Oh what a difference a year can make! The Jacksonville Jaguars under Doug Pederson far exceeded the expectations left by Urban Meyer as they came within shouting distance of the Super Bowl 57. This run has been years in the making as they tanked, got their QB, built the team from the inside out, and finally added weapons. Now they just need a little bit of fine-tuning via free agency and the 2023 NFL draft and they will be a serious threat to do some damage once again.


With this series, we are taking a look at each NFL team to gauge the direction of the offense from a dynasty fantasy football perspective. Is this team gearing up for a Super Bowl run? Are they in the midst of a rebuild? Are they considering blowing it up? We’ll take all of that into account as well as the current contracts, upcoming free agents, and 2023 NFL draft class to give you our best recommendations on how to handle these weapons in your dynasty fantasy football leagues.

Recommendations Key

BUY - Attempt to acquire this player at or slightly above market value

HOLD - The player is likely more valuable than the market indicates. Hold them if you have them or try to acquire them at a discount.

SELL - The perceived value for this player is higher than the projected remaining value in your average dynasty league. Cash out now.

SELL/DROP - Depending on the depth of the league, always try to sell guys before dropping. But this player is likely not worth the bench spot he’s occupying so you might need to just drop them.  

*Contract information is proved courtesy of Spotrac.com*


Jaguars Quarterbacks

The Jaguars have two quarterbacks under contract for 2023 with two reserve/future contracts

Trevor Lawrence - age 23

Contract:  Trevor Lawrence is signed through 2024 though he’s a first round pick so they can pick up his fifth-year option for 2025.

Outlook: The biggest beneficiary of new leadership was clearly the quarterback. Trevor Lawrence finished as the QB7 in fantasy football this year and showed everyone why he was considered the best QB prospect since Andrew Luck. Despite the disaster last season, Lawrence has spent two years saying the right things and now, after a year of doing the right things, he looks like the league’s next elite signal-caller.

Dynasty Recommendation: BUY - Trevor Lawrence took a big step forward throwing the football but I was also happy to see him maintain a decent level of mobility in the run game. His 62 carries for 291 yards and five touchdowns puts him in a similar boat to guys like Patrick Mahomes, Dak Prescott, and Joe Burrow. It might not seem like much but that’s honestly what separates those guys from painfully stiff QBs like Kirk Cousins, Jared Goff, or Derek Carr. It will be incredibly tough to pry Lawrence away in superflex or two QB leagues but this guy could be your starter for another 10-15 years in fantasy football - just imagine if you could go back and trade for a young Peyton Manning, what would you be willing to pay? I’m not saying he’s going to be Peyton Manning but he’s that level of prospect. And he’s only 23.

Nathan Rourke - age 24

Contract: Nathan Rourke signed a three-year deal through 2025, at which point he would be a restricted free agent. The contract only has $5,000 in guaranteed money so he can be let go with ~$750,000 in cap savings.

Outlook: They signed Rourke only a couple of weeks ago to a reserve deal. He comes over from the CFL and the B.C. Lions to compete for the backup job. He suffered a Lisfranc injury in August that required screws and just had those removed so he might not be ready to go for the spring.

Dynasty Recommendation: SELL/DROP - He’s not even a lock for the backup gig and he’s certainly not competing for the starting job. Not worth rostering.

EJ Perry - age 25

Contract: EJ Perry signed a one-year deal - he can be let go with zero dead cap and $750,000 in savings.

Outlook: Perry went undrafted in 2022 - he almost signed with the Eagles but instead opted for the Jaguars. He bounced around the practice squad before being signed to a futures contract this offseason.

Dynasty Recommendation: SELL/DROP - Same boat as Rourke as he’s competing for a backup gig. If we had to pick one it would be Rourke based on the caliber of the contract signed.


CJ Beathard

Free Agency/Draft Outlook

If the Jaguars can figure out a way to bring CJ Beathard back on an affordable deal, that would probably make everyone feel a bit better. Having a guy who has been around the league and can run a scout team is valuable. Neither Rourke nor Perry are locks to make this team and they can both be cut for virtually nothing if need be so I don’t think the inevitable backup is even on the team right now. Either way, they have their starter locked in so don’t expect any signing or pick to be earth-shattering.


Jaguars Running Backs

The Jaguars have two running backs under contract, one restricted free agent, and one back signed to a reserve/future contract.

Travis Etienne - age 24

Contract: Travis Etienne is on his rookie deal through 2024. As a first round pick, they can pick up his fifth-year option for 2025.

Outlook: It felt like his rookie year because of the injury in 2021 but it was technically his second season. And dynasty owners must have felt good about the Jaguars willingness to trade James Robinson mid-season. Etienne finished the year with six 100-yard games though he oddly wasn’t featured very heavily in the pass game which was supposed to be his bread and butter. Especially since he played with QB Trevor Lawrence in college.

