There are several ways to acquire free agents in fantasy baseball. Most high stakes leagues use the Free Agent Acquisition Budget (FAAB) system. The National Fantasy Baseball Championship (NFBC) uses this format. 

Each team gets a budget of $1,000 imaginary dollars to use for the season. Each week, you bid on the free agents and the highest bidder wins. It's a blind bidding system and there are no $0 bids. The minimum bid is $1 and once you run out of money no more adds can be made. FAAB runs each Sunday night. 

As someone who has been an analyst in the fantasy industry for almost 15 years, FAAB is the hardest thing to develop a strategy for. There's no simple breakdown. It varies from league to league.

In some leagues, several owners will be very aggressive and spend heavily. In others, it will be the opposite. The first few FAAB periods can help you gain an idea of how your league is. You could ask several analysts here at Fantasy Alarm what to bid on a player and all of...