About a half-decade ago at Fantasy Alarm, we asked a simple question: “Why do people only ever draft one tight end in fantasy football?” And, for most people, the answer was that that is just what you are supposed to do. That’s just the way it’s always been. You can’t possibly AFFORD more than one tight end. We NEED those spots for running backs and wide receivers. WE NEED THEM. 





Except, at the time where that became “the rule”, PPR was still brand new. And Zero RB wasn’t even a thing. Starting your draft off with five straight wide receivers was unheard of. The times are constantly changing and so we must evolve. Back then you took a couple of RBs, a couple of WRs, your QB and your TE. Then you handcuffed your RBs and maybe drafted a couple upside WRs. That’s just what you did. 

Nowadays, we know that there are MANY viable approaches. There are tons of ways to create leverage and get a huge advantage. And our absolute favorite one that has worked for years has been Yin & Yang Tight End. These are the fantasy football TE rankings for that strategy. 

TE Fantasy Rankings 2024: Standalone Tier

If you do invest the draft capital into a high-end tight end, you might not be able to afford to draft two. Especially if you also take a high-end QB. You’ll want as many bench spots as possible for RB and WR upside. That’s what this group represents. 

If I’m going to spend up to draft any of these players at ADP, I’ve already placed my bet on them. If they get hurt or they faceplant, I’ll need to hit waivers or trade. But, outside of that, my gameplan is to draft them and then, when the time comes, pick up a one-week fill in for their bye week.

TE Fantasy Rankings 2024: Yin & Yang

If all the tight ends from the top tier get drafted and we make it to this range of players, we are drafting two. And the concept is fairly simple:

  • Yin - This group can be described as “safe but boring”. They are players that you can feel comfortable slotting in your lineup for Week 1 at least. In any given week they could perform well. But most of them either aren’t super athletic, don’t have a great role or aren’t one of the top two targets on the team. And, in 2023 at least, every single tight end that finished in the top 12 in PPR finished as a top two target on the team. Some of them, like George Kittle or Dallas Goedert, could easily join that Standalone Tier with one injury to a WR.
  • Yang - These guys are “high risk, high reward”. It’s difficult to trust them in Week 1. And you have to be ready to drop them to waivers at a moment's notice for the hot new pickup. But, even if the floor is low, there is a path to upside for all of these guys. A tight end has come from outside of the top 17 in ADP seven years in a row now to finish top five and they often come from this list.

So, that’s how we do things. Draft one Yin and then, since we already have a safe option, we use a bench spot on the highest risk, highest reward possible player. Or, if you feel REALLY adventurous, you can even join the Yang Yang Gang. Just know that things can get ugly early on with that plan.

TE Fantasy Rankings 2024: The Rest

This section includes the next best options, mostly for deeper leagues, multiple tight end leagues, tight end premium, best ball, etc. But always keep your thoughts on upside as we will update these rankings all season long and guys can quickly change spots based on their role. Especially in the early weeks when we are flooded with new information. 

TE Fantasy Rankings 2024: Injuries & Handcuffs

This is “The Stash”. These guys are typically either injured (like Juwan Johnson currently) or they need an injury to the starting tight end to have upside (like Isaiah Likely). In some cases, though, the guys from this list could potentially beat out the other tight ends on the depth chart (like with the Giants or the Broncos). We’ll be monitoring that closely during training camp.

Tight End
Mark Andrews
Travis Kelce
Dalton Kincaid
Sam LaPorta
Trey McBride
Kyle Pitts
Evan Engram
Yin & Yang
George KittleBrock Bowers
Jake FergusonDavid Njoku
Dallas GoedertPat Freiermuth
Dalton SchultzT.J. Hockenson
Luke MusgraveHunter Henry
Cade OttonGreg Dulcich
Mike GesickiHayden Hurst
The Rest
Theo Johnson
Tyler Conklin
Zach Ertz
Jelani Woods
Jonnu Smith
Chigoziem Okonkwo
Colby Parkinson
Noah Fant
Gerald Everett
Injuries and Handcuffs
Juwan Johnson
Cole Kmet
Ben Sinnott
Lucas Krull
Isaiah Likely
Daniel Bellinger
Tyler Higbee

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