Now that we’re into the nitty-gritty weeks here, Target Report will take a bigger shift toward player-focused takes to help you better with starts, sits, and who you can trust in your lineups going forward into the fantasy football playoffs.

Targets are paramount when it comes to evaluating pass-catchers for fantasy football. There are no air yards, receiving yards, receptions, or touchdowns without first earning a target. And to earn a target, you need to be deemed “open” by the quarterback. It’s one significant trickle-down effect. There’s a reason the biggest and most consistent target-earners are near the top of fantasy football ADP: They can be relied on by not just their team’s offense to earn targets and produce on those targets, but that also trickles down to the fantasy managers drafting those pass-catchers and starting them in their lineups each week.

In this season’s Fantasy Football Target Report, we’ll take a weekly team-by-team look into these target earners and separate the wheat from the chaff. To properly lead into what we’ll be looking at this season, we’ll have to establish a baseline of the most important things we’re looking at with targets and other receiving metrics that paint the complete picture for who we should be rostering, who we should be adding, and who we can drop. Combing the box score stats doesn’t paint a clear picture of the players we should target, roster, and start. Fantasy football rankings can only paint so much of the picture as well.

Everything we’ll discuss here and this season in the Fantasy Football Target Report will be some of the best statistics and metrics that correlate with fantasy football production. Think of targets as a page in a coloring book, just the outline yet to be colored. Coloring on that page adds context and flavor to that page. That’s what we’ll be doing with targets — adding more context than just some target totals and saying, “go add this player,” which doesn’t help anybody.


This season, we're adding a video component, so if you want to get some of the juiciest nuggets of the target report in video form, check out the Target Report Bulletpoints for the upcoming Week 16!




Passes thrown in the direction of a receiver, whether intended or not


Passes caught by a pass-catcher

Rec. Yards

Yards gained from a completed pass by the pass-catcher.


Receiving touchdowns

Air Yards

 The distance between where the pass is thrown from a quarterback to where the intended receiver either catches or doesn’t catch the ball. Caught or not caught, the air yards are recorded regardless.

This statistic is significant for determining the quarterback and coaching staff's predictive value in an offense and their intent.

Air Yards Team Share %

A pass-catcher’s percentage share of a team's air yards in a given week.

Route %

Percentage of routes a pass-catcher runs on a pass play per dropback on their team.

Snap %

Percentage of snaps a pass-catcher plays on an offensive series on their team.

Target Share %

Percentage of targets a pass-catcher receives in a given week on their team.

Yards per Target

Receiving yards a player gets on average per target. YPT is another intent-based metric but more predictive with the more targets a player receives.


Targets per route run (TPRR) is a metric that measures how often a receiver is targeted vs. the amount of routes they run. A higher TPRR means that the player is better at earning targets when he's on the field. A low raw route number or low route % coupled with a high TPRR means that the pass-catcher is efficient at earning targets and could be in line for more routes depending on the team situation.

25%+ TPRRElite

17-18%Close to replacement level

Sub 17%Not fantasy relevant


aDOT is "average depth of target". It’s the average depth of all targets caught or incomplete by a targeted pass-catcher. Shows how a receiver is used in his team’s offense (vertical threat, short area target, etc.)


A metric that contextualizes the efficiency of a pass-catcher with how many receiving yards per route run. It's a much better metric than yards per reception.


WOPR is a weighted average incorporating a player's share of team targets and air yards.


RACR is a ratio dividing receiving yards by total air yards. It measures how many receiving yards a player creates for every air yard thrown at him. The percentage of a team's air yards that a player commands based on his average depth of target and volume of targets. Most RACR numbers for running backs skew wildly by the nature of the running back position, which rarely earns air yards.


Any player not listed for a particular team is not somebody who’s rostered in most fantasy formats. The listing at the end (QB1, RB2, etc.) is how they should be viewed for the rest of the season, not for the next week.)

All statistics below are listed in the following format:

  • QB as:
    • (20-of-30, 212 yds., 1/1; 4-100-2) 
    • Pass Completions - Pass Att. - Pass Yds., TD/Int; Rush Att - Rush Yds. - TD
  • RB as:
    • (18-75-1; 10-4-100-2) 
    • Rush Att. - Rush Yds. - TD; Targets - Receptions - Rec. Yds. - TD
  • WR/TE as:
    • (10-4-100-2)
    • Targets - Receptions - Rec. Yds. - TD

NFL Target Report

Arizona Cardinals

NamePosTargetsRec.Rec. YardsTDAir YardsAir Yards %Route %Snap %Target Share %Yards per TargetTPRRaDOTYPRRWOPRRACRPlayer RoutesPlayer Snaps
Marquise BrownWR     0.0%28.9%32.4%0.0%0.00.0%
Rondale MooreWR3250-4-1.7%64.4%63.5%7.9%1.710.3%-
Zach PascalWR40006025.0%28.9%28.4%10.5%0.030.8%
Michael WilsonWR30003916.3%88.9%87.8%7.9%0.07.5%
Greg DortchWR321503615.0%71.1%64.9%7.9%5.09.4%12.00.470.2230.4173248
Trey McBrideTE111010206025.0%73.3%71.6%28.9%9.333.3%
Geoff SwaimTE112602410.0%13.3%20.3%2.6%26.016.7%24.04.330.1091.083615
Elijah HigginsTE444413112.9%33.3%33.8%10.5%11.026.7%7.82.930.2481.4191525
James ConnerRB3330-7-2.9%33.3%48.6%7.9%1.020.0%-
Emari DemercadoRB3160-3-1.3%28.9%24.3%7.9%2.023.1%-1.00.460.110-2.0001318
Michael CarterRB3310041.7%31.1%24.3%7.9%3.321.4%1.30.710.1302.5001418

Week 15 Arizona Cardinals Fantasy Takeaways:

  • Kyler Murray (26-of-39, 211 yds., 1/2; 6-49-0)
    • Murray has decent upside in the fantasy playoff sprint but hasn’t realized it in the last two weeks. The Cardinals are pretty passing-game deficient outside of Trey McBride, which hampers Murray’s ability to score with the elite options at quarterback. 
      • High-end QB2 with weekly QB1 upside
  • James Conner (14-86-1; 3-3-3)
    • After finishing as RB11 against the 49ers, Conner is an RB2 against the Bears. He’s rounding into form at the perfect time for anybody who rosters him in the fantasy playoffs, and unless your team is stacked, he should be in your lineups, given the volume. 
      • Low-end RB2/flex option
  • Trey McBride (11-10-102)
    • Trey McGronk is just an absolute unit. He will be a 3rd/4th rounder at minimum next season, so of course, we’re starting him no matter what.
      • Must-start TE1

Add ‘Em: N/A

Dump ‘Em: N/A


Atlanta Falcons

NamePosTargetsRec.Rec. YardsTDAir YardsAir Yards %Route %Snap %Target Share %Yards per TargetTPRRaDOTYPRRWOPRRACRPlayer RoutesPlayer Snaps
Drake LondonWR322404128.3%90.0%84.6%15.8%8.016.7%13.71.330.4350.5851844
KhaDarel HodgeWR1110096.2%30.0%36.5%5.3%10.016.7%9.01.670.1221.111619
Scott MillerWR     0.0%15.0%19.2%0.0%0.00.0%
Van JeffersonWR10002920.0%30.0%25.0%5.3%0.016.7%
Kyle PittsTE433703624.8%70.0%65.4%21.1%9.328.6%9.02.640.4901.0281434
Jonnu SmithTE226102114.5%40.0%32.7%10.5%30.525.0%10.57.630.2592.905817
MyCole PruittTE     0.0%25.0%44.2%0.0%0.00.0%
Tucker FiskTE119032.1%30.0%38.5%5.3%9.016.7%3.01.500.0933.000620
Bijan RobinsonRB313032.1%55.0%57.7%15.8%1.027.3%
Tyler AllgeierRB1160-3-2.1%30.0%50.0%5.3%6.016.7%-
Cordarrelle PattersonRB312164.1%30.0%26.9%15.8%0.750.0%2.00.330.2660.333614
Keith SmithFB     0.0%0.0%19.2%0.0%0.00.0%

Week 15 Atlanta Falcons Fantasy Takeaways:

  • Bijan Robinson (7-11; 3-1-3)
    • Just when we thought the role was improving, in the PERFECT STORM (literally) game in Carolina when it was raining, and the Falcons had every reason to run the ball ragged with Robinson, he saw his lowest route and snap share outside of the “migraine” game. Tyler Allgeier also doubled him up in carries. Make it make sense. You’ve probably got to start him, but you feel nowhere near as good about it as you did before Week 15.
      • Mid-range RB2 with overall RB1 upside who Arthur Smith holds back for some insane reason
  • Tyler Allgeier (14-45; 1-1-6)
    • I don’t know. I can’t begin to explain Arthur Smith, but Allgeier isn’t somebody you can trust in your flex spot.
      • A barely rosterable mid-range RB3
  • Drake London (3-2-24)
    • London hit the low end of variance, which makes him hard to trust, especially with the Falcons turning to Taylor Heinicke in Week 16. He’s a flex option and an iffy one at that.
      • Mid-range WR3/high-end flex
  • Kyle Pitts (4-3-37)
    • Despite catching a touchdown, Pitts is still hard to trust, but at least he’s running routes on 90% of dropbacks for two consecutive weeks. He’s a streaming tight end if you’re desperate.
      • Mid-range TE2/high-end streamer

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Baltimore Ravens

NamePosTargetsRec.Rec. YardsTDAir YardsAir Yards %Route %Snap %Target Share %Yards per TargetTPRRaDOTYPRRWOPRRACRPlayer RoutesPlayer Snaps
Rashod BatemanWR633907534.1%56.3%44.3%26.1%6.533.3%
Odell BeckhamWR311405625.5%59.4%54.3%13.0%4.715.8%18.70.740.3740.2501938
Zay FlowersWR21704118.6%100.0%84.3%8.7%3.56.3%
Nelson AgholorWR100083.6%43.8%40.0%4.3%0.07.1%
Tylan WallaceWR     0.0%0.0%4.3%0.0%0.00.0%
Isaiah LikelyTE657014118.6%87.5%74.3%26.1%11.721.4%6.82.500.5221.7072852
Charlie KolarTE1115083.6%15.6%35.7%4.3%15.020.0%
Gus EdwardsRB1111031.4%18.8%40.0%4.3%11.016.7%3.01.830.0753.667628
Justice HillRB100000.0%21.9%25.7%4.3%0.014.3%
Keaton MitchellRB22150-12-5.5%40.6%35.7%8.7%7.515.4%-
Patrick RicardFB     0.0%15.6%52.9%0.0%0.00.0%

