Mock draft season is here with NFL training camps are officially underway! As we start to get a better feel for NFL news updates from around the league and player reports by team beat writers, now is the time that your fantasy football draft prep should be underway. The Fantasy Alarm Fantasy Football Draft Guide is loaded with everything you could possibly need from updated fantasy football player rankings and fantasy football player projections to offensive line breakdowns; from top sleepers and busts to draft strategies for superflex fantasy football league formats

Our analysts are tirelessly working around the clock to help you win a fantasy football championship this year and one of the best ways we can do that is by sharing our draft thoughts in a fantasy football mock draft. You can study the fantasy football ADP all you want, but until you see it in action, it’s nothing more than a list of numbers. A strong roster build is paramount to your success, but where and when you draft a player is just as important as why you are drafting that player. 


Welcome to the Fantasy Alarm Staff Superflex Mock Draft 

Let’s start off by sharing the draft board with you. We’ll paste it here into the article, but you can also click here to open the board in a new window so you can easily reference it as you are reading.

Fantasy Football Mock Draft: 12 Team PPR Superflex Draft Specs

  • 12-teams, 16 rounds, snake-draft
  • Full-point PPR scoring with the usual touchdown and yardage scoring (no bonuses)
  • Starting Rosters: 1 QB, 2 RB, 3 WR, TE, 3 Flex (1QB/R/W/T)
  • Bench: 6 players 

The Players (in draft order):

  1. James Grande (@The_Real_Grande)
  2. Ivar Anderson (@johnwhorfin)
  3. Howard Bender (@rotobuzzguy)
  4. Jon Impemba (@jimpemba777)
  5. Andrew Cooper (@CoopAFiasco)
  6. Colby Conway (@colbyrconway)
  7. Christopher Morais (@fuzzychris91)
  8. Britt Flinn (@britt_flinn)
  9. Dan Servodidio (@dan_servodidio)
  10. Dan Malin (@RealDANlanta)
  11. Kevin Tompkins (@ktompkinsii)
  12. Justin Vreeland (@JustinVreeland)

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2023 Mock Draft: Superflex Fantasy Football Breakdown

Before we get into what everyone else did with their draft lets take a look at how I approached my squad from the fourth overall selection shall we? With the fourth pick in the draft I went with what I feel was the safest play on the board with Joe Burrow. He has elite receiving options in an offense that wants to throw the football and a QB who has averaged 4,500 yards and 34.5 touchdowns over the past two seasons. With this being a Superflex fantasy football draft the QB position is at a premium which is why I was also the FIRST of the group to take a second QB, snagging Minnesota Vikings QB Kirk Cousins in the second round. Cousins, over his last three seasons, is averaging 4,340 yards and 32.3 touchdowns per year. Locking in two QB's early allowed for me to begin targeting positional players where I went with high upside running backs in Rhamondre Stevenson and Javonte Williams followed up by what feels like high floor wide receivers in Amari Cooper and Jerry Jeudy. The overall depth on my team could certainly be up for debate with some high-ceiling/low-floor players but in these types of formats, drafting with other folks on the Fantasy Alarm staff you need to take some chances.

Enough of my team, let's hear what the rest of the Fantasy Alarm team had to say about their squad! 

Andrew Cooper's take on his team..

Taking wide receivers early in drafts has been the hot move this offseason but my draft here proved that you can get away with waiting in superflex. I got started off with two of my top 10 QBs and RBs with Justin Herbert, Nick Chubb, Tua Tagovailoa, and Josh Jacobs then couldn’t pass up the value Mark Andrews in the fifth. So what’s the move next? I took five straight wide receivers, including a trio of Mikes (Mike Williams, Michael Pittman, and Mike Evans). I rounded it out with a safe RB in AJ Dillon then two upside shots in Leonard Fournette and Ezekiel Elliott. Since it’s Superflex, I threw Gardner Minshew on there with a late round as he’s been working out exclusively with the ones this offseason, with Richardson working with the twos.

James Grande's take on his team..

I really liked how my draft went from the one spot, landing Patrick Mahomes to kick things off. I love the depth I have at the wide receiver position as I was able to land Jordan Addison and Gabe Davis in rounds nine and 10 as my fourth and fifth receivers respectively. I’ll need some luck in my running back room as Jerome Ford and Zach Charbonnet are my third and fourth running backs and have clear competition in their own backfields.

Britt Flinn's take on her team..

I feel pretty good about my team except that quarterbacks were flying off the board in the mid rounds way faster that I expected. Every time I went to get one, I got sniped, and I felt that there was such a tier break with who else was available that I went with my wide receivers and running backs instead. Even doing that, I don't feel bad about Tannehill after they acquired DeAndre Hopkins, and he does have some rushing upside that people forget about. He's only a season removed from a QB1 year where he had seven rushing touchdowns.

Colby Conway's take on his team..

With picking in the six spot, I was set on taking Justin Herbert there, but once Andrew Cooper took him, I was ecstatic to take Lamar Jackson as my QB1, and then a few rounds later, Matthew Stafford as my QB2. With a better O-line and good health (fingers crossed), Stafford should be an excellent bounceback candidate in 2023. My running back room is loaded, led by Jonathan Taylor and Dameon Pierce, and my wide receiver room is dripping with talent and upside. Dallas Goedert is one of the handful of tight ends we can trust this year, and Mike Gesicki is a fine backup tight end. Overall, I really like how this team turned out, and it's always a beautiful thing when you take the chance to wait on your second QB in a superflex setup, and end up with one of your top QB2 targets in the fifth round (and outside of first 20 QBs drafted).

