On Monday, I joked with my buddy Ken that today’s waiver report would only feature 12-team adds. I was exaggerating, but only slightly. While there are a lot of names worth considering following a surprising Week 1, there are very few players I am excited to add in a 10-team league. Unless you lost Allen Robinson or you can stash someone in an IR slot, you might be best served by taking a wait-and-see approach. There is a decent chance someone in your league will drop a good player who had one bad game, and that is when you want to add somebody.

Because so many of the Week 1 adds flew under the radar in the preseason, most of the 12-team adds are also available in 14+ team leagues. I will, of course, include a few names specifically for those leagues, but in most cases, you can probably aim higher. 

The waiver adds below have been organized by 10-team leagues, 12-team leagues and 14+-leagues. Each player is listed along with his ownership in Yahoo! Leagues along with the price in FAAB I would be willing to spend assuming a $100 budget. Your own bids will of course be influenced by your own league and team needs, so these prices are simply meant as a rough guideline.

10-Team League Waiver Adds

Chris Carson, RB, SEA (16% owned, $10 FAAB) – I actually like Tarik Cohen (and possibly Kerwynn Williams) better. I just don’t know that they have enough upside to justify adding them in 10-team leagues. I suspect the Seattle backfield will be a revolving door, and even if Carson solidified his hold on the job, I’m not sure the offensive line is good enough for it to matter. That being said, he is probably first or second in line for RB touches heading into Week 2, and that is certainly worth something.

Baltimore Ravens D/ST (49%, $5) – If I had to guess, I would say Baltimore’s 25 fantasy points in Week 1 had more to do with facing Andy Dalton than with anything the Ravens did. That being said, they get Deshone Kizer next, and he is probably good for a turnover or two.

Danny Amendola, WR, NE (45%, $1) – I was skeptical Amendola would slide into Julian Edelman’s role in the Patriots’ offense, but for at least one half, he did. This is obviously a long term add while he is in the concussion protocol, but he is a relatively proven commodity and in a potentially prolific offense, which is much more than we can say for any of the other wide receiver adds.

Tyrod Taylor, QB, BUF (51%, $1) – I am going to include at least one streaming quarterback every week, but for one week at least, you are probably better off holding onto whoever you drafted than trying to stream someone. None of the available quarterbacks have a matchup I am really excited about. That being said, Taylor was solid for fantasy again in Week 1, and his 38 rushing yards gave him an advantage over the competition. I just don’t love the matchup in Carolina.

12-Team Leagues

Tarik Cohen, RB, CHI (15%, $30) – I hate to overreact to one week, but I think Cohen is the best of the pass-catching/change-of-pace backs. I would have him ranked ahead of guys like Giovani Bernard, Chris Thompson, Darren Sproles, Duke Johnson and Theo Riddick for the rest of the season. Cohen is probably locked into 10-12 touches per game, but he looks like a pretty special talent in an extremely small sample.

Kerwynn Williams, RB, ARI (9%, $30) – You could argue adding Williams over Cohen and Chris Carson, but I have concerns about this offense, Williams’ role and his ability. Williams has been named the feature back, but I expect Andre Ellington to be in on passing downs at the very least. I also expect Arizona to add another running back who could potentially take away touches. Keep in mind this offense relied heavily on David Johnson, and it remains to be seen if they can move the ball effectively without him.

Javorius Allen, RB, BAL (4%, $20) – At the very least, Allen is the handcuff to Terrance West until Danny Woodhead returns. Allen actually had more touches than West in Week 1, and while Baltimore probably won’t run the ball 41 times most weeks, Allen should serve as a complimentary back. It is easy to forget Allen caught 45 passes for 353 yards in 2015, so he is probably locked into the Danny Woodhead role while Woodhead is out.

