Welcome to the DFS Playbook for NFL Week 10!

Last week was some week, wasn’t it? Using just the Playbook and Dart Board, you could have put together a Draft Kings lineup that would have scored in excess of 250 points which would have taken down a substantial amount of money. Of course, when it came down to lineup construction for me, I had a brain cramp and tried to get greedy. I pivoted off Russell Wilson to jam in the likes of Aaron Jones , Chris Godwin , Kenny Golladay and Stefon Diggs into my lineups and while some hit, the QB production I got out of Aaron Rodgers and Derek Carr was less than anticipated.

Let that be a lesson to all of you. Be sensible. If your research points you to a player as someone who you want/should lock into your lineups, stay with him. Your work brought you to him for a reason. So why did I pivot? I got nervous that the bargain guys I was using to fit Wilson wouldn’t give me the ROI necessary to stay about the cash-game payline. Hindsight shows me that Wilson’s production would have made up for any potential shortcomings around my lineup and while I don’t like to rely on that regularly, trusting the process means accepting that help some weeks and not needing it in others. The process is the process and deviating is a sure-fire way to end up where I did last week – chock full of regret and playing the “coulda, shoulda, woulda” game.

Not this week, baby! No way! We’ve got six teams on bye and some phenomenal options off the table for the Main Slate. No Chargers or Raiders. No Cowboys or Vikings. And no Seahawks or 49ers. We do have a number of tasty options and some of these match-ups – TB/ARI, BAL/CIN, IND/MIA & NO/ATL – are going to need to be heavily exploited.

So let’s get to it!


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