There are plenty of disappointments this season on the diamond. All one has to do is to look at the DL list to be slapped in the face with name after name of failures: Prince Fielder, Kris Medlen, Patrick Corbin, Matt Wieters & Carlos Gonzalez to name just a few (the list is massive). But what about the healthy players, or at least the ones that are on the field right now that simply can't seem to get any traction? Do you hold on to these guys or let them go? Ultimately the decision has to be made after taking into consideration the roster makeup of your club, but I'll still give my thoughts on whether or not continued patience is worthwhile for a group of struggling batters.

YES = Target to hold or add in a deal
NO = Let him be someone else's problem


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Andy Phillips 

I know the focus was on hitters here, but what about a guy like Shelby Miller? Seems like it went south for him in a hurry. Just a young guy struggling (this is what I've been telling myself all year), or is it time to consider other options? Keeper league, roto scoring, 5X5.

Ray Flowers 

Bryan Shisler - No. For some reason no one likes Weaver. I've never understood why that is. If you're dealing Weaver that should be plenty to get you another option at shortstop.

Bryan Shisler 

Your rankings still have J Segura pretty high at 8 so unless it's a really week 8, it's going to be hard to trade for any of those SS ahead of him unless I'm willing to give up a lot. In your opinion, are his projections week enough to trade J Segura and, lets say Weaver, for one of your top 7 SS? Head-To-Head, Weekly Total Pts, No Categories #RayHatesHeadToHeadBaseball

Ray Flowers 

MC - Panda got anything left? Uh, last 20 games he's hitting .353 with two homers, 10 RBIs an a .933 OPS. Yeah, got something left. You want that side. Smith is a better CL option than Putnam at moment, and Bourn isn't much when he isn't swiping bags.

Ray Flowers 

Randy Mangolt - Tough call. Trout best player of course. Craig not a full time player anymore? Gio a bit behind Kluber at this point, but close. I'd tilt to the Freeman side... Craig has me nervous compared to the rest on this list.


Got an offer... Which side would you take: MiggyCab, M. Bourn & Z. Putnam for Sandoval (Panda got anything left?), Adam Jones and Joe Smith?

Randy Mangolt 

Ray, Thoughts on following trade offer in 12 team league (3OF, 1C): My Freeman, Cespedes, Kluber for his Trout, Craig, Gio). Thanks once again.

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