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Jordan Love
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Unsigned draft pick
Jordan Love
Green Bay Packers
Unsigned draft pick BYE Week: 5 QB
Green Bay Packers

Packers signed No. 26 overall pick QB Jordan Love to a four-year contract. 

As is the case with all first-round contracts, the deal includes a fifth-year team option for 2024. The most controversial pick of this year's class, Love arrives in Green Bay as the backup to Packers legend Aaron Rodgers. Rodgers has barely concealed the fact that he's not a happy camper, responding to Love's selection by saying he would like to play into his 40s. This also does not seem to be a Jimmy Garoppolo/Tom Brady situation. The Packers are planting their flag for the future. For his part, Love physically looks like an NFL quarterback while boasting intriguing athletic traits, but he was extremely inconsistent for mid-major Utah State. The Packers have upset their franchise player and tethered their future to a prospect who is nothing close to a sure thing.   Jul 01 3:26 pm (EST)



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