Updated: Thursday 11/24 at 10:50am ET

Welcome to the NFL DFS Playbook for Thanksgiving Day 2022!

Gobble, Gobble, #FANation! I certainly hope this special NFL Week 12 Thanksgiving Playbook finds you and your family well here during the Thanksgiving holiday. It's been quite the rollercoaster over the past two years as we continue to try to achieve a sense of normalcy and Thanksgiving is, hopefully, a time where you can get together with family and friends to celebrate each other while remembering, and being thankful, for those who cannot. Even if you are all gathered around the TV. locked into watching football, your fantasy teams and, of course, your DFS lineups all day long, keep in mind the importance of friends and family. 

Many of us have lost people along the way and need a little camaraderie in our lives so always be open to meeting new people and being there for those who may not be so lucky to have a family or friends nearby. If you find yourself alone, hit me up on Twitter (@rotobuzzguy) or in the Fantasy Alarm Discord. I'll be here all day watching football and happy to chat during the games in the all-new #FAmily Room. We will also have people monitoring Discord throughout the day. Something I always remind myself of during the holidays is a quote from Richard Bach who once wrote, "The bond that links your true family is not one of blood, but of respect and joy in each other's life. Rarely do members of one family grow up under the same roof." I take these words to heart, especially because my family is this #FAmily.



Now, before we get to the Playbook players, allow me to remind you what you should be doing leading up this step in your research. Our staff has been hard at work this week to ensure that most, if not all, of our DFS content is available to you before the three-game Thanksgiving Day slate.

Step 1: Check out the DFS Position Coaches

QB Coach – Jon Impemba (@jimpemba777)

RB Coach -- Justin Vreeland (@JustinVreeland)

WR Coach -- Colby Conway (@colbyrconway)

TE Coach -- Andrew Cooper (@CoopAFiasco)

D/ST Coach -- Dan Malin (@RealDANlanta)

Step 2: Check out the rest of the relevant DFS content

In addition to the positional coaching pieces, you also have things like the DFS Watch List, where I provide you with a list of players I am looking at throughout the week. With this Playbook out now, keep in mind that the Watch List is strictly for the Sunday main slate. We will also have the NFL DFS Podcast with me and Jon Impemba out on Friday. And don't forget Jon's Contrarian Corner video and the DFS Bargains video from Tera Roberts (@ItsTeraTime)

Also, our Master of Tools, Matt Selz (@theselzman), supplies you data junkies with the Weekly Match-Up Report and everyone should also be checking out the WR/CB Match-Up Report from Ryan Hallam (@fightingchance).

Speaking of tools, we have also done some major enhancements with our NFL tools. We continue to crunch the numbers and tweak our algorithms so that our daily fantasy football projections are the best in the industry and that, in turn, has improved things like our Lineup Generator/DFS Optimizer, our DFS Compare tool and even our NFL DFS Ownership Projections. Again, all right here on one site for your convenience.

And let's not forget, for those who like to mix their fantasy football and DFS play with their NFL betting, check out this special early edition of the Cash It podcast with me and Adam Ronis (@AdamRonis). We cover everything in the NFL from injuries to top plays to picks against the spread for both Thanksgiving Day and the rest of the NFL Week 12 games.


Step 3: Make your own list of players

It's real easy to just sit and wait for the Playbook, but as you are doing your research throughout the week, it is important to make notes and list the players who interest you the most. Maybe they end up in the Playbook and maybe they don't. If they're there, then great, it should mean we are honing in on the same things that make him a strong play. If not, maybe you're onto something else that someone overlooked. We aren't perfect and if you uncover something different, maybe you're right. I would be careful of routine groupthink and hype from beat writers, but often times someone will tell me something they saw about their local team that I missed and I am always looking to investigate more if its there. If you do, then say something in our Fantasy Alarm Discord Chat, Talk it out and see what the rest of the #FAmily thinks. That's why the chat is there, isn't it?

With those three steps complete and discussions are in progress, you are ready to look at the Playbook players, make comparisons and finalize your list for lineups, so let's get to it.

How about one final step before we actually begin? 


Every now and again, we throw in a late add to the Playbook. More often than not, a late add is done for cash game play as we are seeing higher-than-expected ownership on a bargain player. These can, often times, become a “free square." If the ownership is high, it won't matter if the players succeeds or not. It's about keeping pace with the masses and watching out for lineup trains. We won't recommend if we don't believe in the player, so if you see one, understand the major reasoning behind it.

Also, keep in mind, because we are playing only GPP tournaments, there will be no Dart Board for this slate. The players in the Playbook will cover all of the pricing tiers and these will be the only players I will use for my lineups.

OK. Now we're ready? Let's get to it…



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