Todd Zola

Affectionately known as Lord Zola, Todd was the 2013 Fantasy Sports Writers Association recipient of the Fantasy Baseball Article of the Year, Web. He's been with Mastersball since its inception in 1997 and presently Todd writes for the ESPN Insider and Baseball HQ. Todd is a frequent guest on SiriusXM and is a regular on HQ Radio. He's a veteran of Tout Wars and LABR as well as a multi-time NFBC champion. Follow Todd on Twitter @ToddZola

  • 21 Nov, 2014

The Solution: Maximizing Lineup Efficiency

Todd walks you through the steps and reasoning he uses to construct his DFS lineups

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  • 18 Nov, 2014

The Conundrum

Todd talks his way through another hair-pulling week of DFS football.

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  • 14 Nov, 2014

Choosing A Quarterback: It's Best To Be Luck(y) And Good!

Todd pulls out a double entendre to choose his Week 10 quarterback

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  • 11 Nov, 2014

Choosing A Quarterback: One Step Closer To Cracking The Code

The good news is Todd's system did a strong job predicting QB's. The bad news is he chose the wrong one...again.

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  • 08 Nov, 2014

Deciding On A Quarterback In Week 10

Todd puts his updated ranking system to the test by highlighting his Week 10 QB plays.

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  • 07 Nov, 2014

Choosing A Quarterback: And This Time I Mean It

Todd starts fresh and borrows from his baseball prognostication prowess to rank quarterbacks for DFS

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  • 04 Nov, 2014

Choosing A Quarterback: Upon Further Review

Todd reconsiders his system for choosing a quarterback

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  • 31 Oct, 2014

Week Nine Quarterback Ranks - The Experiment Continues

Todd ranks the Week 9 quarterbacks with several systems to hopefully pinpoint the best means of identifying your DFS QB

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Someone tell LeGarrette Blount not to let Jonas Gray borrow his alarm clock. 10 minutes ago

Someone tell the Patriots the lateral play is supposed to be when you're down by 18, not up by 18. 13 minutes ago

Someone go to the aerobic studio and give Johnny Manziel a Snickers bar 20 minutes ago

Exactly 30 years ago today I was getting a haircut...while watching Flutie to Phelan #RememberItLikeYesterday 27 minutes ago

Does anyone know of PC security software that can scan for viruses that snoop out my #DFS lineups and alert the player to shit the bed? about 1 hour ago