Dynasty Recommendation: HOLD - Based on most rankings and trade calculators this time of year, (like the trade charts from Alex Korff AKA PeakedInHighSkool on Reddit) Etienne is fairly appropriately priced as being valued at a high-end 1st round rookie pick. If he were in the rookie draft this year, he would probably be the first or second back off the board along with Bijan Robinson so we don’t mind buying him if you can get away with paying one first where you know you won’t get Robinson. What has us a little concerned is the lack of usage in the pass game where he never eclipsed three receptions in any game. Young RBs can also struggle in pass protection and Etienne graded outside the top 100 backs in pass blocking per PFF. Etienne is a guy who is likely going to slot into your lineup somewhere in 2023 but that usage in the pass game will determine whether he’s an RB1 or an RB2-3.

Snoop Conner - age 22

 Contract: Jarod “Snoop” Conner is on his rookie deal through 2025. Cutting him would save ~$700K in cap with ~$245K in dead cap.

Outlook: Conner was a healthy scratch for most of the season while they went with Etienne, James Robinson, and JaMycal Hasty. After the Robinson trade, he was active for a couple of games but totaled only 42 yards on the ground.

Dynasty Recommendation: SELL/DROP - The fifth-round pick is clearly more of a depth piece at this point. In deeper leagues (especially with taxi squads) you might be able to hold to see how the off-season shakes out but he’s likely going to be third or fourth on the depth chart at best.

JaMycal Hasty - age 26

 Contract: JaMycal Hasty was grabbed off waivers before the season so he is a restricted free agent this year.

Outlook: Unlike Etienne, Hasty actually graded out well in the pass-blocking game per PFF and he also had games with five and six catches compared to a max of three for Etienne. The restricted free agent rules are pretty favorable towards teams and other GMs do not like stepping on each other’s toes by signing these guys to offer sheets so the Jags could easily bring him back on a cheap deal.

Dynasty Recommendation: SELL/DROP - There was a little buzz in the dynasty community around Hasty so, if you can sell for anything at all, I would do it. He’s an undrafted player who isn’t particularly fast and he’s already 26 so there really isn’t much actual value there. He’s more of just a thorn in the side of Etienne.


Mekhi Sargent

Free Agency/Draft Outlook

If you are a Travis Etienne fan (and we are) you actually might want the Jaguars to bring Hasty back on that one-year RFA deal. The devil you know is often better than the devil you don’t so a depth chart of Etienne, Hasty, Snoop, Sargent would allow Etienne a chance to claim that entire workload for himself. The scary situation is one where the team decides to bring in complementary backs. Guys like Samaje Perine and Kareem Hunt were good enough on pass downs to steal work from studs like Nick Chubb and Joe Mixon and the Jaguars paying one of them would be a clear indication that they like Etienne on early downs but not pass downs. That would be terrible for the values of both Etienne and someone like Hunt so we don’t want that.


Jaguars Wide Receivers

The Jaguars have six wide receivers under contract with another three signed to reserve/future contracts.

Christian Kirk- age 26

Contract: Christian Kirk is signed through 2025. It’s unrealistic for him to be cut or traded in 2023 but, in 2024 he could be cut or traded with $10 million in dead cap, $16.5 million in savings.

Outlook: The narrative all off-season was that this was a terrible contract and an overpay for Christian Kirk. And then Christian Kirk came out and finished as a WR1 in fantasy football. Now all of a sudden he’s the leading target for an ascending Trevor Lawrence

Dynasty Recommendation: HOLD - If the Jaguars didn’t quietly trade for Calvin Ridley, Kirk probably would have been a buy for us. But, if they bring back Evan Engram as well, it could be a bit crowded target-wise for the likes of Kirk, Ridley, Engram, and Zay Jones. If you already had Kirk or can get him at a reasonable price then go for it but I wouldn’t break the bank on him. He still disappeared at times and he doesn’t really have the transcendent profile that commands targets regardless of circumstance. We aren’t talking about Justin Jefferson or Ja’Marr Chase here though the situation in Jacksonville is starting to look pretty solid with Lawrence under center.

Zay Jones - age 27

Contract: Zay Jones is under contract through 2024. They could only get out from his contract via trade in 2023 though they have an out in 2024 with $1.8 million in dead cap, $8 million in savings.

Outlook: Another contract that was panned and proved to be a decent deal as Jones finished as the WR26 in PPR and the second target in this offense.

Dynasty Recommendation: SELL - There are some red flags with Zay Jones. The big one is how badly he struggled vs. top corners. The Lions’ Jeff Okudah in Week 13 and the Jets’ Sauce Gardner in Week 16 virtually removed him from the game. Competing with Marvin Jones for snaps and targets is one thing but competing with Calvin Ridley is another entirely. If you can sell Jones coming off what might end up being his best career year, I would go ahead and do that. Maybe your leaguemates don’t realize they traded for Ridley?

