In fantasy baseball, there’s always one position that hangs up people on draft day and that one, at least for me, is second base. If Mookie Betts falls to you in the first round, you’re covered and there’s no need to worry any further. But if he doesn’t, you’ve got some hard and fast choices to make because the other worthwhile options will go just as fast. This position is not deep, as you will see while we go through the fantasy baseball ADP, so making the conscious choice to invest in the position is something you may have to do ahead of time. 



ADP Pockets for the Second Base Position

Tier 1 (Round 1)

I am already significantly overweight on Betts this season, taking him everywhere from NL LABR to BARF (Earth Leagues) to the SiriusXM Host League and even in the RazzSlam. That should tell you plenty about how I feel about the player. He is No. 3 on my overall board and wherever I’ve picked from – between 2 and 6 usually – if he’s there, he’s mine. And all of this was BEFORE it was announced that he will be the Dodgers starting shortstop. Power, speed, he hits atop one of the most potent lineups and he’s got eligibility here at one of the worst positions in fantasy. The outfield and shortstop eligibility will be a nice bonus for in-season roster flexibility, but the real value is here at the keystone.

Tier 2 (Rounds 2-4)

There are lots of other options further down the board, but the lower you go, the fewer categories you fill up. Albies and Semien have great power and good speed. Altuve has decent power, good speed and a great batting average. These three are all great options at a lousy position, so if you’re working on that balanced lineup, these three are fantastic for second base. Keep working that draft plan and focus on your categories now that you have a guy locked up here.

Tier 3 (Rounds 5-7)

What I like about grabbing a second baseman from this tier is that you can get someone who, talent-wise, could/should be in Tier 2. Torres’ numbers were basically the same as Semien’s with a correctible drop in RBI, McLain is like Altuve-light, and Kim has Altuve-like power with more speed and multi-position eligibility. For me, Hoerner is a guy to grab if you took power with no speed or starting pitching in the first two rounds. You’re going to need stolen bases and Hoerner is a needed-specialist taking him here.

Tier 4 (Rounds 8-12)

In this tier, you’re now choosing between speed or power. Marte and Gelof have better power than speed while Stott, Gimenez and Estrada go the other way. For me, it’s about the way you’ve built your team with your first eight picks. You’ll know whether you need speed or power more at this point so draft accordingly.

Tier 5 (Rounds 13-18)

Now we’re getting category-specific. I’ll draft Arraez if I need the batting average help which, if you went the big-power route to start, you probably do as well. Gorman, Julien and Drury will provide solid power and Edman gives you a little speed and, multi-position eligibility. The only one I see exceeding expectations is Julien. He’s still developing and could provide double-digit steals on top of 20-homer power.

Tier 6 (Rounds 19-22):

This is where you’re settling to fill out your middle infield spot. There is no reason anyone here should be your starting second baseman, even in a 15-teamer. I don’t love any of these players, so again, figure out who helps you in what category the most if you like someone. I actually prefer the next tier according to ADP than this one.

Tier 7 (Rounds 23 & beyond):

When I say I prefer this tier to the one prior, it was more about a couple of players. India excites me a little more now that Noelvi Marte is suspended for 80 games, as evidenced by the asterisks next to his name. The Reds were going to rotate one guy off each day between their infield and DH spot with a “hot-hand” system kept in mind. Now that Marte is out of the picture, India becomes a full-time player again. He’s even been getting work at first base lately so expect added position-eligibility. The other guy I don’t mind is Westburg. He’s got developing power and hits in a great lineup n Baltimore. The Orioles could also be showcasing him for a trade as prospect Coby Mayo is really pushing for a spot on the big-league roster. Westburg will play regularly at third, so expect more position flexibility as well and hope, if he does get traded, he continues to start. Everyone else in this tier is just meh.

*Round assignments set for 12-team leagues

**NFBC ADP date range set for 2/26/24 – 3/10/24  

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