It was 30-years ago today, Wolfman was asked to play.

Well, maybe not to the day, but I started playing Rotisserie baseball in 1989. After reading every edition of the National and programming the SportsTicker wire feed for an IBM company called PRODIGY, I was ready for the game that combined numbers and my favorite sport.  My boss, at the time, roped me into playing with a great group that still exists, the PRODIGY Rotisserie League or ProdRot for short.

Since 2002, Glenn Colton and I began partnering in leagues.  Understanding what is going on within each team, each player’s dynamic, their history came into play when we developed the SMART System.  It took into account all the numbers/trends and coupled them with the real-world trends. plus over the years we have added in a lot of the higher-end numbers to get the full picture of the player and what his value is by applying the numbers and then a set of rules to that...