While some fantasy baseball strategies require trial-and-error testing before declaring them as “winning strategies,” the notion of targeting multi-positional players is one that needs no test. In fact, it’s probably more of a requirement than it is an actual strategy. Simply put, if Player A and Player B have similar skill sets and comparable numbers, who would you rather own – Player A who qualifies at shortstop or Player B who qualifies at both shortstop AND third base? Duh.

Actually, before we even start talking about why you should be targeting multi-positional players, let’s first make sure we all read our league rules and learn who the multi-positional players are. Every league has a games-played eligibility requirement and it’s your job to read the rules and find out what it is. It may sound basic, but let’s face it…how many times do you need to verbally slap someone for asking basic rules questions in the middle of your draft?

Most leagues will use a 10 or 20-game...

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