High End Options

David Johnson is a machine with 20 total TD’s this season.  With all the cheap value, he will be easy to fit into your lineups this week.  There is not a safer play out there right now and he will look to finish off his season with another game with at least 100 total yards. 

LeSean McCoy continues to put up monster numbers when healthy.  I am a little concerned about how the team reacts to the firing of Rex Ryan but the match-up is solid.  The Bills are 8th in run blocking per PFF, 10th in overall offense per PFF, 1st in YPG, 1st in YPC, and 1st in rushing TD’s.  New York has laid down in several games of late and is the 30th ranked overall defense per PFF.

Mid-Level Options

DeMarco Murray will look to lead the Titans to victory with the injury to Marcus Mariota.  The game is meaningless for Houston with their playoff seeding locked in.  The Texans will likely play some of their healthy starters but any defensive players with injury issues will be rested.  Tennessee is one of the best running teams in the league so even they can exploit even tough match-ups.  They are 3rd in run blocking per PFF, 7th in overall offense per PFF, 3rd in YPG, 4th in YPC and 8th in rushing TD’s.

Jordan Howard racked up 202 total yards in his last game against Minnesota and he will look to duplicate that effort.  Minnesota has given up 72 points in their last two games so things seem to have fallen apart.  Chicago is 8th in YPC this season so they can run the ball when they try.  If the Vikings don’t show up again, he could have another massive game.

Bilal Powell will look to take advantage of a leaky run defense for Buffalo.  Powell is also a threat in PPR formats as well if they fall behind.  The Bills defense is 23rd in overall defense per PFF, 28th in YPG allowed, 27th in YPC allowed and 31st in rushing TD’s allowed.  The Jets are a bit of a mess but Powell is still worth consideration in GPP’s.

Low Cost Options

Alex Collins could be in line for the start this week against the 49ers.  Thomas Rawls has a shoulder injury that may keep him outs so Collins could get his shot at the pathetic 49ers defense.  San Francisco ranks 32nd in run defense per PFF, 31st in overall defense per PFF, 32nd in YPG allowed, 32nd in YAC allowed and 32nd in TD’s allowed. 

DeAngelo Williams or Fitzgerald Toussaint will get the start with Le'Veon Bell likely to be rested.  We will need to see if the coaches announce anything on who starts.  I would lean Toussiant gets most of the work  but Williams may get some touches since he has been injured for a while.  If we get clarification on who sees the work, it is a prime match-up.  Pittsburgh is ranked 6th in run blocking per PFF and 9thoverall offense per PFF.  The Steelers take on a defense who 27th in run defense per PFF, 28th in overall defense per PFF, 31st in YPG allowed, 30th in YPC allowed and 25th in rushing TD’s allowed.

Isaiah Crowell will get one last chance to end a disappointing season.  Duke Johnson could miss Week 17 so that should lead to more chances for Crowell.  Cleveland is 4th in YPC this season but the game flow has always been against them.  Pittsburgh will be benching their best players so this game should have a positive game flow for Cleveland which they have rarely seen this season.

Jerick McKinnon has become a PPR machine of late with 25 catches in his last 4 games.  The Bears defense is exploitable where they rank 25th in overall defense per PFF, 27th YPC allowed, 21st YPC allowed and 25th in rushing TD’s allowed.  The running game for the Vikings has been awful all year so I would limit using McKinnon to full PPR formats.

Alfred Morris or Darren McFadden will likely get the start for Dallas  since they are likely going to rest their starters.  This situation will be based on who we think gets more action.  I would lean to guess that Alfred Morris is deemed the least valuable of the two so he will get more carries.  The Cowboys rank 2nd in run blocking per PFF, 2nd YPG, 2nd YPC and 2nd in rushing TD’s. 

Corey Grant could be in line for the start for Jacksonville with all of their injuries to their RB’s.  We will have to wait and see who is available to play for the Jaguars.  Indianapolis is awful on defense where they rank 30th in run defense per PFF, 32nd in overall defense, 3rd in YPC allowed, 22nd in YPG in allowed and 29th in YPC allowed.

