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AFC East (this page also includes a glossary of offensive and defensive schemes)

AFC North

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AFC South

Houston Texans

Offensive Breakdown: While Bill O’Brien will finally be relinquishing play-calling duties to his OC Tim Kelly, the system remains exactly the same as the day O’Brien came over from New England. It’s based in the Erhardt Perkins scheme, where they would like to lead with a power run, but O’Brien likes to use a spread offense where they’ll usually line up three or four-wide using a variety of sets and send them out to different parts of the field to stretch the defense as much as possible. That is a tactic which is supposed to help open up for bigger runs.

O’Brien prefers the 11-personnel set-up with his multi-wideout formations and pre-snap movement, but will go to 12-personnel to add the...