As we approach Week 1 of the NFL regular season, mock drafts are heating up more than ever. The Army is still running anywhere from 5-to-7 mock drafts each week and will continue to do so right up until the season opens. We’ve added 20-round PPR mocks with a third-round reversal this week, so for those of you prepping for your NFFC drafts, this might be helpful to you. If you would like to get involved, just send me an email ( and I’ll add you to the schedule distribution list.

Now let’s get to the meat and potatoes here and look at some of the ADP risers and faller to which you may want to pay attention. We’ll also take a look at some of the more notable new faces who have been recently drafted as well.


Arian Foster, RB MIA (+18.3%) – Well it was just a matter of time before the feeding frenzy started. All too many people are putting RB2 faith into Foster and while he very well could be one, the risk is far too great for me to be looking at him in the fourth and fifth round which is where he’s now going in drafts. Again, don’t be fooled by the ADP. Follow the increase. His current ADP is at 103.2, but remember, that’s the average of 50-odd drafts and he wasn’t even drafted in some of the early ones. I’m not totally adverse to taking Foster if that’s what the draft dictates, but for me, the problem is that you have to handcuff him to both Jay Ajayi AND Kenyan Drake because no one knows which of those two will step up.

Josh Ferguson, RB IND (+15.2%) – Handcuff central here with Ferguson who, again, is getting plenty of attention but not doing much to warrant it just yet. He had three yards on eight carries in the Colts’ first preseason game and needs to do more to stand out. The team already has enough tomato cans in Jordan Todman and Robert Turbin. Ferguson needs a big showing over the next two weeks to justify his heavy rise in ADP. I still like him better than the other two, but it’s not me he has to impress. It’s the Indy coaches.

Bruce Ellington, WR SF (+13.6%) – Personally, I won’t touch anyone on San Francisco other than Carlos Hyde. With Blaine Gabbert as the starter and Colin Kaepernick lying in wait, none of the receivers do much for me. Yup. Even Torrey Smith. Ellington seems to be generating some buzz and might be the perfect garbage time option as the 49ers will likely play from behind most of the season, but I’d rather try a youngster with upside and a much better quarterback.

Phillip Dorsett, WR IND (+12.9%) – Speaking of which, Dorsett is starting to generate more buzz here in the offseason and could end up with some decent target numbers. Probably not to start him each week, but enough to warrant a roster spot as a potential fill-in for bye weeks. Many believe the Colts are looking to throw the ball 4-50 times per game, so eventually Dorsett is going to see some extra looks his way.

Josh Gordon, WR CLE (+10.5%) – Oh boy! Grab the torches and pitchforks, people. It’s time to vilify everyone who is taking Gordon in the 5th/6th round in drafts. What’s up with this? Why do people suddenly believe that he will stay out of trouble? Why do people ignore the four-game suspension? Why do people ignore the fact that he’s basically been out of football for almost two years and is going to be…well….rusty is a nice way to put it. I took him high (pun intended) in the SiriusXM Host League to prove a point, was criticized by a number of pundits on a variety of shows and yet, people are still drafting him higher than he should be. SMH, people. SMH.


Ryan Fitzpatrick, QB NYJ (-18.7%) – Now I know we all say to wait on quarterbacks, but something tells me, that Fitzpatrick’s ADP is more a product of the preseason rankings in the draft room. He was unsigned for so long that many sites had him pretty far down the list and those doing the mocks seemingly forgot about him. Me? I’ll try my hand with Fitzpatrick before I roll with anyone like RG3, Marcus Mariota or even Ryan Tannehill. Fitz might not be the be all, end all at the position, but with elite talent like Brandon Marshall and Eric Decker, I’d be more than happy to take him late.

Jay Ajayi, RB MIA (-18.1%) – The early injury, the preseason hype of Drake and the fact that the Fins were more interested in seeing what Isaiah Pead and Daniel Thomas were up to in the first preseason game all seem to be damaging Ajayi’s draft value. Well, that and the fact that he’ll play behind Foster as well. If he were the clear-cut No. 2 on the team, I think his ADP would start to climb back up, but the problem now is trusting the investment. You know Foster will get hurt but you don’t know just yet who will replace him.

