Week 14 has arrived and that means the all-important first round of the fantasy football playoffs are here. This is also one of the last times we expect to see teams play outside of their divisions as the NFL has been scheduling the last two or three divisional games for teams the last few weeks of the season for the last several years in order to try and force a lot more games with playoff implications. There are a few teams that have already clinched playoff spots in Week 13 but with the number one seed being so important this year as well as winning the division, don’t expect any teams to be resting easy yet.

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Going forward we have added several stats to each match-up table for a total of 33 stat categories that will highlight some key differences between the teams and where we can find the mismatches to take advantage of. All of the same stats are there, though in a slightly different spot, but there are now nine more added on, most of which are under the Advanced Stats section. There will also be a smattering of extra interesting stats for the match-ups.

Click here to see a key for what the stat categories mean, including the newly added ones. The color-coding in each matchup table is geared toward an offensive player’s perspective. So the more green you see, the better that matchup is for an offensive player, and vice versa the more red you see, the worse for an offensive player that matchup is that week.

Def vs. Pos categories are based on ½ PPR scoring formats

Match-Up Breakdowns

New England (6-6) at Los Angeles (8-4)

Thursday 8:20 PM ET
StatRankOffensive StatsRankStat
342.322Total Yards3395.3
63.222Off Plays468.8
33.21Rush Att.729.9
150.93Rush Yds8124.2
4.69Rush YPA204.2
28.231Pass Att.1137.5
191.430Pass Yds6271.2
6.818Pass YPA137.2
StatRankDefensive StatsRankStat
21.27PPG Allowed520.2
344.612Yds/G Allowed2291.3
5.821Yds/P Allowed14.6
118.818Rush Yds/G393.1
4.316Rush Yds/Att53.9
225.812Pass Yds/G1198.2
7.327Pass Yds/Att15.5
16.527Def vs. QB3214.8
17.817Def vs. RB2714.9
22.720Def vs. WR3217.2
5.129Def vs. TE167.9
StatRankAdvanced StatsRankStat
52.5%2Rush %943.5%
47.5%31Pass %2456.5%
57.5%22RZ %1064.4%
62.9%18RZ % Allowed2666.7%
7.9%23Total DVOA5-13.2%
13.6%21Pass DVOA4-9.3%
0.8%27Rush DVOA9-19.0%
-1.40%13DVOA v. #1 WR182.10%
-2.80%16DVOA v. #2 WR2-31.10%
4.70%19DVOA v. #3/4 WR8-13.80%
-29.20%3DVOA v. TE7-18.60%
  • Jared Goff has a passer rating of 46.1 when under pressure this year and 106.1 when not. Luckily for him though, the Rams’ offensive line has been good against pressure and NE is in the bottom-six of teams in generating pressure with their D-line.

  • Cam Newton has the lowest passer rating of any quarterback in a qualified season for New England since Tom Brady in 2001 and now faces the best pass defense in the league based on yards allowed and the fourth best in terms of Passing DVOA.

  • The Rams have the third-best rush defense based on yards allowed but the Patriots offensive line is a run-blocking line and has the third-best advantage in that department according to PFF’s O-Line/D-Line Matchup Chart.

  • Both teams are predicated on the running game so it may be a quick-moving game on Thursday and the Rams will want to protect Goff who was originally exposed in the Super Bowl against New England and hasn’t been the same since.

Minnesota (6-6) at Tampa Bay (7-5)

Sunday 1:00 PM ET
StatRankOffensive StatsRankStat
389.84Total Yards18362.8
62.226Off Plays1764
29.98Rush Att.2923.1
145.76Rush Yds2796.3
4.95Rush YPA184.2
30.229Pass Att.539.6
244.216Pass Yds10266.4
8.12Pass YPA196.7
StatRankDefensive StatsRankStat
27.426PPG Allowed1123.3
382.723Yds/G Allowed7329.9
5.822Yds/P Allowed75.2
12119Rush Yds/G174.2
4.315Rush Yds/Att13.3
261.726Pass Yds/G22255.8
7.224Pass Yds/Att136.7
18.819Def vs. QB1419.3
17.522Def vs. RB3113.9
28.93Def vs. WR925.7
7.619Def vs. TE128.2
StatRankAdvanced StatsRankStat
48.1%6Rush %2836.1%
51.9%27Pass %563.9%
75.0%3RZ %671.1%
51.2%3RZ % Allowed1963.2%
-5.0%9Total DVOA3-16.0%
-3.2%9Pass DVOA8-4.3%
-7.6%17Rush DVOA1-37.1%
17.30%28DVOA v. #1 WR5-19.20%
-19.20%5DVOA v. #2 WR2410.80%
3.50%18DVOA v. #3/4 WR7-16.60%
-15.00%8DVOA v. TE2413.80%
  • On the FAmily Times podcast this week, Jon Impemba, Justin Fensterman and I talked about playing studs and who your studs are at this point and Kirk Cousins should be in that discussion with a 15:2 TD:INT ratio since Week 12.

