with a hamstring injury, so this became a Taysom Hill (nine carries, 75 yards) game for a stretch, with Tony Jones coming on with 12 carries and two touchdowns. Jones isn’t very good, and Kendre Miller is the likely starter in Week 3, as it’s highly unlikely Williams will go.

Chris Olave (11 targets, 6-86, 95% routes) is pretty damn good and should be in the top-12 receivers in the NFL conversation. Michael Thomas (nine targets, 7-55) pitched in pretty solidly as well, with Rashid Shaheed (four targets, 4-63, 66% routes) finding ways to be solidly relevant on limited targets.

Not too much out of the ordinary here minus the running game shifting a bit with the Williams injury.

Week 2 New Orleans Saints Fantasy Takeaways:

Start Your Studs: Chris Olave

Start ‘Em: Michael Thomas, Jamaal Williams (until Kamara returns in Week 4), Derek Carr (borderline top-12 matchup play at QB), Alvin Kamara (Suspended; eligible to return Week 4), Juwan Johnson

Keep Them Rostered: Rashid Shaheed, Kendre Miller (likely to start Week 3)

Add ‘Em: N/A

Dump ‘Em: N/A


New York Giants

NamePosTargetsRec.Rec. YardsTDAir YardsAir Yards %Route %Snap %Target Share %Yards per TargetTPRRaDOTYPRRWOPRRACRPlayer RoutesPlayer Snaps
Darius SlaytonWR6362013237.9%81.8%82.4%17.1%10.316.7%22.01.720.5230.4703656
Isaiah HodginsWR54401329.2%72.7%75.0%14.3%8.015.6%
Parris CampbellWR64210226.3%75.0%66.2%17.1%3.518.2%3.70.640.3010.9553345
Jalin HyattWR228907621.8%27.3%20.6%5.7%44.516.7%38.07.420.2391.1711214
Sterling ShepardWR114041.1%15.9%14.7%2.9%4.014.3%4.00.570.0511.000710
Darren WallerTE867607621.8%86.4%89.7%22.9%9.521.1%
Daniel BellingerTE     0.0%18.2%41.2%0.0%0.00.0%
Saquon BarkleyRB7629161.7%84.1%97.1%20.0%4.118.9%0.90.780.3124.8333766
Matt BreidaRB     0.0%0.0%2.9%0.0%0.00.0%
Gary BrightwellRB     0.0%0.0%2.9%0.0%0.00.0%

The Giants were setting up for their go-ahead field goal and it was the second-to-last offensive snap where Saquon Barkley (seven targets, 6-29-1; 84% routes; 17-63-1 rushing) hurt his ankle. He’s going to miss Week 3, which should open the door wide open for some combo of Matt Breida, Gary Brightwell, and Eric Gray in this backfield. Or we could galaxy-brain Wan’Dale Robinson getting backfield touches as he’s set to be active on Thursday and make his season debut.

Darren Waller (eight targets, 6-76) kept his stranglehold on the Giants’ passing game at 86% routes, while the other billion wide receivers mixed in. It’s going to be Isaiah Hodgins (five targets, 4-40-1), Darius Slayton (six targets, 3-62), and Parris Campbell (five targets, 4-21) at 72-82% running the most routes here most weeks and Hodgins got the non-Barkley touchdown in the passing game.

Week 2 New York Giants Fantasy Takeaways:

Start Your Studs: Saquon Barkley (left Week 2 - ankle and will miss Week 3), Darren Waller

Start ‘Em: Daniel Jones (borderline 12-team starter)

Keep Them Rostered: Jalin Hyatt (deeper 12 & 14-team)

Add ‘Em: Matt Breida, Gary Brightwell (both could see 10+ touches each with no Barkley in Week 3)