Ladarius Green, TE PIT (-16.7%) – This is a real interesting case here. There’s the ankle injury and there’s the headaches. Now the ankle injury is obviously something real, but not all that serious. The headaches, though, are a different story. Is he concussed? And if so, why is he on the field. Are we looking at a concussion not really showing up in tests or are we looking at another Percy Harvin situation? Green was on the field practicing Tuesday, but reports said that he was just doing some running and cutting exercises on the side and walked off gingerly. Was it the ankle or the headaches? Still, we don’t know. What we do know is that he is rightfully dropping in drafts and he is most definitely not the next Heath Miller.

Dorial Green-Beckham, WR PHI (-13.8%) – Tough to say that DGB was a disappointment last season, but obviously the Titans had lost interest in the young wideout given that they just dealt him to the Eagles earlier this week. From a fantasy standpoint, it would seem to be somewhat of a mild downgrade for now. Marcus Mariota is a year wiser and the Titans system got a nice boost in the ground game which usually opens things up more for the passing game. Now he has to go to Philly, learn a new system, outplay some mediocre receivers to earn snaps and who knows who will be throwing him the ball come Week 5. Impossible? No. Not at all. But fantasy owners aren’t sold on the move just yet and as of now, owners are losing interest. Perhaps the fact that he suited up Thursday when he wasn’t supposed to says something about his current mental make-up. Perhaps, he’s tabled the attitude a bit and just plays ball. While his ADP is falling, he could prove to be a late-round bargain, so keep tracking his preseason and look for him as your fifth or sixth receiver for now.

Karlos Williams, RB BUF (-13.0%) – I believe it was Dean Wormer who once said, Fat, drunk and stupid is no way to go through life, son.” Truer words have not been spoken and maybe someone should needlepoint that and hang it in Williams’ locker. A four-game suspension for violating the league’s substance abuse policy is how Williams will open the 2016 season, but to add insult to injury, he came in like a fat load when camp opened. The team is disappointed but obviously not ready to give up just yet. Fantasy owners will have to hedge their bets right now though as we need to see him actually do something positive before we start drafting him with any remote confidence.

New Faces

Terrance West, RB BAL (ADP: 238.0) – Whether you believe the hype or not, West’s name is now out there and folks who have a piece of the Baltimore backfield are now looking to add West for fear that he will now be the go-to guy over Kenneth Dixon, Javorius Allen and possibly even Justin Forsett. Pewrsonally, I don’t buy it at all, but some schnook in your league does. Let him have him.

Cameron Brate, TE TB (ADP:249.0) – The word is out and so is Austin Seferian-Jenkins. Or is he? Brate has jumped over ASJ on the team’s depth chart and has been taking the majority of first-team reps in practice. However, ASJ has been garnering a little more attention lately, so while Brate is receiving some face time with the public, he’s still not someone to use as more than anything but a bye-week fill-in.

Jesse James, TE PIT (ADP: 254.9) – With Ladarius Green nursing an ankle issue while also dealing with headaches and potentially lingering concussion symptoms, James seems to be the heir apparent for right now. Some believe that Green will be out for an extended period of time which gives James some added value, but he’s not shooting up the ADP charts just yet. Maybe it’s because people are still expecting Green to be fine, or maybe it’s because of Xavier Grimble.

Geremy Davis, WR NYG (ADP: 255.1) – While Victor Cruz continues to struggle in his return to the Giants, many are looking at Davis as a potential No. 3 option. A current hamstring issue could be trouble in his battle with Dwayne Harris, but the team seems confident that he will be just fine and find his way onto the 53-man roster.

Reggie Bush, RB BUF (ADP: 258.2) – With Karlos Williams suspended for the first four games, the Bills are in obvious need of a No. 2 for the short term. They have Mike Gillislee, but they’re also looking for a potentially resurgent Bush to help out on passing downs while also chipping in on the return game. If the knee holds up, there could be some short-term value here.