  • While the Saints get all the attention for their streak of holding runners under 100 yards, the Buccaneers haven’t allowed a 100-yard rusher since Week 9 of last year, 20 games.

  • The Vikings also haven’t allowed a 100-yard receiver since Week 7 and are only one of two teams to pull that off.

  • That being said, and both defenses being in the top-nine of Pass DVOA, there are three wide receiver match-ups in the top-12 of the PFF WR/CB Matchup Chart including Antonio Brown and Justin Jefferson along with Chris Godwin having the second-best match-up of the week.

  • Neither team generates a ton of pressure on opposing quarterbacks and neither offensive line allows much either so it might be a sneaky spot for a GPP game stack.

Arizona (6-6) at New York (5-7)

Sunday 1:00 PM ET
StatRankOffensive StatsRankStat
389.46Total Yards31311.8
67.25Off Plays2562.4
30.16Rush Att.1626.8
150.64Rush Yds11119.8
52Rush YPA124.5
35.517Pass Att.2432.9
238.819Pass Yds29192.1
6.720Pass YPA285.8
StatRankDefensive StatsRankStat
24.714PPG Allowed922.1
359.918Yds/G Allowed10339
5.413Yds/P Allowed115.4
12322Rush Yds/G496.7
4.521Rush Yds/Att84
236.916Pass Yds/G18242.3
6.47Pass Yds/Att126.7
19.712Def vs. QB2816.3
18.912Def vs. RB1418.6
23.814Def vs. WR2322.3
5.927Def vs. TE256.1
StatRankAdvanced StatsRankStat
44.7%8Rush %1342.9%
55.3%25Pass %2057.1%
75.6%1RZ %3148.5%
52.3%4RZ % Allowed653.9%
-3.2%12Total DVOA172.3%
2.5%12Pass DVOA179.6%
-11.6%14Rush DVOA16-8.9%
0.20%15DVOA v. #1 WR7-17.00%
14.50%25DVOA v. #2 WR13-5.30%
-31.90%1DVOA v. #3/4 WR3240.80%
1.80%15DVOA v. TE2110.90%
  • This is not the match-up the Cardinals want to get back on track (1-4 in their last five games) as the Giants have been very good defensively the last four games, topping double-digit fantasy points three times and allowing less than 20 points in three-straight games for the first time since 2009.

  • Arizona’s hope to win may depend on Kyler Murray ’s leg’s rather than arm as he’s 11-5 when he carries it six or more times and 0-11-1 when he carries it five or fewer times.

  • The Giants’ offense is likely to lean on Wayne Gallman again has he’s had a score in five of the last six games and back-to-back 90-yard games heading into this match-up in which Arizona has allowed 110 or more rushing yards eight times this year.

  • While Arizona has the best red zone offense in the league, New York has the sixth-best red zone defense in terms of percentage of trips that become touchdowns.