Week 15 Baltimore Ravens Fantasy Takeaways:

  • Lamar Jackson (14-of-24, 171 yds., 1/1; 12-97)
    • Elite fantasy quarterback despite a bit of a dud in Week 15. The ceiling for league-winning weeks is always within reach for Jackson.
      • High-end QB1
  • Gus Edwards (16-58-1; 1-1-11)
    • Edwards got back into the end zone in Week 15, and with news that Keaton Mitchell tore his ACL and will miss the rest of the season, Edwards and Justice Hill become a two-headed backfield again. Edwards is the much more comfortable start and should regain most of Mitchell’s workload, with Hill mixing in more on passing downs.
      • With Mitchell gone for the season, Edwards is a solid mid-range RB2 with ample touchdown upside and increasing volume in the next two weeks of the fantasy playoffs
  • Zay Flowers (2-1-7)
    • Zay Flowers put together two consecutive games with 20+ fantasy points and was a top-10 wide receiver in both weeks before this past week, where he put up a big dud. He can still slot into your WR3 or flex spot, but Flowers’ weekly fantasy floor can be pretty low.
      • Mid-to-low-end WR3 with a low floor and medium-high, target-dependent ceiling
  • Isaiah Likely (6-5-70-1)
    • Likely has become the most trusted pass-catcher on the Ravens, which should be zero surprise considering he’s been a one-for-one replacement for Mark Andrews. At tight end, you can take this to the bank as a low-end TE1, where options that earn consistent work, volume, and touchdown upside are scarce outside the top fantasy options.
      • Low-end TE1

Add ‘Em: N/A

Dump ‘Em: Keaton Mitchell (torn ACL; out for the rest of the season), Odell Beckham (too small of a weekly role to trust)


Buffalo Bills

NamePosTargetsRec.Rec. YardsTDAir YardsAir Yards %Route %Snap %Target Share %Yards per TargetTPRRaDOTYPRRWOPRRACRPlayer RoutesPlayer Snaps
Stefon DiggsWR544803127.9%84.2%46.3%38.5%9.631.3%
Gabe DavisWR10004237.8%78.9%71.6%7.7%0.06.7%
Trent SherfieldWR     0.0%26.3%56.7%0.0%0.00.0%
Deonte HartyWR     0.0%5.3%3.0%0.0%0.00.0%
Khalil ShakirWR1000119.9%68.4%47.8%7.7%0.07.7%
Dawson KnoxTE     0.0%47.4%61.2%0.0%0.00.0%
Dalton KincaidTE200065.4%68.4%49.3%15.4%0.015.4%
Quintin MorrisTE     0.0%5.3%26.9%0.0%0.00.0%
James CookRB324212219.8%47.4%55.2%23.1%14.033.3%7.34.670.4851.909937
Latavius MurrayRB     0.0%15.8%20.9%0.0%0.00.0%
Ty JohnsonRB1140-1-0.9%26.3%29.9%7.7%4.020.0%-1.00.800.109-4.000520
Reggie GilliamFB     0.0%0.0%20.9%0.0%0.00.0%

Week 15 Buffalo Bills Fantasy Takeaways:


  • Josh Allen (7-of-15, 94 yds., 1/0; 8-24-1)
    • We’re starting him no matter what, but the Bills didn’t need the passing game much in this one, so everybody suffered except for James Cook.
      • Locked-in QB1
  • James Cook (25-179-1; 3-2-42-1)
    • Don’t look now, but Cook has been a top-three running back each of the past two weeks. This is despite running 45% of routes and 50% of snaps while splitting work with Ty Johnson and Latavius Murray. However, Murray’s role has decreased in the last couple of weeks. Cook is now RB5 in PPR and needs to be started in the fantasy playoffs while on this massive production heater.
      • High-end RB2 that’s on a tear right now
  • Stefon Diggs (5-4-48)
    • Diggs was the only WR/TE to record a reception on a day when the running game was king. No worries here; there will be better days.
      • WR1
  • Dalton Kincaid (2-0-0)
    • It's hard to be a factor when Diggs was the only WR/TE with a reception. Kincaid is a compiler and not a super great one right now. Start him if you have to, but if I have a better option, I’m starting him over Kincaid.
      • High-end TE2/streamer

Add ‘Em: N/A

Dump ‘Em: Gabe Davis (We can’t keep putting ourselves through this anymore. In four of the past six weeks, Davis has put up zero fantasy points.), Khalil Shakir (His role with Dawson Knox back is not strong enough to maintain fantasy value) 


Carolina Panthers

NamePosTargetsRec.Rec. YardsTDAir YardsAir Yards %Route %Snap %Target Share %Yards per TargetTPRRaDOTYPRRWOPRRACRPlayer RoutesPlayer Snaps
Adam ThielenWR744305730.6%96.7%95.5%30.4%6.124.1%8.11.480.6710.7542963
DJ CharkWR211804021.5%90.0%74.2%8.7%9.07.4%20.00.670.2810.4502749
Jonathan MingoWR543205831.2%93.3%90.9%21.7%6.417.9%
Ihmir Smith-MarsetteWR2210-9-4.8%16.7%27.3%8.7%0.540.0%-
Tommy TrembleTE22320189.7%66.7%83.3%8.7%16.010.0%9.01.600.1981.7782055
Stephen SullivanTE11140147.5%30.0%21.2%4.3%14.011.1%14.01.560.1181.000914
Miles SandersRB2211031.6%33.3%27.3%8.7%5.520.0%
Chuba HubbardRB2216052.7%63.3%72.7%8.7%8.010.5%2.50.840.1493.2001948
Raheem BlackshearRB     0.0%0.0%1.5%0.0%0.00.0%

Week 15 Carolina Panthers Fantasy Takeaways:

  • Chuba Hubbard (22-87; 2-2-16)
    • Hubbard has the clear lead-back role in Carolina, and his role is rock solid with 25, 23, and 22 carries in the past three weeks. The trouble is, he’s a Carolina Panther. Still, that’s good enough for a volume-based play that could also see a couple of targets.
      • Mid-range RB2 with a solid floor
  • Adam Thielen (7-4-43)
    • Thielen has a floor-play archetype at wide receiver but can bottom out, thanks to Bryce Young being #not good.
      • Low-end WR3 with major fantasy downside

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Chicago Bears

NamePosTargetsRec.Rec. YardsTDAir YardsAir Yards %Route %Snap %Target Share %Yards per TargetTPRRaDOTYPRRWOPRRACRPlayer RoutesPlayer Snaps
DJ MooreWR8452013138.8%93.3%87.5%22.9%6.519.0%
Darnell MooneyWR8214011233.1%95.6%87.5%22.9%1.818.6%14.00.330.5750.1254363
Tyler ScottWR434903610.7%62.2%51.4%11.4%12.314.3%9.01.750.2461.3612837
Velus JonesWR     0.0%11.1%12.5%0.0%0.00.0%
Trent TaylorWR     0.0%0.0%6.9%0.0%0.00.0%
Cole KmetTE75231257.4%73.3%86.1%20.0%3.321.2%3.60.700.3520.9203362
Robert TonyanTE10004112.1%15.6%22.2%2.9%0.014.3%
Marcedes LewisTE     0.0%6.7%33.3%0.0%0.00.0%
Khalil HerbertRB1140-1-0.3%11.1%23.6%2.9%4.020.0%-1.00.800.041-4.000517
D'Onta ForemanRB     0.0%11.1%25.0%0.0%0.00.0%
Roschon JohnsonRB64240-6-1.8%46.7%51.4%17.1%4.028.6%-
Khari BlasingameFB     0.0%2.2%12.5%0.0%0.00.0%

Week 15 Chicago Bears Fantasy Takeaways:

  • Justin Fields (19-of-40, 166 yds., 1/2; 7-30)
    • You take the good with the bad. You know he can put up a dud, but you know he has overall QB1 in his range of outcomes. We plug away and start him anyway.
      • Low-end QB1 with weekly overall QB1 upside
  • Khalil Herbert (6-8; 1-1-4)
  • D’Onta Foreman (6-(-6))
  • Roschon Johnson (5-36; 6-4-24)
    • This backfield is as confusing as ever. Perhaps Herbert isn’t fully healthy following a high-ankle sprain? Johnson got the most touches of the three, but you couldn’t get me to start any of them against Arizona and Atlanta in the next two weeks.
      • Herbert, Foreman, and Johnson are mid-range RB3 options and tough starts for the fantasy playoffs
  • DJ Moore (8-4-52)
    • The clear top target in Chicago’s passing game, Moore is the only pass-catcher receiving consistently usable volume and the production to go with it.
      • High-end WR2
  • Cole Kmet (7-5-23-1)
    • The clear second target in Chicago, Kmet is a solid low-end TE1 option with solid touchdown equity. There is not a lot of ceiling, but the floor is probably lower than we want to admit. Still, because it's the tight end position, the bar is much lower. 
      • Low-end TE1/high-end TE2

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Cincinnati Bengals

NamePosTargetsRec.Rec. YardsTDAir YardsAir Yards %Route %Snap %Target Share %Yards per TargetTPRRaDOTYPRRWOPRRACRPlayer RoutesPlayer Snaps
Ja'Marr ChaseWR446405518.0%70.2%71.4%10.8%16.012.1%13.81.940.2881.1643350
Tee HigginsWR8461216553.9%97.9%87.1%21.6%7.617.4%20.61.330.7020.3704661
Tyler BoydWR52530134.2%61.7%57.1%13.5%10.617.2%2.61.830.2324.0772940
Trenton IrwinWR     0.0%8.5%14.3%0.0%0.00.0%
Charlie JonesWR321004213.7%6.4%5.7%8.1%3.3100.0%14.03.330.2180.23834
Andrei IosivasWR215010.3%23.4%25.7%5.4%2.518.2%0.50.450.0835.0001118
Drew SampleTE100010.3%36.2%57.1%2.7%0.05.9%
Mitchell WilcoxTE2220051.6%6.4%24.3%5.4%10.066.7%2.56.670.0934.000317
Tanner HudsonTE554903611.8%46.8%35.7%13.5%9.822.7%
Joe MixonRB33140-3-1.0%55.3%70.0%8.1%4.711.5%-1.00.540.115-4.6672649
Trayveon WilliamsRB1120-3-1.0%2.1%5.7%2.7%2.0100.0%-
Chase BrownRB33280-6-2.0%10.6%18.6%8.1%9.360.0%-2.05.600.108-4.667513