Dump ‘Em: N/A


New York Jets

NamePosTargetsRec.Rec. YardsTDAir YardsAir Yards %Route %Snap %Target Share %Yards per TargetTPRRaDOTYPRRWOPRRACRPlayer RoutesPlayer Snaps
Garrett WilsonWR8283113149.4%97.0%91.3%32.0%10.425.0%16.42.590.8260.6343242
Allen LazardWR422308732.8%97.0%93.5%16.0%5.812.5%21.80.720.4700.2643243
Mecole HardmanWR116051.9%30.3%28.3%4.0%6.010.0%5.00.600.0731.2001013
Randall CobbWR1000155.7%54.5%50.0%4.0%0.05.6%
Tyler ConklinTE655002810.6%78.8%87.0%24.0%8.323.1%4.71.920.4341.7862640
C.J. UzomahTE     0.0%21.2%32.6%0.0%0.00.0%
Jeremy RuckertTE     0.0%3.0%10.9%0.0%0.00.0%
Breece HallRB2000-2-0.8%24.2%32.6%8.0%0.025.0%-
Dalvin CookRB1150-4-1.5%24.2%37.0%4.0%5.012.5%-4.00.630.049-1.250817
Michael CarterRB213051.9%39.4%32.6%8.0%1.515.4%
Nick BawdenFB     0.0%3.0%4.3%0.0%0.00.0%

The Jets are #bad. Garrett Wilson (eight targets, 2-83-1, 97% routes) is the only thing holding this Jets synopsis from being a 200-word improv paragraph about how brutally bad this team is. Don’t think I won’t try it at least later on this season.

Wilson housed a 68-yard slant for a touchdown but besides that, nothing else mattered against the Cowboys. Tyler Conklin (six targets, 5-50) caught a bunch of dump-offs and Allen Lazard (four targets) got some nice cardio in (97% of routes), so that’s good.

All three running backs (Breece HallDalvin Cook, and Michael Carter) had between 32-37% snaps, which we hate to see for Breece Hall’s prospects. We can’t start a soul outside of Wilson.

Week 2 New York Jets Fantasy Takeaways:

Start Your Studs: N/A

Start ‘Em: Garrett Wilson

Keep Them Rostered: Breece Hall, Dalvin Cook, Allen Lazard (deep 12 and 14-team)

Add ‘Em: N/A

Dump ‘Em: N/A

Philadelphia Eagles

NamePosTargetsRec.Rec. YardsTDAir YardsAir Yards %Route %Snap %Target Share %Yards per TargetTPRRaDOTYPRRWOPRRACRPlayer RoutesPlayer Snaps
A.J. BrownWR642905526.6%96.8%96.1%27.3%4.820.0%9.20.970.5950.5273074
DeVonta SmithWR54131112359.4%100.0%100.0%22.7%26.216.1%
Quez WatkinsWR     0.0%19.4%14.3%0.0%0.00.0%
Olamide ZaccheausWR     0.0%48.4%45.5%0.0%0.00.0%
Dallas GoedertTE762203516.9%87.1%96.1%31.8%3.125.9%5.00.810.5960.6292774
Jack StollTE     0.0%19.4%35.1%0.0%0.00.0%
Grant CalcaterraTE     0.0%9.7%13.0%0.0%0.00.0%
D'Andre SwiftRB3360-5-2.4%54.8%75.3%13.6%2.017.6%-1.70.350.188-1.2001758
Rashaad PennyRB1150-1-0.5%9.7%11.7%4.5%5.033.3%-1.01.670.065-5.00039
Boston ScottRB     0.0%9.7%13.0%0.0%0.00.0%

The efficient Eagles came back to play in Week 2 - to an extent. DeVonta Smith (five targets, 4-131-1, 100% routes & snaps) played the high-aDOT role that usually goes to A.J. Brown (six targets, 4-29, 96% routes) with a huge 24.6-yard average depth of target. Hey, if we’re getting open, we’re getting open. 

Dallas Goedert (seven targets, 6-22, 87% routes) played the “Zach Ertzgerald” role of a bunch of targets, a bunch of receptions, a low aDOT, and 3.1 yards per target. It’s been pretty ugly for Goedert, the clear third target in this offense over two games. As shallow as tight end has been, you’ve got to roll with him if you made your bed. I’d still take him over guys like Dalton Kincaid, Cole Kmet, Pat Freiermuth, Luke Musgrave, and Kyle Pitts, so hope is not all lost.

Without Kenneth Gainwell in the backfield in Week 2, the Eagles almost begrudgingly turned to D’Andre Swift, who set the world on fire with 28 carries, three targets, 175 yards and three touchdowns. What do we do moving forward? Gainwell will have a role, but you can’t put the genie back in the bottle after a performance like this from Swift. Imagine if Jalen Hurts didn’t get two “tush push” touchdowns?