Mock Draft Army ADP

RankPlayerPos.TeamCurrent2 Wks AgoTrend
1Antonio BrownWRPIT1.51.50.0%
2Odell Beckham, Jr.WRNYG2.12.11.7%
3Julio JonesWRATL2.42.56.1%
4DeAndre HopkinsWRHOU5.55.3-3.3%
5Todd GurleyRBLARM5.55.73.3%
6David JohnsonRBARI6.26.43.4%
7A.J. GreenWRCIN7.68.916.6%
8Ezekiel ElliotRBDAL9.79.6-1.1%
9Le'Veon BellRBPIT9.89.3-4.9%
10Dez BryantWRDAL10.610.82.1%
11Ardrian PetersonRBMIN10.710.3-3.6%
12Rob GronkowskiTENE11.711.4-2.9%
13Allen RobinsonWRJAX12.412.1-2.1%
14Lamar MillerRBHOU14.815.33.5%
15Devonta FreemanRBATL17.518.03.1%
16Jordy NelsonWRGB18.316.3-11.1%
17Jamaal CharlesRBKC18.319.77.6%
18Keenan AllenWRSD18.417.9-2.7%
19Amari CooperWROAK20.920.3-3.0%
20Brandin CooksWRNO21.421.1-1.2%
21Mike EvansWRTB21.522.12.7%
22Brandon MarshallWRNYJ23.325.59.4%
23Alshon JefferyWRCHI25.927.04.4%
24Eddie LacyRBGB27.127.30.6%
25Demaryius ThomasWRDEN27.626.1-5.5%
26Doug MartinRBTB28.225.5-9.7%
27T.Y. HiltonWRIND28.728.5-0.9%
28Sammy WatkinsWRBUF28.830.45.6%
29Mark IngramRBNO29.331.47.0%
30Jarvis LandryWRMIA30.229.6-1.9%
31Randall CobbWRGB33.032.5-1.5%
32Kelvin BenjaminWRCAR33.534.73.7%
33Julian EdelmanWRNE34.931.5-9.7%
34Matt ForteRBNYJ34.933.1-5.1%
35LeSean McCoyRBBUF36.839.88.2%
36Golden TateWRDET37.337.81.3%
37Carlos HydeRBSF38.037.7-0.8%
38Thomas RawlsRBSEA40.739.8-2.2%
39Doug BaldwinWRSEA40.941.20.7%
40Cam NewtonQBCAR41.841.0-1.9%
41Jordan ReedTEWAS42.041.8-0.4%
42C.J. AndersonRBDEN42.744.03.2%
43Jeremy MaclinWRKC43.043.00.0%
44Dion LewisRBNE46.344.8-3.2%
45Demarco MurrayRBTEN46.949.04.5%
46Eric DeckerWRNYJ48.651.76.3%
47Greg OlsenTECAR48.746.5-4.4%
48Latavius MurrayRBOAK49.051.34.6%
49Aaron RodgersQBGB51.349.1-4.2%
50Emmanuel SandersWRDEN51.449.9-3.0%
51Jordan MatthewsWRPHI54.851.7-5.6%
52Michael FloydWRARI54.956.22.4%
53Ryan MathewsRBPHI55.158.96.8%
54Jeremy LangfordRBCHI55.354.4-1.7%
55Donte MoncriefWRIND58.262.47.2%
56Allen HurnsWRJAX58.762.87.0%
57Larry FitzgeraldWRARI61.464.95.6%
58Michael CrabtreeWROAK62.862.5-0.5%
59Jeremy HillRBCIN63.161.7-2.2%
60John BrownWRARI63.264.92.7%
61Andrew LuckQBIND64.063.3-1.1%
62Matt JonesRBWAS65.165.10.0%
63DeVante ParkerWRMIA65.266.41.8%
64Giovani BernanrdRBCIN67.066.2-1.2%
65Travis KelceTEKC68.569.71.8%
66Duke JohnsonRBCLE68.769.00.4%
67Russell WilsonQBSEA69.866.1-5.2%
68Delanie WalkerTETEN69.971.21.9%
69Danny WoodheadRBSD70.469.0-2.0%
70Tyler LockettWRSEA71.872.71.3%
71Jonathan StewartRBCAR72.575.33.9%
72Ben RoethlisbergerQBPIT73.971.1-3.7%
73Drew BreesQBNO74.575.00.7%
74Coby FleenerTENO75.076.11.5%
75Kevin WhiteWRCHI75.172.4-3.6%
76Jay AjayiRBMIA76.963.0-18.1%
77Marvin JonesWRDET78.585.48.7%
