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NRG Esports (NA Rank #4) vs. 100 Thieves (NA Rank #9) – 4:00 PM ET

NRG (-115) | 100T (-125)

NRG +1.5 (-300) | 100T -1.5 (+195)

This is an online best-of-three series for the upper bracket quarterfinals of Champions Tour North America: Last Chance Qualifier.

NRG ACS past three months: eeiu 215 | tex 212 | s0m 207 | Ethan 197 | hazed 174

100T ACS past three months: Asuna 236 | Will 222 | bang 203 | stellar 192 | Derrek 187

H2H Data: 

These rosters last met in June and 100T swept 2-0 (13-9 Icebox / 13-4 Bind). Will led the way with 274 ACS, while bang and tex also had strong performances at 255 and 238 ACS, respectively.

Prediction: 100 Thieves wins 2-0.

100T won this match-up last time these teams played, and I feel better about the direction that 100T is heading in. NRG may have won that match-up prior to that, but both rosters have changed a bunch since then, so that result is essentially meaningless. Also, the map pool seems to be well in the favor of 100T for Friday's meeting. NRG typically ban Fracture to start, and they will likely do that again in this spot considering 100T have a 6-3 W/L record on that map with this lineup, with two of those losses coming against FaZe. In that case, Bind would be left open for 100T to pick, and they beat NRG 13-4 on that map in June. 100T have a 6-1 W/L record on Bind with this lineup, while NRG haven't even recorded a win on that map in the past three months, so I'd have to give 100T a huge edge if we see Bind. As for NRG, there isn't an obvious map pick for them. They picked Icebox last time and lost, and 100T have a higher win rate on Icebox in the past three months. 100 Thieves have a fairly strong map pool and I just don't see an opening for NRG here, so this could be a sweep for 100T. I think 100 Thieves are the stronger team, and I expect them to make a bit of a run at this event.

Favorite Plays:

Will ($7,200) | Asuna ($10,200) | bang ($8,200) | tex ($6,400) | Derrek ($5,800) | s0m ($5,000) | eeiu ($7,600) 


Cloud9 (NA Rank #5) vs. Shopify Rebellion (NA Rank #8) – 7:00 PM ET

Cloud9 (-190) | Shopify Rebellion (+130)

Cloud9 -1.5 (+135) | Shopify Rebellion +1.5 (-200) 

This is an online best-of-three series for the upper bracket quarterfinals of Champions Tour North America: Last Chance Qualifier.

C9 ACS past three months: leaf 246 | Xeppaa 232 | mitch 216 | curry 192 | vanity 187

SR ACS past three months: Bdog 239 | mada 215 | moose 199 | TiGG 172 | dazzLe 167

H2H Data: 

These rosters last met in June and Shopify Rebellion (FKA Luminosity) swept 2-0 (13-11 Fracture / 13-9 Icebox). Despite the loss, leaf still led the server with 234 ACS.

Prediction: Cloud9 wins 2-1.

Back in June, Luminosity left VALORANT as an organization, and their roster was signed to Shopify Rebellion. Thus, this lineup has been around even if you don't recognize the team name. Shopify Rebellion did sweep that previous meeting between these teams, so they definitely have my attention on Friday as an underdog. The teams also met in March and Cloud9 swept 2-0, but that was prior to C9 swapping xeta for curry, and curry has underperformed in a C9 jersey thus far.  Shopify Rebellion's most played map in the past three months has been Fracture, and they will likely pick it again here considering C9 should ban Bind to start. C9 have won two of their last three on Fracture, and the map went to a full 24 rounds when these teams last played it, so I think that map should be a toss up if it is played. Luminosity will likely ban Haven to start, which leaves open Icebox as a possible option for C9. Shopify Rebellion did get the best of C9 on Icebox last time, but C9 have won four out of five on that map with curry in the lineup and they look really strong on it. I'd expect Cloud9 to win their map pick this time around. Either way, this sets up as a close series that could go three maps as this looks like a fairly even match-up. I think Cloud9 are the better team, and leaf has led the server in ACS the last two times these teams played, so my favorite play on DK would be leaf. However, I don't mind getting exposure to Shopify Rebellion as well in case they play well again. 

Favorite Plays:

leaf ($9,800) | Xeppaa ($10,600) | Bdog ($9,200) | mada ($6,200) | mitch ($8,600) | moose ($4,800) | curry ($6,800) 


*Favorite Stacks: 100T, C9

*Favorite Plays: leaf, Will, Asuna, Xeppaa, bang, Bdog, mada, tex, mitch, Derrek, s0m, moose, eeiu, curry