Rashaad Penny is dust and a drop in all formats. Boston Scott was playing ahead of him before he left with a concussion, so we can deduce that Penny is a clear fourth option on his own team and is a roster clogger in fantasy right now.

Week 2 Philadelphia Eagles Fantasy Takeaways:

Start Your Studs: Jalen Hurts, A.J. Brown, DeVonta Smith

Start ‘Em: Dallas Goedert, D’Andre Swift

Keep Them Rostered: Kenneth Gainwell (missed Week 2 - rib)

Add ‘Em: N/A

Dump ‘Em: Rashaad Penny (in shallow 12-team leagues)


Pittsburgh Steelers

NamePosTargetsRec.Rec. YardsTDAir YardsAir Yards %Route %Snap %Target Share %Yards per TargetTPRRaDOTYPRRWOPRRACRPlayer RoutesPlayer Snaps
George PickensWR104127110259.6%93.8%85.2%34.5%12.733.3%
Allen RobinsonWR321201810.5%78.1%87.0%10.3%4.012.0%6.00.480.2290.6672547
Calvin AustinWR411006336.8%87.5%75.9%13.8%2.514.3%15.80.360.4650.1592841
Miles BoykinWR115042.3%6.3%7.4%3.4%5.050.0%4.02.500.0681.25024
Gunner OlszewskiWR1100-1-0.6%3.1%1.9%3.4%0.0100.0%-
Pat FreiermuthTE1120-3-1.8%84.4%75.9%3.4%2.03.7%-
Darnell WashingtonTE     0.0%18.8%48.1%0.0%0.00.0%
Najee HarrisRB3100-1-0.6%46.9%57.4%10.3%0.020.0%-
Jaylen WarrenRB64660-11-6.4%43.8%42.6%20.7%11.042.9%-1.84.710.265-6.0001423
Connor HeywardFB     0.0%3.1%18.5%0.0%0.00.0%

Seems bad.

That’s about where we are with the Steelers. Diontae Johnson is out. Kenny Picketts great preseason hasn’t translated over to the regular season. Najee Harris is terrible. There were many “best tweet” contenders that I could have put here to cement how down bad “Najee Nation” is, but this one works:

Everything that can go wrong for the Steelers has.

If I can play crackpot defense attorney here, Pickett HAS played the 49ers and Browns, so the schedule softens up a bit with road dates in Las Vegas and Houston. But sheesh, this offense needs some efficiency. At least George Pickens (10 targets, 4-127-1, 94% routes) has that dawg in him. Pat Freiermuth caught his only target on 84% of routes, and if he doesn’t produce with two softer matchups on deck, we can’t start him.

As for Harris, he was in a literal split with Jaylen Warren in Week 2.

Harris had the edge in carries with 10 to Warren’s six, but it’s incredibly concerning for Harris’ fantasy managers considering the high fantasy draft capital spent. Warren looks like a legitimately good flex play this week if he can even out the carries and keep the receiving work (six targets in Week 2 was second to only Pickens) because Warren has been so damn efficient with his touches compared to the tortoise-like athleticism of Harris.

Week 2 Pittsburgh Steelers Fantasy Takeaways:

Start Your Studs: Diontae Johnson (placed on IR - hamstring; eligible to return in Week 6)

Start ‘Em: Najee Harris, George Pickens, Pat Freiermuth

Keep Them Rostered: Kenny Pickett, Jaylen Warren (burgeoning standalone play as well as a priority contingent play), Calvin Austin 