78Ameer AbdullahRBDET80.675.0-6.9%
79Frank GoreRBIND81.587.57.4%
80Theo RiddickRBDET82.175.9-7.6%
81Melvin GordonRBSD82.684.62.4%
82Sterling ShepardWRNYG83.484.00.8%
83DeSean JacksonWRWAS84.087.54.1%
84Chris IvoryRBJAX84.685.00.5%
85Tyler EifertTECIN85.979.9-7.0%
86T.J. YeldonRBJAX90.484.0-7.0%
87Zach ErtzTEPHI90.488.8-1.7%
88Markus WheatonWRPIT92.088.3-4.1%
89Corey ColemanWRCLE92.488.5-4.3%
90Justin ForsettRBBAL94.6102.68.4%
91Gary BarnidgeTECLE95.693.6-2.1%
92Tom BradyQBNE96.598.41.9%
93Charles SimsRBTB96.896.7-0.1%
94Willie SneadWRNO96.8103.46.8%
95Karlos WilliamsRBBUF97.084.4-13.0%
96Carson PalmerQBARI98.497.7-0.7%
97Rashad JenningsRBNYG98.7100.51.9%
98Blake BortlesQBJAX100.295.0-5.2%
99Stefon DiggsWRMIN100.696.9-3.7%
100Laquon TreadwellWRMIN100.7101.81.1%
101DeAngelo WilliamsRBPIT100.7105.64.9%
102Ladarius GreenTEPIT101.784.7-16.7%
103Eli ManningQBNYG102.1103.81.6%
104Arian FosterRBMIA103.2122.118.3%
105Travis BenjaminWRSD105.3102.3-2.8%
106Tavon AustinWRLARM108.7106.5-2.0%
107Julius ThomasTEJAX109.4112.02.4%
108Josh GordonWRCLE112.8124.610.5%
109Philip RiversQBSD113.1111.8-1.1%
110Kamar AikenWRBAL114.8118.02.8%
111Torrey SmithWRSF115.1125.08.6%
112Isaiah CrowellRBCLE115.3115.30.0%
113Derrick HenryRBTEN116.5117.10.5%
114Steve Smith, Sr.WRBAL118.7109.7-7.6%
115C.J. ProsiseRBSEA119.7118.6-0.9%
116Michael ThomasWRNO120.1122.41.9%
117Dwayne AllenTEIND120.2129.88.0%
118Derek CarrQBOAK120.4122.82.0%
119Vincent JacksonWRTB121.9122.90.8%
120Mohamed SanuWRATL122.0125.62.9%
121Tevin ColemanRBATL122.6120.0-2.1%
122Bilal PowellRBNYJ126.6134.16.0%
123Antonio GatesTESD128.1139.08.5%
124Dorial Green-BeckhamWRTEN129.5111.6-13.8%
125Martellus BennettTENE131.5131.50.0%
126Josh DoctsonWRWAS131.5133.51.5%
127Arizona CardinalsD/STARI133.2133.0-0.1%
128Jimmy GrahamTESEA134.3126.9-5.5%
129Stephen GostkowskiKNE134.8130.2-3.4%
130Denver BroncosD/STDEN136.6136.0-0.5%
131Javorius AllenRBBAL138.4144.74.5%
132Kenneth DixonRBBAL139.0135.5-2.6%
133Kirk CousinsQBWAS139.2139.10.0%
134Sammie CoatesWRPIT139.9151.07.9%
135Seattle SeahawksD/STSEA140.3130.1-7.3%
136Devontae BookerRBDEN141.3138.9-1.7%
137Carolina PanthersD/STCAR144.1139.9-2.9%
138Breshad PerrimanWRBAL146.0144.2-1.2%
139Chris HoganWRNE147.5142.0-3.7%
140Eric EbronTEDET147.6149.61.4%
141Devin FunchessWRCAR147.6156.15.8%
142Tony RomoQBDAL147.8138.8-6.1%
143Charcandrick WestRBKC147.8149.41.1%
144LeGarrette BlountRBNE149.0151.51.7%
145Tyler BoydWRCIN149.1154.23.4%
146Darren SprolesRBPHI152.2141.0-7.3%
147DeAndre WashingtonRBOAK153.5154.50.6%
148Phillip DorsettWRIND158.5179.012.9%
149Will FullerWRHOU158.8145.2-8.6%
