There’s no denying that Houston’s Alex Bregman is a stud on the field. He’s solid defensively and he took his offensive game to the next level in 2019. In 156 games, he posted career highs in home runs (41), runs scored (122) runs batted in (112), walk rate (17.2%), ISO (.296), batting average (.296), on-base percentage (.423) and slugging percentage (.592). As you can see, it truly was a banner year for the young third baseman. Was it a year where it all just went right for Bregman, and statistical regression is in play in 2020, or are his 2019 numbers indicative of the type of player he’ll be moving forward? Yes.

Bregman is incredibly talented and has a pure swing, but his Statcast metrics don’t jump off the charts. Compared to years prior, 2019 wasn’t actually too far different statistically. Take a look for yourself:

Courtesy of Baseball Savant

Typically, when we see sizable power spikes from a player, the first thing that comes to mind for me is Statcast metrics....