In Saturday’s Hitting Coach I raved about the strength of the slate, and while I haven’t had quite enough coffee to rave too much, Sunday’s slate is shaping up to be just as good. My preference would probably be to pay up for stud hitters, especially at the infield positions, but there are plenty of cheaper options who should be quite good as well.

Welington CastilloARIRACINBrandon FinneganL256.258.306.422.728.319.1646.10%26.60%47.40%29.10%23.40%19.60%.320$2,800$5,200$4,500
Wilson RamosWSHRHSDChristian FriedrichL296.331.385.520.905.389.1898.00%12.60%53.90%22.40%23.70%24.10%.348$3,300$4,100$4,800
Jason CastroHOULHLAATim LincecumR212.222.337.392.729.319.17014.90%34.50%50.40%26.10%23.50%19.40%.342$2,700$3,400$4,100
Evan GattisHOURHLAATim LincecumR246.224.289.451.740.297.2277.70%23.80%47.40%35.70%17.00%24.60%.237$2,700$2,900$4,200

Wilson Ramos has a .860 OPS against left-handed pitchers.

Welington Castillo has a 1.041 OPS against lefties this season, and six of his 10 home runs have come against lefties.

I’m probably starting whoever starts at catcher for the Astros. Jason Castro has a .831 OPS against right-handed pitchers, while Evan Gattis is 8-for-22 over his last six games, including two home runs Saturday.

FIRST BASE                       
Victor MartinezDETBACWSJose QuintanaL337.291.342.484.826.358.1937.10%14.70%38.40%38.00%23.60%16.50%.301$2,800$2,800$5,100
Jose AbreuCWSRHDETAnibal SanchezR370.273.330.430.760.324.1576.10%20.20%48.70%31.60%19.60%12.60%.318$3,600$3,800$5,000
Freddie FreemanATLLACOLTyler ChatwoodR366.273.359.505.864.366.23210.30%26.80%33.50%35.10%31.40%20.20%.347$3,500$4,800$5,350
Miguel CabreraDETRACWSJose QuintanaL363.300.376.515.891.367.21510.70%16.50%46.70%32.60%20.70%21.10%.323$3,300$3,000$5,150
James LoneyNYMLAMIAJose UrenaR160.288.343.450.793.342.1626.30%11.90%42.10%30.20%27.80%13.20%.304$2,300$3,400$4,200
Joey VottoCINLHARIZack GodleyR320.275.410.484.894.371.20917.60%23.10%44.00%28.20%27.80%27.90%.332$4,000$5,400$5,250

Freddie Freeman is 5-for-8 against Tyler Chatwood.

James Loney has a seven-game hitting streak and a .822 OPS against right-handed pitchers this season.

Miguel Cabrera and Victor Martinez are 13-for-35 and 14-for-33 respective against Jose Quintana.

Jose Abreu is 6-for-11 with two home runs against Anibal Sanchez. Abreu is 4-for-10 during his last three games.

Joey Votto has a .946 OPS against righties and three home runs during his eight-game hitting streak.

SECOND BASE                       
Ian KinslerDETRACWSJose QuintanaL389.296.351.512.863.368.2166.10%17.90%33.90%41.40%24.70%16.50%.322$4,100$4,800$5,400
Dustin PedroiaBOSRHMINTommy MiloneL382.304.370.442.812.354.1389.60%12.00%48.20%26.70%25.10%10.80%.331$3,600$4,500$4,900
Jean SeguraARIRACINBrandon FinneganL382.314.361.450.811.344.1365.10%14.50%55.70%24.60%19.70%10.50%.354$3,700$4,500$5,000
Ryan SchimpfSDLAWSHLucas GiolitoR83.229.356.614.970.371.38513.90%28.70%31.30%52.10%16.70%32.00%.234$2,200$3,500$3,650
Jose AltuveHOURHLAATim LincecumR381.357.426.559.985.410.20210.00%9.10%45.10%30.10%24.80%15.30%.364$4,200$5,500$5,500

Dustin Pedroia is 5-for-10 with a home run and a stolen base against Tommy Milone.

Ian Kinsler is 12-for-36 against Jose Quintana.

Ryan Schimpf is 8-for-23 with four home runs and five walks since the All-Star break. Keep playing him until his price goes up or he cools off.

Jose Altuve has at least one hit in all eight games since the All-Star break, batting .531/.571/.750 during that time.

THIRD BASE                       
Kyle SeagerSEALATORJ.A. HappL366.284.360.525.885.377.2419.70%16.30%35.30%43.70%21.00%15.20%.302$2,600$2,800$5,350
Josh DonaldsonTORRHSEAWade MileyL364.305.419.5931.012.426.28815.30%16.40%36.90%38.70%24.40%22.20%.323$4,200$5,500$5,550
Nick CastellanosDETRACWSJose QuintanaL356.298.338.522.860.373.2245.70%23.60%33.50%41.00%25.50%16.50%.352$3,000$3,000$4,900
Jedd GyorkoSTLRHLAScott KazmirL183.262.322.486.808.323.2248.00%19.60%43.20%32.00%24.80%30.00%.273$2,800$3,200$4,400
Justin TurnerLARASTLMike MayersR338.269.345.488.833.347.2198.50%15.50%34.40%41.40%24.20%17.00%.274$3,800$5,000$5,150

Kyle Seager is 4-for-9 with two home runs against J.A. Happ.

Josh Donaldson is 4-for-6 with two home runs against Wade Miley.

Nick Castellanos is 9-for-26 in his career against Jose Quintana.

Yangervis Solarte is 11-for-37 with two home runs during his eight-game hitting streak.

Jedd Gyorko is 10-for-27 with five home runs in his last five games.

