Do kickers matter?


End of article. 

That was my initial thought when I first considered that question. Of course, here at Fantasy Alarm we aren’t going to provide you with a lazy response like that.  Plus, that answer was just a thought in my head with no research backing it, so now let’s do a deep dive into research and see if that statement is actually true. 

ADP vs. Results

If we look at the top kickers drafted last season, we see the top three kickers went noticeable earlier than the rest. Those three, depending on where you look, went in some kind of order of Justin Tucker , Greg Zuerlein , and Stephen Gostkowski . After that, depending on where you look, it would be Wil Lutz , Matt Bryant , Chris Boswell , Jake Elliott , Harrison Butker , Matt Prater , and Adam Vinatieri . So for this exercise we will look at how those 10 kickers fared and if drafting one of those 10 really made a difference for your fantasy team. Of those ten, only four – Tucker...