The NBA Draft is one of the most eagerly anticipated events in the basketball calendar – even in years like this one, when the Class of 2024 is regarded to be one of the weakest in the modern era.

With each pick, the dreams of young athletes become a reality and the future of franchises can be transformed in an instant. Front offices and fans alike pour over statistics, game footage and insider reports to predict which amateur stars will level-up the outlook of their lineups for years to come. 

Below is our 2024 NBA Mock Draft through a sports betting lens. For those of you looking to bet on the NBA Draft and add even more excitement to tonight’s event, you’ll be able to skip the research and pick up tips, predictions and best bets for who will be drafted, and when.




NBA Mock Draft - 2024 NBA Draft Betting Picks & Preview 

Even if the 2024 NBA Draft Class doesn’t dominate the court for years to come, each player picked presumably will fill a need for their new franchise. It’s through this combination of team needs, player profiles and draft order that we’ll look to find betting value in our NBA Mock Draft.

Our 2024 NBA Mock Draft will focus on the lottery. Our analysis will focus on NBA Draft betting as well, rather than forecasting results for the upcoming season and beyond. We’ll dissect the draft’s fallout in future articles.

Similarly, our Bronny James draft projection doesn’t have the 19-year-old being selected in the lottery. You won’t see him featured in our NBA Mock Draft here, but we do have a dedicated article with analysis and best bets based off where we predict he’ll be picked.

Let’s get after it.




NBA Draft Betting Odds, Picks & Predictions - 2024 NBA Mock Draft

Atlanta Hawks, #1 Overall Draft Pick - Zaccharie Risacher, SF (France)

For months, Alexandre Sarr was expected to be selected as the #1 Overall Pick in the 2024 NBA Draft. This sentiment has swung to the opposite end of the spectrum. Zaccharie Risacher, a 19-year-old wing from France, has become the overwhelming odds-on favorite (-450) to be drafted #1 Overall by the Atlanta Hawks.

Atlanta Hawks Team Needs:

  • Center - Depth, more dynamic offensively
  • Playmaking - Distribution, creating shots for others
  • Roster flexibility - Big contracts and few future 1st-round picks

Atlanta Hawks Mock Draft Prediction:

  • Zaccharie Risacher -OR- Trade Pick

Best Bet For The #1 Pick In The 2024 NBA Draft:

*From an NBA Draft betting perspective, there is not any value wagering on Risacher at -450.




Washington Wizards, #2 Draft Pick - Alexandre Sarr, C (France)

The Wizards have two first-round picks in the 2024 NBA Draft. They’ll pick #2 overall, and then again at #26. The team won only 15 games during the 2023-24 season and had the worst scoring defense in the entire NBA. It’s not a stretch to say this team needs help across the board. 

Washington Wizards Team Needs:

  • Center - Defensive stopper
  • Frontcourt depth - Little on the offensive end
  • Time - Multiple players need to take steps forward

Washington Wizards Mock Draft Prediction:

  • Alexandre Sarr

NBA Mock Draft Best Bet, #2 Pick:

*From an NBA Draft betting perspective, there is not any value wagering on Sarr at -1200.




Houston Rockets, #3 Draft Pick - Reed Sheppard, G (Kentucky)

This is where we expect the NBA Draft to start getting silly from the perspectives of picks and trade proposals alike. Regardless of whether or not you believe in their roster, the Rockets are not rebuilding. Rather, they’re in win-now mode. If they pick #3 Overall, we’d expect them to address their most pressing needs rather than selecting the best available player.

Houston Rockets Team Needs:

  • Shooting - 4th-worst team FG% in 2023-24
  • 3-pt Shooting - No threats on the wings
  • Playmaking - Pass-first facilitators

Houston Rockets Mock Draft Prediction:

  • Reed Sheppard

NBA Mock Draft Best Bets, #3 Pick:




San Antonio Spurs, #4 Draft Pick - Stephon Castle, PG (UConn)

San Antonio has two Top 10 picks in the 2024 NBA Draft: #4 and #8 overall. Victor Wembanyama proved to be an all-universe talent, and the team might only be 2-3 years away from title contention if the right moves are made. The Spurs have stockpiled future draft assets, and are scheduled for significant cap space to open soon, too. As with Houston, our mock draft predicts that the Spurs will use their own selections to shore up areas of need.

San Antonio Spurs Team Needs:

  • Depth - Bench needs across the board
  • Point Guard - Playmaking and scoring are a pair of positional needs

San Antonio Spurs Mock Draft Prediction:

  • Stephon Castle

NBA Mock Draft Best Bets, #4 Pick:




Detroit Pistons, #5 Draft Pick - Rob Dillingham, PG (Kentucky)

Your guess is as good as ours. Trajan Langdon was hired as Detroit’s new President of Basketball Operations less than a month ago, and Head Coach Monty Williams was fired last week despite having $65 Million (!!!) remaining on his contract. The 2024 NBA Draft is where we’ll learn what Detroit’s new direction might look like.