Dan Malin's take on his team..

As a connoisseur of sorts when it comes to Superflex/2-QB leagues, I was pretty excited for this mock draft. Picking later in the draft meant I'd miss out on Patrick Mahomes, Josh Allen, and Jalen Hurts. Little did I know that seven of the first eight picks would be quarterbacks. I could've taken Justin Fields but I loved the idea of locking down potentially the top wide receiver in fantasy football at tenth overall because this is also a three-wide receiver league and I was able to get Jaylen Waddle as well in round three. My quarterbacks are Daniel Jones and Aaron Rodgers. I can roll with this as Jones has enough of a floor with his legs and Rodgers seems destined to revitalize his stats with the Jets. The team is sound overall. I landed Jahmyr Gibbs in the fifth round and couldn't pass on the values of Dalvin Cook and D'Andre Swift as they fell in the draft. And I like the late-round darts I threw on players like Rashee Rice and Tyler Allgeier. Best pick of the draft? Coop getting Mark Andrews in Round five. Worst pick of the draft? Also Coop for taking a D/ST when we were told not to... Classic Coop. One thing that should be noted is that "Industry Expert" drafts are far different than actual Superflex drafts. I'm in three Superflex/2-QB leagues. Nine QB's went in the first round in this mock draft. I just don't see that happening in some of my live drafts, nor should you expect that in yours. I'd still advise having both quarterbacks locked in by the end of round five, but don't expect your draft to be so QB-heavy early on like ours was.

Justin Vreeland's take on his team..

Didn't like having 12th pick, missed out on all the top options, but still had to grab a QB if I didn't want to risk having a mess there. Followed that with Travis Kelce and a couple nice values on Anthony Richardson and Derrick Henry. Deebo Samuel fell to me and gave me a WR1 upside guy at the position and I love Chris Godwin this year. Overall I feel okay with this team. 

Christopher Morais + Milo 's take on their team..

Before we dig into my team allow me to introduce myself-- I’m Chris, and you may have seen some of my work on the NHL side of the Fantasy Alarm. I know what you’re asking-- how did the NHL guy find his way into a fantasy football mock draft. Like most of you, I also enjoy fantasy football and am a pretty big Atlanta Falcons fan ( I know, you don’t need to remind me of that Super Bowl time). Enough about me, let’s talk about my draft results.

When you’re invited to something like this with some of the brightest minds in fantasy football, you have to do things differently. We know that quarterbacks in a SuperFlex league are essential, but I decided to go against the grain and wait until round six to take my first one. Am I thrilled to have Jimmy G and C.J Stroud as my two starting QBs? No, but is the rest of my team dynamic and offensive? Very much so! You have to find value in fantasy football and that may be doing what is considered “unpopular”. Having high-upside players like Justin Jefferson, Austin Ekler, DaVante Adams and Calvin Ridley (trust me) all give my lineup a nice boost. I found value late in the draft with OBJ, Kyler Murray Cordarrelle Patterson and Robert Woods. If anything of those guys can have just above-average seasons, this lineup would probably take home a fantasy championship without a sweat. Before I let you go, please enjoy a picture of my 16-week-old Jack Russel puppy, Milo. If you think my lineup was #NotGood, at least my little guy will make you smile. 

Ivar Anderson's take on his team..

Superflex drafts always skew my technique, and taking Jordan Love as my second QB is not a direction I will generally want to go this season, but Pickett is an acceptable third option. I do like my WR choices, especially St. Brown and McLaurin with a handful of other receivers that would be matchup decisions on a weekly basis-that is acceptable in these WR-dependent days in fantasy. Pollard and Walker are solid RBs if not terribly exciting.

Kevin Tompkins' take on his team..

This Superflex draft came out even better than I had hoped. It features consistent production, youth, and top-of-the-position upside at all four positions. Cooper Kupp, Chris Olave, Keenan Allen, and Diontae Johnson are the best quartet of wide receivers of any team here, Justin Fields and Geno Smith can both go off in different ways to form one of the best quarterback tandems, Breece Hall has massive upside once he gets on the field but until he does, guys like James Conner and Damien Harris have defined, locked-in roles in their offenses to keep the running backs afloat, and the Kyle Pitts hate in this draft is unwarranted as this draft's TE7. There's not one pick on from the 1.11 that I either regret or wish I had somebody else.

I asked Howard Bender if we could run this league after I selected Diontae Johnson in the eighth round and I will continue to pound the table for that because I truly think this team would sweep the league. It's that good — though James Grande would give me a run for my money!

Howard Bender's take on his team..

Coming Soon!

2023 Fantasy Alarm Superflex Fantasy Football Mock Draft Recap

With the Superflex fantasy football mock draft in the books here are some key takeaways:

  • QB's Are Important: While Dan Malin pointed out in his analysis that it's unusual for THIS MANY QB's to be taken, with superflex league formats you will need to prioritize the position.
  • Worry Less About ADP: Site structures are a guide not a rule.  Build your team around players you like and if that means you reach for a player a bit early, so be it, don't get caught following the herd. 
  • Have Plan But Be Willing to Pivot: Always have a plan going into your fantasy football drafts but be able to pivot if the board goes in a different direction.  With nine QB's going in the first round, the opportunity to bypass some of the mid-tier QB's for elite skill position players like Tyreek Hill or Stefon Diggs should not be discounted.

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