Add ‘Em: N/A

Dump ‘Em: N/A


San Francisco 49ers

NamePosTargetsRec.Rec. YardsTDAir YardsAir Yards %Route %Snap %Target Share %Yards per TargetTPRRaDOTYPRRWOPRRACRPlayer RoutesPlayer Snaps
Brandon AiyukWR634308136.0%76.7%52.6%25.0%7.226.1%13.51.870.6270.5312330
Deebo SamuelWR966305524.4%96.7%89.5%37.5%7.031.0%
Jauan JenningsWR325107131.6%56.7%47.4%12.5%17.017.6%
Ronnie BellWR     0.0%23.3%47.4%0.0%0.00.0%
Ray-Ray McCloudWR     0.0%3.3%7.0%0.0%0.00.0%
George KittleTE33300177.6%86.7%96.5%12.5%10.011.5%
Charlie WoernerTE     0.0%6.7%15.8%0.0%0.00.0%
Ross DwelleyTE     0.0%0.0%1.8%0.0%0.00.0%
Christian McCaffreyRB3319010.4%96.7%100.0%12.5%6.310.3%0.30.660.19119.0002957
Kyle JuszczykFB     0.0%33.3%42.1%0.0%0.00.0%

Christian McCaffrey was the only running back to record a snap for the 49ers in Week 2. Stud. He’s pretty good.

Only five 49ers earned targets in Week 2, but a lot of the workload went to McCaffrey and Deebo Samuel (nine targets, 6-63, 97% routes; five carries, 38 yds., rush TD) as Brandon Aiyuk (five targets, 3-43, just 77% of routes) hurt his shoulder and mixed in snaps with Ronnie Bell the rest of the way. Aiyuk could be iffy for Week 3 on Thursday, which would be a huge blow for the 49ers freight train.

Week 2 San Francisco 49ers Fantasy Takeaways:

Start Your Studs: Christian McCaffrey, Brandon Aiyuk (hurt, played reduced snaps in Week 2 - shoulder_

Start ‘Em: Deebo SamuelGeorge Kittle

Keep Them Rostered: Elijah Mitchell (contingent play), Brock Purdy (safe “break glass in case of emergency” fantasy QB)

Add ‘Em: N/A

Dump ‘Em: N/A


Seattle Seahawks

NamePosTargetsRec.Rec. YardsTDAir YardsAir Yards %Route %Snap %Target Share %Yards per TargetTPRRaDOTYPRRWOPRRACRPlayer RoutesPlayer Snaps
DK MetcalfWR667506830.5%82.2%83.1%16.2%12.516.2%
Tyler LockettWR1085927131.8%88.9%85.9%27.0%5.925.0%7.11.480.6280.8314061
Jaxon Smith-NjigbaWR65340156.7%62.2%56.3%16.2%5.721.4%
Jake BoboWR113031.3%20.0%23.9%2.7%3.011.1%3.00.330.0501.000917
Cody ThompsonWR     0.0%2.2%1.4%0.0%0.00.0%
Noah FantTE445604319.3%40.0%46.5%10.8%14.022.2%
Will DisslyTE3335083.6%40.0%52.1%8.1%11.716.7%2.71.940.1474.3751837
Colby ParkinsonTE32410198.5%35.6%50.7%8.1%13.718.8%6.32.560.1812.1581636
Kenneth WalkerRB21110-7-3.1%40.0%60.6%5.4%5.511.1%-3.50.610.059-1.5711843
Zach CharbonnetRB2214031.3%22.2%26.8%5.4%7.020.0%1.51.400.0904.6671019
DeeJay DallasRB     0.0%8.9%12.7%0.0%0.00.0%

Not AS much goodness in the passing game in a 37-31 victory for the Seahawks as the Lions had, but still some very fruitful stuff. Tyler Lockett (team-leading 10 targets, 8-59-2, 89% routes) was the far-and-away winner here for the Seahawks in Week 2 with Jaxon Smith-Njigba (six targets, 5-34, 62% routes, low 2.5-yard aDOT) potentially still hampered by his wrist injury and DK Metcalf (caught all six targets for 75 yards) leaving the game for a little bit after a shot to the ribs.

Kenneth Walker was not very efficient in Week 2, with just 2.5 yards per carry, but scored twice on 17 carries. Not as much worry here, with Zach Charbonnet only getting four carries and Walker getting all five green-zone carries.

The Seahawks are not running as much 12-personnel (21% in two weeks compared to 40% in 2022), but they’re still rotating in their three tight ends. It’s less concerning for Smith-Njigba to get on the field in two-WR sets, but if the 11-personnel (three WR) usage can bump up more (48% to 2022’s 41%), we’ll be getting a healthier Smith-Njigba running more routes and truly showing what he can do. 

