Here at Fantasy Alarm, we think differently. We are looking for EVERY advantage that we can get. And that means we aren’t afraid to buck the trends.

Once upon a time, if you drafted a “Zero RB” team, they would have called you crazy. Now they call you crazy if you DON’T do it. Our philosophy has always been the same – it’s not crazy if it works. So, we work out every angle to attack every position to give YOU an advantage. And that includes drafting two quarterbacks at times, if the situation calls for it.




Over the recent years, we’ve realized that linear rankings are somewhat outdated. They are a helpful tool, but there’s a way to take fantasy rankings to another level.

The range of outcomes for some of these players are obviously not the same. How do you compare a “safe” player with capped upside, like Jared Goff, to a complete unknown with mobile upside, like Jayden Daniels? How do you know when you are all set with the best fantasy football QB or when you should keep scouring the waiver wire for the next hot pickup? How do you balance these multiple QB formats?

With that came the invention of our Dynamic Tier Rankings. We use these to help classify the different types of quarterbacks out there. To balance safety with upside. And to put you in a better position to win whether it’s a single QB league, Superflex or two QB.

So, without further ado, here are the different tiers, categories and quarterbacks for our 2024 Fantasy Football QB Rankings.

2024 Fantasy Football QB Rankings: Standalone Tier

The size of this tier for you personally will depend on your format. If you are in an eight-team league with tons of bench spots, you might be interested in taking two quarterbacks regardless. In 12-14-team leagues with shallow benches, maybe you are only taking one QB in the Burrow, Richardson, Prescott, Murray range. 

But the idea is simple – these are the guys you are willing to “set and forget” outside of their bye weeks. Anyone outside of these guys, we will have an eye on waivers at the very least. And we are possibly drafting two.

Fantasy QB Rankings: “Roster Two” Tier In 2024 

This is the range where you might want to CONSIDER drafting a second quarterback. And again, the idea is simple. If your starting QB ends up being someone from the “Safe” side like Jared Goff or Trevor Lawrence, you can be comfortable starting them Week 1. And maybe they are your starter all year. But pairing them with someone from the “Upside” side of the rankings gives you a high-risk, high-reward player that you can stash just to see what happens. 

If they blow up, like C.J. Stroud and Jordan Love last year, you might not need guys like Lawrence. You may even be in position to make a trade.This tier is also helpful for your decision-making in two quarterback formats. You want to give yourself a chance at upside. If you don’t get a player from the top tier and you end up with two guys from the “safe” side, maybe you take that extra stab on a third QB. With the right mix, you can have the floor AND the ceiling.

Fantasy QB Rankings: 2024's Lowest Tier Options

In your Superflex and two quarterback formats, you want to make sure you have at least two QBs before you get to this tier. Whether it’s Taysom Hill vulturing goal line snaps or the chance of them actually losing the job, this is a dangerous crowd. 

Fantasy QB Rankings: Back-Up Stashes For 2024

These are the best backup options to stash. Mobile upside gets priority followed by the players that are in a competition for the starting job. These are the guys most likely to start a couple games at some point.

Josh Allen
Jalen Hurts
Lamar Jackson
Patrick Mahomes
C.J. Stroud
Roster Two
Joe BurrowAnthony Richardson
Dak PrescottKyler Murray
Jordan LoveJayden Daniels
Brock PurdyCaleb Williams
Tua TagovailoaKirk Cousins
Jared GoffDeshaun Watson
Trevor LawrenceAaron Rodgers
Justin HerbertRussell Wilson
Matthew StaffordBryce Young
Baker MayfieldWill Levis
Geno SmithDrake Maye
Lowest Tier Options
Derek Carr
Gardner Minshew
Daniel Jones
J.J. McCarthy
Bo Nix
Back Up Stashes
Justin Fields
Drew Lock
Sam Darnold
Aidan O'Connell
Jacoby Brissett
Michael Penix Jr.
Joe Flacco

2024 Fantasy Football QB Rankings: Turning Tiers Into Triumph

Who will be the best fantasy football QBs in 2024? How might these tiered fantasy QB rankings differ in a standard league compared to a best ball league so you know who to draft, and when, regardless of their current ADP?

These Dynamic Tier 2024 QB Rankings will help you draft the best mix of quarterbacks in any fantasy football league format. These rankings are folded into our Fantasy Football Cheat Sheet, which, if you're reading this premium Draft Guide article, you already have access to!

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