Last year’s Super Bowl between the Cincinnati Bengals and Los Angeles Rams was seriously lacking at tight end. It would have been bad enough with Tyler Higbee, but he happened to be OUT, so we got Brycen Hopkins vs. CJ Uzomah instead. Yeesh. In Super Bowl 57 we have the opposite problem - two powerhouse options in Travis Kelce and Dallas Goedert. Let’s take a look at these two studs then maybe see if there’s an additional sneaky dart throw we can use (spoiler alert: there is). 



Super Bowl 57 DFS TE Picks

Travis Kelce, Kansas City Chiefs

This is an incredibly interesting matchup between the Chiefs' weapons and the Eagles' secondary because the Eagles are strong on the outside while the Chiefs are strong up the middle. Outside corners Darius Slay and James Bradberry are killers but they almost never venture into the slot - James Bradberry only has 10 snaps in the slot this year while Darius Slay has even fewer at five. We can’t rule out the Eagles pulling the old switcheroo and completely changing up what they’ve done all year but I think the most likely outcome is that these two just vaporize the outside guys. Against the Giants, Isaiah Hodgins and Darius Slayton were the outside WRs and combined for only seven yards on seven targets so it can get pretty ugly. That should let Kelce do his thing to a certain degree over the middle and the rest of the Eagles D will just do their best to contain him so he doesn’t get loose and do too much damage. For that reason, Kelce will be in most of my lineups. The one place I’m not starting Kelce is on Yahoo where he’s an absurd 31.4% of your budget (to put that in perspective, he’s $33 while Patrick Mahomes is $37 and no other player is above $30). On DraftKings and FanDuel he’s around 21-23% of your budget which is far more reasonable.

Dallas Goedert, Philadelphia Eagles

The Kansas City Chiefs defense has been pretty squarely middle of the pack but that’s not what has us steering away from Dallas Goedert. The reality is that Goedert really has just not been a focal point of this offense since returning. And a big part of that is due to the emergence of DeVonta Smith who started slow but really hit his stride while Goedert was hurt. Since Goedert returned Week 16, it’s actually been Smith who leads the team in target share with 29.5%. Then you have AJ Brown at 24.4% and Dallas Goedert at 17.3%. Over that time Goedert has also only cracked 50 receiving yards one time. And at times they ask him to hang in to blocks which we don’t like to see - in the two Giants games in Week 18 and the divisional round he blocked on 14% and 11.1% of his pass plays. With Chris Jones looming, I’m a little worried Goedert might not be deployed in the fashion we’d like. If you are going to get him there, DraftKings is the place to do it as he’s only 12.8% of your budget over there vs. 16.7% on FanDuel and 18.1% on Yahoo.


Bonus Dart Throw

Noah Gray, Kansas City Chiefs

He’s not the sexiest option and maybe you don’t make him captain but there are a lot of things pointing at a potential random touchdown for Gray that could really differentiate your lineup from the rest of the pack. First of all, this guy has been playing ~50-65% of the snaps for the entire second half of the season so you know he’s at least going to be out there. On top of that, he’s actually caught at least one pass in 18 of 19 games. And the last time he didn’t catch a ball was Week 4 which means they’ve gotten the ball in his hands in FIFTEEN straight games. Anyone can catch a random shovel pass TD in this offense or something that Mahomes improvises on the fly so why not Noah Gray this week? And, because he’s so cheap, I’ve been able to make lineups with Patrick Mahomes AND Jalren Hurts along with Gray AND Travis Kelce. He’s less than 10% of your budget on both FanDuel and Yahoo which is about as cheap as it gets over there but you HAVE to play him in at least one DraftKings lineup as he’s an absurd $1,200. That’s only 2.4% of your budget. 



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