Week 15 is a crucial week in fantasy as many of you are now done with your traditional fantasy squad. Let's turn our sites to the DFS game and see if we can help to turn that frown upside down this week. 

RANKPlayer NameTeamOpponentGSnapsCompAttYdsTDIntPA%YPCRATRuAttRuYdRuTDFum
1Aaron RodgersGBCHI@13824327502352932760.9%10.8101.15229532
2Matt RyanATLSF13788302442405030756.1%13.4113.23010700
3Tom BradyNEDEN@9551233340287622261.7%12.3113.6265900
4Kirk CousinsWASCAR13826334495404523959.9%12.1100.3275921
5Philip RiversSDOAK138062874643589271757.6%12.590123400
6Russell WilsonSEALA137522864433382131058.9%11.888.15420710
7Derek CarrOAKSD@13845317500347824559.2%1195.7335701
8Andrew LuckINDMIN@12683258403310523859%1298.35427210
9Drew BreesNOARI@138573575003913301158.3%11105161920
10Tyrod TaylorBUFCLE13766211348229211545.4%10.984.67346962
11Carson PalmerARINO137522864433382131058.9%11.888.15420710
12Cam NewtonCARWAS@12743213398277415953.6%1378.97631751
13Dak PrescottDALTB13799260395313920449.4%12.1102.74821851
14Ben RoethlisbergerPITCIN@12713266409303425857.4%11.499.482210
15Jameis WinstonTBDAL@138692694363180231250.2%11.8904111112
16Joe FlaccoBALPHI138373585493582171265.6%1084.8205920
17Andy DaltonCINPIT13825302467355516656.6%11.893.84117932
18Colin KaepernickSFATL@9440116213144410348.4%12.485.55239310
19Eli ManningNYGDET137703024803290231362.3%10.987.821-900
20Marcus MariotaTENKC@13790249398308625850.4%12.499.15734822
21Matthew StaffordDETNYG@12770312468344722760.8%1197.83419310
22Alex SmithKCTEN12669267397283112559.3%10.692.7345620
23Sam BradfordMININD12722304427295414359.1%9.798.2172401
24Blake BortlesJACHOU@138473055203187211561.4%10.477.95033620
25Trevor SiemianDENNE11635230376273016759.2%11.989.7255800
26Carson WentzPHIBAL@138343174983215131259.7%10.180.73710210
27Matt BarkleyCHIGB4171651198014469.6%12.372.87200
28Brock OsweilerHOUJAC138272604352509141352.6%9.774.22713211
29Matt MooreMIANYJ@00354700015.791.30000
30Bryce PettyNYJMIA49132593172364.8%9.959.80000
31Robert Griffin IIICLEBUF@251245429402105.9%12.346.4126810
32Jared GoffLASEA@4166751367444581.9%9.965.361210

* PA% - Percentage of plays run that were passes.



RANKPlayer NameTeamOpponentPts AllowedOpp Pass RkOpp RkDVOAOpp Pass Yds/GPaceO/U$Line$FD$DK$FA
1Aaron RodgersGBCHI@16.71414-0.008237.828.0742.5230$8500$7100$7600
2Matt RyanATLSF19.129310.1310264.927.7251.5-800$8500$7300$7300
3Tom BradyNEDEN@13.111-0.175198.828.060 $8100$6700$7000
4Kirk CousinsWASCAR18.61612-0.034295.127.9251-225$7500$6800$6800
5Philip RiversSDOAK18.721210.0590286.327.950125$7800$6200$6650
6Russell WilsonSEALA17.72018-0.018249.328.1838.5-948$7600$6600$6800
7Derek CarrOAKSD@17.899-0.058283.228.1250125$7900$6300$6450
8Andrew LuckINDMIN@13.528-0.11219.127.2744.5-204$8100$6400$6950
9Drew BreesNOARI@15.944-0.142218.626.0550-135$8200$6600$7250
10Tyrod TaylorBUFCLE19.931320.1790271.726.9842.5-510$7600$5700$6500
11Carson PalmerARINO17.928240.0900290.727.5150-135$7600$6000$6750
12Cam NewtonCARWAS@18.322260.0740279.326.6151-225$7700$6400$6750
13Dak PrescottDALTB17.567-0.045270.628.8446-320$7900$6200$6400
14Ben RoethlisbergerPITCIN@18.717200.0240258.127.3544150$8000$6600$6800
15Jameis WinstonTBDAL@1624230.0410290.226.2446-320$7800$6100$6400
16Joe FlaccoBALPHI17.135-0.12263.426.20 $7400$5700$5850
17Andy DaltonCINPIT15.71310-0.047273.727.1544150$7600$5500$6300
18Colin KaepernickSFATL@20.423270.1060298.223.9551.5-800$7500$5800$6100
19Eli ManningNYGDET17.130300.1590273.624.7741.5-225$7700$5600$6250
20Marcus MariotaTENKC@18.2811-0.043272.129.0643-240$7700$6500$6200
21Matthew StaffordDETNYG@1353-0.13527828.7941.5-225$7800$6300$6600
22Alex SmithKCTEN19.225280.0760297.827.943-240$6800$5400$6000
23Sam BradfordMININD17.126250.1300284.328.644.5-204$6700$5000$5300
24Blake BortlesJACHOU@14.11219-0.027230.525.0839-249$6500$5000$5600
25Trevor SiemianDENNE18.227170.0290268.526.720 $6600$5200$5700
26Carson WentzPHIBAL@16.772-0.155255.730.240 $6600$5000$5800
27Matt BarkleyCHIGB17.91815-0.024272.427.2542.5230$6200$5000$5000
28Brock OsweilerHOUJAC151513-0.022220.126.8239-249$6500$5100$5500
29Matt MooreMIANYJ@17.132290.1150274.128.8138115$6000$5000$5000
30Bryce PettyNYJMIA18.31116-0.012253.228.7538115$6000$5000$5000
31Robert Griffin IIICLEBUF@15.719220.0510248.826.2542.5-510$6100$5000$5000
32Jared GoffLASEA@15.6106-0.114250.828.8538.5-948$6100$5000$5000


