While the outfield has more options to choose from, it is difficult to say that it is the deepest offensive position in fantasy baseball. If your league only requires you to start three outfielders, then yes, it most certainly is the deepest, but most fantasy baseball leagues require you to start five which, when you look at how many platoons there are throughout MLB, changes the landscape just a bit. That’s not to say you can’t find enough depth in the mid-to-later rounds. You certainly can. But if your league requires you to start five outfielders, you better pay attention to the position at the top of your draft.



ADP Pockets for the Outfield Position

Tier 1 (Round 1):

Is analysis really needed here? The power/speed guys go first, followed by the power-only guys. Very little concern regarding Judge’s recent injury. Yes, the toe is going to be something we’re going to hear about a lot. This abdominal issue doesn’t make me nervous. If they were cagey about his MRI and the results, maybe. But they announced everything fairly quickly which indicates it’s not going to be a lasting issue and they are handling it properly right now in the spring.

Tier 2 (Rounds 2-4):

Anything goes here for you, though I will say if you didn’t address speed in your first pick or two, Harris, Robert or even Arozarena would be my top choices.

Tier 3 (Rounds 5-8):

You’ve got a few power/speed combos here still in Jones, Chisholm and Lowe. Maybe a little in Reynolds as well. Bellinger will swipe a few bags, but you’re drafting him for power, much like Trout and Schwarber.

Tier 4 (Rounds 9-10):

The rookies have been pushed up significantly over the past three weeks, so keep that in mind if you’re chasing Langford or Carter. Ruiz is also someone to look at in this range if you are in need of stolen bases. People who take power and pitching early have been pushing him up their boards lately. Big fan of Steer with his multi-position eligibility, Walker is going to be a stud (mark my words) and Hernandez should hit for solid power and RBI, though the strikeouts are an issue if you play H2H points and that’s a negative.

Tier 5 (Rounds 11-13):

It’s all about whether you are looking for speed, average or power. This tier has an assortment. Chourio is going to remain a hot commodity as he can do it all, but he is a 19-year-old rookie so expect some growing pains. Also, a big fan of Riley Greene. He’ll have more power than speed, but he is another multi-tool player on the rise.



Tier 6 (Rounds 15-17):

The speed kind of wanes in this tier. Morela and Hap have decent power and can maybe swipe a few bags, but you should expect more than a dozen from either guy. Nimmo works better in an OBP league, but he, like Edman, could help in the runs scored department.

Tier 7 (Rounds 18-20):

Again, you’re rounding out your roster at this point so stay category-specific. Marte is actually the best base-stealer from this tier, Davis will have catcher eligibility within the first two or three weeks of the season and Lee should provide you with decent batting average totals and runs scored, especially if the Giants keep him in the leadoff spot.

Tier 8 (Rounds 21-25):

More rounding out your roster and staying category-specific. The guys who could exceed expectations are Meadows and Frelick who both have 15-15 potential. Most of the players listed in this tier are for power with mediocre averages. Guys like Merrifield and Benson can help augment steals, but Merrifield isn’t full-time and Benson might find himself in a platoon if he continues to struggle against left-handed pitching.

Tier 9 (Rounds 26 & beyond):

Same story for this tier, so follow the path inside the Fantasy Baseball Cheat Sheet and make your selections accordingly. I LOVE the Wood stash if you can. We expect to see him in May, I’m told. 

*Round assignments set for 12-team leagues

**NFBC ADP date range set for 2/26/24 – 3/12/24  

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