Welcome to the first full-fledged match-up report for the NFL season. It is a one-stop-shop for getting key info on every match-up for the week and exactly where the strengths and weaknesses are for each team. Exploiting those weaknesses are how you can dominate your season-long and DFS contests throughout the year. Below you will see a key that explains what each stat abbreviation is and what it is meant to show along with what the rankings mean. You will also see an explanation of the color-coding that is included in each match-up breakdown. The ranks are based on Week 1 games to this point and you will see them change throughout the weeks as they play more games and have more differences in outcomes. Every few weeks we will have a trends section as well to see who’s moving up and who’s moving down in some key categories.


Offensive Rankings

Pace – The speed or tempo in which a team plays (1-fastest, 32-slowest)

PPG – Points scored per game (1-most,...