Week 15 Cincinnati Bengals Fantasy Takeaways:

  • Jake Browning (29-of-42, 324 yds., 2/1; 4-0)
    • Don’t look now, but Jake Browning has been QB8, QB4, and QB4 in the past three weeks. He’s been pretty competent, and while he gets the Steelers in Week 16, you can do MUCH worse if you need a streaming option.
      • High-end QB2/streamer
  • Joe Mixon (10-47-1; 3-3-14)
    • Mixon retains his sizable role, but the Bengals are noticeably passing less without Browning, as they should. It’s gotten Brown much more work, but both can co-exist.
      • Mid-range RB2
  • Chase Brown (7-23; 3-3-28)
    • Brown is seeing a big uptick in work, and if something happens to Mixon in the next week or two, Brown could be the guy winning people fantasy football championships. Regarding Brown’s standalone value, Brown isn’t startable but should be on benches in most leagues.
      • Mid-range RB3 but excellent contingent value
  • Ja'Marr Chase (4-4-64)
    • Chase is really more of a WR2 at this point, but of course, the upside is immense.
      • High-end WR2
  • Tee Higgins (8-4-61-2)
    • Who knows, could Tee Higgins could be the guy we all need after a disappointing season to this point? Of course, this is all we predicted. Higgins is a solid WR3/flex option for the fantasy playoffs, while Jake Browning is riding high. 
      • High-end WR3

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Cleveland Browns

NamePosTargetsRec.Rec. YardsTDAir YardsAir Yards %Route %Snap %Target Share %Yards per TargetTPRRaDOTYPRRWOPRRACRPlayer RoutesPlayer Snaps
Amari CooperWR74109112934.5%98.0%94.2%16.3%15.614.6%
Elijah MooreWR321706016.0%83.7%78.3%7.0%5.77.3%20.00.410.2170.2834154
Cedric TillmanWR845207520.1%73.5%72.5%18.6%6.522.2%9.41.440.4190.6933650
David BellWR     0.0%4.1%7.2%0.0%0.00.0%
Marquise GoodwinWR115704512.0%10.2%10.1%2.3%57.020.0%45.011.400.1191.26757
David NjokuTE141010417219.3%75.5%84.1%32.6%7.437.8%5.12.810.6231.4443758
Jordan AkinsTE118061.6%18.4%15.9%2.3%8.011.1%6.00.890.0461.333911
Harrison BryantTE100020.5%20.4%27.5%2.3%0.010.0%
Jerome FordRB54110-12-3.2%40.8%50.7%11.6%2.225.0%-2.40.550.152-0.9172035
Pierre StrongRB2290-4-1.1%18.4%17.4%4.7%4.522.2%-
Kareem HuntRB1112010.3%18.4%31.9%2.3%12.011.1%1.01.330.03712.000922

Week 15 Cleveland Browns Fantasy Takeaways:

  • Joe Flacco (28-of-44, 274 yds., 2/3; 1-(-1))
    • Joe Flacco was Joe Flacco. He’s statuesque, will rack up a bunch of pass attempts (44, 45, and 44 in the last three weeks), still has a strong arm, and is not afraid to dump the ball off. He’s okay if you need a plug-and-play quarterback. But you’re just getting passing stats.
      • Mid-range QB2/decent streamer 
  • Jerome Ford (8-20; 5-4-11)
  • Kareem Hunt (7-8; 1-1-12)
    • The Browns had 45 pass attempts to just 18 runs for the Browns, and the run game dried up for the most part for both Ford and Hunt. That run game has taken a bit of a back seat with Flacco in tow, so the floor and ceiling for both Browns backs take a sizeable hit.
      • Ford is a low-end RB2 and Hunt is a high-end RB3
  • Amari Cooper (8-4-109-1)
    • With Flacco passing a ton, Cooper has stepped up with volume-earning and made the most of it with a late touchdown on some inefficiency in Week 15. He’s a solid start the rest of the way in the playoffs.
      • Low-range WR2/High-end WR3
  • Elijah Moore (3-2-17)
    • Moore is a volatile flex option and a tough asset to plug into your lineup, considering the volume Amari Cooper and David Njoku have earned and thrived with.
      • Low-end WR3/risky flex
  • David Njoku (14-10-104-1)
    • With Joe Flacco cresting the 40 pass attempt mark in three consecutive weeks, all of the main pass-catching targets are in play here, especially Njoku, who was TE2 in the last two weeks.
      • Mid-range TE1

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Dallas Cowboys

NamePosTargetsRec.Rec. YardsTDAir YardsAir Yards %Route %Snap %Target Share %Yards per TargetTPRRaDOTYPRRWOPRRACRPlayer RoutesPlayer Snaps
CeeDee LambWR1075309139.7%100.0%100.0%31.3%5.324.4%
Brandin CooksWR621009240.2%80.5%73.7%18.8%1.718.2%15.30.300.5620.1093342
Michael GallupWR119073.1%48.8%50.9%3.1%9.05.0%7.00.450.0681.2862029
Jalen TolbertWR     0.0%51.2%49.1%0.0%0.00.0%
KaVontae TurpinWR     0.0%2.4%1.8%0.0%0.00.0%
Jake FergusonTE864403314.4%87.8%86.0%25.0%5.522.2%
Luke SchoonmakerTE     0.0%7.3%21.1%0.0%0.00.0%
Peyton HendershotTE115041.7%7.3%12.3%3.1%5.033.3%4.01.670.0591.25037
Tony PollardRB3250-1-0.4%53.7%71.9%9.4%1.713.6%-
Rico DowdleRB328031.3%26.8%26.3%9.4%2.727.3%1.00.730.1502.6671115
Hunter LuepkeRB     0.0%0.0%7.0%0.0%0.00.0%

Week 15 Dallas Cowboys Fantasy Takeaways:

  • Dak Prescott (21-of-34, 134 yds., 0/1; 4-27)
    • Dak is still a must-start fantasy option at quarterback despite duds in the last two weeks.
      • Top-6 fantasy QB
  • Tony Pollard (11-52; 3-2-5)
    • The Cowboys only had eight total possessions in Week 15, so it's hard to make a definitive read on everything. Dallas should return to a normal-looking offensive on the road against the Dolphins.
      • High-end RB2
  • Rico Dowdle (3-4; 3-2-8)
    • Dowdle is merely a contingent play should something happen to Pollard for the rest of the season, as he does not carry enough standalone value.
      • Low-end RB3 and a contingent hold on benches
  • CeeDee Lamb (10-7-53; 1-3-1)
    • Stud.
      • A must-start WR1 every week
  • Brandin Cooks (6-2-10)
    • With just eight possessions and the Cowboys out of sync all game, Cooks didn’t cook. He’s still a low-end flex, though.
      • Low-end WR3/high-end flex
  • Jake Ferguson (8-6-44)
    • Ferguson earned solid volume despite the lackluster offensive output in Week 16. Continue to start him with matchups against Miami and Detroit in the next two weeks.
      • Low-end TE1

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Denver Broncos

NamePosTargetsRec.Rec. YardsTDAir YardsAir Yards %Route %Snap %Target Share %Yards per TargetTPRRaDOTYPRRWOPRRACRPlayer RoutesPlayer Snaps
Jerry JeudyWR737406025.9%68.6%64.1%21.9%10.629.2%
Courtland SuttonWR657105423.3%94.3%92.2%18.8%11.818.2%
Marvin MimsWR20005523.7%48.6%42.2%6.3%0.011.8%
Brandon JohnsonWR100031.3%8.6%6.3%3.1%0.033.3%
Lil'Jordan HumphreyWR43161125.2%60.0%57.8%12.5%4.019.0%3.00.760.2241.3332137
Adam TrautmanTE31240156.5%28.6%46.9%9.4%8.030.0%5.02.400.1861.6001030
Chris ManhertzTE     0.0%2.9%25.0%0.0%0.00.0%
Lucas KrullTE311804619.8%62.9%45.3%9.4%6.013.6%15.30.820.2790.3912229
Javonte WilliamsRB22-70-10-4.3%25.7%48.4%6.3%-3.522.2%-5.0-0.780.0640.700931
Samaje PerineRB1111031.3%22.9%39.1%3.1%11.012.5%3.01.380.0563.667825
Jaleel McLaughlinRB32160-6-2.6%14.3%12.5%9.4%5.360.0%-
Michael BurtonFB     0.0%0.0%14.1%0.0%0.00.0%

Week 15 Denver Broncos Fantasy Takeaways:

  • Russell Wilson (18-of-32, 223 yds., 1/0; 7-6-1)
    • Eh. Wilson is merely acceptable in the QB streamer territory if you need a quarterback in a pinch. He’s only scored 20 fantasy points twice this season and not once since Week 4. He has one game above 225 passing yards since Week 3.
      • Mid-range QB2/okay streamer
  • Javonte Williams (12-27; 2-2-(-7))
    • Williams saw most of the rushing volume in Week 15 but struggled big time when it was a game, and then when the Lions put up a big lead on Denver, Sean Payton gave a lot of the trailing script work to other backs. It’s not super ideal, but he is what he is in this offense: the lead back on a mediocre offense that gets micro-managed.
      • Low-end RB2
  • Courtland Sutton (6-5-71)
    • Sutton was alright, but there’s zero upside to speak of. You can start him for sure, as he’s been the only pass-catcher that’s sort of worked in this dull, plodding offense.
      • Somewhat safe, mid-range WR3

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Detroit Lions

NamePosTargetsRec.Rec. YardsTDAir YardsAir Yards %Route %Snap %Target Share %Yards per TargetTPRRaDOTYPRRWOPRRACRPlayer RoutesPlayer Snaps
Amon-Ra St. BrownWR9711217225.5%94.4%92.4%28.1%12.426.5%
Jameson WilliamsWR7447011340.1%72.2%68.2%21.9%6.726.9%16.11.810.6090.4162645
Kalif RaymondWR11120134.6%30.6%30.3%3.1%12.09.1%
Josh ReynoldsWR324103913.8%52.8%57.6%9.4%13.715.8%
Donovan Peoples-JonesWR115041.4%8.3%16.7%3.1%5.033.3%4.01.670.0571.250311
Sam LaPortaTE655634516.0%77.8%95.5%18.8%9.321.4%
Brock WrightTE     0.0%16.7%18.2%0.0%0.00.0%
James MitchellTE     0.0%2.8%9.1%0.0%0.00.0%
Jahmyr GibbsRB228131.1%44.4%48.5%6.3%4.012.5%1.50.500.1012.6671632
David MontgomeryRB32-30-7-2.5%44.4%51.5%9.4%-1.018.8%-2.3-0.190.1230.4291634