              Opp PaOpp OvOpp Ru      
PlayerTmOppGSnapsRuAttRuYdsRuTDYPCRecReYdReTdTarFumDef RkDef RkYds/GDVOAO/U$Line$FD$DK$FA
Le'Veon BellPITCLE127812611,26874.97561629433132147.60.167044-330$10000$10400$6650
David JohnsonARILA159492881,233164.37784141165616105.1-0.024041225$9300$9800$6750
LeSean McCoyBUFNYJ146322291,257135.5493501562325100.90.085044225$9100$8900$6000
Ezekiel ElliottDALPHI157123221,631155.13236314041613105.5-0.10600 $8800$7400$6500
Devonta FreemanATLNO15568215983104.6493812601202998.90.126056-293$8000$7000$5550
Melvin GordonSDKC13658254997103.94141925722312120.6-0.044045180$7900$7700$5600
DeMarco MurrayTENHOU158292821,26694.5523793663171499.5-0.048040-160$7800$6300$5300
LeGarrette BlountNEMIA155052851,110173.97380821917141.8-0.007044.5380$7600$5700$5100
Jordan HowardCHIMIN146162291,17865.12929815011518101.9-0.062041-245$7400$6800$5200
Thomas RawlsSEASF828510133523.3139601702930171.10.116043394$7400$5800$4700
Jay AjayiMIANE145472441,213852413103245689.5-0.023044.5380$7300$5900$5500
Spencer WareKCSD1454421492134.333447242214497.6-0.083045180$7200$5500$5100
Carlos HydeSFSEA1353521798864.62716333342895-0.111043394$7000$5200$4750
Latavius MurrayOAKDEN13509190777124.1322500422262135.2-0.164040.5-133$6900$5200$4850
Jeremy HillCINBAL1544322283993.82117402701385.1-0.129041.5-140$6900$4800$4900
Lamar MillerHOUTEN146232681,07354311881392132691.10.069040-160$6800$5200$5000
Bilal PowellNYJBUF1548810960035.55537317103228133.50.073044225$6600$6500$4850
Doug MartinTBCAR832114442132.914134016110990.2-0.051046.5-270$6500$4900$4700
Adrian PetersonMINCHI384377201.9380612720121.70.027041-245$6500$4400$4900
Tevin ColemanATLNO1233411047684.3284062361202998.90.126056-293$6400$5100$4900
Todd GurleyLAARI1569826484563.239290053271097.7-0.102041225$6400$5300$4650
Jonathan StewartCARTB1252719875983.87530193247116.5-0.033046.5-270$6200$5100$4850
Matt ForteNYJBUF1448721881373.73026314313228133.50.073044225$6200$5000$4800
Frank GoreINDJAC1561824796443.93626344521111107.3-0.042047-220$6200$4700$4900
Isaiah CrowellCLEPIT1551617980074.53730304919591.3-0.052044-330$6100$4400$4300
Mark IngramNOATL1548518594055.14029045022823102.70.090056-293$6100$5600$5100
Robert KelleyWASNYG1431715667164.3128211804191.9-0.139044-355$5900$4400$4650
Alex CollinsSEASF10103247012.9108001022930171.10.116043394$5800$4600$4100
Terrance WestBALCIN154181887565430219140118191160.016041.5-140$5600$4400$4350
Rashad JenningsNYGWAS1241616354123.334196141025271170.075044-355$5600$4200$4400
Alfred BlueHOUTEN132048939214.49280122132691.10.069040-160$5600$4300$4350
Darren SprolesPHIDAL144818540624.849423266081581.50.00200 $5500$4000$4400
Tim HightowerNOATL15273130519342220012602823102.70.090056-293$5400$4000$4300
Chris ThompsonWASNYG154566535135.44331225414191.9-0.139044-355$5400$3700$4000
Jalen RichardOAKDEN152238048816.1281992380262135.2-0.164040.5-133$5400$3900$3500
Chris IvoryJACIND1131111743933.82018602853024116.30.130047-220$5300$4100$4200