* Pts allowed on Fanduel
** Opp Pass Rank is pass defense    
*** Opp Rank is Oppositions overall defensive rank
DVOA – Football Outsiders Defense adjusted Value Over Average
*****Pace - Seconds per play, the lower the number, the more plays run.

Spread = Point spreads
Vegas O/U = Over/Under


RANKPlayer NameTeamOpponentP>20P>40RZ Pass AttRZ Pass <15RZ Pass <10RZ Pass <5RZ Rush AttRZ Rush <15RZ Rush <10RZ Rush <5$FD$DK$FA
1Aaron RodgersGBCHI@417967144269742$8500$7100$7600
2Matt RyanATLSF5415735737253111$8500$7300$7300
3Tom BradyNEDEN@30543282094443$8100$6700$7000
4Kirk CousinsWASCAR509634834185433$7500$6800$6800
5Philip RiversSDOAK4013805432181111$7800$6200$6650
6Russell WilsonSEALA377523420103333$7600$6600$6800
7Derek CarrOAKSD@437766446291100$7900$6300$6450
8Andrew LuckINDMIN@487544132185510$8100$6400$6950
9Drew BreesNOARI@526806650244322$8200$6600$7250
10Tyrod TaylorBUFCLE2444430201010985$7600$5700$6500
11Carson PalmerARINO354645133240000$7600$6000$6750
12Cam NewtonCARWAS@31937211151512109$7700$6400$6750
13Dak PrescottDALTB307554229179993$7900$6200$6400
14Ben RoethlisbergerPITCIN@457514129202111$8000$6600$6800
15Jameis WinstonTBDAL@343613625173331$7800$6100$6400
16Joe FlaccoBALPHI337523821134432$7400$5700$5850
17Andy DaltonCINPIT4711564125113333$7600$5500$6300
18Colin KaepernickSFATL@1642116925321$7500$5800$6100
19Eli ManningNYGDET348484023131100$7700$5600$6250
20Marcus MariotaTENKC@476563629146420$7700$6500$6200
21Matthew StaffordDETNYG@388614731174321$7800$6300$6600
22Alex SmithKCTEN275563623144211$6800$5400$6000
23Sam BradfordMININD32448311670000$6700$5000$5300
24Blake BortlesJACHOU@353614726134432$6500$5000$5600
25Trevor SiemianDENNE267463828165421$6600$5200$5700
26Carson WentzPHIBAL@33568391594432$6600$5000$5800
27Matt BarkleyCHIGB8017151120000$6200$5000$5000
28Brock OsweilerHOUJAC24349341762211$6500$5100$5500
29Matt MooreMIANYJ@0000000000$6000$5000$5000
30Bryce PettyNYJMIA2233220000$6000$5000$5000
31Robert Griffin IIICLEBUF@2231100000$6100$5000$5000
32Jared GoffLASEA@6133210000$6100$5000$5000
  • RZ Patt Red Zone Passing Attempts (inside the 20 yard line)
  • RZ P<15 Red Zone Passing Attempts (inside the 15 yard line)
  • RZ P<10 Red Zone Passing Attempts (inside the 10 yard line)
  • RZ P<5 Red Zone Passing Attempts (inside the 5 yard line)
  • RZ Ru Red Zone Rushing Attempts (inside the 20 yard line)
  • RZ Ru<15 Red Zone Rushing Attempts (inside the 15 yard line)
  • RZ Ru<10 Red Zone Rushing Attempts (inside the 10 yard line)
  • RZ Ru<5 Red Zone Rushing Attempts (inside the 5 yard line)
  • RZ Tar Red Zone Targets (inside the 20 yard line)
  • RZ Tar<15 Red Zone Targets (inside the 15 yard line)
  • RZ Tar<10 Red Zone Targets (inside the 10 yard line)
  • RZ Tar<5 Red Zone Targets (inside the 5 yard line)
  • RZ Rec Red Zone Receptions (inside the 20 yard line)
  • RZ Rec<15 Red Zone Receptions (inside the 15 yard line)
  • RZ Rec<10 Red Zone Receptions (inside the 10 yard line)
  • RZ Rec<5 Red Zone Receptions (inside the 5 yard line)