Week 15 Detroit Lions Fantasy Takeaways:

  • Jared Goff (24-of-34, 278 yds., 5/0)
    • If you had a relevant Detroit Lion in the fantasy playoffs, odds are you were likely rewarded with a berth to the semi-finals, thanks to Goff’s five touchdowns. 
      • Low-end QB1
  • Jahmyr Gibbs (11-100-1; 2-8-1)
  • David Montgomery (17-85; 3-2-(-8))
    • Gibbs and Montgomery ate in this one with a sizable leading script. Gibbs was super efficient and got the touchdown, while Montgomery chugged away. Gibbs had a great fantasy day while Monty got his floor.
      • Both Gibbs and Montgomery are high-end RB2 options and both have weekly RB1 upside
  • Amon-Ra St. Brown (9-7-112-1)
    • Stud. Must-start.
      • Solid WR1
  • Sam LaPorta (6-5-56-3)
    • THREE touchdowns for Sam LaPorta. He’s really making a legitimate case to be the TE1 in drafts next season, with Mark Andrews coming off of injury and Travis Kelce turning 35 in 2024. 
      • Must-start top-three TE

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Green Bay Packers

NamePosTargetsRec.Rec. YardsTDAir YardsAir Yards %Route %Snap %Target Share %Yards per TargetTPRRaDOTYPRRWOPRRACRPlayer RoutesPlayer Snaps
Romeo DoubsWR33300219.0%87.8%90.0%8.8%10.08.3%7.00.830.1951.4293654
Jayden ReedWR865215824.8%41.5%41.7%23.5%6.547.1%
Dontayvion WicksWR769705824.8%75.6%78.3%20.6%13.922.6%
Malik HeathWR332902510.7%39.0%33.3%8.8%9.718.8%8.31.810.2071.1601620
Bo MeltonWR1170219.0%31.7%30.0%2.9%7.07.7%21.00.540.1070.3331318
Tucker KraftTE545713515.0%95.1%96.7%14.7%11.412.8%7.01.460.3251.6293958
Josiah DeguaraTE     0.0%14.6%13.3%0.0%0.00.0%
Ben SimsTE10002812.0%9.8%16.7%2.9%0.025.0%
Aaron JonesRB44160-3-1.3%31.7%48.3%11.8%4.030.8%-
Patrick TaylorRB22-40-9-3.8%41.5%43.3%5.9%-2.011.8%-4.5-0.240.0610.4441726
Kenyan DrakeRB     0.0%2.4%8.3%0.0%0.00.0%

Week 15 Green Bay Packers Fantasy Takeaways:

  • Jordan Love (29-of-39, 284 yds., 2/0; 2-1)
    • After I talked him up last week, Love put up his second-worst fantasy performance of the season in Week 14 as they gave away a game to the New York Giants. He’s a low-end starter because of that lack of consistency.
      • High-end QB2/streamer
  • Aaron Jones (13-53; 4-4-16)
    • The Packers did what they could to get the ball into his hands, but Jones doesn’t look like he has the same gear as before. 
      • Mid-range RB2 when healthy
  • Christian Watson (Missed Week 15 - hamstring)
    • Watson missed Week 14 with his hamstring and looks unlikely to go in Week 15.
      • High-end WR3 when healthy
  • Romeo Doubs (3-3-30)
    • Doubs is too inconsistent to see starting treatment despite Watson being out of the lineup. He’s been touchdown-dependent, but you could do worse in your flex in a pinch.
      • Low-end WR3 and an inconsistent low-end flex
  • Jayden Reed (8-6-52-1)
    • Can we start calling him diet Deebo Samuel yet? That’s how the Packers are utilizing him, and Reed looks like the best player on the field on almost every snap.
      • Mid-range WR3 with multiple avenues to quality upside
  • Tucker Kraft (6-4-57-1)
    • Kraft has been excellent since entering the starting lineup, but he’s a streamer through and through despite playing 100% snaps for the Packers.
      • Mid-range TE2/solid streaming option

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Houston Texans

NamePosTargetsRec.Rec. YardsTDAir YardsAir Yards %Route %Snap %Target Share %Yards per TargetTPRRaDOTYPRRWOPRRACRPlayer RoutesPlayer Snaps
Robert WoodsWR533005319.9%75.0%80.5%14.7%6.016.7%
Noah BrownWR11882112045.1%85.0%85.7%32.4%7.532.4%10.92.410.8010.6833466
John MetchieWR1110-2-0.8%12.5%10.4%2.9%1.020.0%-
Xavier HutchinsonWR30003312.4%87.5%84.4%8.8%0.08.6%
Steven SimsWR1100-2-0.8%10.0%9.1%2.9%0.025.0%-
Dalton SchultzTE545805922.2%85.0%84.4%14.7%11.614.7%11.81.710.3760.9833465
Brevin JordanTE11140103.8%17.5%24.7%2.9%14.014.3%
Dameon PierceRB     0.0%5.0%5.2%0.0%0.00.0%
Devin SingletaryRB54490-1-0.4%57.5%75.3%14.7%9.821.7%-
Dare OgunbowaleRB100041.5%27.5%19.5%2.9%0.09.1%
Andrew BeckFB11-50-8-3.0%17.5%20.8%2.9%-5.014.3%-8.0-0.710.0230.625716

Week 15 Houston Texans Fantasy Takeaways:

  • C.J. Stroud (Missed Week 15 - concussion)
    • Stroud missed Week 15 as he was unable to clear concussion protocol. He may not make it to Week 16 either, so look for Case Keenum to make another start for the Texans against the Browns. I can’t recommend him.
      • Top-8 fantasy QB when healthy
  • Devin Singletary (26-121; 5-4-49)
    • Singletary is back at 75% snaps for the Texans as he’s carried volume for the Texans like he did at the end of the season two seasons ago for the Buffalo Bills. Plug him in as a solid RB2 with major flex appeal.
      • Mid-range RB2 and high-end flex
  • Nico Collins (Missed Week 15 - calf)
    • Collins only made it three snaps before he succumbed to a calf injury in Week 14 and also missed Week 15. Collins seems unlikely to play in Week 16 either as he hasn’t practiced yet this week. 
      • High-end WR2 when healthy
  • Noah Brown (11-8-82-1)
    • Brown has been targeted pretty well by Case Keenum in Week 15, and we can expect that again this week, though the Texans draw a much tougher opponent in the Browns.
      • Low-end WR3/mid-range flex
  • Dalton Schultz (5-4-58)
    • With Keenum throwing him the ball, Schultz takes a dip in value, but ultimately, he’s a boom-or-bust tight end fantasy option.
      • Mid-range TE2/mid-range streamer with a brutal schedule for fantasy playoffs

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Indianapolis Colts

NamePosTargetsRec.Rec. YardsTDAir YardsAir Yards %Route %Snap %Target Share %Yards per TargetTPRRaDOTYPRRWOPRRACRPlayer RoutesPlayer Snaps
Michael PittmanWR547805529.7%46.9%31.3%18.5%15.633.3%
Alec PierceWR511305630.3%100.0%97.0%18.5%2.615.6%11.20.410.4900.2323265
Josh DownsWR3319063.2%68.8%58.2%11.1%6.313.6%2.00.860.1893.1672239
D.J. MontgomeryWR424812714.6%46.9%62.7%14.8%12.026.7%
Mo Alie-CoxTE322113418.4%28.1%53.7%11.1%7.033.3%11.32.330.2950.618936
Kylen GransonTE116010.5%37.5%29.9%3.7%6.08.3%1.00.500.0596.0001220
Andrew OgletreeTE100010.5%34.4%55.2%3.7%0.09.1%
Will MalloryTE     0.0%18.8%11.9%0.0%0.00.0%
Zack MossRB3320142.2%34.4%28.4%11.1%6.727.3%1.31.820.1825.0001119
Trey SermonRB     0.0%28.1%44.8%0.0%0.00.0%
Tyler GoodsonRB2210010.5%18.8%26.9%7.4%5.033.3%0.51.670.11510.000618

Week 15 Indianapolis Colts Fantasy Takeaways:

  • Gardner Minshew (18-of-28, 215 yds., 3/0; 2-0)
    • Minshew hasn’t been particularly great, but amidst the quarterback injuries around the league, Minshew starts to look better and better. He’s a floor play with a dash of upside.
      • Mid-range QB2/okay streamer
  • Jonathan Taylor (Missed Week 15 - thumb)
  • Zack Moss (4-13; 3-3-20-1; Left Week 16 - forearm)
    • Taylor was a full participant in the team’s walkthrough activities on Wednesday, which is a good sign for his availability. Moss left Week 15 with a forearm injury and is increasingly unlikely to suit up in Week 16.
      • Taylor is a locked-in RB1 with a good shot to return, while Moss is not trending towards playing with his forearm injury in Week 16.
  • Michael Pittman (5-4-78)
    • Pittman was on his way to yet another quality outing when he took a massive hit from Damontae Kazee, which put Pittman into concussion protocol. Pittman benefits from an extra day before his Week 16 game against the Falcons, so he has a better shot than most to play the following week versus others who suffered concussions the prior week.
      • High-end WR2
  • Josh Downs (3-3-19)
    • Downs hasn’t been able to recapture his slot magic from the early season, as even with Pittman leaving the game, Downs couldn’t capitalize on available targets. Downs has just nine receptions for 77 yards in his last three games combined, so Downs can’t be trusted right now.
      • High-end WR4/very low-end flex

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Jacksonville Jaguars

NamePosTargetsRec.Rec. YardsTDAir YardsAir Yards %Route %Snap %Target Share %Yards per TargetTPRRaDOTYPRRWOPRRACRPlayer RoutesPlayer Snaps
Calvin RidleyWR12539016437.4%89.6%91.9%28.6%3.327.9%13.70.910.6900.2384357
Zay JonesWR8559014432.8%62.5%61.3%19.0%7.426.7%18.01.970.5150.4103038
Jamal AgnewWR22701327.3%16.7%16.1%4.8%35.025.0%16.08.750.1222.188810
Tim JonesWR     0.0%33.3%35.5%0.0%0.00.0%
Parker WashingtonWR64120358.0%54.2%45.2%14.3%2.023.1%5.80.460.2700.3432628
Elijah CooksWR100030.7%25.0%22.6%2.4%0.08.3%
Evan EngramTE64280409.1%79.2%83.9%14.3%4.715.8%6.70.740.2780.7003852
Luke FarrellTE11280235.2%16.7%33.9%2.4%28.012.5%23.03.500.0721.217821
Josh PedersonTE     0.0%0.0%1.6%0.0%0.00.0%
Travis EtienneRB64280-2-0.5%56.3%69.4%14.3%4.722.2%-
Tank BigsbyRB     0.0%0.0%1.6%0.0%0.00.0%
D'Ernest JohnsonRB     0.0%29.2%29.0%0.0%0.00.0%