As long as the Dodgers keep facing weak righties, I will keep playing Justin Turner. Turner is 6-for-15 with three home runs, a stolen base and eight RBI during his last three games.

J.J. HardyBALRHCLECorey KluberR189.280.310.413.723.303.1334.50%14.50%46.60%32.20%21.20%8.50%.310$2,100$2,700$4,400
Trevor StoryCOLRHATLTyrell JenkinsR345.272.347.580.927.376.3089.00%31.70%32.60%40.90%26.50%29.50%.345$4,000$5,500$5,250
Troy TulowitzkiTORRHSEAWade MileyL276.246.315.457.772.333.2118.40%22.10%40.30%43.40%16.30%18.80%.267$3,000$3,400$5,100
Mike AvilesDETRACWSJose QuintanaL132.$2,100$2,300$3,400
Corey SeagerLALASTLMike MayersR380.305.362.526.888.378.2218.20%18.90%49.30%26.70%24.00%22.10%.346$3,400$4,100$4,900

Troy Tulowitzki is 6-for-11 with a home run and a stolen base against Wade Miley.

I like J.J. Hardy as a GPP play, but I would consider him in a cash game as well. Hardy is 4-for-8 with a home run against Corey Kluber and has four consecutive multi-hit games.

Mike Aviles is 10-for-26 against Jose Quintana.

Trevor Story has a 1.043 OPS at home against right-handed pitchers. Story is 9-for-19 with five home runs, eight runs, 10 RBI and two stolen bases over his last six games.

Corey Seager is 14-for-35 during his seven-game hitting streak.

Jayson WerthWSHRHSDChristian FriedrichL320.247.340.419.759.328.17212.40%22.60%42.50%37.60%19.90%14.10%.294$3,500$4,400$4,750
Melky CabreraCWSBHDETAnibal SanchezR336.304.349.467.816.342.1636.80%10.60%47.00%29.70%23.30%10.70%.320$3,300$3,600$4,750
Matt KempSDRAWSHLucas GiolitoR388.260.280.490.770.313.2303.20%22.90%42.60%36.20%21.30%21.60%.283$3,600$3,400$4,750
Carlos BeltranNYYBHSFJeff SamardzijaR330.303.346.545.891.378.2426.10%17.30%40.50%37.40%22.20%20.80%.317$3,200$3,600$4,800
Alex GordonKCLHTEXA.J. GriffinR222.203.310.342.652.292.13910.50%28.70%38.70%38.00%23.40%13.50%.268$2,500$4,300$4,400
Ryan BraunMILRHCHIJon LesterL312.317.374.516.890.375.1997.60%15.80%57.30%21.60%21.20%26.90%.347$3,500$4,900$5,100
Giancarlo StantonMIARHNYMSteven MatzL311.241.334.495.829.358.25411.50%32.50%41.90%36.30%21.80%32.30%.309$3,000$4,100$5,300
Nelson CruzSEARATORJ.A. HappL354.288.372.548.920.384.2609.90%23.90%44.60%36.00%19.40%28.70%.328$3,200$4,200$5,400
Nori AokiSEALATORJ.A. HappL264.254.329.330.659.288.0767.70%10.30%68.30%15.40%16.30%2.90%.283$2,200$2,200$4,300
Hanley RamirezBOSRHMINTommy MiloneL336.280.360.449.809.339.1699.70%19.10%51.40%28.90%19.70%16.70%.323$3,500$4,600$5,000
Carlos GonzalezCOLLHATLTyrell JenkinsR365.318.370.551.921.390.2337.60%21.50%48.70%26.60%24.70%28.60%.369$4,700$5,600$5,800
Nomar MazaraTEXLAKCEdinson VolquezR331.287.341.429.770.324.1427.10%16.10%48.60%29.00%22.40%16.20%.312$2,800$3,400$4,400
Michael SaundersTORLHSEAWade MileyL326.288.365.552.917.385.2649.70%26.80%39.90%33.00%27.10%26.40%.355$4,000$4,200$4,850

Melky Cabrera is 15-for-31 against Anibal Sanchez and -for- during his eight-game hitting streak.

Carlos Beltran has four multi-hit games in his last seven and he is 5-for-16 with a home run against Jeff Samardzija.

Alex Gordon is 5-for-5 with a home run against A.J. Griffin and is worth a shot at such a low price.

Ryan Braun is 5-for-13 with two stolen bases against Jon Lester.

Hanley Ramirez has four home runs over his last four games and a .979 OPS against lefties this season.

Giancarlo Stanton is 3-for-5 with two home runs against Steven Matz. Stanton is coming off a 4-for-5 effort Saturday that included his first home run since the All-Star break.

Carlos Gonzalez has a .469 wOBA at home against right-handed pitchers this season and left-handed batters have a .393 wOBA against Tyrell Jenkins.

Jayson Werth is 3-for-4 against Christian Friedrich. Werth has a six-game hitting streak and a 1.053 OPS against lefties this season.

Michael Saunders has a 1.038 OPS against left-handed pitchers.

Matt Kemp is 11-for-33 with six home runs during his eight-game hitting streak.

Norichika Aoki is 6-for-15 in his three games since returning from Triple-A. Aoki is 7-for-14 with a home run and a stolen base against J.A. Happ.

Corey Dickerson didn’t exactly light the world on fire after I picked him Saturday, but he did extend his hitting streak to five games. Jesse Hahn probably isn’t as bad as he showed earlier in the season, but left-handed hitters have a .471 wOBA against him.

Nelson Cruz is 8-for-15 against J.A. Happ and Cruz is 8-for-17 with two home runs during his four-game hitting streak.

Nomar Mazara is 8-for-17 during his five-game hitting streak and he has a .360 wOBA against right-handed pitchers.