Once you get into a high stakes draft, it will be a unique experience the first time. It's way different than a home league. The knowledge of most participants is high. There is no such thing as a sleeper.

Knowing the player pool is crucial. Go through the depth chart of every team and know the top minor leaguers for every team, too. Research and preparation is important. If you're not going to invest a lot of time, it's not worth investing in a high stakes league.

For years I have preached on the radio to know the rules of your league. It sounds basic and obvious, but I have seen in many leagues people come into the draft and don't know them. There's always someone at the draft table asking a question about the rules. Don't be that guy. Go through the rules thoroughly. Make sure you are extremely familiar with everything. There are so many different formats and knowing all details is crucial to success.

The best prep is to do a National Fantasy Baseball Championship...