Week 15 Jacksonville Jaguars Fantasy Takeaways:

  • Trevor Lawrence (25-of-43, 264 yds., 1/0; 4-41)
    • Lawrence remains in concussion protocol, but it’s still unclear whether he can clear protocol in time for Week 16 against the Buccaneers. C.J. Beathard would start in Lawrence’s absence.
      • Low-end QB1
  • Travis Etienne (10-31; 6-4-28)
    • Etienne maintains his strong role despite a trailing script and just 13 total carries in Week 16.
      • Low-end RB1/high-end RB2
  • Calvin Ridley (12-5-39)
    • Ridley got the volume this week but could have been more efficient. It's the same story each week.
      • Volatile WR3 with WR1 upside 
  • Zay Jones (8-5-59Left Week 15 – hamstring)
    • Jones was solid but picked up a hamstring injury and was labeled “week-to-week.” Jones seems unlikely to go in Week 16, so Parker Washington and Jamal Agnew would slot in for the Jags if Jones cannot make it back into the lineup.
      • High-end WR3
  • Evan Engram (6-4-28)
    • A down week this week and would be further downgraded if Beathard is in at quarterback instead of Lawrence.
      • Mid-range TE1

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Kansas City Chiefs

NamePosTargetsRec.Rec. YardsTDAir YardsAir Yards %Route %Snap %Target Share %Yards per TargetTPRRaDOTYPRRWOPRRACRPlayer RoutesPlayer Snaps
Kadarius ToneyWR3250126.3%51.2%40.0%9.1%1.714.3%
Skyy MooreWR     0.0%17.1%24.6%0.0%0.00.0%
Marquez Valdes-ScantlingWR11170157.9%41.5%33.8%3.0%17.05.9%
Rashee RiceWR999113116.2%92.7%92.3%27.3%10.123.7%3.42.390.5232.9353860
Richie JamesWR1117063.1%4.9%3.1%3.0%17.050.0%6.08.500.0672.83322
Justin WatsonWR313108242.9%61.0%67.7%9.1%10.312.0%
Travis KelceTE752802513.1%90.2%76.9%21.2%4.018.9%3.60.760.4101.1203750
Noah GrayTE223702211.5%29.3%50.8%6.1%18.516.7%
Blake BellTE     0.0%7.3%15.4%0.0%0.00.0%
Jerick McKinnonRB3319131.6%34.1%33.8%9.1%6.321.4%1.01.360.1476.3331422
Clyde Edwards-HelaireRB44641-5-2.6%43.9%61.5%12.1%16.022.2%-1.33.560.163-12.8001840

Week 15 Kansas City Chiefs Fantasy Takeaways:

  • Patrick Mahomes (27-of-37, 305 yds., 2/2; 3-(-5))
    • Despite his weapons being up and down, we know what Mahomes can turn Rashee Rice, Travis Kelce, and this ragtag bunch of weapons into every week.
      • QB1, but the offense hasn’t provided many spike weeks
  • Isiah Pacheco (Missed Week 15 - shoulder)
    • Pacheco is expected to play in Week 16 and head coach Andy Reid echoed that sentiment.
      • Mid-range RB2
  • Rashee Rice (9-9-91-1)
    • Rice has put together four fantastic weeks in a row where he’s been WR3, WR22, WR13, and WR7. Rice DID get to 82% routes per dropback last week and 92% routes per dropback in Week 15, so get him in your lineups ASAP.
      • Mid-range WR2 with upside for more
  • Travis Kelce (7-5-28)
    • Stud. Dating Taylor Swift. Winning at life (despite the dud in Week 15).
      • TE1

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Las Vegas Raiders

NamePosTargetsRec.Rec. YardsTDAir YardsAir Yards %Route %Snap %Target Share %Yards per TargetTPRRaDOTYPRRWOPRRACRPlayer RoutesPlayer Snaps
Davante AdamsWR12810119032.1%100.0%81.3%35.3%8.432.4%7.52.730.7541.1223752
Jakobi MeyersWR423213412.1%86.5%87.5%11.8%8.012.5%
Hunter RenfrowWR2000155.4%43.2%42.2%5.9%0.012.5%
Tre TuckerWR4359210236.4%35.1%45.3%11.8%14.830.8%25.54.540.4310.5781329
DeAndre CarterWR     0.0%8.1%7.8%0.0%0.00.0%
DJ TurnerWR     0.0%0.0%4.7%0.0%0.00.0%
Austin HooperTE100082.9%29.7%40.6%2.9%0.09.1%
Michael MayerTE54391155.4%59.5%64.1%14.7%7.822.7%3.01.770.2582.6002241
Zamir WhiteRB4316072.5%56.8%70.3%11.8%4.019.0%1.80.760.1942.2862145
Ameer AbdullahRB2213093.2%24.3%26.6%5.9%6.522.2%4.51.440.1111.444917
Brandon BoldenRB     0.0%0.0%3.1%0.0%0.00.0%
Jakob JohnsonFB     0.0%5.4%23.4%0.0%0.00.0%

Week 15 Las Vegas Raiders Fantasy Takeaways:

  • Josh Jacobs (Missed Week 15 - quad)
    • Interim head coach Antonio Pierce expects Jacobs to be back in the lineup for Week 16 against the Chiefs.
      •  Mid-range RB1 when healthy
  • Zamir White (17-69-1; 4-3-16)
    • If, for some reason, Jacobs doesn’t play in Week 16, White should be able to reprise his starting role as a solid low-end RB2 worth tossing into your flex.
      •  Low-end RB2/flex option
  • Davante Adams (12-8-101-1)
    • Adams is Adams, though he’s had a down season for his standards. He's still worth starting through, as this condensed Raiders offense doesn’t have much else going for it.
      • Low-end WR1
  • Jakobi Meyers (4-2-32-1; 12 yards passing, passing TD)
    • Hey, leave it to Meyers to get involved, not just in the receiving category with two touchdowns. With one through the air passing and catching a touchdown, Meyers cements himself as a low-end WR3 or flex option.
      • Low-end WR3/mid-range flex

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Los Angeles Chargers

NamePosTargetsRec.Rec. YardsTDAir YardsAir Yards %Route %Snap %Target Share %Yards per TargetTPRRaDOTYPRRWOPRRACRPlayer RoutesPlayer Snaps
Quentin JohnstonWR322316241.6%88.9%92.3%9.7%7.79.4%20.70.720.4360.3713260
Joshua PalmerWR4411315838.9%83.3%72.3%12.9%28.313.3%14.53.770.4661.9483047
Derius DavisWR21-20-9-6.0%8.3%6.2%6.5%-1.066.7%-4.5-0.670.0540.22234
Jalen GuytonWR2219042.7%50.0%49.2%6.5%9.511.1%
Alex EricksonWR211313221.5%50.0%55.4%6.5%6.511.1%16.00.720.2470.4061836
Gerald EverettTE854102114.1%66.7%63.1%25.8%5.133.3%2.61.710.4861.9522441
Stone SmarttTE3315085.4%30.6%26.2%9.7%5.027.3%2.71.360.1831.8751117
Nick VannettTE     0.0%19.4%35.4%0.0%0.00.0%
Austin EkelerRB64290-28-18.8%44.4%40.0%19.4%4.837.5%-4.71.810.159-1.0361626
Joshua KelleyRB116010.7%25.0%23.1%3.2%6.011.1%1.00.670.0536.000915
Isaiah SpillerRB     0.0%19.4%36.9%0.0%0.00.0%

Week 15 Los Angeles Chargers Fantasy Takeaways:

  • Austin Ekeler (5-9; 6-4-29)
    • Ekeler has been inefficient on the ground for most of the season and it was abundantly clear in Week 15 as the Raiders were up 42-0 at halftime and completely broke this game. Ekeler doesn’t look like himself.
      • High-end RB2 with reception-based upside
  • Keenan Allen (Missed Week 15 - heel)
    • Allen was ruled out for Week 15 due to a heel injury, a devastating blow for the Chargers and fantasy managers who have gotten Allen’s monstrous fantasy production all season. Allen hasn’t practiced this week heading into Week 16, but still has time. 
      • Top-five fantasy receiver when healthy
  • Joshua Palmer (4-4-113-1)
    • The Chargers lost Allen but gained Palmer as a trusted target for Easton Stick. Palmer was shut out at halftime but took a 79-yard touchdown and then tacked on a couple more receptions in garbage time. He’s a solid low-end WR3 if Keenan Allen returns, but if he doesn’t, then Palmer gets a slight bump up in value. Remember how low the floor is for this offense should things not go right yet again. 
      • Low-end WR3 (with Allen in the lineup) and a mid-range WR3 without Allen

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Los Angeles Rams

NamePosTargetsRec.Rec. YardsTDAir YardsAir Yards %Route %Snap %Target Share %Yards per TargetTPRRaDOTYPRRWOPRRACRPlayer RoutesPlayer Snaps
Cooper KuppWR8811115532.2%100.0%100.0%25.0%13.921.1%6.92.920.6002.0183875
Puka NacuaWR855002313.5%100.0%100.0%25.0%6.321.1%2.91.320.4692.1743875
Ben SkowronekWR     0.0%0.0%4.0%0.0%0.00.0%
Demarcus RobinsonWR324415129.8%100.0%94.7%9.4%14.77.9%
Austin TrammellWR     0.0%0.0%1.3%0.0%0.00.0%
Tyler HigbeeTE543603520.5%57.9%62.7%15.6%7.222.7%7.01.640.3781.0292247
Brycen HopkinsTE     0.0%5.3%2.7%0.0%0.00.0%
Davis AllenTE11140-4-2.3%23.7%34.7%3.1%14.011.1%-4.01.560.031-3.500926
Kyren WilliamsRB7530116.4%63.2%77.3%21.9%0.429.2%
Royce FreemanRB     0.0%18.4%22.7%0.0%0.00.0%

Week 15 Los Angeles Rams Fantasy Takeaways:

