Todd Zola

Affectionately known as Lord Zola, Todd was the 2013 Fantasy Sports Writers Association recipient of the Fantasy Baseball Article of the Year, Web. He's been with Mastersball since its inception in 1997 and presently Todd writes for the ESPN Insider and Baseball HQ. Todd is a frequent guest on SiriusXM and is a regular on HQ Radio. He's a veteran of Tout Wars and LABR as well as a multi-time NFBC champion. Follow Todd on Twitter @ToddZola

  • 24 Jul, 2014

Post Break Prognosis: Starting Pitchers And Closers

Todd concludes his 5-part series with a post-break prognosis of pitching

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  • 20 Jul, 2014

Post Break Prognosis: Outfielders

Todd adds the fly-chasers to his 5-part feature discussing the post break expectations based on his rankings

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  • 18 Jul, 2014

Post Break Prognosis: Third Baseman And Shortstops

Part three of Todd's post-break review. Today we complete the infield with a look at third basemen and shortstops.

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  • 16 Jul, 2014

Post Break Prognosis: Second Basemen

Todd continues his now five-part series with a look at the post-break expectations for the second basemen.

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  • 15 Jul, 2014

Post Break Prognosis: Catchers And First Basemen

Todd embarks on a four-part series by examining the post-break expectations of catchers and first basemen

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  • 09 Jul, 2014

First Half Dollar Values: Starting Pitchers And Relievers

Todd completes his survey of first half values with an examination of the pitchers

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  • 03 Jul, 2014

First Half Dollar Values: Outfielders

Todd reviews the Top-40 outfielders, highlighting the surprises and the disappointments

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  • 02 Jul, 2014

First Half Dollar Values: Catchers And The Infield

Todd presents the first-half rankings and dollar values for catchers and the infielders.

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Having Josh Rutledge back on my @TheNFBC Main Event team is like having your dog run away only to show up at your doorstep two months later 10:41 PM Jul 27th

Why does Slacker Radio all of a sudden think I want to hear Zebra every 10 minutes? 9:00 PM Jul 27th

Woah - I own the same tie Greg Maddux wore for his H-of-F speech. Looks a little better on him. 3:13 PM Jul 27th

@JoelNick11 what's done is done, gotta look ahead.Where do you envision needing help. Some like to fade a category to be strong in another 2:25 PM Jul 27th

@JoelNick11 It's time to manage categories, not names. Do what's best for the categories. 2:21 PM Jul 27th