Devontae BookerDENOAK1546316055533.52921304222122115.90.052040.5-133$5300$3500$4500
Justin ForsettDENOAK3118319803.2113601402122115.90.052040.5-133$5300$3800$4500
Ryan MathewsPHIDAL1328715566184.313115114381581.50.00200 $5200$3900$4500
Mike GillisleeBUFNYJ142458653776.28401100325100.90.085044225$5200$4500$4000
Damien WilliamsMIANE141473311033.32022632705689.5-0.023044.5380$5200$3900$3500
Jacquizz RodgersTBCAR925811248524.31294015010990.2-0.051046.5-270$5200$4900$4650
Jerick McKinnonMINCHI1447214345013.14023414902720121.70.027041-245$5200$4000$4200
Kenneth DixonBALCIN112257833814.327143137118191160.016041.5-140$5200$4200$4500
Dion LewisNEMIA61365323504.4159002211917141.8-0.007044.5380$5200$4000$4650
Robert TurbinINDJAC142634414963.42416113101111107.3-0.042047-220$5100$3600$3500
Derrick HenryTENHOU142399542544.5121340140171499.5-0.048040-160$5100$4900$4150
Kenyan DrakeMIANE15932916925.894601005689.5-0.023044.5380$5100$3000$3500
Theo RiddickDETGB104239235713.9533715670122195.90.01000 $5100$5400$4450
Dwayne WashingtonDETGB112309026512.910620150122195.90.01000 $5100$3400$3900
Matt AsiataMINCHI1538211338863.42923203512720121.70.027041-245$5000$3100$4100
Charles SimsTBCAR72385114912.924190132110990.2-0.051046.5-270$5000$4000$4200
Christine MichaelGBDET934011746964209612612231103.20.17600 $4900$3500$3900
Jeremy LangfordCHIMIN112275217443.31610102411518101.9-0.062041-245$4800$4000$3900
Duke JohnsonCLEPIT154537235414.95351407419591.3-0.052044-330$4800$3500$4200
James StarksGBDET92656314502.31913422502231103.20.17600 $4800$3000$4200
Charcandrick WestKCSD143207223513.323130029014497.6-0.083045180$4700$4100$3800
Shaun DraughnSFSEA152615315522.92519523302895-0.111043394$4600$3200$4200
DeAngelo WilliamsPITCLE72147527633.7159112303132147.60.167044-330$4500$5500$3500
Matt JonesWASNYG72229946034.68730834191.9-0.139044-355$4500$3400$3900
Zach ZennerDETGB132296826533.9141550181122195.90.01000 $4500$3200$4000
DeAndre WashingtonOAKDEN132178042425.3151010211262135.2-0.164040.5-133$4500$3800$4200
Fitzgerald ToussaintPITCLE1525114404190103132147.60.167044-330$4500$4300$3000
Darius JacksonCLEPIT000000000009591.3-0.052044-330$4500$3000$3000
Corey GrantJACIND10521442032201503024116.30.130047-220$4500$3000$3000
Bronson HillJACIND200000000003024116.30.130047-220$4500$3000$3000
Denard RobinsonJACIND12933712703.43220403024116.30.130047-220$4500$3000$3800
Darren McFaddenDALPHI233175903.51-20201613105.5-0.10600 $4500$4300$3500
Antonio AndrewsTENHOU15621507.500000171499.5-0.048040-160$4500$3000$3000
Tyler ErvinHOUTEN11201303318050132691.10.069040-160$4500$3000$3000
Jonathan GrimesHOUTEN9119158905.99610130132691.10.069040-160$4500$3000$3000
Akeem HuntHOUTEN7552010905.5329042132691.10.069040-160$4500$3400$3500
James WhiteNEMIA153993715704.25653058201917141.8-0.007044.5380$4500$3800$4000
Rex BurkheadCINBAL151774722504.81512001801385.1-0.129041.5-140$4500$3500$4200
Paul PerkinsNYGWAS132529135403.915162022125271170.075044-355$4500$3400$4350
Ronnie HillmanSDKC556185002.84430702312120.6-0.044045180$4500$3700$4350