Allen Hurns, WR, JAX (10%, $10) and Marqise Lee, WR, JAX (16%, $10) – If I knew Blake Bortles was going to throw the ball 600+ times, as he did the last two seasons, both Hurns and Lee would be the top waiver adds of the week. Bortles only threw the ball 21 times last week, and while that number will almost certainly increase, I can’t imagine Jacksonville will want to put the ball in his hands when they appear to have a strong defense and a workhorse running back. That being said, Hurns and Lee have both been useful for fantasy in the past, and they have little competition for targets on their own teams. Hurns gets a slight edge for me because he is bigger and more proven in the red zone. It also doesn’t hurt that he caught three of his four targets Sunday while Lee went without a catch on four targets.

Nelson Agholor, WR, PHI (16%, $5) – I’m not convinced Agholor will get consistent work, as he is probably Philadelphia’s number three pass catcher at best behind Alshon Jeffery and Zach Ertz. That being said, stranger things have happened.

Paul Richardson, WR, SEA (15%, $5) – Everything about Agholor applies to Richardson. I probably believe in Richardson slightly more as a player, but he might be in a worse offense, which sounds crazy when you say it out loud. Go ahead, say it. I will wait.

Jacksonville Jaguars D/ST (36%, $2) – If you ignored me when I recommended this team last week, you already missed their best game of the season. That being said, this defense looks legit on paper, and a matchup with Tennessee isn’t enough to scare me away.

DeShone Kizer, QB, CLE (10%, $5) – I may have been wrong last week. Kizer may actually be better than Tyrod Taylor, at least in real life. Kizer had a modest 17 rushing yards Sunday, but he did have a rushing touchdown to go with a passing touchdown and an interception. That is probably about what we can expect going forward.

14+ Team Leagues

Andre Ellington, RB, ARI (2%, $5) – I had finally resigned myself to the reality that Andre Ellington wasn’t going to happen, and now he has an opportunity. He will probably get fewer touches than Williams, at least initially, but at the very least I think he can be a poor-man’s Chris Thompson.

Chris Johnson, RB, ARI (0%, $1) – The Cardinals are considering bringing back Chris Johnson, and it is conceivable he could have a significant role right away. If you whiff on Kerwynn Williams and Andrew Ellington, Johnson is worth stashing in deep leagues.

Phillip Dorsett, WR, NE (7%, $2) – If Danny Amendola misses time, New England is basically down to three wide receivers, including Dorsett. Dorsett is still a longshot to get a ton of work or do a whole lot with it, but in a deep league, you could do far worse than Tom Brady’s number three wide receiver.

Zach Miller, TE, CHI (5%, $10) – Miller had a modest four receptions on six targets for 39 yards in Week 1, but I suspect better days lie ahead. Miller would be an afterthought in a functional offense, but he is the closest thing the Bears have to a receiving threat these days.

Jeremy Langford, RB, BAL (0%, $1) – Langford made the Friday edition of the waiver report after Baltimore signed him to its practice squad last week. With Danny Woodhead possibly facing an extended absence, Langford could get an opportunity sooner rather than later. Terrance West and Javorius Allen are decent enough players, but it is not difficult to envision a scenario where Langford outplays them and takes a larger role.

Dallas Cowboys D/ST (11%, $1) – Everything I wrote about Baltimore applies to Dallas. I’m not sure how much credit they should get for holding the Giants to three points, but they are facing a moribund offense with a below average quarterback, and that is certainly intriguing.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers D/ST (10%, $1) – I think Tampa Bay’s defense is probably better than Atlanta’s, and the Falcons held Chicago to 17 points while recording four sacks. Mike Glennon doesn’t have any receiving weapons to work with outside of Tarik Cohen, so this might be a safer play than the Cowboys. 

Trevor Siemian, QB, DEN (6%, $1) – Siemian probably isn’t very good, which is why I like Dallas’s defense this week. That being said, he has two really talented receivers and a solid running back, and I’m not sure Dallas’s defense is good, either. As I said, this is a tough week for streaming quarterbacks.