Kansas City (11-1) at Miami (8-4)

Sunday 1:00 PM ET
StatRankOffensive StatsRankStat
427.61Total Yards28319.8
65.710Off Plays3060.9
2522Rush Att.1826.4
113.216Rush Yds2696.5
4.511Rush YPA323.7
39.36Pass Att.2532.5
314.41Pass Yds24223.2
83Pass YPA176.9
StatRankDefensive StatsRankStat
21.26PPG Allowed217.7
358.217Yds/G Allowed16355.2
5.617Yds/P Allowed165.6
132.427Rush Yds/G21122.4
4.830Rush Yds/Att264.6
225.813Pass Yds/G15232.8
6.610Pass Yds/Att156.8
18.221Def vs. QB2517.2
18.713Def vs. RB1617.8
20.629Def vs. WR1823.2
7.915Def vs. TE285.3
StatRankAdvanced StatsRankStat
38.1%23Rush %1143.4%
61.9%10Pass %2256.6%
57.5%23RZ %1958.7%
75.8%32RZ % Allowed958.3%
4.3%18Total DVOA11-3.8%
5.6%13Pass DVOA6-5.1%
2.7%30Rush DVOA24-2.1%
-25.00%3DVOA v. #1 WR171.00%
4.00%20DVOA v. #2 WR1-39.00%
-10.20%10DVOA v. #3/4 WR14-5.80%
-9.00%10DVOA v. TE13-4.50%
  • This match-up pits the number two scoring offense against the number two scoring defense and in his career, Patrick Mahomes is 7-0 when facing a top-five scoring defense.

  • Miami has allowed 21 or fewer points in 9-of-12 games this season which is the most in the NFL, however, they have also scored 20 or fewer points in each of the last two starts by Tua Tagovailoa.

  • Both teams are in the bottom seven in the league in yards per attempt allowed for rushing and both are 24th or worse in terms of DVOA against the run.

  • We saw Kansas City struggle the last two games inside the red zone on offense (scoring a TD only 57.5-percent of the time on the season) and now they face the Dolphins’ defense that is in the top-10 in red zone conversion percentage defensively while Kansas City is the worst red zone defense in giving up touchdowns.

  • While the Chiefs are 17-5 September-November the last two years, they are now 6-0 in December and have only allowed 11.3 PPG compared to the 22.5 PPG in the other three months.

Tennessee (8-4) at Jacksonville (1-11)

Sunday 1:00 PM ET
StatRankOffensive StatsRankStat
389.55Total Yards24336.2
64.614Off Plays2462.8
31.25Rush Att.3022.2
150.25Rush Yds22103.1
4.86Rush YPA84.6
31.827Pass Att.937.8
239.318Pass Yds20233.2
7.56Pass YPA256.2
StatRankDefensive StatsRankStat
27.225PPG Allowed2929.3
390.225Yds/G Allowed32416
5.720Yds/P Allowed326.2
115.816Rush Yds/G30136.9
4.212Rush Yds/Att174.4
274.528Pass Yds/G29279.1
721Pass Yds/Att328
22.25Def vs. QB422.6
20.67Def vs. RB621.9
26.47Def vs. WR526.9
8.89Def vs. TE79.4
StatRankAdvanced StatsRankStat
48.4%4Rush %3135.5%
51.6%29Pass %264.5%
73.5%4RZ %1361.1%
72.9%31RZ % Allowed1160.0%
10.3%28Total DVOA3112.7%
25.4%30Pass DVOA3125.6%
-10.6%15Rush DVOA23-3.4%
7.50%21DVOA v. #1 WR193.50%
1.50%18DVOA v. #2 WR7-13.40%
-18.50%6DVOA v. #3/4 WR2715.10%
41.40%32DVOA v. TE2312.30%
  • Jacksonville is allowing nearly 137 yards per game on the ground, third-most in the league, and Derrick Henry has averaged just over 111 yards a game vs. the AFC South in his career.

  • Ryan Tannehill is the first Titans’ quarterback to post back-to-back seasons with a passer rating of 100 or better.

  • A sneaky match-up this week might be Tyler Eifert for the Jaguars as Tennessee is dead last in DVOA against TEs and Eifert has seen 17.4-percent of the teams targets in the red zone, for the full season, and he’s cheap.

  • Based on how much Jacksonville passes (second-most in the league) and how poor the Titans pass defense has been this year, nearly 275 yards a game (fifth-most in the league) and 30th ranked in Pass DVOA, and how little Jacksonville’s defense does in general, this could be a candidate for the high-scoring game of the day.