  • Matthew Stafford (25-of-33, 258 yds., 2/0; 1-2)
    • Stafford has stepped up his game from earlier in the season and tossed three touchdowns on a previously impenetrable Browns defense, three more on the Ravens this past week, and now tossing a pair against the Commanders. Having the threat of Kyren Williams certainly helps this offense thrive.
      • High-end QB2/worthy streamer
  • Kyren Williams (27-152-1; 7-5-3)
    • Williams is an absolute stud with one of the best roles in fantasy football for a running back.
      • Low-end RB1 with receiving upside
  • Cooper Kupp (8-8-111-1)
    • Kupp looks healthy again, and this offense is finding its groove late in the season. Kupp looks good and needs to be in every lineup down the stretch.
      • Low-end WR1
  • Puka Nacua (8-5-50; 2-3)
    • Nacua does exceptionally well playing off of Cooper Kupp, and quarterback Matthew Stafford looks for him just as much as Kupp. Nacua is a slight step down in terms of fantasy value, but he’s a worthy start in every format in the fantasy playoffs.
      • Mid-range WR2

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Dump ‘Em: N/A


Miami Dolphins

NamePosTargetsRec.Rec. YardsTDAir YardsAir Yards %Route %Snap %Target Share %Yards per TargetTPRRaDOTYPRRWOPRRACRPlayer RoutesPlayer Snaps
Jaylen WaddleWR9814217990.8%82.8%67.2%34.6%15.837.5%8.85.921.1551.7972441
Braxton BerriosWR111201213.8%58.6%39.3%3.8%12.05.9%12.00.710.1541.0001724
Cedrick WilsonWR3220-3-3.4%75.9%77.0%11.5%0.713.6%-
River CracraftWR     0.0%6.9%13.1%0.0%0.00.0%
Robbie ChosenWR     0.0%37.9%37.7%0.0%0.00.0%
Chase ClaypoolWR2280-5-5.7%6.9%8.2%7.7%4.0100.0%-
Durham SmytheTE443201618.4%69.0%70.5%15.4%8.020.0%4.01.600.3602.0002043
Tyler KroftTE     0.0%6.9%13.1%0.0%0.00.0%
Julian HillTE     0.0%17.2%36.1%0.0%0.00.0%
Raheem MostertRB2210-8-9.2%44.8%54.1%7.7%0.515.4%-
Jeff WilsonRB211044.6%6.9%13.1%7.7%0.5100.0%2.00.500.1480.25028
De'Von AchaneRB33300-8-9.2%44.8%39.3%11.5%10.023.1%-2.72.310.109-3.7501324
Alec IngoldFB     0.0%13.8%31.1%0.0%0.00.0%

Week 15 Miami Dolphins Fantasy Takeaways: 

  • Tua Tagovailoa (21-of-24, 224 yds., 1/0)
    • Tua is still a solid QB1 option. Obviously, having Tyreek Hill healthy bumps him up considerably.
      • Mid-range QB1
  • Raheem Mostert (15-42-2; 2-2-1)
  • De’Von Achane (9-32; 3-3-30)
    • Mostert is the unsexy option when standing next to Achane, but he’s not losing his role to Achane. There’s more than enough work for Mostert, and he saw the bulk of it and scored twice on Monday Night Football in Week 14 and twice again in Week 15 despite averaging less than 3.0 yards per carry. There’s been a growing delta between Mostert and Achane; Achane is not getting much work compared to Mostert. Keep “Raheem Must-Start” in your lineup, but Achane might just be a flex option right now with the workload disparity.
      • Achane is a low-end RB2/flex option right now, with Mostert taking a lot of the high-leverage work and high-value touches
  • Tyreek Hill (Missed Week 15 - Ankle)
    • Stud. Best fantasy wide receiver right now — even when banged up.
      • THE WR1 (when healthy, of course)
  • Jaylen Waddle (9-8-142-1)
    • Waddle was the focal point of the passing game as the Dolphins got him involved at all levels with a deep 60-yard touchdown in the second quarter. This was Waddle’s blow-up game, and it may not happen if Hill is in the lineup, but obviously, it’s excellent to know Waddle can still be game planned to this degree into the offense and looked for at almost every turn.
      • Low-end WR2

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Minnesota Vikings

NamePosTargetsRec.Rec. YardsTDAir YardsAir Yards %Route %Snap %Target Share %Yards per TargetTPRRaDOTYPRRWOPRRACRPlayer RoutesPlayer Snaps
Justin JeffersonWR10784012852.0%100.0%95.6%31.3%8.425.6%
Jordan AddisonWR6611125321.5%92.3%91.2%18.8%18.516.7%
K.J. OsbornWR2130197.7%74.4%54.4%6.3%1.56.9%
Brandon PowellWR     0.0%0.0%2.9%0.0%0.00.0%
T.J. HockensonTE766304919.9%89.7%86.8%21.9%9.020.0%7.01.800.4681.2863559
Josh OliverTE2214041.6%17.9%51.5%6.3%7.028.6%
Johnny MundtTE113010.4%7.7%10.3%3.1%3.033.3%
Ty ChandlerRB43250-8-3.3%43.6%80.9%12.5%6.323.5%-2.01.470.165-3.1251755
Kene NwangwuRB     0.0%7.7%10.3%0.0%0.00.0%
C.J. HamFB     0.0%7.7%16.2%0.0%0.00.0%

Week 15 Minnesota Vikings Fantasy Takeaways:

  • Alexander Mattison (Missed Week 15 - ankle)
  • Ty Chandler (23-132-1; 4-3-25)
    • Chandler was a monster in Week 15 as he was efficient, ripped off chunks of yardage and scored while helping out in the receiving game. It begs the question: why did it take this long to give Chandler this work? Mattison hasn’t practiced yet, but Chandler got the ringing endorsement from head coach Kevin O’Connell.
      • Chandler is a mid-range RB2 if Mattison cannot play in Week 16; a low-end RB2 if Mattison is active
  • Justin Jefferson (10-7-84)
    • He’s a stud. Jefferson is a fantasy starter every week.
      • Locked-in WR1
  • Jordan Addison (6-6-111-2)
    • Addison having Jefferson next to him helped as he was able to get loose for TWO touchdowns. Addison has languished a bit with the quarterback carousel post-Kirk Cousins, but it seems Nick Mullens understands the assignment and who to get the ball to in this condensed offense.
      • High-end WR4
  • T.J. Hockenson (7-6-63)
    • As a top-six tight end in fantasy, Hockenson is as set-and-forget as it gets.
      • Top-six fantasy TE

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New England Patriots

NamePosTargetsRec.Rec. YardsTDAir YardsAir Yards %Route %Snap %Target Share %Yards per TargetTPRRaDOTYPRRWOPRRACRPlayer RoutesPlayer Snaps
DeVante ParkerWR554402821.7%88.6%90.6%16.1%8.816.1%5.61.420.3941.5713148
Demario DouglasWR533304232.6%71.4%71.7%16.1%6.620.0%8.41.320.4700.7862538
Tyquan ThorntonWR115053.9%20.0%13.2%3.2%5.014.3%5.00.710.0761.00077
Jalen ReagorWR2000-2-1.6%51.4%54.7%6.5%0.011.1%-
Hunter HenryTE976616348.8%74.3%71.7%29.0%7.334.6%7.02.540.7771.0482638
Mike GesickiTE2170-2-1.6%34.3%39.6%6.5%3.516.7%-1.00.580.086-3.5001221
Pharaoh BrownTE114043.1%40.0%58.5%3.2%4.07.1%
Ezekiel ElliottRB65210-9-7.0%68.6%86.8%19.4%3.525.0%-1.50.880.241-2.3332446
Kevin HarrisRB     0.0%8.6%13.2%0.0%0.00.0%

Week 15 New England Patriots Fantasy Takeaways:

  • Rhamondre Stevenson (Missed Week 15 - high-ankle sprain)
    • Stevenson did not play in Week 14 or Week 15 and is also trending toward missing Week 16.
      • Mid-range RB2 when healthy
  • Ezekiel Elliott (11-25; 6-5-21)
    • Elliott hit the end of his rope with the “run-good”, only putting up 46 scrimmage yards on 16 touches. The offense cratered against the Chiefs and there was zero efficiency to speak of. With a tough matchup on tap vs. Denver, Zeke would only be a low-end RB2 without Stevenson.
      • Low-end RB2 with Stevenson out
  • Hunter Henry (9-7-66-1)
    • Henry is averaging routes on 76% of Bailey Zappe’s dropbacks and has produced back-to-back top-four fantasy finishes. In Week 16, Henry gets the Denver Broncos, who have given up the second-most fantasy points to the tight end position in fantasy football this season.
      • High-end TE2/streamer

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New Orleans Saints

NamePosTargetsRec.Rec. YardsTDAir YardsAir Yards %Route %Snap %Target Share %Yards per TargetTPRRaDOTYPRRWOPRRACRPlayer RoutesPlayer Snaps
Rashid ShaheedWR433606534.0%73.3%56.5%14.3%9.018.2%16.31.640.4530.5542235
A.T. PerryWR223402613.6%53.3%43.5%7.1%17.012.5%
Keith KirkwoodWR117173.7%33.3%40.3%3.6%7.010.0%7.00.700.0791.0001025
Lynn BowdenWR533103618.8%43.3%59.7%17.9%6.238.5%7.22.380.4000.8611337
Marquez CallawayWR     0.0%10.0%21.0%0.0%0.00.0%
Juwan JohnsonTE223813618.8%43.3%43.5%7.1%19.015.4%18.02.920.2391.0561327
Foster MoreauTE53130105.2%43.3%74.2%17.9%2.638.5%
Taysom HillTE114031.6%30.0%21.0%3.6%4.011.1%3.00.440.0651.333913
Jimmy GrahamTE229163.1%13.3%12.9%7.1%4.550.0%
Alvin KamaraRB5544010.5%46.7%51.6%17.9%8.835.7%
Jamaal WilliamsRB112010.5%33.3%46.8%3.6%2.010.0%
Adam PrenticeFB     0.0%6.7%16.1%0.0%0.00.0%

Week 15 New Orleans Saints Fantasy Takeaways:

  • Derek Carr (23-of-28, 218 yds., 3/0; 3-(-4))
    • If I needed a quarterback in Week 15, I would be pretty good with Carr as my option now that he’s getting Chris Olave back.
      • High-end QB2/ solid quarterback streaming option
  • Alvin Kamara (16-66; 5-5-4)
    • He has been no worse than RB19 in any of his games this season, which continued this week as he compiled some receptions to finish as RB14 in Week 15. Kamara is a set-and-forget low-end RB1.
      • Low-end RB1/high-end RB2
  • Chris Olave (Missed Week 15 - Ankle)
    • The NFL’s leading air yards merchant will likely return in Week 16 as the Saints travel to SoFi Stadium to take on the Saints. He's a safe, high-end WR2 with huge upside in any game he plays.
      • High-end WR2 with WR1 upside