150Paul PerkinsRBNYG158.9159.80.5%
151Nelson AgholorWRPHI160.5165.93.3%
152Wenedell SmallwoodRBPHI161.2173.07.3%
153Pierre GarconWRWAS161.3161.80.3%
154Jordan HowardRBCHI161.3165.12.4%
155Jameis WinstonQBTB162.8148.6-8.7%
156Steven HauschkaKSEA162.9149.2-8.4%
157Houston TexansD/STHOU163.9153.9-6.1%
158Chris JohnsonRBARI164.0161.1-1.8%
159Kansas City ChiefsD/STKC165.7152.8-7.8%
160Andy DaltonQBCIN167.5154.5-7.8%
161Justin TuckerKBAL167.5164.6-1.7%
162Alfred MorrisRBDAL167.9175.34.4%
163Zach MillerTECHI168.4168.50.0%
164Marcus MariotaQBTEN171.8178.23.7%
165Shane VereenRBNYG171.9183.26.6%
166Rishard MatthewsWRTEN172.9185.47.2%
167Graham GanoKCAR173.4162.3-6.4%
168Darren McFaddenRBDAL176.7180.11.9%
169Chandler CatanzaroKARI178.4167.6-6.1%
170Matthew StaffordQBDET178.6173.7-2.7%
171Jerick McKinnonRBMIN180.0189.05.0%
172James StarksRBGB180.3189.04.8%
173Kendall WrightWRTEN181.7173.1-4.7%
174Victor CruzWRNYG182.0179.3-1.5%
175Terrance WilliamsWRDAL182.8177.1-3.1%
176Dan BaileyKDAL183.1174.5-4.7%
177Jason WittenTEDAL183.3174.6-4.7%
178Tyrod TaylorQBBUF183.5177.2-3.4%
179Matt RyanQBATL183.8175.8-4.4%
180Minnesota VikingsD/STMIN183.8186.51.5%
181Los Angeles RamsD/STLARM183.8186.81.6%
182Chris ThompsonRBWAS184.2195.66.2%
183New York JetsD/STNYJ184.6176.6-4.3%
184Mike WallaceWRBAL185.3190.42.8%
185Ryan TannehillQBMIA186.6188.71.1%
186New England PatriotsD/STNE187.2178.3-4.7%
187Roberto AguayoKTB187.8171.4-8.7%
188Kenyan DrakeRBMIA189.8184.8-2.6%
189Mason CrosbyKGB190.2185.3-2.6%
190Brandon, McManusKDEN191.1182.5-4.5%
191Clive WalfordTEOAK192.0201.04.7%
192Cameron Artis-PayneRBCAR192.2194.11.0%
193Ted Ginn, Jr.WRCAR193.5177.5-8.3%
194Blair WalshKMIN193.8181.2-6.5%
195Chris BoswellKPIT194.8186.4-4.3%
196Cincinnati BengalsD/STCIN195.7179.1-8.5%
197Austin Seferian-JenkinsTETB196.8202.32.8%
198Rueben RandleWRPHI197.4205.23.9%
199Andre EllingtonRBARI198.3184.0-7.2%
200Ronnie HillmanRBDEN199.1195.9-1.6%
201Oakland RaidersD/STOAK199.9190.9-4.5%
202Jared CookTEGB200.2196.9-1.6%
203Keith MarshallRBWAS200.3206.93.3%
204Jermaine KearseWRSEA200.4182.9-8.7%
205C.J. SpillerRBNO200.7199.0-0.9%
206Jamison CrowderWRWAS203.4199.0-2.2%
207Cairo SantosKKC203.6196.5-3.5%
208Kyle RudolphTEMIN203.6202.5-0.5%
209Ryan FitzpatrickQBNYJ204.7166.5-18.7%
210Josh BrownKNYG204.7192.2-6.1%
211Brandon LaFellWRCIN205.6197.4-4.0%
212Buffalo BillsD/STBUF206.5195.6-5.3%
213Charles ClayTEBUF209.7208.3-0.7%
214Philadelphia EaglesD/STPHI210.3191.9-8.7%
215Will TyeTENYG210.5199.8-5.1%
216Davante AdamsWRGB212.4209.0-1.6%
217Jacksonville JaguarsD/STJAX212.5202.5-4.7%
218Josh FergusonRBIND213.3245.615.2%