Dallas (3-9) at Cincinnati (2-9-1)

Sunday 1:00 PM ET
StatRankOffensive StatsRankStat
380.59Total Yards27320.2
71.62Off Plays666.9
26.815Rush Att.2624
111.817Rush Yds3091.6
4.219Rush YPA283.8
42.11Pass Att.739.2
268.89Pass Yds22228.6
6.423Pass YPA295.8
StatRankDefensive StatsRankStat
32.832PPG Allowed2025.7
383.624Yds/G Allowed26391.8
5.927Yds/P Allowed306
167.832Rush Yds/G29134.5
5.232Rush Yds/Att294.7
215.86Pass Yds/G25257.2
722Pass Yds/Att257.2
20.110Def vs. QB1519
22.14Def vs. RB1019.3
28.92Def vs. WR1523.7
7.914Def vs. TE210.5
StatRankAdvanced StatsRankStat
37.5%27Rush %2935.9%
62.5%6Pass %464.1%
50.0%30RZ %2752.8%
63.6%20RZ % Allowed2164.4%
11.0%30Total DVOA2911.0%
13.9%23Pass DVOA2823.5%
7.9%32Rush DVOA21-5.5%
8.10%22DVOA v. #1 WR9-12.70%
46.90%32DVOA v. #2 WR12-5.60%
-10.30%9DVOA v. #3/4 WR3137.20%
40.60%31DVOA v. TE14-3.30%
  • The Andy Dalton revenge game is here, and in fact, he’s the first quarterback to face his former team that he’s still the franchise leader in touchdowns for, since Peyton Manning in 2013.

  • The Bengals rush defense hasn’t gotten any better since 2017 as they’ve allowed 125-plus yards per game on the ground each season and Ezekiel Elliott has averaged 127.6 scrimmage yards per game vs. the AFC North in his career.

  • If Brandon Allen is at quarterback the Bengals' offense should have some life against the 30th-ranked DVOA Cowboys’ defense while Andy Dalton should continue the resurgence he’s had in the last two games against the 29th-ranked DVOA Bengals defense and both teams aren’t good against secondary receiver options.

  • Gio Bernard is also a nice play as the Cowboys are allowing the most rushing yards per game at nearly 168.

Houston (4-8) at Chicago (5-7)

Sunday 1:00 PM ET
StatRankOffensive StatsRankStat
364.216Total Yards30312.3
58.132Off Plays1364.7
21.832Rush Att.3122
84.432Rush Yds3186.9
3.926Rush YPA244
33.522Pass Att.440.2
279.82Pass Yds23225.4
8.41Pass YPA305.6
StatRankDefensive StatsRankStat
26.924PPG Allowed1223.7
406.330Yds/G Allowed15354.5
629Yds/P Allowed125.4
150.931Rush Yds/G17116.1
4.931Rush Yds/Att94
255.421Pass Yds/G17238.4
7.428Pass Yds/Att166.8
19.413Def vs. QB2417.5
26.62Def vs. RB2316.9
25.510Def vs. WR2820.7
7.817Def vs. TE310.4
StatRankAdvanced StatsRankStat
37.6%25Rush %3234.0%
62.4%8Pass %166.0%
58.3%20RZ %2457.1%
60.9%13RZ % Allowed552.4%
9.0%27Total DVOA8-8.9%
16.3%25Pass DVOA111.4%
0.5%26Rush DVOA5-22.3%
18.10%29DVOA v. #1 WR1-35.40%
22.90%29DVOA v. #2 WR10-7.90%
9.10%23DVOA v. #3/4 WR2926.60%
26.70%29DVOA v. TE205.30%
  • Two teams that have played better than their records show are matching up this week as Deshaun Watson and Mitch Trubisky both have the stats to prove it.

  • Watson has a 110.0 passer rating this year despite the losing record which is an NFL record for highest mark with a sub-.500 record. Trubisky meanwhile has been responsible for adding nearly nine points a game to the Bears offense, 96 yards per game, and 83 rushing yards per game in his starts for Chicago.

  • The Bears have also scored 24 or more points in four of Trubisky’s five starts and now faces the worst Texans’ defense in their team’s history.

  • If Watson is going to keep that passer rating up and have another good game, he’ll have to rely on his secondary targets as the Bears are the best defense against opposing WR1s based on DVOA.