We have three key clues to work with:

  1. This team was historically bad for long stretches of the 2023-24 season. They need difference-makers, not role players.
  2. Detroit has a massive amount of cap room opening up. They’ll be one of the more active teams in free agency the next few seasons. Combined, we’re primed for peak draft night unpredictability.
  3. Langdon previously served as the GM of the Pelicans since 2019. His first major move? Trading Anthony Davis for Brandon Ingram, Lonzo Ball, Josh Hart and multiple first-round picks.

Two players projected to be available here who resemble prototypical targets for Langdon are Matas Buzelas (SF, G League Ignite) and Rob Dillingham (PG, Kentucky). 

Detroit Pistons Team Needs:

  • Stability - Insert your favorite cliche about intangibles here
  • Shooting - One of the worst and most inefficient offenses by every meaningful measurement

Detroit Pistons Mock Draft Prediction:

  • Rob Dillingham

NBA Mock Draft Best Bet, #5 Pick:




Charlotte Hornets, #6 Draft Pick - Matas Buzelas, SF (G League)

The Hornets have a running start to their roster reconstruction. They have cap flexibility, plus pieces actually worth building around in LaMelo Ball and Brandon Miller. If Miles Bridges walks, replacing him will move to the top of the list of team needs. While a sharpshooting scorer on the wing makes sense – Dalton Kenecht has been linked to and worked out for the Hornets – Charlotte should look for more upside. Matas Buzelas, a 6’10” point-forward who impressed with the G League Ignite, fits that bill.   

Charlotte Hornets Team Needs:

  • Star Power - You need more than one to compete in the modern NBA
  • Defense - Problems in the paint as well as the perimeter

Charlotte Hornets Mock Draft Prediction:

  • Matas Buzelas

NBA Mock Draft Best Bets, #6 Pick:




Portland Trail Blazers, #7 Draft Pick - Donovan Clingan, C (UConn)

Portland is still trying to find its footing in the Post-Lillard Era. The Trail Blazers have two first-round picks in the 2024 NBA Draft (#7 and #14) as well as two second-round picks on Day Two. This sets Portland up perfectly to make at least one deal on draft night. They can’t stash away any project players. Worse yet, the team has cap issues and can’t take on more salary without incurring luxury tax penalties.

Look for Portland to consolidate picks and find value in more ways than this first-rounder alone. Our official mock draft prediction is that the #7 pick is traded. This means the best available player will be taken here. According to consensus draft boards, that player is Donovan Clingan. The UConn center is coveted by Memphis and Detroit - the latter of which could easily take him at #5, as we stated above. If Clingan doesn’t fall, expect Dalton Knecht to go seventh instead.

Portland Trail Blazers Team Needs:

  • Identity - This roster will be radically different by Opening Night
  • Shooting - On paper, Portland has a team full of shooters – but they’re problematically inefficient (worst team 3pt% and 2nd-worst team FG% in 2023-24)

Portland Trail Blazers Mock Draft Prediction:

  • Dalton Knecht -OR- Trade Pick/Rights To Clingan

NBA Mock Draft Best Bets, #7 Pick:




San Antonio Spurs, #8 - Cody Williams, SG/SF (Colorado)

We’re entering the phase of our 2024 NBA Mock Draft where – for NBA draft betting purposes – we need to start factoring in the preceding picks more heavily. Whether here or with the #4 Overall Pick above, San Antonio should shore up its point guard position. The team’s other top to-do is taking care of depth. The Spurs can do exactly that with Cody Williams (SG/SF, Colorado) or Tidjane Salaun (PF, France). Don’t be shocked if the French Connection comes together, but if we’re picking, Williams is the guy here given his skillset and San Antonio sorely needing help at SG/SF. 

San Antonio Spurs Team Needs:

  • Depth - Bench needs across the board
  • Point Guard - Playmaking and scoring are a pair of positional needs

San Antonio Spurs Mock Draft Prediction:

  • Cody Williams

NBA Mock Draft Best Bets, #8 Pick:




Memphis Grizzlies, #9 Draft Pick - Tidjae Salaun, PF (France)

The Grizzlies are going to need to take what they’re given here. They’ve expressed extreme interest in Clingan, but the center simply isn’t going to slide past the seventh pick. Theoretically, Memphis would trade up - but how much will they have to give up to do that, and is even Clingan ultimately going to be worth it? Curiously, the same applies in scenarios where the team trades down.

This is the most complicated NBA Draft projection by a country mile. There simply isn’t a direct path for the team to address its clear-cut needs with the #9 Overall Pick in the 2024 Draft. Luke Kennard’s future with the franchise is unclear for cap-related reasons. If he’s traded, Knecht will be nice with the ninth. If Clingan can’t be claimed in one form or another, then Salaun – with his potential to play a small-ball five – becomes the favorite.