219Pittsburgh SteelersD/STPIT215.0195.7-9.0%
220James WhiteRBNE215.0212.5-1.2%
221New York GiantsD/STNYG215.6205.5-4.7%
222Ka'Deem CareyRBCHI215.9209.5-3.0%
223Adam VinatieriKIND216.3208.4-3.6%
224Robert WoodsWRBUF216.6216.70.1%
225J.J. NelsonWRARI217.1202.6-6.7%
226Vance McDonaldTESF217.7199.6-8.3%
227Connor BarthKNO218.1207.6-4.8%
228Bruce EllingtonWRSF218.4248.213.6%
229Martavis BryantWRPIT218.5200.7-8.1%
230Jay CutlerQBCHI219.2206.5-5.8%
231Brandon ColemanWRNO219.4247.312.7%
232Danny AmendolaWRNE220.2203.0-7.8%
233DeAndre SmelterWRSF220.3209.8-4.8%
234Stevie JohnsonWRSD220.5203.5-7.7%
235Brock OsweilerQBHOU221.6205.0-7.5%
236Nate WashingtonWRTEN222.1209.0-5.9%
237Kenny StillsWRMIA222.9206.9-7.2%
238Dustin HopkinsKWAS223.8208.2-7.0%
239Green Bay PackersD/STGB224.1218.0-2.7%
240Alex SmithQBKC224.2208.7-6.9%
241Joe FlaccoQBBAL224.3208.9-6.9%
242Tajae SharpeWRTEN224.4209.0-6.9%
243Josh LamboKSD224.4209.0-6.8%
244Robbie GouldKCHI224.6209.3-6.8%
245Miami DolphinsD/STMIA225.5210.6-6.6%
246Dontrelle InmanWRSD225.7210.8-6.6%
247Jeff JanisWRGB225.9211.2-6.5%
248Spencer WareRBKC225.9247.29.4%
249Teddy BridgewaterQBMIN227.9214.0-6.1%
250Tim HightowerRBNO227.9249.59.5%
251Richard RodgersTEGB228.6215.0-5.9%
252Tyreek HillWRKC230.3217.3-5.6%
253Tyler ErvinRBHOU230.8218.1-5.5%
254Shaun DraughnRBSF233.0251.07.7%
255Anquan BoldinWRDET233.6247.05.7%
256Alex CollinsRBSEA236.9248.34.8%
257Terrance WestRBBAL238.0N/AN/A
258Jaelen StrongWRHOU241.2N/AN/A
259Jordan CameronTEMIA244.7251.42.7%
260Quinton PattonWRSF245.5252.72.9%
261Tyler KroftTECIN249.0252.31.3%
262Cameron BrateTETB249.0N/AN/A
263Zach ZennerRBDET251.2250.9-0.1%
264Jacob TammeTEATL251.2N/AN/A
265Terrelle PryorWRCLE251.4N/AN/A
266James JonesWRSD252.0N/AN/A
267Seth RobertsWROAK252.4248.5-1.6%
268Pharoh CooperWRLARM253.5250.0-1.4%
269Robert Griffin IIIQBCLE254.0N/AN/A
270Rashad GreeneWRJAX254.3251.2-1.2%
271Washington RedskinsD/STWAS254.5N/AN/A
272Leonte CarrooWRMIA254.6251.5-1.2%
273Jesse JamesTEPIT254.9N/AN/A
274Jeff HeuermanTEDEN255.0252.2-1.1%
275Geremy DavisWRNYG255.1N/AN/A
276Tyrell WilliamsWRSD255.1N/AN/A
277Sam BradfordQBPHI255.3252.5-1.1%
278Kenny BrittWRLARM255.7N/AN/A
279Chris ConleyWRKC256.2N/AN/A
280Cecil Shorts IIIWRHOU256.2N/AN/A
281Aldrick RobinsonWRATL256.7N/AN/A
282Reggie BushRBBUF258.2N/AN/A
283Tampa Bay BuccaneersD/STTB258.3N/AN/A
284Benjamin WatsonTEBAL258.4N/AN/A
285Dallas CowboysD/STDAL258.6N/AN/A
286Stevan RidleyRBDET258.7N/AN/A
287Tyler GaffneyRBNE259.0N/AN/A

As always, if you would like a copy of this ADP on a sortable, color-coordinated Excel spreadsheet, just email me at