Denver (4-8) at Carolina (4-8)

Sunday 1:00 PM ET
StatRankOffensive StatsRankStat
325.625Total Yards20354.8
63.123Off Plays2861.3
2714Rush Att.2125.3
118.912Rush Yds20106.4
4.414Rush YPA164.2
34.121Pass Att.2034.2
206.726Pass Yds15248.4
6.127Pass YPA117.3
StatRankDefensive StatsRankStat
26.721PPG Allowed1625
350.214Yds/G Allowed20364.3
5.39Yds/P Allowed195.7
131.526Rush Yds/G15115.1
4.623Rush Yds/Att244.6
218.79Pass Yds/G19249.2
6.35Pass Yds/Att116.6
1916Def vs. QB1719
17.718Def vs. RB819.6
21.925Def vs. WR2721.9
7.223Def vs. TE118.3
StatRankAdvanced StatsRankStat
42.8%14Rush %1741.3%
57.2%19Pass %1658.7%
51.6%28RZ %2655.0%
47.7%2RZ % Allowed1260.0%
-4.5%10Total DVOA257.9%
-4.5%7Pass DVOA2617.9%
-4.6%22Rush DVOA20-6.5%
-21.90%4DVOA v. #1 WR11-3.80%
-4.10%15DVOA v. #2 WR9-8.50%
8.60%22DVOA v. #3/4 WR205.00%
3.90%18DVOA v. TE162.40%
  • Two slumping teams head into this one as Teddy Bridgewater has lost six straight games and Drew Lock is the only quarterback with 10-plus interceptions and fewer than 10 passing touchdowns in the NFL this season.

  • Christian McCaffrey might be back this week but Carolina is 0-3 with him on the field this year (4-5 without) though it’s a solid match-up for him as the Broncos allow over 130 yards a game. Meanwhile, Melvin Gordon is on pace to be the third Broncos’ running back since 2006 to have 900-plus rushing yards and over eight touchdowns facing the Panthers’ rush defense that’s allowed over 115 yards a game on the ground.

  • Scoring touchdowns near the 20 might be tough here as well since both teams are 26th or worse in punching in touchdowns in the red zone while both defenses have been good at stopping opposing offenses from scoring touchdowns there as well.

New York (0-12) at Seattle (8-4)

Sunday 4:05 PM ET
StatRankOffensive StatsRankStat
276.832Total Yards8385.7
58.431Off Plays1564.5
24.425Rush Att.2424.8
106.619Rush Yds13116.7
4.415Rush YPA74.7
31.228Pass Att.1336.3
170.231Pass Yds8269
5.431Pass YPA77.4
StatRankDefensive StatsRankStat
29.430PPG Allowed2326.8
398.829Yds/G Allowed31407.4
5.826Yds/P Allowed245.8
107.811Rush Yds/G597.7
3.83Rush Yds/Att74
29131Pass Yds/G32309.8
7.731Pass Yds/Att267.2
22.93Def vs. QB223.6
17.520Def vs. RB1119.2
25.411Def vs. WR129.1
11.81Def vs. TE187.7
StatRankAdvanced StatsRankStat
41.8%15Rush %2238.5%
58.2%18Pass %1161.5%
42.9%32RZ %573.2%
54.4%7RZ % Allowed2767.4%
7.0%21Total DVOA227.3%
28.1%32Pass DVOA2719.9%
-21.1%7Rush DVOA13-14.2%
18.40%30DVOA v. #1 WR2414.90%
19.90%28DVOA v. #2 WR14-4.30%
-8.00%11DVOA v. #3/4 WR2614.30%
11.90%22DVOA v. TE9-11.30%
  • The Jets are heading to Seattle at the perfect time for the Seahawks as they need a get right team and unlike their cohorts in New York, the Jets are the perfect get right team.

  • The Jets have allowed 30 or more points to all seven non-divisional opponents they’ve faced this year and with the Jets ranking 32nd in Pass DVOA and 30th against opposing WR1 which gives DK Metcalf one the best match-ups of the week.

  • Jamison Crowder should also see some nice work as the Seahawks are still allowing the most fantasy points to opposing wide receivers and Crowder has been the favorite target of Jets’ quarterbacks.

  • While Seattle lost last week, they still kept their average points per game allowed under 20 for the last four games and they’ve been getting after the quarterback much better since getting Carlos Dunlap .