Memphis Grizzlies Team Needs:

  • True Center - Complimentary piece to Jaren Jackson Jr. on defense, and a road-paving pick specialist on offense
  • Backup Guard - Quality depth is needed regardless, but health insurance for Ja Morant and Marcus Smart won’t hurt, either

Memphis Grizzlies Mock Draft Prediction:

  • Tidjae Salaun

NBA Mock Draft Best Bets, #9 Pick:




Utah Jazz, #10 Draft Pick - Devin Carter, PG (Providence)

Utah’s rebuild is going to take longer than the team likely hoped after offloading Donovan Mitchell and Rudy Gobert in 2022. The good news is that the Jazz have a Thunder-esque bounty of future first-round picks tucked away, with up to ten to play with from 2025-27. This means Utah can select for the future with tonight’s #10 Overall Pick. The 2024 NBA Draft Board is bound to be a mess by this point, but if we make a prediction off our previous draft projections, then Devin Carter is the likely choice. Carter is highly regarded for his defense and could settle into a “3-and-D” role that would suit the Jazz nicely.

A dark horse pick from an NBA Draft betting perspective is Nikola Topic. The 18-year-old guard recently tore his ACL. He remains very highly regarded, but will need the type of “redshirt season” that the Jazz’s timeline can accommodate.

Utah Jazz Team Needs:

  • Defense - 2nd-worst scoring defense in the league last season
  • Playmaking - Distributing, creating shots for others

Utah Jazz Mock Draft Prediction:

  • Devin Carter

NBA Mock Draft Best Bets, #10 Pick:




Chicago Bulls, #11 Draft Pick - Ron Holland II, SF (G League)

Coby White’s coming-out-party has given some clarity towards Chicago’s likely course of action. The backcourt is booming, with White, Zach LaVine, Josh Giddey, Ayo Donsumu and a zombified Lonzo Ball bringing both talent as well as balance. The frontcourt is a different story. A sad story, in fact. Based off the available bigs, the Bulls will add Ron Holland II with the 11th Overall Pick. The explosive swingman will slot in nicely alongside DeMar DeRozan at SF/PF.

Chicago Bulls Team Needs:

  • Bigs - Help needed at both ends of the court
  • Depth - One of the shallowest benches in basketball

Chicago Bulls Mock Draft Prediction:

  • Ron Holland II

NBA Mock Draft Best Bets, #11 Pick:




Oklahoma City Thunder, #12 Draft Pick - Nikola Topic, PG (Serbia)

The rich are going to get richer, whether it’s at this year’s NBA Draft or any of the next 10. Combine OKC’s draft capital with its favorable cap situation, and you have a team that can approach tonight’s event any way it wants. GM Sam Presti has shown he’s not shy about selecting project, international or – in 2024’s case – injured players. With so many avenues and assets available to them this offseason, Oklahoma City doesn’t need to act with any urgency. This makes the Thunder a terrific landing spot for Topic.

Oklahoma City Thunder Team Needs:

  • Bench Scoring - Are they a go-to scoring option away from the Finals?
  • Depth - Firm up the frontcourt for a deep playoff run

Oklahoma City Thunder Mock Draft Prediction:

  • Nikola Topic

NBA Mock Draft Best Bets, #12 Pick:




Sacramento Kings, #13 Draft Pick - Dalton Knecht, SF (Tennessee)

This is the epitome of a wait-and-see spot. Sacramento has won 48 and 46 games each of the past two seasons, respectively. They’ll once again return their top six rotation pieces. The right move here is the one that can put the Kings over the top – to get the team to peak, not plateau for a third year. Sacramento’s standout needs are defensive help on the wings, and a return to form for Kevin Huerter. If they don’t trade this pick, they can address both by drafting Dalton Knecht. 

Sacramento Kings Team Needs:

  • Defense - 2nd-worst opponent 3pt% in the league highlights weaknesses on the wings
  • Bench - A backup big would go a long way towards a deeper playoff run in 2024-25

Sacramento Kings Mock Draft Prediction:

  • Dalton Knecht

NBA Mock Draft Best Bets, #13 Pick:




Portland Trail Blazers, #14 Draft Pick - Ja’Kobe Walter, SG (Baylor)

Similar to Sacramento’s situation, Portland’s pick will be predicated on who’s left on the board. Earlier in our NBA Mock Draft, we predicted that Portland would trade the rights to its #7 Overall Pick. Will they pair this #14 Overall Pick in that same trade package? Or did they take Knecht at #7 to shore up their shooting, and end up dealing this pick instead?

We went with the former for our earlier prediction. Standing by that draft projection, plus sticking with the same team needs, we see Ja’Kobe Walter being selected as the final lottery pick at #14 Overall.

Portland Trail Blazers Team Needs:

  • Identity - This roster will be radically different by Opening Night
  • Shooting - On paper, Portland has a team full of shooters – but they’re problematically inefficient (worst team 3pt% and 2nd-worst team FG% in 2023-24)

Portland Trail Blazers Mock Draft Prediction:

  • Ja’Kobe Walter

NBA Mock Draft Best Bets, #14 Pick:




NBA Draft Betting Preview: Wrapping Up Our 2024 Mock Draft

Is your head spinning? It should be! The 2024 NBA Draft is a flow chart wrapped in a chain reaction and stuffed into a domino effect. We’re as confident in our NBA Draft betting picks as we can be, but that’s all based off our analysis of Team Needs. There are a ton of variables in play from pick-to-pick tonight, so be sure to bet within your means (or use one of our links to bet with a sportsbook bonus) and enjoy the event above all else.

Good luck!

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