As professional baseball continues to change, so does the fantasy game. Every single year fantasy baseball league commissioners are tasked with the decision of scoring ERA, WHIP or both. Each metric has its own distinct set of positives, negatives and aspects of neutrality. Unlike any other statistic in any other sport, it paints a picture of the player, but it doesn’t tell the whole story.

Valuing one more than the other can lead fantasy owners astray, determining which pitchers gain value in this sort of setup. A lot of luck comes into play with ERA, but WHIP is by no means perfect either.

Both statistics paint a story for a pitcher and can be useful when evaluating a pitcher. However, neither statistic tells the entire story and cannot be trusted as the lone metric when evaluating a pitcher. In short, you will need to be aware of your league format and adjust your rankings accordingly.

A pitcher’s ERA is a statistic that will never go away, and I do not think it should...