With only a few weeks left in the fantasy baseball season, it’s a great time to stream a starter (or four) and try to get a leg up in some pitching categories. You need to exercise caution for the sake of your ratios. Let’s look at team offenses spilt into pitcher handedness.


















  • Detroit has been a DFS and streaming target all year. Nothing’s changed there. They’re the best team to target when possible.

  • It can be scary to send a lefty out against the Road Rockies but you’ll come out ahead more often than not. It’s hard to adjust for the loss in carry distance they’re used to at home.

  • The Reds are a good option to stream LHP against, especially on the road.

  • The Cubs offense has been losing teeth lately. They have decent plate discipline but poor batted ball numbers. Just be sure to check the weather, if it’s a start at Wrigley, which can turn into Coors Field if...