The confetti from the NBA Finals has settled, and fans can begin eagerly awaiting the upcoming 2024-25 season. Luckily, there's not long to wait.

The offseason excitement commences with the NBA Draft, which takes place over two nights this week: Wednesday, June 26 and Thursday, June 27. The absence of a consensus #1 overall pick has added a level of intrigue to the event. The 2024 class is considered relatively weak as well, which means we'll likely see lots of wheeling and dealing on draft night.

We've already written a 2024 NBA Mock Draft, so this guide will provide you with all the other necessary information about the upcoming NBA Draft. From the projected top pick and 2024 NBA Draft odds to the event schedule and where/how to bet on the NBA Draft, we've got you covered!




How To Bet On The NBA Draft

To start, we must ask ourselves, “can you bet on the NBA Draft?” The answer is yes! To bet on the 2024 NBA Draft, you’ll first need to create an account at a legal online sportsbook operating in your state. While there are plenty of sports betting sites to choose from, depending on where you live, we’ve narrowed our list down to the following: 

These are the best online sportsbooks to bet on the NBA Draft, and they're also widely available here in the U.S. offering the best user experience of all major operators. Once you’re picked your platform (and claimed one of the sportsbook promos below!) simply sign up and you'll be ready to go.

The betting markets available for the 2024 NBA Draft varies between sportsbooks. To see which markets are being offered, navigate to the ‘NBA’ tab on your sports betting site of choice and see what's listed.

You'll bet on the NBA Draft the same as how you'd bet on any other game or event. Simply select the pick you'd like to place, enter your desired wager in your bet slip, and submit it! Just like that, you'll have officially bet on the 2024 NBA Draft!

Sportsbook Promotions For The 2024 NBA Draft

Now that you know how to bet on the NBA Draft, the next step is to decide which sportsbook to use. However, with the abundance of sportsbook promos currently on offer, it’s wise to make use of as many as you possibly can!

Here are the NBA Draft promos the aforementioned platforms we discussed above are offering at the moment regarding signup bonuses:

Add it all up and that’s a total of $3,950 in NBA Draft promos available!

It’s worth mentioning that most of these sportsbooks also have daily betting bonuses that both new AND existing users can take advantage of. While we won’t know if there will be any NBA Draft-centric boosts until Wednesday, the first day of the draft, there’s a good chance that at least one of these platforms will have something.




NBA Draft Odds & Latest Betting Lines At DraftKings

The current NBA Draft odds will of course vary across different sportsbooks. Let’s take a look at some of the more popular betting lines for the 2024 NBA Draft, but for the purpose of this exercise, we’ll only be using odds from DraftKings Sportsbook:

  • 1st Overall Pick
    • Zaccharie Risacher -250
    • Donovan Clingan +270
    • Alexandre Sarr +600
  • 2nd Overall Pick
    • Alexandre Sarr -650
    • Zaccharie Risacher +650
    • Donovan Clingan +1600
  • 3rd Overall Pick
    • Reed Sheppard -160
    • Donovan Clingan +350
    • Zaccharie Risacher +850
  • Bronny James Draft Position
    • Over 49.5 -170
    • Under 49.5 +135
  • 1st To Be Drafted - Rob Dillingham vs. Nikola Topic
    • Rob Dillingham -130
    • Nikola Topic +100

This is just a fraction of what you’ll see when you bet on the 2024 NBA Draft!




What Can I Bet On At The 2024 NBA Draft?

Most online sportsbooks offer markets that allow you to bet on the 1st, 2nd and 3rd overall pick in the 2024 NBA Draft. Along with that, you’ll find certain players are pitted against each other, and you’re able to bet on which one will be drafted before the other. 

You can also place ‘Player Draft Position’ wagers, such as the one above featuring Bronny James. Speaking of Bronny, most sportsbooks have a specific market catered towards him specifically. You can choose which team you believe will select him, whether or not he’ll be a first round pick and much, much more! 

Another fun, yearly NBA Draft prop is the ‘Top 3 Exact Order’ wager, where you place a wager on the exact order in which the first three players come off the board. All that and plenty more make the opportunities nearly endless!

Bet On The NBA Draft & Bank A Bonus When You Do

A team's future can change significantly with a successful draft pick. You can take a look at a draft as recent as last year’s to see this be evident. The once-great San Antonio Spurs had been sputtering for years, but now, after being able to select generational talent Victor Wembanyama first overall in the 2023 NBA Draft, the sky's the limit for their team’s trajectory.

The excitement originates on draft night! Now that you know now how to bet on the 2024 NBA Draft, all that's left for you to do is join a new sports betting site, claim the best sportsbook promotion for your signup bonus, and make the night mean more!

All of the sportsbooks above possess a plethora of NBA Draft odds, lines and betting markets for you to choose from. Take into account that you can also score a robust $3,950 in sports betting bonuses and betting on the NBA Draft is basically a no-brainer! 

Click an offer below to instantly claim it and kickoff your NBA Draft festivities:



2024 NBA Draft FAQs

When is the 2024 NBA Draft?

For the first time, the NBA draft will be held over two nights in 2024, starting with the first round on Wednesday, June 26th at 8:00 PM ET. The second round will take place on Thursday, June 27th. This draft marks the 78th edition of the NBA's annual draft.

Who has the first pick in the 2024 NBA Draft?

The Atlanta Hawks won the 2024 NBA Draft's No. 1 pick despite facing difficult odds. Last season, the Hawks had a record of 36-46 and only a 3% chance of securing the top pick. The Washington Wizards will have the second pick, followed by the Houston Rockets and San Antonio Spurs in the top four.

Who will be the #1 overall pick in the 2024 NBA Draft?

With a total of 58 selections spread across two rounds, the main uncertainty revolves around the existence of a clear-cut top pick. Zaccharie Risacher appears to be in the lead for that label as it stands now, but both Donovan Clingan and Alexandre Sarr are close behind.

What’s the order of the 2024 NBA Draft?

The NBA Draft order will more than likely change as trades come about, but at the time being, here’s how the first round shakes out:

  1. Atlanta
  2. Washington
  3. Houston (from Brooklyn)
  4. San Antonio
  5. Detroit
  6. Charlotte
  7. Portland
  8. San Antonio (from Toronto)
  9. Memphis
  10. Utah
  11. Chicago
  12. Oklahoma City (from Houston)
  13. Sacramento
  14. Portland (from Golden State via Boston and Memphis)
  15. Miami
  16. Philadelphia
  17. Los Angeles Lakers
  18. Orlando
  19. Toronto (from Indiana)
  20. Cleveland
  21. New Orleans (from Milwaukee)
  22. Phoenix
  23. Milwaukee (from New Orleans)
  24. New York (from Dallas)
  25. New York
  26. Washington (from LA Clippers via Dallas and Oklahoma City)
  27. Minnesota
  28. Denver
  29. Utah (from Oklahoma City via Toronto and Indiana)
  30. Boston

Where can I get NBA Draft picks & best bets?

All of our expert NBA Draft picks and best bets will be live right here on Fantasy Alarm before the start of the 2024 NBA Draft! We've meticulously crafted what we believe is the absolute best 2024 NBA Mock Draft.