Add ‘Em: N/A

Dump ‘Em: Taysom Hill (the dream is dead; time to let sleeping dogs lie)


New York Giants

NamePosTargetsRec.Rec. YardsTDAir YardsAir Yards %Route %Snap %Target Share %Yards per TargetTPRRaDOTYPRRWOPRRACRPlayer RoutesPlayer Snaps
Darius SlaytonWR846309948.5%93.6%95.2%23.5%7.918.2%12.41.430.6930.6364459
Isaiah HodginsWR1000188.8%25.5%30.6%2.9%0.08.3%
Jalin HyattWR30002713.2%74.5%71.0%8.8%0.08.6%
Wan'Dale RobinsonWR4425052.5%91.5%85.5%11.8%6.39.3%1.30.580.1945.0004353
Sterling ShepardWR     0.0%6.4%4.8%0.0%0.00.0%
Gunner OlszewskiWR     0.0%4.3%3.2%0.0%0.00.0%
Darren WallerTE644003014.7%46.8%40.3%17.6%6.727.3%5.01.820.3681.3332225
Daniel BellingerTE2213062.9%42.6%56.5%5.9%6.510.0%3.00.650.1092.1672035
Lawrence CagerTE119052.5%6.4%4.8%2.9%9.033.3%
Saquon BarkleyRB22230125.9%34.0%50.0%5.9%11.512.5%6.01.440.1291.9171631
Matt BreidaRB3211062.9%34.0%38.7%8.8%3.718.8%2.00.690.1531.8331624
Eric GrayRB4360-4-2.0%19.1%17.7%11.8%1.544.4%-1.00.670.163-1.500911

Week 15 New York Giants Fantasy Takeaways:

  • Tommy DeVito (20-of-34, 177 yds., 0/0; 4-36)
    • It's a fun story, but for fantasy purposes, DeVito is just a bottom-end streamer.
      • Low-end QB2/weak streamer
  • Saquon Barkley (9-14; 2-2-23)
    • When the Giants get to the bottom of their range, it affects everybody — even Barkley. While you’ve got to start him if he’s on your roster, you can’t feel super great about Barkley in the fantasy playoffs.
      • High-end RB2
  • Darren Waller (6-4-40)
    • The one thing here that could be a saving grace for fantasy managers is the return of Darren Waller. Waller ran 47% of routes and should get an uptick or two in the next couple of weeks here, so if you’ve held onto him for this long, you’re starting him hoping for those sweet, sweet ceiling outcome games.
      • Low-end TE1 when healthy

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New York Jets

NamePosTargetsRec.Rec. YardsTDAir YardsAir Yards %Route %Snap %Target Share %Yards per TargetTPRRaDOTYPRRWOPRRACRPlayer RoutesPlayer Snaps
Garrett WilsonWR432903211.0%97.7%94.8%12.5%7.39.5%8.00.690.2640.9064255
Allen LazardWR632106622.7%90.7%89.7%18.8%3.515.4%11.00.540.4400.3183952
Randall CobbWR20007425.4%11.6%12.1%6.3%0.040.0%
Xavier GipsonWR622909030.9%72.1%69.0%18.8%4.819.4%15.00.940.4980.3223140
Irvin CharlesWR     0.0%2.3%3.4%0.0%0.00.0%
Tyler ConklinTE741803411.7%67.4%65.5%21.9%2.624.1%4.90.620.4100.5292938
Jeremy RuckertTE22160124.1%32.6%37.9%6.3%8.014.3%
Kenny YeboahTE     0.0%7.0%15.5%0.0%0.00.0%
Breece HallRB2160-8-2.7%27.9%39.7%6.3%3.016.7%-4.00.500.075-0.7501223
Dalvin CookRB1160-3-1.0%14.0%17.2%3.1%6.016.7%-
Israel AbanikandaRB22110-6-2.1%37.2%37.9%6.3%5.512.5%-3.00.690.079-1.8331622
Nick BawdenFB     0.0%11.6%17.2%0.0%0.00.0%

Week 15 New York Jets Fantasy Takeaways:

  • Breece Hall (6-12; 2-1-6)
    • This offense has cratered, and the Jets hope to salvage something of this season on offense. Except it’ll be Zach Wilson starting if he clears concussion protocol. Yikes. We want better for you, Breece. Can you really trust him?
      • Low-end RB2
  • Garrett Wilson (4-3-29)
    • Yikes, part two. Can you trust him either in the fantasy playoffs?
      • High-end WR3

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Philadelphia Eagles

NamePosTargetsRec.Rec. YardsTDAir YardsAir Yards %Route %Snap %Target Share %Yards per TargetTPRRaDOTYPRRWOPRRACRPlayer RoutesPlayer Snaps
A.J. BrownWR10556013044.1%97.4%95.7%33.3%5.627.0%13.01.510.8080.4313766
DeVonta SmithWR555004314.6%97.4%95.7%16.7%10.013.5%8.61.350.3521.1633766
Quez WatkinsWR10004515.3%63.2%52.2%3.3%0.04.2%
Olamide ZaccheausWR     0.0%7.9%7.2%0.0%0.00.0%
Julio JonesWR116062.0%26.3%31.9%3.3%6.010.0%6.00.600.0641.0001022
Dallas GoedertTE943004314.6%89.5%84.1%30.0%3.326.5%4.80.880.5520.6983458
Jack StollTE     0.0%7.9%31.9%0.0%0.00.0%
D'Andre SwiftRB3210196.4%47.4%59.4%10.0%0.316.7%
Kenneth GainwellRB100093.1%50.0%40.6%3.3%0.05.3%
Boston ScottRB     0.0%2.6%1.4%0.0%0.00.0%

Week 15 Philadelphia Eagles Fantasy Takeaways:

  • Jalen Hurts (17-of-31, 143 yds., 0/2; 13-82-2)
    • A weekly stud, Hurts saved his fantasy day with his rushing work as he scored twice.
      • A must-start QB1
  • D’Andre Swift (18-74; 3-2-1)
    • A good not great Week 15 for Swift; the lack of touchdown equity continues to hurt him regarding fantasy scoring. That is why despite a hearty role in Philadelphia, he’s only a low-end RB2.
      • Low-end RB2
  • A.J. Brown (5-56)
    • Stud. Grown a** man. Brown is a must-start each week, even if he hits the low-end of his range of outcomes in Week 15.
      • Locked-in WR1
  • DeVonta Smith (5-5-50)
    • Also, a stud. You’ve got to start Smith each week despite the middling game.
      • High-end WR2 with potential for overall WR1 spike weeks
  • Dallas Goedert (9-4-30; 1-1)
    • Goedert is always capable of the blowup games, so you can’t drop him. He’s a bottom-end TE1 with a high floor that can get to the ceiling game occasionally. At tight end, that’s good enough.
      • Low-end TE1

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Pittsburgh Steelers

NamePosTargetsRec.Rec. YardsTDAir YardsAir Yards %Route %Snap %Target Share %Yards per TargetTPRRaDOTYPRRWOPRRACRPlayer RoutesPlayer Snaps
Diontae JohnsonWR646218331.8%96.7%86.2%23.1%10.320.7%
George PickensWR7347014756.3%96.7%93.1%26.9%6.724.1%21.01.620.7980.3202954
Allen RobinsonWR33190135.0%53.3%62.1%11.5%6.318.8%
Calvin AustinWR     0.0%16.7%15.5%0.0%0.00.0%
Miles BoykinWR     0.0%3.3%6.9%0.0%0.00.0%
Pat FreiermuthTE43160238.8%86.7%75.9%15.4%4.015.4%5.80.620.2920.6962644
Darnell WashingtonTE     0.0%6.7%24.1%0.0%0.00.0%
Rodney WilliamsTE     0.0%0.0%3.4%0.0%0.00.0%
Najee HarrisRB     0.0%13.3%34.5%0.0%0.00.0%
Jaylen WarrenRB65280-5-1.9%83.3%69.0%23.1%4.724.0%-
Connor HeywardFB     0.0%26.7%27.6%0.0%0.00.0%

Week 15 Pittsburgh Steelers Fantasy Takeaways:

  • Jaylen Warren (10-40; 6-5-28)
  • Najee Harris (12-33)
    • Warren saw a massive route bump (83% — a career high) and got 69% of the snaps, out-touching Harris. Harris essentially played the role of Jordan Howard as when he was out there, you knew he was running the ball.
      • Warren is a low-end RB2 with upside, and Harris is a plodding RB2 with downside, as we saw in Week 15
  • Diontae Johnson (6-4-62-1)

Add ‘Em: N/A

Dump ‘Em: George Pickens (he’s not worth keeping for the rest of the season, especially with Mason Rudolph taking over quarterbacking duties), Pat Freiermuth (not enough volume in this offense to support multiple weapons with a third-string quarterback)


San Francisco 49ers

NamePosTargetsRec.Rec. YardsTDAir YardsAir Yards %Route %Snap %Target Share %Yards per TargetTPRRaDOTYPRRWOPRRACRPlayer RoutesPlayer Snaps
Brandon AiyukWR533709330.6%86.2%82.1%19.2%7.420.0%18.61.480.5030.3982546
Deebo SamuelWR744827725.3%93.1%85.7%26.9%6.925.9%11.01.780.5810.6232748
Jauan JenningsWR2225093.0%51.7%41.1%7.7%12.513.3%4.51.670.1362.7781523
Ronnie BellWR1000134.3%13.8%14.3%3.8%0.025.0%
Chris ConleyWR     0.0%6.9%10.7%0.0%0.00.0%
George KittleTE425406521.4%89.7%85.7%15.4%13.515.4%
Charlie WoernerTE     0.0%6.9%19.6%0.0%0.00.0%
Brayden WillisTE     0.0%3.4%10.7%0.0%0.00.0%
Christian McCaffreyRB572204113.5%75.9%76.8%19.2%0.422.7%
Jordan MasonRB     0.0%20.7%23.2%0.0%0.00.0%
Kyle JuszczykFB2226062.0%44.8%50.0%7.7%13.015.4%

Week 15 San Francisco 49ers Fantasy Takeaways:

