Welcome to the weekly wide receiver/cornerback breakdown! We will review each of the outside matchups, as well as my 10 favorite matchups in the slot. Then, below the charts in this article, I break down my four absolute favorite matchups. The fantasy playoffs are here in season long leagues, so the lineup decisions have never been more critical.  This article is critical for seasonal and daily players, as this will help you gain a competitive advantage when setting your lineups. Bye weeks are over so a lot of those tough lineup decisions should be behind us, but now your depth comes into play when making the right decision on who to start. Follow me on Twitter (@fightingchance) as well!

Now, here are my 10 favorite matchups in the slot in Week 14.


Stefon Diggs vs. Darius Slay

This isn’t a shadowing situation, so don’t worry about Slay being locked in on Diggs all day long. As stated earlier, Diggs has been a bit inconsistent, but he really has had a...