Indianapolis (8-4) at Las Vegas (7-5)

Sunday 4:05 PM ET
StatRankOffensive StatsRankStat
370.113Total Yards15364.8
65.89Off Plays1864
28.311Rush Att.1028.9
104.821Rush Yds10121.2
3.730Rush YPA174.2
36.216Pass Att.2333.3
265.311Pass Yds17243.6
7.38Pass YPA97.3
StatRankDefensive StatsRankStat
22.810PPG Allowed2828.9
3195Yds/G Allowed22378.2
5.38Yds/P Allowed255.8
100.97Rush Yds/G20121.1
3.84Rush Yds/Att224.5
218.18Pass Yds/G24257.1
6.817Pass Yds/Att206.9
16.229Def vs. QB920.1
17.719Def vs. RB522.1
22.522Def vs. WR1224.9
4.632Def vs. TE217.5
StatRankAdvanced StatsRankStat
43.1%12Rush %745.2%
56.9%21Pass %2654.8%
59.1%17RZ %1659.1%
65.8%22RZ % Allowed2868.0%
-12.5%6Total DVOA247.9%
-9.2%5Pass DVOA159.4%
-16.8%11Rush DVOA316.0%
-1.70%12DVOA v. #1 WR206.60%
-26.40%3DVOA v. #2 WR217.40%
10.80%24DVOA v. #3/4 WR2818.20%
-26.70%5DVOA v. TE4-27.50%
  • Two teams looking to solidify their playoff standings and a potential sneaky shootout candidate this week.

  • Indianapolis has allowed 30-plus points in two of their last three games with some key injuries but the Raiders have also scored 30 or more points in four of their last five games.

  • Derek Carr has an 8:0 TD:INT ratio in his career against the Colts while Philip Rivers has the most passing yards and touchdowns against the Raiders in their history and has been far better over the last seven games this year.

  • For those hoping to capitalize on Darren Waller after his huge game against the Jets, be aware the Colts haven’t given up 100 or more receiving yards to a tight end since Week 8 of 2016.

Washington (5-7) at San Francisco (5-7)

Sunday 4:25 PM ET
StatRankOffensive StatsRankStat
324.726Total Yards14366.2
64.912Off Plays1664.2
25.519Rush Att.1726.7
101.524Rush Yds18109.8
423Rush YPA214.1
36.215Pass Att.1835.2
223.225Pass Yds13256.3
6.226Pass YPA107.3
StatRankDefensive StatsRankStat
21.78PPG Allowed1324
310.94Yds/G Allowed6326.3
54Yds/P Allowed105.3
107.110Rush Yds/G9106.4
4.111Rush Yds/Att63.9
203.83Pass Yds/G10219.9
6.24Pass Yds/Att186.9
17.922Def vs. QB1818.8
14.528Def vs. RB2615.2
19.731Def vs. WR1323.8
8.113Def vs. TE314.8
StatRankAdvanced StatsRankStat
39.3%21Rush %1641.6%
60.7%12Pass %1758.4%
59.0%18RZ %966.7%
47.1%1RZ % Allowed1059.4%
-14.0%4Total DVOA13-3.1%
-11.3%3Pass DVOA169.4%
-17.8%10Rush DVOA8-20.2%
28.30%32DVOA v. #1 WR6-18.60%
-25.60%4DVOA v. #2 WR193.40%
-26.90%2DVOA v. #3/4 WR3028.60%
16.20%26DVOA v. TE6-25.00%
  • While both teams come in with the same record, they are in two different places at this point as the Niners are playing in another teams’ stadium for home games now and are all but out of the NFC playoffs while Washington is coming off the biggest win of the year and are fighting for a division title.

  • On the surface, Washington’s defense has been great this year and good at shutting down opposing passing attacks as they’ve been in the top-five spots nearly all year in most metrics, though a weakness is their DVOA against number-one wideouts where they are the worst in the league.

  • While San Francisco’s pass defense is quite good as well, Terry McLaurin might still be in good shape because the two corners he’s likely to see the most on Sunday are the two that give up the most FP/RT and allow the best catch rates on the team as well.