*NOTE: Not all quarterbacks have a writeup below. That doesn't mean that only the below options fit in each category. Check the graph below to see where the others rank.


Aaron Rodgers threw for three scores and 246 yards last week on 21 aimed throws in which his QB Rating was 155.1. He has issues with his calf and hamstring, but those physical situations didn’t limit him in Week 14. The o-line continues to give him oodles of time to do his thing.

Matt Ryan was pretty surgical last week, even without Julio Jones, as he eschewed the deep ball to pick apart the Rams on short stuff. He had a 126.6 QB Rating against the blitz and 126.6 when not blitzed. Ryan leads the league with a 9.2 yards per attempt mark.

Kirk Cousins threw for 220 yards and two scores in 17 pass attempts last week when not under pressure. He is third in the league with an 8.2 yards per attempt mark and the mark is at 10.4, third best, when he’s throwing off of play action. He’s thrown for 260 yards in 9-straight and the Panthers allow the third most yards in the air, 272.4 per game, and have permitted 24 passing scores.


Russell Wilson was awful last week, but again, the o-line simply couldn’t set a pocket (blame squarely on you Bradley Sowell and George Fant). He’s much better in play action as well as it gives his o-line a slight advantage as Wilson has a 78.8 QB rating with no play action and a league best 121.4 mark when using play action.

Derek Carr hit just two of 13 passes last week over 10-yards in the air. A bad game? A jacked finger? A touch defense? All three? The wideouts didn’t help with Amari Cooper and Michael Crabtree catching just 11-of-25 targets. In an earlier matchup Carr tosses 317 yards and two scores against the Chargers.

Andrew Luck took just one sack last week but he also hit only 24 of 45 passes as the right side of the offensive line continues to struggle. Luck still tossed two picks and has thrown for eight scores the last three. He’s failed to hit 285 yards in 4-straight but he’s been between .262 and 281 each time out. The Vikings haven’t allowed 19 first downs in three games and they have held 4-straight opponents to less than 235 passing yards (sack yardage included as a negative).

Drew Brees had no scores for a second straight outing, though two passes were dropped in Week 14 that would have been touchdowns. However, he made some poor passes for the second straight outing and the o-line could do nothing to help last week and suddenly Brees seems like a shaky option to overcome poor line play. Brees still leads the league with an Adjusted Completion Percentage of 81.3 percent and his QB Rating is 107.2 when the picket is clean this season. Oh, he’s also Drew Brees, so there’s that.

Tyrod Taylor ranks 27th in the NFL in completion percentage with a clean pocket (89.4). This is amazing... Taylor has thrown for four scores on 252 passes when not under pressure. That’s abysmal. He takes 3.37 seconds to throw, the second most time in football, and often times just ends up using his legs. Conversely, when he throws quickly he doesn’t make a mistake as he’s tossed zero picks on the 157 passes he’s released in under 2.5 seconds.

Carson Palmer looked poor yet again in Week 14. Weather or not, he’s looking like total mess when under pressure. Palmer has turned the ball over 10 times his last six games. He has thrown for at least two scores in 4-straight though and it’s not like the Saints are a stout defense (just seven picks, 4th most yards allowed a game this season at 268.3).

Cam Newton is playing some terrible football. No yards, no scores, poor decisions, it’s pervasive levels of crap from the former star. Newton has been under 250 in 4-straight and under 195 in ¾. He’s failed to complete 15 passes in 4-straight. He’s been under 49 percent on his completion percentage in 4-straight. It’s been ugly for a month.