Jamal Agnew- age 27

Contract: Jamal Agnew is signed for this season then he’s an unrestricted free agent. He can be cut for just over a million in dead cap with $4.7 million in savings.

Outlook: Agnew has been a good signing for the Jaguars - he can return both punts and kicks which is valuable versatility.

Dynasty Recommendation: SELL/DROP - He really doesn’t offer enough on the offensive side of the ball. He can be dropped in any format that doesn’t have massive bonuses for special teams.

Calvin Ridley - age 28

Contract: The Jaguars traded for Calvin Ridley so they take on none of his guaranteed money. He’s under contract for 2023 only at just over $11 million and they could cut him with no hit if they want.

Outlook: At this point, we all know the story with Calvin Ridley. Talented player with a lot going on off the field. He’ll get a second chance in Jacksonville.

Dynasty Recommendation: BUY - The caveat here is not to overpay but I bought Ridley myself for a second round pick. The hit rate on rookie picks isn’t that great, even for first round rookie picks which are coin flips at best. I think it’s at least a coin flip that Ridley can give us another top 24 season in his career. I mean, in 2020 he was a top-five WR in fantasy. The reason I’m not willing to go all in is that, outside of potential “rust”, he also struggled as the focal point of the offense in the couple of games he played in 2021. He never had more than 80 yards despite being peppered with 8, 10, 11, 13, and 10 targets. We’re hoping that can be chalked up to behind-the-scenes issues so the upside to us is worth buying at market value.

Kendrick Pryor - age 25

Contract: Pryor is signed through 2024. He can be released with zero dead cap, $870,000 in savings.

Outlook: Pryor was claimed by the Jags after being waived by the Bengals. He was a healthy scratch for the vast majority of the season.

Dynasty Recommendation: SELL/DROP - He’s a prime cut candidate so does not need to be held. We always put “sell” since there are some crazy deep leagues but he has virtually no value. If you can trade him for something I would love to see what that is so please tag me on Twitter @CoopAFiasco.

Willie Johnson - age 26

Contract: Johnson is signed through 2024. He can be released with zero dead cap, $870,000 in savings.

Outlook: Pryor was claimed by the Jags after being waived by the Bengals. He was a healthy scratch for the vast majority of the season.

Dynasty Recommendation: SELL/DROP - Same boat as Pryor - if he makes the team it will be merely a depth piece so he does not need to be held.


Jaylon Moore, Seth Williams, Kevin Austin


Marvin Jones

Free Agency/Draft Outlook

Even with Marvin Jones leaving, this team is pretty well set up. If Calvin Ridley returns to form, they can start Zay Jones at split end while moving Ridley and Christian Kirk all over the place at flanker and slot (Agnew will primarily just play special teams). That is pretty scary. They will need depth just to fill out the roster but keep an eye on free agency and the draft just to be sure they aren’t adding anyone meaningful. If they do add someone that surprises you, that would be a massive red flag for Calvin Ridley and you should try to offload him immediately.


Jaguars Tight Ends

The Jaguars have one tight end under contract and one signed to reserve/future contracts.

Luke Farrell - age 24

Contract: Luke Farrell is under contract through 2024. He can be released for $90K in dead cap and a little over $1,000,000 in savings.

Outlook: It wasn’t always pretty but Cole Kmet did manage to finish as a TE1 in fantasy football as the TE8 in PPR. He tied for the third most touchdowns of any tight end with seven.

Dynasty Recommendation: SELL/DROP - You might be able to sell Luke Farrell if someone in your league simply looks at the depth chart and thinks they are being sneaky. Or if they remember the two-game span where Urban Meyer inexplicably used Luke Farrell like he was Travis Kelce. Otherwise, you can probably just drop him. He’s likely a career backup.


Gerrit Prince


Evan Engram, Dan Arnold, Chris Manhertz

Free Agency/Draft Outlook

We are going to do another article on all free agent tight ends where we will get into more depth on who we like best or not. But, anyone that has followed my work or read this article last year, knows that I’m a big Evan Engram fan. The short and sweet of the outlook for Engram is that, he has a lower floor but higher ceiling if he LEAVES the Jaguars. He could land with a worse QB or he could be a focal point of a new offense. With the Jags his upside is likely backend TE1 because it will be quite crowded for targets next year. The Jags will need to make a decision but I foresee them signing someone to start as well as a blocking tight end (which is what Chris Manhertz did last year). Engram starting with Luke Farrell as the backup pass catcher and Chris Manhertz would be enough. There are also multiple high end tight ends in this year’s draft that could be ready to start right away like Notre Dame’s Michael Mayer or Utah’s Dalton Kincaid.

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