New Orleans (10-2) at Philadelphia (3-8-1)

Sunday 4:25 PM ET
StatRankOffensive StatsRankStat
370.812Total Yards29319.1
66.18Off Plays1165.4
31.84Rush Att.2823.3
140.87Rush Yds14116.5
4.413Rush YPA35
32.526Pass Att.1037.7
230.121Pass Yds28202.6
7.115Pass YPA325.4
StatRankDefensive StatsRankStat
20.14PPG Allowed1925.6
288.81Yds/G Allowed13347.1
4.92Yds/P Allowed65.2
76.12Rush Yds/G25129.9
3.32Rush Yds/Att144.2
212.84Pass Yds/G7217.2
6.46Pass Yds/Att96.6
16.230Def vs. QB2317.9
11.832Def vs. RB2117.5
23.317Def vs. WR1623.4
7.322Def vs. TE108.6
StatRankAdvanced StatsRankStat
48.2%5Rush %3035.7%
51.8%28Pass %364.3%
67.3%8RZ %1460.6%
66.7%25RZ % Allowed2365.8%
-20.8%2Total DVOA150.2%
-12.0%2Pass DVOA2415.0%
-34.7%2Rush DVOA12-16.4%
0.40%16DVOA v. #1 WR2615.60%
-7.30%11DVOA v. #2 WR3128.50%
7.80%21DVOA v. #3/4 WR15-4.50%
-33.10%2DVOA v. TE2821.40%
  • Congratulations Jalen Hurts, you now get to face one of the better defenses in the NFL for your first start as the Saints are top-five from PPG through pass yards per game. Rookie QBs are also 1-6 against the Saints since 2016.

  • New Orleans hasn’t allowed over 13 points to a running back since Week 5 of this year and with the Eagles bad offensive line, that may not change this week either. Interestingly, he’s not the only one who may find issue as Alvin Kamara hasn’t registered more than 100 yards from scrimmage with Taysom Hill at QB and six times with Drew Brees under center.

  • The Saints have allowed fewer than 17 points in five straight games and the Eagles haven’t scored more than 17 points in four straight games as well so this may be a bit of a defensive battle as the Eagles have a solid defense as their top-15 in many defensive categories in the table.

Atlanta (4-8) at Los Angeles (3-9)

Sunday 4:25 PM ET
StatRankOffensive StatsRankStat
371.211Total Yards7386.2
68.83Off Plays172.5
27.213Rush Att.929.7
100.725Rush Yds15113.2
3.731Rush YPA273.8
38.98Pass Att.340.6
270.67Pass Yds4272.9
716Pass YPA216.7
StatRankDefensive StatsRankStat
25.217PPG Allowed2728.8
394.427Yds/G Allowed9338.6
6.231Yds/P Allowed155.5
109.212Rush Yds/G23124.2
4.520Rush Yds/Att274.6
285.230Pass Yds/G5214.4
7.630Pass Yds/Att86.5
24.41Def vs. QB621
14.529Def vs. RB1518.5
28.24Def vs. WR2621.9
10.25Def vs. TE88.9
StatRankAdvanced StatsRankStat
39.6%20Rush %1840.9%
60.4%13Pass %1559.1%
50.0%29RZ %2157.9%
70.0%30RZ % Allowed1461.0%
-0.8%14Total DVOA268.1%
11.9%19Pass DVOA2012.7%
-22.2%6Rush DVOA291.8%
16.50%27DVOA v. #1 WR8-15.60%
8.40%22DVOA v. #2 WR3024.10%
-7.90%13DVOA v. #3/4 WR172.20%
29.80%30DVOA v. TE2717.10%
  • This game has shootout written all over it as the Falcons and Chargers both have strong offenses but defenses that aren’t very well versed in shutting down opposing offenses.

  • Atlanta is allowing the most points to quarterbacks this year and Justin Herbert is putting up the eighth-most per game at just under 22 points a game.

  • Justin Herbert is one of five quarterbacks in the league to post more than 275 yards a game, over 20 touchdowns and less than 10 interceptions this year.

  • If all else fails for the Falcons, they can turn to Younghoe Koo as he’s posted 38 points the last three games while the rest of the team has posted 24 combined.

  • The Chargers rank 30th in DVOA against WR2 and 27th against TEs so Calvin Ridley and Hayden Hurst might be in line for good days.

Green Bay (9-3) at Detroit (5-7)

Sunday 4:25 PM ET
StatRankOffensive StatsRankStat
396.62Total Yards19356.4
63.221Off Plays19