  • Brock Purdy (16-of-25, 242 yds., 4/0)
    • We’ve got to call a spade “a spade”. Purdy is a QB1 and benefits from the awesome weapons around him while lifting them as much as possible.
      • Top-6/7 fantasy quarterback
  • Christian McCaffrey (18-115; 5-5-72-2)
    • Stud.
      • CMC is a locked-in RB1
  • Brandon Aiyuk (5-3-37)
    • The 49ers throttled the Cardinals, so the volume (or lack thereof) hurt both Aiyuk and George Kittle in Week 15.
      • Set-and-forget WR2 with WR1 spike weeks
  • Deebo Samuel (7-4-48-2; 1-11)
    • Locked-in WR1. What a second half for Deebo Samuel.
      • Must-start WR1
  • George Kittle (4-2-54)
    • You’re playing Kittle regardless of matchup, but we take his low and middling games to get the enormous spike weeks.
      • Set-and-forget TE1

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Dump ‘Em: N/A


Seattle Seahawks

NamePosTargetsRec.Rec. YardsTDAir YardsAir Yards %Route %Snap %Target Share %Yards per TargetTPRRaDOTYPRRWOPRRACRPlayer RoutesPlayer Snaps
DK MetcalfWR657806527.4%97.1%91.8%18.8%13.017.6%
Tyler LockettWR9321011749.4%94.3%75.4%28.1%2.327.3%13.00.640.7670.1793346
Jaxon Smith-NjigbaWR444814217.7%82.9%68.9%12.5%12.013.8%10.51.660.3121.1432942
Jake BoboWR1140-2-0.8%8.6%23.0%3.1%4.033.3%-2.01.330.041-2.000314
Dareke YoungWR     0.0%0.0%1.6%0.0%0.00.0%
Noah FantTE53160218.9%68.6%62.3%15.6%3.220.8%4.20.670.2960.7622438
Will DisslyTE229031.3%22.9%39.3%6.3%4.525.0%
Colby ParkinsonTE116041.7%22.9%34.4%3.1%6.012.5%4.00.750.0591.500821
Brady RussellTE     0.0%0.0%1.6%0.0%0.00.0%
Kenneth WalkerRB33260-16-6.8%37.1%55.7%9.4%8.723.1%-
Zach CharbonnetRB100031.3%57.1%44.3%3.1%0.05.0%

Week 15 Seattle Seahawks Fantasy Takeaways:

  • Geno Smith (Missed Week 15 - groin)
    • Smith participated fully in the Wednesday walkthrough practice and could be trending to play in Week 16 vs. the Titans.
      • Mid-range QB2/okay streamer
  • Kenneth Walker (19-86-1; 3-3-26)
    • Walker took more of the touch here, including a touchdown and all but one target out of the backfield. Suffice it to say, Walker is back in his Week 1 role for Seattle.
      • Mid-range RB2
  • Zach Charbonnet (4-16; 1-0)
    • Charbonnet took the backseat yet again, and it’s a trend despite running almost 60% of routes. The Seahawks want to utilize Walker, and they’ve made Charbonnet a second-round rookie version of DeeJay Dallas. So that’s fun.
      • Low-end RB3/contingent play if something happens to Walker
  • DK Metcalf (5-5-78)
    • It was a solid day for Metcalf, a median outcome considering his boom-or-bust nature.
      • Boom-or-bust high-end WR3 with some spike week potential
  • Tyler Lockett (9-3-21)
    • Earned the most targets of any Seahawk but was relatively inefficient yet again. He’s a tough start in the fantasy playoffs, but having Geno Smith back under center helps a little.
      • Low-end WR3/okay flex option
  • Jaxon Smith-Njigba (4-4-48-1)
    • Despite only earning four targets, JSN caught the game-winning touchdown, which was the most significant moment of his career. He ran routes on 83% of Drew Lock’s dropbacks but still lags behind Tyler Lockett and DK Metcalf for unknown reasons.
      • Low-end WR3/mid-range flex option

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Tampa Bay Buccaneers

NamePosTargetsRec.Rec. YardsTDAir YardsAir Yards %Route %Snap %Target Share %Yards per TargetTPRRaDOTYPRRWOPRRACRPlayer RoutesPlayer Snaps
Mike EvansWR645715724.3%97.0%85.5%22.2%9.518.8%9.51.780.5031.0003253
Chris GodwinWR1210155010444.3%90.9%82.3%44.4%12.940.0%
Trey PalmerWR215073.0%63.6%58.1%7.4%2.59.5%
Deven ThompkinsWR     0.0%6.1%17.7%0.0%0.00.0%
David MooreWR22681208.5%21.2%22.6%7.4%34.028.6%10.09.710.1713.400714
Cade OttonTE224402912.3%93.9%90.3%7.4%22.06.5%14.51.420.1971.5173156
Ko KieftTE112100.0%6.1%21.0%3.7%2.050.0%
Payne DurhamTE     0.0%18.2%21.0%0.0%0.00.0%
Rachaad WhiteRB22501187.7%72.7%80.6%7.4%25.08.3%
Chase EdmondsRB     0.0%21.2%19.4%0.0%0.00.0%

Week 15 Tampa Bay Buccaneers Fantasy Takeaways:

  • Baker Mayfield (22-of-28, 381 yds., 4/0; 2-(-2))
    • A Joe Barry-coached Packers defense unlocked Baker Mayfield… just wow. Mayfield was fantastic and had, by far, his best game of the season. He’s a worthy streamer if you need quarterback help.
      • Mid-range QB2/solid streamer
  • Rachaad White (21-89; 2-2-50-1)
    • White has a top-three running back role in fantasy and is shockingly close to the role Christian McCaffrey has without the fanfare or a consistently superb, efficient offense. White has been superb in the back half of 2023.
      • High-end RB2 with RB1 potential
  • Mike Evans (6-4-57-1)
    • Evans was the secondary option, as he’s been the last couple of weeks, but he still got into the end zone. He’s a solid, productive, high-end WR2 every week.
      • Low-end WR1/high-end WR2 each week
  • Chris Godwin (12-10-155)
    • Godwin has been the target du jour for Mayfield the last two weeks, with 23 targets and 15 receptions. While much of the season hasn’t been pretty for Godwin, he’s a solid flex play for the rest of the fantasy football playoffs.
      • Low-end WR3/mid-range flex

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Tennessee Titans

NamePosTargetsRec.Rec. YardsTDAir YardsAir Yards %Route %Snap %Target Share %Yards per TargetTPRRaDOTYPRRWOPRRACRPlayer RoutesPlayer Snaps
DeAndre HopkinsWR9221020051.2%94.4%77.8%34.6%2.326.5%22.20.620.8770.1053449
Treylon BurksWR336204511.5%88.9%76.2%11.5%20.79.4%15.01.940.2541.3783248
Nick Westbrook-IkhineWR213304411.3%44.4%47.6%7.7%16.512.5%
Chris MooreWR433908421.5%44.4%60.3%15.4%9.825.0%21.02.440.3810.4641638
Colton DowellWR     0.0%0.0%4.8%0.0%0.00.0%
Mason KinseyWR     0.0%2.8%3.2%0.0%0.00.0%
Chigoziem OkonkwoTE33360266.6%69.4%63.5%11.5%12.012.0%8.71.440.2201.3852540
Trevon WescoTE     0.0%2.8%44.4%0.0%0.00.0%
Kevin RaderTE     0.0%2.8%15.9%0.0%0.00.0%
Derrick HenryRB4410-3-0.8%36.1%54.0%15.4%0.330.8%-
Tyjae SpearsRB1170-5-1.3%50.0%52.4%3.8%7.05.6%-5.00.390.049-1.4001833

Week 15 Tennessee Titans Fantasy Takeaways:

  • Derrick Henry (16-9; 4-4-1)
    • “Dehember” isn’t outright canceled, but we know it would hit a snag after three straight weeks of two-touchdown games. Henry is still a solid RB2 option, but there is no bigger touchdown-dependent asset in fantasy football than Henry.
      • Low-end RB2 but still retains some diminishing RB1 upside
  • Tyjae Spears (9-30; 1-1-7)
    • Spears is just the contingent back for Henry at this point, but in the fantasy playoffs, that’s really the only utility he has. You can’t trust him in any lineup as a standalone option.
      • Contingent upside for Henry
  • DeAndre Hopkins (9-2-21)
    • This is the offense-based downside we talk about with high-volume options on bad teams. Hopkins hit the low end of his outcomes in Week 15 and will get the Texans in Week 16, potentially with Ryan Tannehill back under center should Will Levis not be able to suit up.
      • High-end WR3

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Washington Commanders

NamePosTargetsRec.Rec. YardsTDAir YardsAir Yards %Route %Snap %Target Share %Yards per TargetTPRRaDOTYPRRWOPRRACRPlayer RoutesPlayer Snaps
Terry McLaurinWR126141123867.6%87.8%85.0%35.3%11.833.3%19.83.921.0030.5923651
Jahan DotsonWR11120123.4%85.4%76.7%2.9%12.02.9%12.00.340.0681.0003546
Curtis SamuelWR954124813.6%80.5%71.7%26.5%4.627.3%
Dyami BrownWR1000246.8%7.3%10.0%2.9%0.033.3%
Byron PringleWR115051.4%12.2%13.3%2.9%5.020.0%
Jamison CrowderWR     0.0%7.3%5.0%0.0%0.00.0%
Logan ThomasTE317051.4%82.9%80.0%8.8%2.38.8%
John BatesTE1000205.7%14.6%40.0%2.9%0.016.7%
Antonio GibsonRB5520010.3%43.9%46.7%14.7%4.027.8%
Chris RodriguezRB     0.0%17.1%31.7%0.0%0.00.0%
Jonathan WilliamsRB1000-1-0.3%17.1%21.7%2.9%0.014.3%-

Alex Armah



Week 15 Washington Commanders Fantasy Takeaways:

  • Brian Robinson (Missed Week 15 - hamstring)
    • Robinson still hasn’t practiced, and Gibson retained his previous role as Chris Rodriguez saw 10 touches. It’s Robinson or nothing here.
      • Mid-range RB2 when healthy
  • Terry McLaurin (12-6-141-1)
    • McLaurin had his best game of the season thanks to Jacoby Brissett understanding the assignment when he was pressed into duty as Howell was benched. He’s the most talented pass-catcher on this team, but Howell may not know it. Brissett did, which speaks volumes.
      • Mid-range WR3
  • Curtis Samuel (9-5-41-2)
    • Samuel caught two touchdowns and has been the second target for the Commanders in the last few weeks over Jahan Dotson, who has been on a milk carton for almost the entire season.
      • Low-end WR3/solid flex

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Dump ‘Em: Sam Howell (was benched for Jacoby Brissett; can’t trust Howell anymore). Logan Thomas (still living off of his 2020 season somehow), Antonio Gibson (couldn’t even gain any more work without Robinson in the lineup)


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