Offensive linemen are the most tight-knit guys you could ever meet. Most of the time they are big and humble, but come with plenty of personality. They do everything as a group and are a great foundation to the overall team aspect of professional football. Despite the fact these are some of the biggest guys you could ever see, they need to be quick with their feet. All it takes is a defensive lineman to step on an ankle or roll up awkwardly on their leg and just like that their season could be over.

But with the 2018 season on the horizon we’re now in fantasy football preparation mode. Do O-lines collect points? No. However, these big fellas matter. A strong offensive line helps the run game. Having two reliable tackles to stop the outside pass rush are key to protecting the quarterback. Offensive lines should garner some consideration when you’re drafting your team so make sure you don’t overlook these units on draft day.

  1. Philadelphia Eagles

The Eagles are...