Week 2 Seattle Seahawks Fantasy Takeaways:

Start Your Studs: DK Metcalf, Tyler Lockett, Kenneth Walker

Start ‘Em: Geno Smith, Jaxon Smith-Njigba

Keep Them Rostered: Zach Charbonnet (contingent play)

Add ‘Em: N/A

Dump ‘Em: N/A


Tampa Bay Buccaneers

NamePosTargetsRec.Rec. YardsTDAir YardsAir Yards %Route %Snap %Target Share %Yards per TargetTPRRaDOTYPRRWOPRRACRPlayer RoutesPlayer Snaps
Mike EvansWR86171111143.7%73.0%60.6%25.0%21.429.6%13.96.330.6811.5412743
Chris GodwinWR855808433.1%75.7%74.6%25.0%7.328.6%
Trey PalmerWR212003815.0%37.8%49.3%6.3%10.014.3%19.01.430.1980.5261435
Deven ThompkinsWR     0.0%43.2%45.1%0.0%0.00.0%
Rakim JarrettWR117072.8%27.0%22.5%3.1%7.010.0%7.00.700.0661.0001016
Cade OttonTE66410249.4%78.4%97.2%18.8%6.820.7%4.01.410.3471.7082969
Ko KieftTE     0.0%16.2%25.4%0.0%0.00.0%
David WellsTE22-10010.4%18.9%25.4%6.3%-5.028.6%0.5-1.430.097-10.000718
Rachaad WhiteRB55300-11-4.3%70.3%71.8%15.6%6.019.2%-
Sean TuckerRB     0.0%18.9%23.9%0.0%0.00.0%
Chase EdmondsRB     0.0%0.0%4.2%0.0%0.00.0%

This Buccaneers' passing game with Baker Mayfield feels like it could crash down at any moment. But this is still funny.

We’ll always remember the good times, like Mike Evans Week 2. Evans (eight targets, 6-171-1, 73% routes) put up a monster 21.4 yards per target on an inept Chicago Bears secondary. Chris Godwin (eight targets, 5-58, 76% routes) had an end zone target that Mayfield missed badly. Evans and Godwin accounted for exactly half of the Bucs’ targets on the day, with Cade Otton (caught all six targets for 41 yards, 78% routes) mixing in as well.

It’s hard to be less efficient than Rachaad White was last week, but he looked pretty good compared to last week, with 103 total yards, a touchdown, and catching all five targets. White took a nice 69% of all running back opportunities, which could grow more in the short term with Chase Edmonds out for 4-6 weeks with a knee injury.

Week 2 Tampa Bay Buccaneers Fantasy Takeaways:

Start Your Studs: Mike Evans, Chris Godwin

Start ‘Em: N/A

Keep Them Rostered: Rachaad WhiteSean Tucker (clear contingent play with Edmonds sidelined)

Add ‘Em: Cade Otton (if you need the tight end help, he’s getting routes and is a clear third target in an NFL offense)

Dump ‘Em: N/A


Tennessee Titans

NamePosTargetsRec.Rec. YardsTDAir YardsAir Yards %Route %Snap %Target Share %Yards per TargetTPRRaDOTYPRRWOPRRACRPlayer RoutesPlayer Snaps
DeAndre HopkinsWR544004420.9%72.4%60.0%20.8%8.023.8%8.81.900.4580.9092139
Treylon BurksWR437608540.3%62.1%64.6%16.7%19.022.2%
Nick Westbrook-IkhineWR332512310.9%75.9%67.7%12.5%8.313.6%
Chris MooreWR114904923.2%44.8%46.2%4.2%49.07.7%49.03.770.2251.0001330
Chigoziem OkonkwoTE44350167.6%65.5%69.2%16.7%8.821.1%4.01.840.3032.1881945
Trevon WescoTE100041.9%20.7%61.5%4.2%0.016.7%
Josh WhyleTE     0.0%10.3%21.5%0.0%0.00.0%
Derrick HenryRB43150-14-6.6%48.3%70.8%16.7%3.828.6%-
Tyjae SpearsRB226041.9%31.0%36.9%8.3%3.022.2%2.00.670.1381.500924
Julius ChestnutRB     0.0%3.4%1.5%0.0%0.00.0%

In terms of the fun things we want in fantasy in a game where the Titans scored 27 points and held off the Chargers, we got none of that. DeAndre Hopkins (five targets, 4-40) led the team in targets but only ran 72% of routes as he was likely still working through his ankle injury. Treylon Burks (four targets, 3-72) only ran 62% of routes but caught a 70-yard bomb so the explosiveness is there. I can’t imagine anybody caring about a Nick Westbrook-Ikhine touchdown. Sorry!

