Mitchell Trubisky proving he is a fantasy football QB1 highlights this week’s Football Week That Was.

Mitchell Trubisky :  Mitchell Trubisky went toe-to-toe with the GOAT Sunday and came within inches of pulling off a miracle.  While there was no miracle for the Bears, there was deep satisfaction for Trubisky’s fantasy owners as he posted a sweet 333 yards and two TD through the air and another 81 yards with a TD on the ground.  Over the last three weeks, Trubisky has over 1,000 passing yards, over 180 rushing yards, and 12 total TDs. If that is not a QB1, I have no idea what is. With a sweetheart of a schedule coming up – Jets, Buffalo, Detroit twice and the Giants – as well as tilts with Green Bay and San Francisco in the fantasy playoffs, Trubisky is a “buy high and thank me that you did” player.  I am in – big time!

Kenyan Drake :  The long-awaited return of Kenyan Drake ’s production happened Sunday as the Dolphins RB posted 18.7 PPR points with 72 yards rushing, 4 catches for 15 yards and a rushing TD.  This game will not make you forget the Todd Gurley ’s and Kareem Hunt ’s of the world but it is pretty darn solid. However, as nice at almost 19 fantasy points are – and they are – the fact that the Fish only gave Drake 10 touches and the fact that they have Minn and Jax in the fantasy playoffs tells me that now would be a good time to sell if you can.  [Note, as with the Cowboys, the Dolphins stubborn refusal to feature their most prolific offensive weapon in both the passing and running game just boggles the mind].

David Njoku :  David Njoku continues to improve.  Sunday the Browns tight end hauled in four passes for 52 yards and a TD – good for over 15 PPR fantasy points which is a king’s ransom from a tight end not named Ertz or Kelce these days.  That makes TDs in two straight games and provides an even better indication that after Jarvis Landry , Big Dave is Mayfield’s man. With a “tasty” matchup against the Steelers next up, Njoku is a must start and a trade target in all fantasy leagues.  Indeed, only Tampa has given up more fantasy points to opposing tight ends than have the Steelers. You get it right? I am all in. [Note – thanks to our friend and Gotham Gridiron District co-owner Maria Marino for this one. We own Njoku because she was smart enough to jump in on the bidding and land him cheap before others could react. #geniusmove.

Adrian Peterson :  Anyone who thinks All Day is done, go watch the film of Sunday’s Cowboys game.  Peterson ran hard and proved he is still tough to tackle, carrying the ball 24 times for 99 yards and adding a catch for 8 yards.  With a sweet schedule upcoming – Giants, Falcons, Buccaneers – Peterson is a great target for those looking to improve their fantasy football team for the second half.  Buy!

Isaiah Crowell :  For the third week in a row, I bring up Isaiah Crowell .  A week ago, we wrote about the week before as follows: “Last week we wrote: “Isaiah Crowell ran all over the Broncos Sunday to the tune of 219 yards and a TD.  Great work by Crowell and congrats to those who started him in season-long or DFS. However, after you finish patting yourself on the back, slow your roll. Crowell is not a break-away back (his 6.8 yards per carry this year is two full yards per carry better than his best ever season), has not rushed for 1,000 yards in any of his four prior NFL campaigns, was out-touched by Bilal Powell , and has the Vikings and the Bears in two of the next three weeks.  This is the ultimate sell high candidate. The only question is whether you risk holding him for the Indy game. I do not as his value will never be higher.” Well, I hope you listened as a meager 13 carries and 52 yards from scrimmage says selling high was the way to go. With the Vikings and Bears up next (and having been out-touched by Bilal Powell again), Crowell is a sell high-ish candidate whose value is falling.” Well, even with Powell missing the game with an injury, Crowell managed only 21 touches for 50 yards and no TDs.  That makes 5 games this season where Crow averaged 3.1 yards per carry or less. Talk about the Powell injury, hype up Crows game versus Denver and get what you can now.

Alshon Jeffery :  Last week we wrote: “The annual Alshon Jeffery coming out party occurred at the Giants’ expense Thursday.  Alshon reeled in 8 for 74 yards on 12 targets. Oh, and he scored two TD. Buy low if you can. As much as this Cowboys fan hates to say it, the Eagles will get better on offense with Wentz working off the rust.  Moreover, without Ajayi (and McCoy seemingly staying put in upstate New York), the Eagles could very well throw the ball more. Also, some of the Ertz targets will go to Alshon. If he stays healthy (a big if for anyone but especially him), Alshon will be severely undervalued.  With Carolina next up (the team that gave up 30 to the aforementioned hurting Giants), Alshon is a buy!” I hope you listened! Despite the Eagles joining the Cowboys at 3-4 with a loss, Alshon shined to the tune of 7 grabs for 88 yards and a TD. If you did listen, you were rewarded with almost 22 PPR points.  Not too shabby. While I do not love the week 8 matchup with the Jaguars corners, the week 9 bye or the week 10 matchup with Byron Jones and the Cowboys, Alshon is still a keeper. However, if you own Alshon and someone is willing to break the bank, selling high is not the worst idea given that schedule and the fact that he has the Cowboys and Rams in the fantasy playoffs.

Final Note:  Wow, the Cowboys offense laid another egg Sunday.  I admit. I blew that. Sorry to those who invested in Zeke in DFS on my say so.  If the Zeke owner in your league is ready to sell with a bye week in week 8, go ahead and buy.  I still think (or at least hope) basic common sense and obvious “stare you in the face” logic will prevail and they will find a way to give him 25-30 touches per game the rest of the way.