Dak Prescott is tied for 25th in deep passes, 37 of 20-yards in the air. He has thrown just three picks this season, but he’s also thrown just three scores the last three games while being picked off two times. He’s also failed to reach 200 passing yards in any of those games and has been under 170-yards in 2-straight. His average effort the last three is 26 passes and just 15 completions per outing.

Ben Roethlisberger hit only 3-of-12 passes last week over 10-yards. He hit just 56.5 percent of his passes last week when not blitzed as he missed receivers and made a few bad decisions. He simply didn’t, and hasn’t, looked like himself since coming back from his knee injury. He has thrown just 10 scores against seven picks his last seven games.

Jameis Winston hit seven receivers last week. Unfortunately for the second straight game he wasn’t able to get Mike Evans going even though the o-line doing a very nice job. Winston leads the league with 68 percent of his passes coming in the air. Same time, only one passing score in two games and one or zero in ¾ games.


Joe Flacco is 29th in the league with a 78.4 QB Rating out of play action. Ugh. He’s tossed the ball for 381 and 324 yards the last two weeks, the only back-to-back games this season for Flacco with two scores. The Eagles defense is listing and have allowed the 5th most yards through the air the last three weeks.

Andy Dalton threw one score, wasn’t picked, and tossed 366 yards in Week 2 at the Steelers. He’s only tossed five scores in three games, but he also has no picks in that time. The Steelers have held signal callers to less than 220 passing yards (includes lost sack yardage) in each of the last four games.

Colin Kaepernick has one touchdown in two games. Only once in five outings has he thrown for 215 yards. Three times in four outings he’s been held to less than 33 rushing yards (no rushing scores). The Falcons created five turnovers last week against the Rams.

Eli Manning played terrible last week and had six plays that could have resulted in a turnover (he threw a pick, and lost two fumbles). Manning has three picks in two games, but he has thrown at least two scores in 5/6 games. He’s also failed to throw for 200-yards in 3-straight though the Lions permit a league worst 72.9 completion percentage.

Marcus Mariota – just erase last week from your memory banks (six completions, 88 yards). Mariota still hasn’t been picked in four outings, and in 8/9 he’s tossed at least two scores. The Chiefs allow a mere 60.3 completion rate and permitted just 109 yards (minus sacks), after a run of 3-straight games of at least 290 allowed.

Matthew Stafford has a jammed-up pinkie. He will be playing through it though he will have to wear something on the finger which could hamper his performance. Stafford has produced just 48.2 percent of his yards on passes in the air, lowest in football amongst starters as the receivers are really helping him out, so he will need his accuracy big-time.

Alex Smith has allowed five passing scores in six games. That’s it. He’s thrown for 260 in 2-straight, but he’s also been under 225 passing yards five times in eight outings. The Titans have created eight turnovers their last four games.

Sam Bradford has the second-best mark in football, when under pressure, according to adjusted completion percentage (74.5 percent, a year after he led the league at 74.4 ) - Adjusted Completion ((Completions + Drops) / (Attempts - Throw Aways - Spikes - Batted Passes - Hit As Thrown)). The Colts have the worst pass rush in football according to PFF. He’s also tied for 25th with a mere 37 pass attempts of 20-yards. The o-line has been an issue for a while now, and they injury to Brandon Fusco complicates things further.

Blake Bortles is ranked 26th in adjusted completion percentage as he’s struggled for accuracy most of the season. Even last week, when the Vikes rushed an extra man on just 11 of 43 dropbacks, he did relatively little (257 yards, one score). His last five games: seven scores, five picks, two fumbles, 5.5 Y/A and a 74.2 QB Rating.


Trevor Siemian the last two has averaged 351 passing yards and two scores. The Pats are a mid-level defense according to traditional metrics, but they rank 4th in defense according to PFF (though it’s fair to note the majority of that ranking is from their rush D). The Pats are a top-5 unit in pass coverage, and with no rushing game to speak of at the moment going with Siemian is simply a risky play.

Carson Wentz hit on 78.1 percent of his 32 attempts last week when not pressured. When under pressure he hit just 7-of-14 while taking four sacks. He’s struggling massively when under pressure as his 35.6 QB Rating in 122 attempts while under pressure is last in football.

Matt Barkley has been rather composed the last three weeks, even if the results aren’t always there (a huge part of that blame goes to his receivers who continue to drop passes at seemingly every opportunity). Barkley has one passing score in two weeks and is facing a Packers defense that crushed the Seahawks last week.

Jared Goff threw for 166 yards on 34 passes last week when he wasn’t blizted. That’s not good. Some blame goes to the receivers who dropped five balls. Goff still has four picks and just one score in two games. Now he goes to Seattle. #GoodLuckWithThat