Derrick Henry got a ton of volume (74% of all running back opportunities) and played together with Tyjae Spears (31% routes, 37% snaps). It looks like Spears is going to be a regular part of this rotation, so he could have some value during bye weeks or even in a pinch if you’re hurting at running back.

Week 2 Tennessee Titans Fantasy Takeaways:

Start Your Studs: Derrick Henry, DeAndre Hopkins

Start ‘Em: N/A

Keep Them Rostered: Treylon Burks, Chigoziem Okonkwo, Tyjae Spears (elite contingent play)

Add ‘Em: N/A

Dump ‘Em: N/A

Washington Commanders

NamePosTargetsRec.Rec. YardsTDAir YardsAir Yards %Route %Snap %Target Share %Yards per TargetTPRRaDOTYPRRWOPRRACRPlayer RoutesPlayer Snaps
Terry McLaurinWR655416338.4%77.8%74.0%17.6%9.017.1%10.51.540.5340.8573554
Jahan DotsonWR532202716.5%91.1%84.9%14.7%4.412.2%5.40.540.3360.8154162
Curtis SamuelWR33190127.3%60.0%61.6%8.8%6.311.1%4.00.700.1841.5832745
Dyami BrownWR332502112.8%35.6%31.5%8.8%8.318.8%7.01.560.2221.1901623
Byron PringleWR114021.2%11.1%17.8%2.9%4.020.0%2.00.800.0532.000513
Mitchell TinsleyWR     0.0%4.4%4.1%0.0%0.00.0%
Logan ThomasTE322212112.8%46.7%39.7%8.8%7.314.3%
John BatesTE534603521.3%42.2%52.1%14.7%9.226.3%7.02.420.3701.3141938
Cole TurnerTE2221000.0%26.7%31.5%5.9%10.516.7%0.01.750.0880.0001223
Brian RobinsonRB32420-17-10.4%37.8%52.1%8.8%14.017.6%-5.72.470.060-2.4711738
Antonio GibsonRB3344000.0%55.6%47.9%8.8%14.712.0%0.01.760.1320.0002535
Chris RodriguezRB     0.0%0.0%2.7%0.0%0.00.0%

Targets were pretty spread out here in Commanderland, with Sam Howell taking some big steps here as a viable NFL quarterback and potentially one we can drip feed some trust in. In Howell’s first road start, he brought the Commanders back from a 21-3 hole to win 35-33 in Denver. Not too bad.

Terry McLaurin (six targets, 5-54-1) and Logan Thomas (three targets, 2-22-1) caught the touchdowns here, with McLaurin’s being just a BEAUTIFUL 30-yard laser between two defenders.

Thing of beauty.

Apparently, Howell only likes Jahan Dotson (five targets. 3-22, 91% routes) during the first quarter, as he seems to target him a bunch early but then forgets he exists. Seriously, all five targets were on the first two drives for Washington. Weird stuff, but better days are coming.

Don’t look now, but the NFL scriptwriters have put Brian Robinson as the overall RB3 so far after two weeks. 80% of the running back touches and two touchdowns will help the cause. Robinson needs to be universally started while on this heater despite Antonio Gibson still running almost 20% more routes than him and an almost even snap rate. Robinson has gotten a good runout, and Gibson has run badly, so regression should hit Gibson soon.

Week 2 Washington Commanders Fantasy Takeaways:

Start Your Studs: N/A

Start ‘Em: Terry McLaurin, Jahan Dotson, Brian Robinson

Keep Them Rostered: Antonio Gibson, Logan Thomas (left Week 2 - concussion), Sam Howell (knows ball; is legit; should be rostered in deeper 12 & 14-team leagues)

Add ‘Em: Sam Howell (knows ball; is legit)

Dump ‘Em: N/A


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