Todd Zola

Affectionately known as Lord Zola, Todd was the 2013 Fantasy Sports Writers Association recipient of the Fantasy Baseball Article of the Year, Web. He's been with Mastersball since its inception in 1997 and presently Todd writes for the ESPN Insider and Baseball HQ. Todd is a frequent guest on SiriusXM and is a regular on HQ Radio. He's a veteran of Tout Wars and LABR as well as a multi-time NFBC champion. Follow Todd on Twitter @ToddZola

  • 22 Aug, 2014

WOBA, WRC+ And Luck: Improving Fantasy Alarm Projection And Pricing Tool

Todd takes a look at luck with wOBA and wRC+ in an effort to improve the Projection and Pricing Tool

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  • 14 Aug, 2014

Pitching In GPP Tournaments: Gaming The Market With A Contrarian Ace

Todd eschews conventional wisdom and recommends using ace pitchers in large-entry contests

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  • 13 Aug, 2014

Fantasy Clones Is HERE!

Todd officially announces the inaugural season of Fantasy Clones, a novel fantasy football league

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  • 12 Aug, 2014

Revisiting The 100-K Club

Todd reviews the credentials to be a member of the 100-K club and checks in on their status.

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  • 06 Aug, 2014

The Real Fallacy Of Value Based Drafting

What do Phoebe Cates and cheap beer have to do with proper drafting? Todd explains.

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  • 31 Jul, 2014

Fantasy Halvsies: Are Two Heads Better Than One?

A silly idea or the next big thing? Todd introduces an intriguing variation on fantasy football.

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  • 29 Jul, 2014

Cash Game Anchors: The Rule Of 13

Todd introduces the Rule of 13, a quick filter to help select a cash game pitcher

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  • 24 Jul, 2014

Post Break Prognosis: Starting Pitchers And Closers

Todd concludes his 5-part series with a post-break prognosis of pitching

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@80_JRod They'll be plenty of stuff on @FantasyAlarm for #DFS Football about 7 hours ago

aw dang -- I just noticed I never hit the Tweet button 7 hours ago when I typed in that I had a funny feeling a Twins #DFS stack would rock about 8 hours ago

@80_JRod I did a decent amount of DFS football for the now defunct DFSEdge. about 9 hours ago

I know my job is to be an objective fantasy analyst but I've also spent 51+ years living in Boston so let's just say I'm objectively smiling about 20 hours ago